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Found 953 results

  1. Two weeks before Christmas Colin and Lisa came from Canada to ride AZ for the first time. A super nice couple. They stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way down and Colin proposed to Lisa. Lisa was a awesome rider as well as Colin. Rollie Wolk came down from Vancouver and joined us. A week after they left, RoryJanke,Kay Miller and Freddy Beaver arrived from that tropical paradise called Puyallup WA ! lol. We rode many miles of epic single track,two track and dual sport trails. I have never ridden so much and had such a great time. Many memories in the attached photos. Although I am worn out and need some rest I miss all of you already! can't wait until next year. Special thanks to Tom aka az1liner for leading us on some epic rides!
  2. Hello Everyone! I just purchased a 2015 CRF150RB for my girlfriend to learn on. I had the same bike some 10 years ago and it suited me well so I figured it would probably be a good learner for her with some extra room once she wants to go a little faster. I picked the bike up with supposedly 50Hrs on it, although I'd guess it's higher. The bike is completely stock (to my knowledge) with the exception of an R&D Flex-Jet. Problem is.. I bought it down in Phoenix, and I live and ride in Sedona/Flagstaff area so we have a pretty significant difference in altitude. Typically riding between 4,000-6,000ASL, and 65-90F temps. I have no idea what jets are in it currently (PO says stock), but the bike just doesn't want to start! Probably take 20-30 kicks to get it running, and it runs pretty well once it's going but a real PITA to kick back up again once the girlfriend stalls it. The bike probably needs a valve adjustment, but I don't want a half torn apart bike in the garage over the holidays so I figure it would be best to make sure I have all the parts to put it back together all at once. I think I've read every single thread on this site about jetting and thoroughly boggled my mind with different opinions, trying to compare setups to other people's setups at similar temps/altitude. So where should I go from here? Pilot jet? Main jet? Needle position? JD jetting kit? What's your experience, and where should I be looking to make this thing run nicely for her so she can start it in a couple kicks instead of a couple hundred kicks. Not too worried about spending some cash, but I prefer to do the work myself. Thanks for the input everyone!
  3. I was watching some youtube videos and came across some dune riding videos in Parker, Arizona. One of the videos said they were east of California Ave. on Shea Road about 6 miles. I checked google earth for the location, but did not really see anything. Has anyone been here or knows of it that can give directions/coordinates? Another video indicated dunes on the California side along Parker Dam Road. I also checked google earth for these and did not find much. I can link the videos here if you need a reference. Thanks. '
  4. Check out this cool video of the azopracing.com Dolan Springs Hare Scrambles race of Steven Gibson
  5. Hi everyone, Me and a couple of friends from Colorado are coming down early to phoenix for the supercross race and would like to do some riding. We are good riders that ride a lot of various terrain in the mountains and high desert. Looking for good desert single track and maybe some technical riding too. If you could point me in the right direction it woud be greatly appreciated.
  6. I want to thank all of you who attended the first two events last year in Bend Oregon and Naches Washington. The goal was $16,000 so we could buy the first chair. After two events we are just under $10k. Details of the events for 2017 will follow. For current information on the charity and the year to date results go to www.offroadridersforveterans.com. Below is a video TT member Tiger Tanker made of the event in Naches WA the weekend of Sept 10,2017. This years events are going to be bigger and better and include our 4 wheel friends. Common staging area and seperate ride routes. If you have any questions or would like to find out how you can help. Send me a pm or call me at 206-999-3426 Russ Henry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3dJ0cEn7fA Bend Oregon. East Fort Rock staging # 2510. May 19th and 20. Cle Elum Washington. Riders Camp/Manashtash Sept 15th and 16th. Phoenix Arizona. Boulders OHV aka "Mile Markers". Dec. 23 to 25th OFF-ROAD RIDERS FOR VETERANS LOGO (3).pdf 920.54KB 0 downloads
  7. I am heading down to Phoenix this winter for vacation. While down there it would be cool to rent a bike and go for a ride. I spoke with Arizona Outdoor Fun in Black Canyon City and found that they do guided tours on rental WRs. Can anyone vouch for these tours? Is it good trail riding? Or are they mostly taking people on forest service roads? Any intel would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Long shot here.... Anyone know of an AZ place/person who rents out trials bike (preferably small size!) for a few days.....just to work on skills/fundamentals. (Not racing nor riding hard....probably pretty gentle with it.) Or even a solid-running one for sale for cheap? PM me if have some info on this..... Thanks!
  9. AMRA MotoCity Off Road Championship Series Round 7 Flyer Posted! Off Camber MC will be hosting the "Rockin' Grand Prix II" on March 23rd at Canyon Motocross! Pre-entry and more information coming soon! http://www.amraracing.com/resources/2014/2014_Rockin_GPII_OCMCv1.jpg
  10. First time up this trail on the old two-track 4X4 trail. Made it to the cabin, but noticed several single tracks the took off from the vicinity of the cabin/corral. One of those single track trails headed due east and started to ascend. I took it a couple of miles before I ran out of time and had to head back. Anybody know where this trail leads too? Any idea on the other single track trails in the area that head west from the cabin? Thanks!
