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Found 410 results

  1. Sorry if there is already a good explanation here somewhere but I have tried the search and google with not much luck. Can someone explain to me what the preload adjustment does on the right fork leg on my 2020 300rr and what turning it CW vs CCW does? In the italian with english subtitles video beta has it sounds like it's to adjust for someone who is heavier or to raise the front for riding in soft terrain like sand?
  2. 2017 Beta 300rr (first bike ever). I’m curious is it normal to hear chatter around what seems like chain/sprocket/chain guide area) while cruising or breaking over rough rocky areas at speed or should the bike be silent other than the suspension working? ps my chain is tight to spec.
  3. Hey there, there are a few problems I’m having with my beta, I’m hoping they pertain to carb issues, but they may not. The problems are: The bike when revved up comes down to idle very slowly & bounces its way down It gets hot (I’m 225 LBS, mainly trail riding and it has overheated a few times) Excessive smoking ( this may just be a beta thing with the oil injection) Here is a video smoking and weird running condition & below that is a history of what it’s done and some steps I’ve taken to correct it. Float position: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pigvQYgRwfx7Cdud6 Excessive smoke https://photos.app.goo.gl/DSVMnvPgVWerhbig8 Surging and not returning to idle: https://photos.app.goo.gl/z7X4tsiSeZdjurK99 https://photos.app.goo.gl/B8pNyKVhzz74f5Cc8 I purchased the bike new but it was a dealers show model and had been ridden quite a bit. I think the bike has about 57 hrs on it with the original piston. With the stock jetting it ran fine for a while, and then about 5 rides in, it started to kill when I wasn’t on the gas. Around that same time I noticed it starting to overheat. I bought a JD kit to help solve the problem. I put the appropriate jet in and started with the blue needle in the lowest setting as per the instructions. I ended up on the mid clip setting on the blue needle and that seemed to work the best with the fuel screw most of the way out, 3.5 turns. It still does the slow deceleration and surges on the way down. I have also: changed the head O-rings, using fresh, ethanol free gas, adjusted the carb float level, changed the plug a while ago, I can try that again though it’s been a while. I suspect it needs a richer pilot jet, because it sounds hot and acts hot, and most of my riding is below 1/3 throttle. The jet it currently has is the stock pilot jet. Any help would be surely appreciated.
  4. The arrival of your new-to-you bike! The guy I found through uShip sent a pic of it being loaded up yesterday and now I wait until Friday afternoon for it to get here. It's a 2019 250 RR Race Edition. Looking forward to start learning all I need to know form all of you in making the leap into the Beta world.
  5. Have a 2013 Beta 300RR going thru wheel bearings. Are any of you having problems with wheel bearings lasting??? In two years I've replaced front bearings 3 times and the rear twice now. I've used Beta and SKF bearings. The last time on the front, I went with a good name brand (don't remember) from a bearing store and they seem to be holding up. Now the rear sprocket side bearing let go, only a couple ball bearings floating in the hub.
  6. I would love to buy a beta 200 rr we have one already, but its not my bike. The problem is that there aren't any used bikes on sale in my country. I would much rather have a 2018-2019 model because the seat height is lower and buying a new bike doesn't seem like a good idea in this economy. There are couple of 250 rr bikes on sale though and I was wondering if I could tame it down with minor engine mods such as 0.5 mm base gasket and adjusting the power valve. I think the stock 250 would tire me out much faster than the 200 does, and I love the fact that I can keep the 200 on the pipe and stay in control. Does anyone have experience in taming down the 250 or 300? If I could make it behave like an xtrainer I would be happy. That bike has a lovely engine, but the suspension is not fun for my style.
  7. I was having some issues with my 2020 250 RR suspension. The shock was hard to get working the way I wanted and the clickers started with the compression pretty much maxed. The CC forks were good but had a harsh spike mid stroke. I contacted Steve aka motoxgiant. He went out of his way to get my boingers done in record time and returned to me in time for a ridecation. He really nailed it for me!!! Forks are awesome and really make me smile over every buried watermelon, log and rock field. The shock is now in the middle of the adjustment and with only a slight addition of 2 clicks in on rebound is really good. The bike is so balanced and rideable over the worst of Idaho/Montana gnarl I couldn't be happier. Thank you Steve, Job very well done!
