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Found 132 results

  1. I didn't sleep the night of August 1st, too much anticipation, too much energy, all pent up like a kid waiting for St. Nick to slide down the chimney and drop off gifts to be played with in the morning. I got out of bed early, there was no sense in delaying it any longer. I went through my routine of brewing coffee, frying a couple eggs and having breakfast as hurriedly as ever. After breakfast I checked my bags for, probably, the 100th time to make sure I had all the gear I could stuff in them and that I hadn't left anything out because I would need it all for the next week. I checked every drawer and under the bed and in the washer and dryer to make sure nothing remained. When I was sure the bags were good to go I made my way down to the garage to begin to load my truck before I had to leave for work. First, I got both bikes in the bed of the truck. I took my 2012 KTM 300XC and 2017 450 SX-F(never take a SX bike to ride CO single track, more on that later). Then came all manner of spare parts, fluids, lubricants, cleaners, tools, anything you can think of that you might need to keep a bike running properly. Off I go to work. I don't have a clue what happened at work that day. All I know is at 5 o'clock I'm leaving and heading to the Airbnb I booked in south GA. It was a hot day and I had been hot all day at work hopped in the truck to leave and about an hour down the road had to pull off at a rest stop and puke, not the best start to my trip, but between the heat and my excitement to get going I got queezy. I got back on the road and had an uneventful rest of the trip to Lake Park. Got in at about 10 and went to bed pretty quickly as I needed to be up early the next day. 5 a.m. came soon enough but I was still rearing to go. I got dressed, had my coffee and headed out before daylight on my way to Columbus, GA. Halfway there I stopped in Tifton, GA to get on Highway 82 and grab some Chick-Fil-A breakfast at exit 62 off I75. Nothing else would suffice. By the time 11 rolled around I made it to a U-haul location and picked up the 6x12 enclosed trailer that we had reserved for the trip because I don't own an enclosed trailer, no one else driving out did and I couldn't find anyone to lend me one. At $30 a day, though, I wasn't really worried about it. *Props to U-Haul btw, that trailer pulled great and had all kinds of tie down points. I would not hesitate to get one again.* After picking up the trailer my next stop for most of the day was Tallassee, AL where I picked up my first comrade and took a driving break to work on bikes. My 450 is a track bike and it typically stays in tip top shape because the track is not the place to have a failure of any sort because it always happens up the face of a jump or in the air. So it didn't need anything at all. My 300 was having clutch issues. To try to remedy this I bought a master cylinder rebuild kit and installed it to no avail, it actually got worse so I put the stock components back in. After I put the rebuild kit in it I COULD NOT get the clutch to take fluid when the lever was actuated so I ended up back bleeding it completely full and it somehow worked. Right then I went online to Rocky Mountain and ordered a new complete clutch master and had it sent to our accommodations in CO. This would prove to be a damn good decision. My friend, Josh, was taking his ragged 1994 Honda CR250R... I had zero faith in that bike. Before we could leave it needed new tubes and tires, and a new clutch pack. I also decided that we should put grease in every place that would take grease to be safe. This guy had been riding about 6 months, never on a motorcycle of any kind before, at the time so I gave him a crash course in how to change tires and tubes. I wasn't sure any of this work would be worth it. If you can imagine the most clapped out 1994 CR250 that actually still runs and moves under its own power; this is that bike, 100 percent. Suspension just feels like its only working on the springs, clutch is on/off, brakes are very much absent, no power band just on or off(later discovered the power valve assembly was stuck open), so so so loud with smoke pouring out of the head pipe connection to the cylinder, EVERYTHING rattles, the kicker only catches 1/3 of the time, but alas the bike works well enough for this particular rider. Anyhow, we clean up and get everything back together and load up in the trailer. Next was to swap trucks with my father for the remainder of the trip. I love my '96 Z71 but I don't love it enough to drive it to Colorado from Alabama, South FL to AL was quite enough. I can't thank him enough for letting us take his truck. That kept us from needing another rental. Hard to believe that out of the 6 riders travelling from Alabama to Colorado none of us have a full size truck or SUV that is cross country worthy. By now, with just the 2 of us, the truck and trailer are loaded down with enough supplies for an army of riders and mechanics. At 7 P.M. we roll out of Tallassee and head to Guntersville, AL for the last leg of the day to meet up with the rest of the guys going with us. We stopped in Birmingham to pick up the 4th bike going in the trailer and roll up to Guntersville around 11 P.M. to meet the last 3 riders. Once there we elect not to put another bike in the trailer and the last 2 will ride in the bed of the 2nd truck