  12. I am spending about half my time in the Phoenix area for work, so I brought my bike out (KTM 350EXC-F plated), I am looking for some suggestions on Technical Singletrack riding in the Phoenix, Flagstaff, Prescott, Tucson area (really all over the state). My favorite type of riding is black diamond-ledgy step ups, slickrock type trails, and trails that have an all around good flow as well (I am a big fan of Moab type riding) any suggestions would be great. Thanks, Chris
  13. Hey guys I'm gonna be in Tempe, AZ for some work in a couple weeks and I'm wanting to pack my bike. My dad might come and bring his quad. So suggestions for track and trails in that area? Thanks
  14. A few of my buddies and myself are planning to come up and ride Sycamore one day this weekend. We are all A/B riders and aren't afraid of the tech stuff. I tried riding up there once but wasn't able to find the better trails that I have seen so many times on pics and video. If anyone is interested in leading a ride for us let me know. Saturday or Sunday is still up in the air so we are flexible at this point. Thanks
  15. Hey guys, I'm going to Mesa, Az. Apr. 2 thru 9th and want to ride for a few days. Our hiking trip just got canceled because my buddy needs knee surgery, so I have a lot of time to kill out there, and was wondering if it is possible to rent and ride. Would love to here some suggestions on both. Snow is still ass deep here in Minnesota. Thanks
  16. I am looking into a second home away from the rain, cold and gray of the Northwest winters. I envision riding as one of my most favorite hobbies as it is now here. I currently ride all kinds including motocross, single track and desert. We looked at homes near Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa this past weekend but as I drive around the valley I realize how large of an area it is and wonder where to be. What area is best situated to easily access the best riding near the Phoenix area. Should I be looking NW, NE, SW, or SE of Phoenix??
  17. I recently bought a bike with title issues. It's a 2001 TTR90, so didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on it, at least more than what a replacement frame would've cost. Here's my experience getting it titled in AZ. I had to take the bike down the the local MVD office to get a Level 1 inspection. After dealing with the dumbass with a gun telling me "I don't think we do titles for bikes under 100cc" (all bikes have to be titled as of 2009), the inspector came out, had me take it out of the SUV (nice thing about these bikes, they're small and light) and verified the VIN and engine number, then her little handheld gadget locked up. She then had to do it again with paper and pen. Arizona does not record the engine number ANYWHERE else except this form. And motorcycles are no longer required to have emission testing anywhere in the state. This is as of June of last year (somewhere around there). I then went inside, got my number and waited. After showing the VIN inspection to the nice lady behind the desk, she had me fill out a form stating how I got the bike. I put that I bought it from a guy on CL with no title. She found a VIN match in California, but it was not on the NCIC (NCIB?, IDK, some four letter acronym) stolen DB. She gave me a form with all the steps needed. I had to write to the CA DMV and get a vehicle transcript which should show the last registered owner's name and address. If I get a result, I had to send a certified letter with the title request, a blank bill of sale and power of attorney form and hope the PO either; ignores the request, no longer lives there, gets a replacement title, signs it over and mails it to me, or signs and notarizes the bill of sale and power of attorney form. At home, I called the DMV and they walked me through filling out form INF70. After filling that out and including a check for $5, it was a waiting game. 2 weeks later I get a letter back from the CA DMV with the name, but no address. This actually turned out to be a good thing. I took all my paperwork back down to the MVD yesterday, explained the situation and the MVD agent went off to check something. The agent next to him got a phone call and asked me what make and model bike I had. I told her, she relayed it on and a couple minutes later the first agent came back with a printout from KBB with the value of the bike. After multiplying it by 1.5, he told me I needed to get a bond for $675. There are lots of places to get bonds. Your insurance company is one. 3rd party MVD offices are another. Or Google it. Prices vary. It seems most of the 3rd party places start at $100 minimum. One was $160. State Farm won't do them unless it's for you or an immediate family member and start at $100 as well. When I was at MVD yesterday, I asked the agent if he knew of any cheap places. He said he has seen a lot of bonds from Western Surety and he thinks they had an office in Mesa. After googling it at home, the only Western Surety I could find was in South Dakota. So I googled cheap AZ title bond and got a hit on an ATC forum where a guy had paid $50 for a bond from Frontier Private Process Service in Phoenix. Bingo. Called 'em up (602.258.0022, ask for Jennifer, she doesn't start until 10AM), went down there this mornning and got my bond. And on the bond it said "Western Surety"... from South Dakota. LOL. She made a copy of all the MVD paperwork for my file. Went bck to MVD today, got my number and ended up waiting almost an hour. I gave the agent my paperwork, she took my $37 ($12 for title and RV tag and $25 for the OHV decal) and gave me the title, RV plate and OHV sticker. Done. In 3 years, if I still have the bike, I can go back to MVD and get a new title without "Bond" in the "previous title number" box.
  18. Time for new tires on my 2001 DRZ400. I live in Norte AZ and ride a 50/50 mix of dirt forest service roads and pavement. My bike has Kenda 270's currently, 21x 3.0 up front and a 18 x5.1 out back. Any suggestions on new tires for my type of riding conditions? The Kenda's have been decent tires but I'm looking for better durability and performance. Rims are stock Pro Wheel. If I stick with Kenda's, could I mount the wider 21x3.25 tire on my stock rim? Thanks in advance. 2 Wheels Good
  19. will be riding weekends in flagstaff,az need riders pm me if interested
  20. Pre-entry open 11/20 though 12/10 Big Bikes http://www.moto-tally.com/AMRA/PreEntry.aspx Minis http://www.moto-tally.com/AMRA/Mini/PreEntry.aspx Big Sandy - Flyer - 2014-2015 Season (1)-page-001.jpg (436.74 KB, 1275x1650 - viewed 17 times.) Big Sandy Directions.png (544.47 KB, 449x640 - viewed 10 times.) Video:
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