  8. I sold my gasgas and looking to get back in the beta scene. I saw that the RX has kyb on it so I’m wondering if they are here to stay on certain models? I can’t select any models on BYOB due to high demand. So I’m wondering if KYB will be available on any byob model
  9. Hello, I'm a long time KTM rider (couple of 200s and a couple of 300s over the years) and have recently picked up a 2019 250 RR Race Edition to try my hand at the Beta world. Since I currently have and like my under-mount Scotts damper on my KTM 200XC, I want to put an under-mount on my Beta. I have searched several forums and several websites, but the only thing I can find is the full BRP kit w/ rubber mounts (~$320). Is anybody aware of another option? I saw on another forum where someone slight modified a Fastway mount ($55) to work with Scotts, but it looks like it only fits 13-17 models. If there are not other options out there, can someone speak the the changes on the top triple/offset that might prevent the Fastway mount form working? In other words what changed from 17 to 18-20? Thanks in advance for any help and I look forward to the new (to me) Beta.
  10. Just recently purchase my first new bike. 2019 125RR Racing Edition - Whats your normal operating procedure to ready a new machine for a hare scramble/Enduro? Items en route: EE skid plate, EE radiator braces, EE handguards, ARC levers, IRC HD Tubes. I'm planning to roll with the stock Michelin Enduro shoes for the time being - Dealer said the front is decent but I should consider changing out the rear to something better; Michelin Starcross perhaps? I may do this before the first HS when I swap in the HD tubes. Midwest terrain ranges from mud to hardpack; rocky river bottoms and rooted climbs. I know a suspension job is high on the list of many but it looks like I'll just skate in at the higher end of the allowable weight range on stock springs (170 lbs. before gear) 5 hour 'run in' with a trans oil change at 3 hours... Stock jetting seems solid so far. I've done a few scrambles in the past (CR250/RMZ250) but its been several years. Any pointers? On the bike or otherwise?
  11. Just picked up a 2018 300RR & good 'ol California DMV is refusing to register the bike or transfer the title into my name, due to seemingly having no emissions & federal safety labels on the bike. I got this out of Washington & thinking the previous owner likely power washed them off the frame, as he had done with all the graphics... Does anyone know the exact location of the labels from the factory? My 520RS had the emissions label right on the frame, just below the steering head. DMV is saying I'll have to get some from the manufacturer if they aren't on the bike somewhere. But having gone through this crap before with DMV, I know that pretty much NO manufacturer will offer those stickers for sale. What a bunch of frustrating crap!
  12. I see plenty of white plastic for the 300rr but has anyone seen any grey plastics ?
  13. Okay all, let's get some good information on this posted up. I see a lot of folks removing the OI off the Betas for fear of having issues. Hopefully someone that knows can chime in with more detail on below points of consideration. 1. OI has potential to fail where the pre-mix is bullet proof to ensure the bike runs. I have not see a trend of OI system failures, seems more in the integration onto the bike itself like hoses, clamps, routing, connectors. I've read of two instances on here where there was an oil pump that failed and only one of them was to little oil the other was over oiling. 2. OI is metered with the throttle position, this would seem to keep the bike running way better on slow speed woods type of riding and Hard Enduro as the bike won't be loading up with oil as much with it setting at idle or just above for so much of the ride. Less oil at idle would also seem to richen up the bike and make it lug better at those low RPMs. Seems pre-mix is going to load up the bike with oil way more when it's idling constantly leaning it out and causing it to stall easier. 3. OI is dumping a lot of oil in the bike at WOT, so if you are racing and WOT a lot then this should be beneficial to proper lubrication of the motor. Without this you would need to set your bike up with heavy pre-mix which would cause it to run worse at lower rpm. In other words can't get the best of both worlds without the Oil Injection. 4. Tuning the bike without OI is going to be way different jetting and something that isn't accounted for in most suggested jetting charts for folks that aren't experts at jetting a carb. Do you go leaner without OI, do you go fatter without OI, hmm seems like a lot of researching and trial and error for someone that just wants to ride (ME). Beta should have a chart with the OI delete kit that gives you the jetting for the carb with the OI removed! Okay let's here what I have wrong here from the folks that have ridden with Oil Injection and then removed it.