going to CO. I can't tell you how great it felt to be back with all the boys, everyone together again. We all met in college at Auburn and have since moved off to Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee. After catching up over a few beers it was time to head to bed for the night and get a few hours sleep before rolling out early Saturday morning. The next 20 hours of my life are some of the least exciting times I have ever lived through. The three of us riding in my truck, being young and bold, decided that driving straight through the entire day and night to get there before the next morning was the best course of action so off we went leaving the other three riders asleep in the house. Nashville to Paducah and on up to St. Louis and past the great arch. We encountered a classic Lamborghini Countach on the west side of St. Louis; trying to catch up to it loaded down with bikes and gear in a half ton truck was pretty comical. It didn't work. We traveled onward to Columbia then hit KC before sundown. We stopped only for gas, and you basically don't drink because making special stops to take a leak wastes too much time on a trip that long. Once on the west side of KC you have reached the absolute worst part of the trip: Kansas. Nothing about Kansas is cool, at least on I70. I had been awake long enough so it was time for me to pass out so that I would be prepared to co-pilot in case the drive dosed off or I needed to drive the last leg of the trip. I was in and out of sleep through Kansas and I remember sleepily waving to the "Welcome to Colorado" Sign. I came to just before Denver as we were stopping for gas and the current driver was done for the night. Driver number three takes over heading into Denver. We make it through the Mile High City unscathed and up we go over the mountains. I now find out the driver 3 has never driven in the mountains. It's after midnight, and he is pulling a trailer. I can't describe how painfully slow he was driving at this point. Somewhere just after the Eisenhower tunnel we got our first head nod from him so I am wide-ass awake now. After another few miles it happened again and I reached over and took the wheel from the passenger seat and shook him really hard. We pulled over very quickly and I took over. That was one of the scarier points in life. I was wide awake with fear, mostly, at this point. I got us on to Silverthorne fairly quickly and off I70 onto CO Highway 9. We reached Kremmling almost instantly or so it felt. Then I hopped on US 40 to take us into Steamboat Springs. Both of my friends were passed out so I had no choice but to be on point driving and not feel an ounce of tiredness. I was scared to even yawn or sneeze. It's a real shame that we were driving through CO at night, Josh had never seen it, Patrick hadn't been in over a year, and I hadn't seen it since January but that made the morning that much more special. We uneventfully pulled up to Promontory Condominiums about 3 A.M on Sunday August 5th, where two of the riders who live in CO were waiting on us. We unceremoniously went straight to bed. It took me 58 hours to go 2,300 miles from Fort Myers, FL to Steamboat. Not bad!
  2. Been riding for a number of years, on and off road. Not a serious dirt biker for the last few years but would like to get back into riding off road. Riding consists of: Mostly NW trail riding and log roads, something I can ride straight out of my garage. Occasional although very rare track day, and occasionally paddle tires in NW sand dunes Important features: somewhat light weight, torqued high (KTM in mind), looking for power and speed readily available when I need it on a straight away, versatility. Would like to make street legal if possible (just for getting around from trail to trail) but not a necessity. Like the weight and balance of many 250's and 230's but thinking I should probably look for something a little bigger. Long time fan of KTM and have not rode but really liking 300XC-W. Can anyone provide a little guidance or direction?
  3. Hey everyone! Today I bought my first WR450F! It's a 2013 plated in California! Super stoked on the bike and already want to get into it and start customizing. Let me know if there is anything I need to know because this is all new to me, my past experience has been with DRZ's so this is completely different. The main questions I have about the bike is about the ecu, programming, and maps. I have never dealt with computers on bikes before so all of this seems like witchcraft to me. The previous owner did the ecu upgrade to what he says is a "programmable YZ ecu". He was an old guy that did very light trail riding and he said he got it tuned for that kind of riding. My plans for the bike is mostly street, i'm going to be purchasing supermoto wheels soon but I also want to do some off roading. I'd say i'm going to use the bike for 80% streets and 20% dirt. Do you guys think I should get the ecu reprogrammed? He gave me the stock ecu aswell, should I put that one back on? I'm used to a slow DRZ so to me its super fast. The bike has a slip on LEXX exhaust from what I can tell. Let me know any information you have about all the Yamaha computer stuff or refer me to any good sites that explain this stuff. Anything is greatly appreciated. I'll provide a picture of the bike and also the current map that is has on it so you can tell me if it's good or not.
  4. BlakeThomas

