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Found 949 results

  1. humrider

    riding in your state

    Life is consistently changing and the next change in my life will probably land me in either Arizona or New Mexico. I have traveled through both states and prefer the northern part of the states as I enjoys mountains over flat desert. I am about a B level off road rider, not really into racing on tracks. I rather spend my day going from mountain top to mountain top. What/where are the better challenging areas to ride?
  2. Hello Thumper Talk Community, I am reaching out and in need of some advice and help. Some background on the bike: 2011 YZ450F that I purchased used, I am the second owner. The bike was claimed to have 15 hours on it. It does have strong indications of sand dune use as well as the original owner said he had run it out there. It does have stock chain and sprockets but chain was stretched to max setting when purchased. They have been replaced. It seems as though poor maintenance has been practiced by the original owner. Air filter was extremely dirty and sandy, some sand found in the fuel injection and even inside cam cover. Everything has been cleaned thoroughly with new air filter and all new fluids. Bike has started well while cool since I purchased it but seems to be troublesome while warm. Otherwise the bike seems to run perfect while motor is running. The bike jumped timing while at the track recently. It was running fine, had it parked on a stand. When kicking it over to go back out the intake cam jumped about 6 teeth after further investigation. It never ran while missed timed. After inspection of the piston and valves, they seemed to have avoid psychical damage. Took the bike apart and could not find anything that seemed to stand out as a problem. Cam chain did have some slight kinking it, it has been replaced. I believe that is why it jumped timing. I replaced the chain and reset the timing. Valve clearances were inspect but on the tight side of the range after reassembly. Did a compression test. Performed a homemade leak down test. After putting it back together it starts up pretty well while cool, but it a beast to start warm. Hot starting now seems to be worse. I then re-shimmed the valves to put them at the loose range of the spec. Did not seem to help anything. I am not sure what to do and this is my first fuel injected bike. Any advice or help would be appreciated!
  3. Family-Friendly Event Offers Adrenaline-Pumping Action with the Thrill Seeker Mega Ramp and a Chance to Meet the Championship Racers MESQUITE, NV - February 20, 2015 - (Motor Sports Newswire) - Motocross fans are ready to see champions compete at this year’s Mesquite Off-Road Weekend, Friday, Feb. 20 through Sunday, Feb. 22. The event at Eureka Casino Resort features events for all ages and is open to all levels of racers. Several big names in the Motocross world will compete in this adrenaline-pumping event including: Nate Adams, a freestyle motocross legend and former gold medalist at ESPN’s X-Games; Colton Haaker, a world-class EnduroCross racer, who recently won the prestigious “King of the Motos EnduroCross” race at “The Hammers” in Calif.; Destry Abbott, a five-time American Motorcyclist Association National Hare & Hound Champion; and “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram, the freestylist with the most motocross titles in history, and regarded as the Godfather of the sport. Other notable mentions include, Brett Cue a freestyle motocross champ known as “Whip” and Rory Sullivan, a versatile racer who competes in X-Games EnduroCross, the Baja 1000, and other national races. On Friday, Feb. 20, fans can meet their favorite competitors during a racer “meet and greet.” For those looking to test their motocross skills, guests will be able to try the thrill seeker mega ramp. This new experience allows anyone who has fantasized about pulling off a backflip or other big freestyle motocross trick, to do it in a safe setting. The PowerSports Plaza will be open each day with popular vendors and food and beverage offerings. Tickets start at $7 for kids and $12 for adults, with all-inclusive VIP passes available for $30. For more information on tickets and the complete schedule of events, visit www.MesquiteOffRoad.com ABOUT MESQUITE Close to home and yet a world away! Mesquite is located 90 miles north of Las Vegas and offers visitors an excitingly laid-back experience. Choose from several fabulous championship golf courses; explore astonishing, nearby national and state parks; or lounge by a sparkling pool. If you’d rather play indoors, then unwind and be pampered at a luxurious day-spas, practice your skill at bowling, dance the night away, or try your luck at the tables and slot machines. For more information on the destination, visit www.visitmesquite.com
  4. My technical question is, are there any cost saving options available for repairing a 2016 KTM 500EXC with a seized engine other than having the KTM dealership tear it down and repair it by replacing all the damaged parts? I was told by the dealership that KTM does not have any complete "crated" engines, so my engine will need to be disassembled and rebuilt at a price of at least $4000. If you are curious how it came to be that a 2016 KTM engine seized up while riding it, well some would probably say this was to be expected given that I had about 160 hours on the bike without an overhaul, but I am curious whether this really is typical. I have searched lots of parts web sites, and I have found a few places selling rebuilt KTM engines, but none advertising them as for a 2016 500EXC. Is it possible and should I consider trying to find an older rebuilt engine to swap out or are there differences between each year or say the XC-W that would require some customization work that is impractical to make it work? I am new to motorcycles having purchased my first bike - a 2016 KTM 500EXC - last July just after my 51st birthday. We instantly bonded, and I rode it almost every day, frequently using it for commuting 90 miles /day then taking to the trails as often as possible. At 160 hrs. I was well past the 120 hr. maintenance that called out for new piston, valves, bearings etc. (est.$3200), when fate caught up with me. I had hoped my luck would last a bit longer because only a month ago it leak tested good, valves were still within spec without a need to re-shim, and I was diligent about the oil changes with the $19 quart full synthetic. While still in half disbelief that I'm no longer mobile on two wheels, I dropped the bike off at the dealership where I purchased from, and am waiting for the call back with the ransom demand to pay.