  14. G’day Have many people on here got the mega RK Tech insert on there 200rr ? I’ve had them for the 150’s and the improvements were huge..... I have one to go on the new 2021 when they are available but keen to here people findings / review on what and how the 200 responds after installation.....
  15. Any word on when or if Beta will have the Ohlins TTX flow shock available for the 2020 models? I see it listed on the Ohlins site but its not an option through Beta yet.
  16. 2017 Beta 300r and completely new to riding. I bought and installed a SC2 last night because I don't know much of a mechanic and was hoping to plug and play. This is the only 2 stroke I've ever been on, but I don't feel like the bike in 1st 2nd 3rd when it's not on the pipe is very clean It gurgles and just just sound like others machines I've seen on YouTube as the go slow through the woods. Well the SC2 seems almost the same way as the carb was. Any suggestions? And no I haven't doen any adjustments to the carb yet. Also I had to replace the clutch lever and master cylinder because I broke it. So noticing that the bike with the clutch pulled all the way in now wants to move forward ever so slightly but it's annoying. I read about adjusting the PV on this, what would you all suggest to tame down the PV so it doesn't come on so quick and hard. I'm a rookie please be kind
  17. Wondering if anyone has had problems with oil injection on your 2 stroke betas??? I have a 2016 300rr. Just bought used last year. Should i put some oil in gas to be safe?
  18. I haven't necessarily paid close attention to my fuel mileage...but today we did 48 miles of varied terrain- fast doubletrack, tighter twisty sections, along with some rocky, rooty, hilly sections. And Ive got a little more than a gallon of fuel left, so I used just under 1.5 gallons ( I didn't top off the tank completely ). Today's average temp was around 75*, elevation 8k-9k. Average speed 9.7 mph, Max Spd 38.5 mph.
  19. Anyone have insights as to when/if the EC Ranger 200 will be in the US?
  20. Race tech gold valves (comp and rebound) in the forks, and comp kit in shock. Fat, old, slow 50 year old at the throttle. mix of whoops, rocks, and chop. Most of it in 4th and 5th gear. After riding @Hammy.s bike with MX tech lucky inserts, I am very happy with what I chose. I've ridden KYB SSS set up well, Dal Soggio spheres, etc and this is more than enough for my needs. Confidence inspiring even getting deep into the face of the whoops. Supple and compliant in the light trail trash.
  21. Hi- I have a 2018 beta 300rr and 18 xtrainer. Has anyone tried the beta performance clutch kit? https://shop.betausa.com/p/2019-performance-clutch-kit I wanted to try the Rekluse torqdrive clutch pack but they don't may them for these bikes. https://rekluse.com/product/torqdrive-clutch-pack/ I am looking for an alternative because I am abusing my clutch. I know it's partly me, and partly the hard stuff that I like to try even if I can't make it. OEM is expensive. Is there an advantage to investing more money into another aftermarket clutch alternative that will save me money in the long run? (do not want rekluse auto clutch type at all)
  22. Hello. I have beta 2020 racing. Want change spring and oil for KYB fork. Somebody have service manual for it? I see more youtube videos, I buy some tools, but now need manual for torque setting. Thanks.
  23. Selling pretty much new xtrig rubber bar mounts From 2020 300RR. I will also include the Brp wrap around mounts that replace the stock top clamp. Both stock and brp included. Includes softer green rubber cones and stock clear cones. New they are $200 plus $60 for the BRP. Get both for $100. I like them a lot but ended up going with mako 360 because of finger injury and need all the dampening I can get so that’s why I’m selling. Venmo, PayPal or cash only.
  24. I like the race factory decals. Anyone know where I can get just the rear fender decals? I have found the rr ones but need the race edition. (I May have broken that fragile fender)
  25. Ive had a hell of a time finding parts because my dealer wont pick up the phone. Im in search of: counter shaft seal- brake pads- lower shock bearing. Any help would be appreciated! Also whats your guys thoughts on the 300 counter shaft seal this will be my third replacement. Bike has 140hr. I have never replaced one in my life till i got my beta... The second replacement leaked right outa the gate and the steel shaft does not have any indentation.
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