    Arctic Cat 450 (2011)


    This is my wife's machine though I use it when I go fishing sometimes. I would rate it a 5/5 if it weren't for the constant issues with the actuator.
  5. Hey Guys, So I am 270# and 6'. I used to ride and want to get back into it. I definitely have a good amount of experience to handle both a 250 and 450 but not sure if a 250 will be able to handle me. Right now the bikes I am between are: 2012 YZ450F @ 50 hours for $4000 CAD and trail ridden https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1302150376&requestSource=b 2012 KX450F @ 35 hours for $3800 CAD and trail ridden https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1300722287&requestSource=b 2010 CRF450R @ 45 hours for $3200 CAD and trail ridden https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1296942462&requestSource=b All these bikes are in really good condition from what I can see from the pictures and none of them raced or track ridden. My plan is to build a 5 acre track in my backyard and build some sort of track along with mainly using it for trail riding. I guess what I am asking is for some suggestions and opinions that could help me decide.
  6. ShortyOnA636

    2007 CRF450R Wont Start

    Hey guys maybe you can help me out here. I have an 07 CRF450R just recently rebuilt the whole bike. Bottom end, bearings, top end, valves (changed to Kibblewhite SS valves and springs), cam chain, and clutch. Bike does have a bigger flywheel to run lights on it with the stator that came with it since it is running in supermoto trim and is street legal, all in good shape still. Carb is also clean and everything is in good shape, had to put a new hot start in there and a choke. Valve clarence is in spec maybe a little on the looser side (possible could effect it from starting?). Gas is also new and not old gas. First time starting it started up in 2 or 3 kicks (don't remember exactly lol) but it started up fine no resistance sounded great only problem was I didn't have the cam chain tensioner tightened down causing the bike to go out of timing and shut off after idle for a bit. No biggie just put it back into the timing marks and put it all back together again. After that it did start up 1st kick but I ended up killing it because I wasn't going to ride it or anything just wanted to see if it starts up. Although it stared it was hard to kick as in took a lot of weight and effort way more then the first start up. Tried to getting it running again next morning and no luck. Kick start takes most of my weight and a lot of force. Looked around online for similar problems people said timing by one tooth most likely. Ended up doing timing again and now it kicks though easy and less effort I got it to start but it would not idle for more then a few seconds. Been trying to start it up and I still have had no luck 100 kicks later with breaks in between lol. Was hoping to get some other thoughts on my situation seeing that I'm just mentally exhausted at this point and my leg is 100 times stronger lol. Maybe it could be timing still and I over looked it after doing it and looking over it so many times? Could the valves being a bit loose be the problem even though it was fine initial first start up? Also was wondering maybe the auto decomp could be bad? Any way to check that? Swear I have undone the valve cover so much I'm pro at putting the two front screws in lmao had the bike for over a year now as well. Sorry for a long post but any input to help me get this running again would be nice. Thank you in advance.
  7. CallMeAnsel

    Tips for Yz450f

    I have been given the opportunity to ride a new Yz450f on a daily basis. I will mostly ride on street but I will also ride on fields and other minor rough terrain, but not on mx tracks for now. I've rode a yz85 (2 stroke) and some four wheelers over about 5 years. I'm looking for tips on riding the 450 as it is a more powerful bike than I usually ride. Thanks for any tips you've got.
  8. Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble getting their primary drive gear on a new crankshaft. Just seems to be tight when I line the missing splines up. If I could just lightly tap it on with a hammer. Curious if they are just a tight fit. Slides on my old crank no problem. New crank is an oem and old one is a hot rods
  9. Anthony Bryant

    Build from scratch RMZ450

    Hey so i have this idea of building an rmz450 from the chassis up. Does anyone have there take on this? I have time so thats not an issue. Im gonna start with an 08 frame then go from there.
  10. I am looking to replace sprockets and chain on my 04 yz450. Pricing them out and looking. The 15/47 kit is half the price of the 14/48 that is currently on my bike. My question is what would happen to my low end torque and my top speed? I still want it to be froggy in 1st 2nd and some of 3rd like it is now. Remember the yz450 is a 4spd. Any help is seriously appreciated! Thanks!
  11. MotoXRacer_19

    AMA Numbers

    Does anyone know how to, or if you can, change your AMA number? The race number, not the full thing.
  12. Chris Campbell

    Factory Edition Engines

    Someone recently told me the piston (compression), the cam height and duration, and the ECU mapping on the Factory Edition bikes is different than the regular models of KTM. I can't find a delta on the parts microfiche when looking at OEM part numbers. Does anyone know for a fact, not speculating... that there is a difference other than the obvious cosmetic differences. Please be a dealer tech or someone that has rebuilt one these motors on the newer 16/17 FE bikes before responding and filling the thread with opinions without data to back it up? I'm trying to determine how careful I need to be in ordering parts for my 16.5 when I do the topend this spring. Thanks

