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Found 132 results

  1. Hey guys, I was washing my bike the other day and noticed this hole by the oil plug? What is it? Is there supposed to be a plug here or is it supposed to be like this? I've looked everywhere and haven't been able to find anything. 2008 KTM 450 XCF
  2. Well continuing with clearing out old mags I came across this curious review/ shootout. Whats weird to me is this review came out with Beta having an auto clutch on the test bike..Beta had the option for auto from the factory if one wanted so I guess it made sense to showcase that aspect.. Still I would have just liked to see the bikes compared pretty evenly but oh well..Beta is an oddity at this point. So new and if any knew the brand it was most likely because of trials bikes...and so few came into the country.
  3. GotJokz

    2008 RMZ 450 for $1700

    I plan on buying a 2008 RMZ450 in a couple days for 1700. It's got ProTaper bars, Renthal Sprockets, aftermarket rims, and an FMF exhaust. The owner is relatively new to dirtbikes and recently traded a street bike for this Suzuki. He isn't overly familiar with the bike, but it looks to be in clean condition with aftermarket plastics etc, as if the previous owner took care of it. It's had a recent oil change, but the only thing i'm a little worried about is that since the current owner is pretty new to dirtbiking, he doesn't know how many hours are on the current build. I'm just curious for some last minute opinions, so i'd like to hear your thoughts; is it a good deal, and pointers on things i should look for on it before i buy. P.S i'm about 80% sure that it isn't stolen, but will run a VIN check tomm
  4. This may be a rather dumb question, but is the position the petcock in (sticking straight out -- see picture) in the OFF position?
  5. I wanted to offer back testimony after coming back from a 25 year hiatus and riding a year with the CRF-450. My last bike from back then was an RM-125 which my wife sold while I was on a work trip to Japan all because a close friend of ours broke his neck and back in 3 places racing CC, narrowly escaping paralysis.... A story for another day. In the beginning I would have liked to have started back with a used 250 4-stroke but I leaned heavily on purchasing a more reliable 450. I located a 2008 CRF-450R from a very reliable 'senior' seller whom had performed maintenance by the book and had the records to go with it. The test ride it was big, fast, heavy and honestly scared me. I truly felt that I would regret buying it but like so many we all know I threw better sense into the wind, paid the man, loaded the bike and drove off. Wondering all the way if this could have been the worst if not the fatal decision I'd made in the last 25 years. Not to mention, me being 56, I wasn't sure if riding at all was a good idea. Having admitted the bike was much bigger than me and my abilities I set the plan in place that I was only going to ride within my comfort and not push things. So for the last half of 2017 I spent riding in a friend's large pasture and some gentle trails in the woods. After the 1st couple of rides I was already looking online and in this forum ways to nerf the 450 to make it more manageable until I could get used to it and in general, riding again. So here are the things I found that made the re-acclimation a success. Throttle Tamer - a throttle cam with a flat side that reduces the acceleration in the early stage of cracking it open. One tooth bigger on the drive sprocket Ride in a taller gear, 3rd and higher. Literally lug it everywhere and fan the clutch when I need to. Those three in combination was what did it for me. By taking brute acceleration out of the equation I could work on the mechanics of things I'd forgotten from 25 years past, et body position, weighting the outside peg, focusing far ahead instead of down at the wheel, ... etc. After the snow finally melted I took the nerfed 450 to the local MX track. I had so much fun! I rode a total of 30 laps and just couldn't get enough. The bike was nerfed enough so that I could get used to how it handled in the corners, ruts, whoops and some light jumping. It was great! I thought maybe this is what it was like to ride a 250, granted a HEAVY 250. I think the key was picking a taller gear and use a lot of clutch. Things seemed really mellow even though I was so sore for a week and loved it. After about the next 4 trips to the track I was getting noticeably faster and also picking a lower gear to jump farther. Before the 5th trip out I decided to take out the throttle tamer, going back to stock throttle. I was so ready and didn't even know it. I was clearing the table tops and just about clearing doubles by accident. The fun factor was up 3x by now. After I got home from the 5th trip I was thinking that 2nd gear on the jumps was a little too low and 3rd was a little too tall. So I went back to stock on the drive sprocket, one tooth smaller. Please read that at this point the 450 is totally de-nerfed! The training wheels were officially off! It was perfect! 3rd gear on the jumps and clearing them so smooth and clean. So the take away. Is it heavy? Well... yeah. I can feel it when I'm riding it an getting it loaded/unloaded. But hey, big girls need love too. Do I ride it to it's big bore potential? No... and I probably wouldn't a 250 to it's potential either. Am I glad I got the 450? Given the approach that I took; Ride with nothing to prove to anyone and no need to rush the acclimation. Nerf it so I could take time to re-learn the riding mechanics while not worried about the power. I'd say, yeah! If I could have bought a new and fresh 250 I may say different but this 450 is bullet proof and I can work with the weight. While I do respect the 450 I'm not where I was in the beginning fearing it. Cheers, Whop
  6. 2008 ktm 450sxf I recently ruined my head, valves, piston, clyinder, the whole shabang. So the best option at this point is an engine swap. My ? Is, what other ktm engines will bolt up on my frame? The original engine is very expensive and not all that available. I dont race so it doesn't necessarily have to be a 450. I am open to all avenues and thanks in advance.
  7. From everyone else's experience have you ridden anything in Michigan that compares to riding the Tomahawk B and C loops in Wolverine? I'm finding myself becoming a Tomahawk snob because I can't seem to find any other trails that compare to the Tomahawk. The elevation changes/hills, the woops, the tight twisty trails, the rocks the roots just the all out flow of the trail is amazing. Everything we have tried this year to me doesn't have that wow factor and just seems flat and twisty. Anyone have any other recommendations to try before the season is done? Thank you