  5. My husband's 2012 Husqvarna Te310 (picture in profile) was stolen from outside our apartment overnight. We moved to Surprise, AZ from NY less than a month ago. The picture is the last one we have of it and it's in NY. We just had the registration and plate changed to AZ a few days ago. I'm trying all avenues to try to recover it. Does anyone have any ideas as to what else to do besides passing the word around? Anything would be greatly appreciated. It's absolutely devastating!
  6. Share your stories.. I'll go first. This happened yesterday. So yesterday I was riding with some quads. We stopped and I checked my gas. I had very little but made the worst decision to keep riding anyway. We went further and further out until I eventually peeled off and decided to start heading back. About 30 seconds after that I ran out of gas. There were houses about a mile back from where we came from, so I pushed my bike that way. There were four houses. All with every long and hilly driveways. First house, nobody in it, second house no 2 stroke gas, 3rd house looked very sketchy, fat guy had no gas. The very last house I went to had 2 German shepherds that were barking like they were about to eat me alive until I started petting them. I asked the old lady," hello, I'm sorry to ask but do you have any 2 stroke gas?" "I'll ask my husband" she said with a smile on her face. She went and got him, and he said he might have gas. Luckily, he did. He took me on his gator and we went to my bike. I put half of the gas can in there, and we said our goodbyes and I went home. I grabbed 5 bucks and took it back to them and they refused it, but I made them take it and thanked them. Without them I wouldn't have made it home. Now share yours
  7. Hello everyone, my first post. I bought a 2002 DRZ400 S for $850 that ran very loudly and clearly with something wrong. The bike had 9k miles on the clock, so I hoped it wouldn't be something so catastrophic that the entire engine needed replacement. I've pulled of the head and cylinder. Here's what I've found. The intake cam was dry and looked like burnt oil. The intake cam journals were all eaten up. The exhaust cam and journals look good though, which seems strange to me if the head was starved of oil. Maybe just an oil channel for the intake cam was blocked? Bottom of the head: Cylinder and piston: There was side-to-side play but no up and down on the rod: Frame oil screen, I think that's case sealant gunked up on it? Here's the link to the full album on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/cl1n1 So what can be used, and what needs to be replaced? What went wrong in the first place? I want to get this back to running as inexpensively as is reasonable. Obviously the head needs to go. Can the cylinder be reused? I wiped it out with WD40 and a paper towel, but didn't have anything to really scrub with. There isn't any lip that I could feel where the piston stops at the top of the cylinder. How about the piston? Could it be reused with new rings?
  8. this years series starts soon ..
  9. I am going to be in the Tucson area before and after Christmas 2014. I am planning on bringing my bike with me, and looking for riders that know the area. I ride/ race the AMSA offroad series here in Alberta, and like to ride single track with some technical riding. I know its a busy time of year, but I know riders and we can never get enough.. Are there any enduro-cross tracks in the area as well? Thanks
  10. last one this year !!
  11. here's a look at this weekends fun ,
  12. Ive ridden a lot of 4 peaks and upper/lower sycamore trails and canyon mx but I'm interested in seeing more of what Arizona has to offer.
  13. Hi All, Is anyone interested in riding with me on either date? May 11 I'm planning to ride towards Arivaca. There's an abandoned mine area that I like, so will play there for a couple hours. Then Arivaca for lunch & fuel. Then I'd like to take Ruby Road for a bit, I'll probably head into Warsaw Canyon to California Gulch and do that loop. Depending on time and temperature, we'll either finish up Ruby Road and loop back to staging area on the road or head back the way we came. If you don't know the area, and are on a big bike We'll probably take the 15 min Interstate ride back to wherever we stage. If bikes aren't suitable we can take Pendelton back to where ever we decide to stage. (Staging area to be decided but I have some good ideas, maybe Amado?) Probably start around 9. May 12 Haven't decided yet, but am leaning on riding out by Flux Canyon/Harshaw Ghost town area. I found this "sky island" type place up there and I want to see it again. I'll probably head towards Montezumo Canyon. This one is mostly dirt road with some "Hey lets see where this goes" moments. That said, I'm quite interested in riding some new terrain so if you know the area I'm up for seeing some different terrain. Probably start around the same time, maybe a bit earlier. I ride a DR650, both rides are two track but the May 12 is more like dirt roads, both days will have some pavement too. You'll need dirt tires and a similar bike for May 11. I have Kenda 270s on my DR. I'm a very experienced rider but the is my first year riding in the desert. Anyone's welcome, we'll ride to the lowest skill level in the group. I don't hesitate to turn around if the trail(s) get too tough for me. You'll need a plated bike. I'd like to keep the group small-ish, manageable but we can always divide up into smaller groups. I'm also looking for new areas to ride not too far from there, so feel free to suggest some areas even if you aren't coming along. Chris.
  14. Tickets seem to be going fast. Thought some of you might be interested. http://www.tugg.com/events/7115
  15. motoxgolf413