    Rmz 250 break in oil change

    Got my bike back from the shop a few months ago. I have ridden 3 seperate times for a few hours at a time. I have maybe 6 hours on it sense the new motor complete rebuild. Should I go ahead and change the oil and filter and screens? And how much noise should these motors make? I ride trails and if I'm at a certain rpm I feel like I can hear valve rattle or piston slap. I know I have some chain slap I just put a new chain on before it went in the shop and havent adjusted after the first 2 rides. It sounds completely different from the noise in hearing. Thanks guys.
  14. Hey guys, could use some help here... I have a 2008 KTM XCR-W 450 with a new engine knock sound coming out of it. I noticed the noise yesterday and it just seemed to get worse throughout the day (Possibly placebo effect...). I'm positive it's a new noise, and I'm not too thrilled about it. Bike runs perfect, power delivery is unaffected, it's just noisy as heck. Knock is most noticeable at idle and on deceleration, but goes away as soon as it revs. Also, pulling the clutch in while at idle also stops it. I've read about a few things that could cause noises; loose primary nut, timing chain, cam tensioner, etc. However, it's worth noting that the bike only has 30 HOURS on it (I bought it at 14 hours in spring of 2016 from an older guy who bought it new and never rode it, and I expediently broke my leg soon after, so I haven't had much seat time either). I find it hard to believe that something big like those things could be bad after only 30 hours... Anyways, see following link for video of the sound it's making. https://youtu.be/fNf0Nc_XNzQ I have a big camping trip planned for Dumont in 3 weeks, so I'm a little rushed to fix this... And it seems most of what I've read about is over my head, so I'm very heavily debating taking it into a dealer and letting them deal with it. So, two questions I suppose... Does anybody have a dead simple answer to what could be causing this? And if it's not a dead simple solution, does anybody have a ball park figure of what a dealer might charge to fix it? I've never had dealer work done, so I'm kind of going in blind. As always, THANKS in advance!!
  15. I have a 2013 450 XC-F with a seized piston. I am going to be doing engine work and would like to convert the bike into a street/supermoto. I was wondering how hard it would be to add a 6th gear to the motor while I'm in there? Sorry if there is a write up located somewhere, I searched but I couldn't find it. Also, what other modifications should I do to the bike in order to make it smoother on the road?
  16. Ah, Monday August 6th, the first real day of riding. The last 3 riders had made it in so we had the whole group ready to go tear up the back country of Colorado. We got a little bit of a late start but figured we would be fine since Austin knew the trails and said we had plenty of time to go out and get back to the truck before dark. This would not be the case but more on that later. We were heading up to Hahn's Peak about an hour north of town. Once you are within half an hour the mountain takes over your view. Its striking with its rock covered peak. I ask if that is Hahn's Peak and Austin says "Yeah, we are going to ride to the top." Now, from our point of view one the south side of the mountain I see no possible way to get a dirt bike up it because of the steepness so I sit back in silence and disagree with him. At the top there is a speck, its a fire watch tower from the early 1900s and I realize if a person was standing up there you couldn't make them out. So this peak is up there. I posted pictures ta the end to give you a sense of how climbing this thing would be. If you have never ridden a 500cc two stroke dirt bike then I suggest you do that as soon as possible. Beg someone to let you ride theirs if you have to. I thought my 2017 Kato 450 was a monster... nah! The 1991 KTM 500MX that Austin had bought and got running was a real monster. We had just made gaskets for the top end and got the cooling system sealed up the night before to this would be our first day on the bike. It screams, the front end has no desire to stay on the ground. The geometry sucks, the suspension is not up to par, but the fun is real. Your legs don't naturally go to the thinnest part of the bike when standing, and the handlebars are too close to your body so its a real art to ride it fast. Once those of us brave enough to ride it got a turn we loaded it back in the trailer and got back to getting ready to actually go out for the day. We had driven around to the north side of the mountain which doesn't look nearly as crazy to get up so I started to have a glimmer of hope abut reaching the summit. We mostly took double track forest roads to the trail up to the summit. Started in Clark County Road 413 to 414 to 418 which are all just hard pack and dusty with some rocks and wash breaks thrown in. Good fast riding to get the blood flowing and enough dust to choke down an elephant. It didn't take long to ride the 2 and a half miles to the trail that we would take up the mountain. I would like to note that when riding in a group a 8 riders ranging from A level racers to absolute beginners it is important to stop and make sure everyone takes the correct forks in the road. The new guys don't always know to look for tracks and signs of tire tracks. The dust also made us run pretty wide distances between riders. So we had to turn around at one point and go get the last 3 riders in the group. We got back to the trail head, wish I could remember the name of it. The first 50 to 75 yards of the trail was like someone just dumped a load of rocks on it and was pretty tough to maintain any speed but after that it was smooth sailing up to about 10k feet. The trail just zig zagged up the mountain and was pretty straightforward, same dusty hard pack with switchbacks just single track instead of double. We encountered more hikers and they were totally rude and wanted nothing to do with pleasantries even though we slowed to a respectful pace to pass them. One by one we reached a plateau on the north side. The last 2 guys never showed up but we decided to try for the summit anyhow. We would later find them at the trail head because they never made it through the first rocky section. Remember though, one is green and the other doesn't ride very often and was on a new to him 250 two stroke that's down on power. I had ridden my 450 up the trail and knew I'd never get to the top on it with MX gearing, stiff suspension and OEM clutch. Chase finally caught up on my 300 and didn't feel comfortable taking it up to the peak so the challenge was about to get going. My 300 has a rekluse and obviously is set up for off-road so I had no fears with it. The top 500-750 feet of elevation on Hahn's Peak is covered in loose igneous rock usually about a feet deep. They are big chunks, around the size of a slice of pie and just slide down when you walk or ride on them. It was hard to get traction walking up this thing much less riding. Its steep enough that if you ever do get traction the bike just wants to come over backwards on you. There is a defined path up top that hikers use but with the conditions it switches back and forth too much to make for a useful bike trail. You start at the plateau and just hit it wide open and go ahead and use your momentum to launch you up as far as you can go and then the real work starts. If you ever stop it gets bad. Everyone stops. We tried over and over to go straight up hitting it full speed and it just wasn't working so we all dug in for the fight to come. Austin made it up first because he is an insane Graham Jarvis type rider. He's done it so many times that his technique is great. I probably made it halfway up before my momentum stalled. I stopped and got going again very slowly just creeping up trying not to fall. I made it to another semi flat spot and took a rest. The thin air was getting that much worse and I was breathing as hard as I could to get oxygen in. I start up again and get stuck on the slope up to this little straight piece of trail I want to use to run up the next steep spot. The method that works best is to dig the rear tire through the rocks to real soil and rock the bike back then launch forward up out of the hole, thus moving you up about 15 feet and if you're lucky you keep a little momentum on up. After another stop I made it onto this straight piece of trail and was able to use speed to blast my way up further and then managed to stall momentum again. The next however long, minutes or hours, I'm not sure how long it took to get up, were the most excruciating moments of my life and I brought it all upon myself. It was a cycle of digging the rear tire down and rocking the bike up out of the hole and stopping 20 feet later. The elevation was taking its toll on me and the bike. I was so determined though, stopping crossed my mind but I knew I would hate myself later if I didn't get up this thing. There is just no traction up there and I dropped the bike over so picking it up about suffocated me. Finally I made it to another stopping point and there were 3 obvious routes up and 2 looked straight but steep the 3rd looked like if you screw up you're down the mountain but not quite as steep. I took the 3rd way and by some miracle didn't stall and hopped right up on the ridge line of the peak. I have never been so excited about accomplishing something in my life. I was ecstatic, jubilant, going out of my mind at what I just did. Once on the ridge line its flat enough that the traction doesn't matter and you just cruise to the fire watch tower. I yelled all the way too the tower, revved the shit out of my bike a few times and was taking in the view. You never notice the view going up so it is beyond rewarding when you get up there and stop to stare. I just can't put into words how happy I was in that moment and I'm still proud of that and forever will be, my first mountain on a dirt bike. Chase and James had already hiked to the top and had cheered me on and given me encouragement on the way up. They were just as excited to see me get up there. Austin had gone back down to help Noah and his brother Chris finish the climb. It was also remarkable that I beat both of those guys up because they are much better riders than I am. As I reflect on it he experience now, its all amazing that it came to be. 2 years prior to this trip I had never owned a dirt bike and only ridden a friends 1986 Honda XR200 briefly at his grandfather's ranch in Montana. 2 years prior I knew only one of these young men because we went to high school together and I never thought we'd be riding dirt bikes together in Colorado. Even after I got a bike I never thought I would get to ride one out west. Even after I met these guys I thought they'd never like me enough and I'd never be skilled enough as a rider to make the trip out and ride with them. Just 1 year ago when they went out to ride I still thought it would be impossible for me to ever do that. but in this last year of riding I have come so far. I've really gained a treasure trove of experience from just going and riding when I get the chance. In the 2 years I've been riding I have logged a conservative 350 hours of ride time on my bikes. All this to say that anyone can do this stuff, I'm just a regular guy from Alabama with a new found passion for the sport. If I can do this, you can too. It just took meeting few people in the riding community and off I went on this journey that I hope never ends. Anyhow, I should get back to the day. Eventually the other 3 of us that gave it a shot made it to the top and had a beer for good measure standing up on the fire watch tower. We got the token summit pictures sitting on the bikes. And then I realized the only real fear I had felt on the trip. Going back down this thing. Man was it steep and those ricks just slide when you sue the brakes so I fell a couple times but mostly made it down uneventfully to the trail that we had used to get up to the first plateau. We