    Arizona Riding buddies....

    So I've been living in Phoenix/Tempe area for the past 8 months as I've been going to school out here at ASU. However, I moved away from all my friends back home and the people I used to ride with all the time. I just started a new job and looking for some cool people to go rie with. I usually only ever ride track but I do mix it up and ride desert. And yes I know it gets to be 120 here in the summer and I will be riding I know Speed World has lights and stuff so I'd probably go there. Anybody wanna go rip some motos? I ride a 2006 YZ250
  16. youngun

    Arizona Prescott Riding Buddies

    I'm in search of some new riding buddies in the Prescott area. I've lived here for almost a year and know a few good loops, but my old riding buddy just ditched town. I ride mostly 2 track on my XRL, but am getting to the point where single track is calling my name. I consider myself a safe moderate paced rider. I usually ride a few afternoons a week, sometimes just quick 1hr loops, which is why I love riding in Prescott.
  17. awagner

    Arizona Camping and riding

    Saturday my wife, daughter, and I plan on camping just south of Mormon Lake. Only hold up is spending the money on a hitch and renting a trailer. Etheir way we are doing the camping deal. Anyone is welcome to join.. or meet up to ride. Figure if I keep posting stuff others will start chiming in. Hate to see how slow the site has become.
  18. cookiemonsterMoA

    Arizona Good SuspensionPlace

    Well since Stitch is not around anymore who would you recommend for suspension work? I ride single track and rocky stuff. I’m in Gold Canyon. Thanks.
  19. http://mim.io/b7e6e
  20. jodaddy23

    Arizona BIG RACE for Tucson !

    AMX is coming to TUCSON this weekend on the 26th . alot of prep. is going into this one . the weather looks great for racing and watching . come on out and support MX racing in TUCSON ... prizes and give aways for riders and spectators ,and the PRO purse is growing ..
  21. Any members from Wickenburg... send me a p-mail and we'll talk
  22. q1445

    Arizona WORCS Entry Fees?

    Thinking about racing a few WORCS races this year. Can any one tell me how much the race entry fees are. On their web site I found membership fees, gate fees, and transponder fees, but couldnt find the race entry fee.
  23. If we all pitch we could buy back some of the old trails... http://www.land.state.az.us/programs/realestate/properties/53-115506.pdf a cool $45M, I'll bet they'd take $30M F 'em, since they're gonna sell it off and build more golf courses, may as well ride it.
  24. Title says it all. I moved to Glendale a couple days ago and am looking for a riding buddy. I pimarily ride trails.