all hopped on our bikes and headed back down. It was slow going for me because I was now worn out from that climb and Professional Down Hill Cyclist Chase blew by me. That kid got fast on a dirt bike real quick. We came back to the double track road to find our 2 stragglers. One with a a welded clutch in his CR from trying to get through the rocks but after it cooled it was fine. We took off further down the double track until we cam to a trail head diving off in some dense woods. That was the most flowing trail I have ever ridden, the bike just floated along and weaved back and forth so easily. I could ride it for hours on a loop if I had the time. The soil was perfectly moist and dark. The trees were so green in here and there was green undergrowth. It was such a beautiful trail. The 450 rode it great. not much elevation change with lots of bermed up turns. That trail spit us out on the paved highway where we crossed over to County Road 486. Here I switched bikes with Chase to get on my 300 because we were about to dive into some long trails and I wanted to be smooth because I was feeling that climb from earlier. This set of trails would take us all the way around nipple peak and back to the trucks. Its six miles from peak to peak between Hahn's and Nipple so this resulted in about a 20 mile loop for us. This trail started in woods and was rocky and dusty again but then it opened up into beautiful meadows and a bit thinner trees. Through the meadows the trail is literally about 2 tire widths and it is surprisingly hard to stay in that little groove. Once I got the hang of it though I was flying. Then it would hit me again where I am and what it took to get here and I would slow down and take it all in. I loved riding through these fields, you could see so much and the sun had begun to get low so there was a beautiful glow on everything. I had just ridden through a field and the trail made a wide 180 so you could see back a ways and I saw James coming up the trail and absolutely eat it by a tree, like a bad wash out. He just laid there so I started yelling and I'm sure he couldn't here me but Chase rode up on him and I saw him begin to get up. The last thing we need is an injury on the first big day. We all met up at a rode crossing and made sure everyone was making it fine and continued onward. We ran out of fields and the trees got pretty thick. The trail got rougher and started to go up and down and we had some crazy off camber spots where if you dump it down hill you're going a long way down. We came to another trail head about 2 miles south of Nipple Peak and 2 of our riders decided they were too worn out to make the rest of the journey so they took the county road back to the truck as we moved on. Chris hadn't really slept and the climb up Hahn's drained him, and Josh is just so new to riding that it saps all of his energy pretty quickly. We were in dense woods for a very long time. Lots of twisting through the trees and avoiding dead falls. We had to make our own path a few times around fallen trees. This ride was probably the most challenging because we were all just tired form lack of sleep and hitting the big mountain right out of the gate. By the tie we got around to the west side of Nipple Peak we all stopped on a little ridge with a valley falling down below. Patrick was complaining about the lack of power on his bike and of spooge running from the top of the cylinder. After a bit of investigation it was determined that his spark plug had worked loose and was causing his problems. We got the seat and the tank off the bike and tightened the plug back down by hitting each side of it at the same time with wrenches and rock chunks because we didn't have a wrench big enough to fit it. It was a pretty decent trail fix and the bike really came to life. At this point the sun is getting pretty darn low so we don't waste time getting going again. The ride back to the truck from the back side of the mountain felt like it took forever. It was the roughest trail we rode. Rocks, boulders, roots, washed out sections. There was one very fast section that offered some relief. Got a little air conditioning going and let you relax and just cruise for about a mile. Then the trail ducked back into tight trees and I rode up on the faster riders at the front stopped and staring off the trail. They had just ridden up on a bull moose that did not have any fear of dirt bikes, apparently. He was about 20 yards off the trail and turning back towards us. I quickly suggested we get going before he decided he wanted to take a joy ride. Moose are cool from a distance but they are massive creatures, bigger than most horses and much much wilder. Not to mention that giant set of antlers they are wielding. Needless to say, I was scared to be that close to him. About the time we took off the slower 2 riders caught up and put a hop in their step too, so to speak. Not much farther past the moose encounter we popped out on another county road and all stopped to game plan. The sun had gotten very low, behind all the trees and it was getting dim; this is another reason I was a bit more afraid of the moose than normal maybe. We talked about just following the big road out to the truck but Austin assured us that the end of the trail was only 2 miles away and we had just enough light to make it. So we all skeptically started down the trail again. By this point I am beyond tired of being on the bike. That mountain climb to start the day just took it all out of me. I had no riding form, was pretty much done standing to ride and was all over the place. I had no desire to be out there anymore and just wanted a beer. So it is worth nothing that I am the only rider with a working headlight on my bike out of the 6 of us that are still on the trail. I am also the only guy with a trailtech and a watch and a GPS. I knew I could get out of there in the dark but could I even find all the other guys once we got spread out again. It was only 2 miles though right? WRONG, Austin is such a fast rider that he has a bad sense of distance. I look down when I think it should've been 2 miles and its been nearly 3 and we are still int he thick of it. It is dark. A little worry hits me but I just pull off and shut the bike down. Can't hear anyone so I pull out my phone and find myself on the map, still a few miles out but not too far from the truck, but we are well past any big roads. There are 2 guys in front of me and 3 behind. No one ever caught me while I was stopped, but I started moving again. The headlight is ony doing so much and I can't really see what my front tire is hitting just where the trail goes. So I had slowed a lot. The next time I look down I see 5 miles on the tach. I eventually rode up on one of the guys in front of me and he had gotten worried about leaving us all. We waited for a minute and never heard anyone and decided it would be best t go back to the truck and regroup with the guys that stopped earlier in the afternoon and the other rider that was leading the group out. No sense in use turning back and getting lost looking for the last 3 guys. Besides Austin had hung back with them. So we kept going. I started leading him with my light and now I'm seeing things because I hate being in the forest in an unknown place in the dark. Finally, after 8 miles from where Austin said we had 2 to go we came out of the county road right beside the lot where our trucks were parked. Thank the Lord we had made it out of there. Once back at the truck we decided to wait 20 minutes before heading out to look for the last 3 riders, and luckily they showed up before we had to go back out there. That was such a relief and capped a really great day right up until the ending there. Sp let this be a lesson to you. No, nothing bad happened, but it easily could have. There were sections where running off the trail meant tumbling down a 20 foot slope and everyone would've ridden right by. You'd never get the bike out alone in the dark. What if you got hurt? It just gave me a greater sense of mortality that we riders forget sometimes. I asked Austin where would be headed the next few days and that night I studied satellite imagery of the areas, trail maps, and topo maps so that I would be clued in to where we were and how to get out just in case. I saved several maps to my phone and relied on my good memory of routes and landscapes. Always have a game plan where riding off in the unknown like that. At least 2 people in the group should be familiar with the area and have means of leading everyone out. You always hear the horror stories and think it cant happen to you, and most likely it wont but I'll be prepared for anything from now on. None-the-less, it was an awesome day of riding. We ended up doing 29 miles that day. It was some of the roughest terrain of the trip and I can't wait to go back and do it again. I would highly recommend the Hahn's Peak and Nipple Peak areas. They are close to Steamboat so its an easy treck to the trails. You get to see some amazing scenery and ride some of the best mountain trails around.
  17. Hello. So i recently put my motorcycle back together and it worked great : started easy, rode really good and everything was bueno. The next day i go to start the motorcycle and it didnt start no matter what.... The bike is 2010 ktm 450 sxf, it has no kickstart, i also tried to bump start it, then it made a different noise like somethign was happening, but i didnt manage to start it. i have checked the spark plug(new), cleaned the carburetor, checked all the wiring, looked at the torque limiter, replaced the battery... what else should i do? how can this happen overnight ? i didnt change any setting after my first ride. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  18. Hello all, As the title says, I am looking for steering head, crown and pin combo for the 2009 te450 and have not had much luck. I have looked on rockymountain and Motosports websites, but for whatever reason they do not list these parts for the 2009 (but they do for 2008). The 2009 has 50mm forks and from what I found here so does the 2008. Does anyone know if the parts are interchangeable? Thanks, Tony
  19. So for my 16th birthday instead of getting me a car for my birthday because of how long it takes to get a full license, I was told that instead I could get a rather new dirt bike. I have been riding since I was 9 years old and started off in the back of my yard. I now own a 125cc two stroke that I am fairly in love with.. However I really really need a bigger bike, I am a very big kid standing at 6'3'' and 270 pounds (No i'm not fat i'm a football player when i'm not riding so i'm just big. Also I feel very bad for the bike) Anyway, I can't decide whether I should get a 250 4 stroke or a 450. I am told that the 250 is a very large increase in power and i don't doubt it is, but I feel that I may be too big for one and the 450 would have that extra bit of power a big guy like me would need. During the summer I am either playing football or at the track and riding. I've been going to the track now for 3 maybe 4 years and would say I have a decent amount of experience. Please tell me what you think... Also I'm personally a fan of honda... But who has the best variants of those bikes?
  20. Hey guys, I was washing my bike the other day and noticed this hole by the oil plug? What is it? Is there supposed to be a plug here or is it supposed to be like this? I've looked everywhere and haven't been able to find anything. 2008 KTM 450 XCF
  21. Well continuing with clearing out old mags I came across this curious review/ shootout. Whats weird to me is this review came out with Beta having an auto clutch on the test bike..Beta had the option for auto from the factory if one wanted so I guess it made sense to showcase that aspect.. Still I would have just liked to see the bikes compared pretty evenly but oh well..Beta is an oddity at this point. So new and if any knew the brand it was most likely because of trials bikes...and so few came into the country.
  22. GotJokz

    2008 RMZ 450 for $1700

    I plan on buying a 2008 RMZ450 in a couple days for 1700. It's got ProTaper bars, Renthal Sprockets, aftermarket rims, and an FMF exhaust. The owner is relatively new to dirtbikes and recently traded a street bike for this Suzuki. He isn't overly familiar with the bike, but it looks to be in clean condition with aftermarket plastics etc, as if the previous owner took care of it. It's had a recent oil change, but the only thing i'm a little worried about is that since the current owner is pretty new to dirtbiking, he doesn't know how many hours are on the current build. I'm just curious for some last minute opinions, so i'd like to hear your thoughts; is it a good deal, and pointers on things i should look for on it before i buy. P.S i'm about 80% sure that it isn't stolen, but will run a VIN check tomm
  23. This may be a rather dumb question, but is the position the petcock in (sticking straight out -- see picture) in the OFF position?
  24. I wanted to offer back testimony after coming back from a 25 year hiatus and riding a year with the CRF-450. My last bike from back then was an RM-125 which my wife sold while I was on a work trip to Japan all because a close friend of ours broke his neck and back in 3 places racing CC, narrowly escaping paralysis.... A story for another day. In the beginning I would have liked to have started back with a used 250 4-stroke but I leaned heavily on purchasing a more reliable 450. I located a 2008 CRF-450R from a very reliable 'senior' seller whom had performed maintenance by the book and had the records to go with it. The test ride it was big, fast, heavy and honestly scared me. I truly felt that I would regret buying it but like so many we all know I threw better sense into the wind, paid the man, loaded the bike and drove off. Wondering all the way if this could have been the worst if not the fatal decision I'd made in the last 25 years. Not to mention, me being 56, I wasn't sure if riding at all was a good idea. Having admitted the bike was much bigger than me and my abilities I set the plan in place that I was only going to ride within my comfort and not push things. So for the last half of 2017 I spent riding in a friend's large pasture and some gentle trails in the woods. After the 1st couple of rides I was already looking online and in this forum ways to nerf the 450 to make it more manageable until I could get used to it and in general, riding again. So here are the things I found that made the re-acclimation a success. Throttle Tamer - a throttle cam with a flat side that reduces the acceleration in the early stage of cracking it open. One tooth bigger on the drive sprocket Ride in a taller gear, 3rd and higher. Literally lug it everywhere and fan the clutch when I need to. Those three in combination was what did it for me. By taking brute acceleration out of the equation I could work on the mechanics of things I'd forgotten from 25 years past, et body position, weighting the outside peg, focusing far ahead instead of down at the wheel, ... etc. After the snow finally melted I took the nerfed 450 to the local MX track. I had so much fun! I rode a total of 30 laps and just couldn't get enough. The bike was nerfed enough so that I could get used to how it handled in the corners, ruts, whoops and some light jumping. It was great! I thought maybe this is what it was like to ride a 250, granted a HEAVY 250. I think the key was picking a taller gear and use a lot of clutch. Things seemed really mellow even though I was so sore for a week and loved it. After about the next 4 trips to the track I was getting noticeably faster and also picking a lower gear to jump farther. Before the 5th trip out I decided to take out the throttle tamer, going back to stock throttle. I was so ready and didn't even know it. I was clearing the table tops and just about clearing doubles by accident. The fun factor was up 3x by now. After I got home from the 5th trip I was thinking that 2nd gear on the jumps was a little too low and 3rd was a little too tall. So I went back to stock on the drive sprocket, one tooth smaller. Please read that at this point the 450 is totally de-nerfed! The training wheels were officially off! It was perfect! 3rd gear on the jumps and clearing them so smooth and clean. So the take away. Is it heavy? Well... yeah. I can feel it when I'm riding it an getting it loaded/unloaded. But hey, big girls need love too. Do I ride it to it's big bore potential? No... and I probably wouldn't a 250 to it's potential either. Am I glad I got the 450? Given the approach that I took; Ride with nothing to prove to anyone and no need to rush the acclimation. Nerf it so I could take time to re-learn the riding mechanics while not worried about the power. I'd say, yeah! If I could have bought a new and fresh 250 I may say different but this 450 is bullet proof and I can work with the weight. While I do respect the 450 I'm not where I was in the beginning fearing it. Cheers, Whop
  25. 2008 ktm 450sxf I recently ruined my head, valves, piston, clyinder, the whole shabang. So the best option at this point is an engine swap. My ? Is, what other ktm engines will bolt up on my frame? The original engine is very expensive and not all that available. I dont race so it doesn't necessarily have to be a 450. I am open to all avenues and thanks in advance.