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Found 19 results

  1. For many years I have enjoyed the jetting aspect of owning a 2-stroke. Trying different needles, AS, pilots mains, PV settings, pipes, and head mods has always been something I have done and found there's a lot of performance "personality" in the fine tuning. I have been lucky to have Ron Black local and spent time at his shop discussing the various aspects of tuning the Keihns and learned a lot from him along with some Vet guys over on the KTM site. One thing that often happens, especially on forums is trends begin to form and guys gravitate towards whatever seems to be the most popular. That's fine as often, what's popular, is often effective. One thing that can go missing is testing to suit specific performance desires for your personal riding situation. Like suspension, jetting is very subjective and one guys "spot on" can be completely counterproductive to your riding situation. All this to say, I have now run 8 different needles in the '18 300rr testing specific throttle response throughout the rev range. This, along with running a 38-42 pilot has revealed some interesting findings. Of course, lots of AS adjustments with each set-up and throughout a day off riding is key to fine tuning. Always my goal is to find perfect linear smooth power delivery without any lean or rich conditions at any part of the throttle delivery. I prefer the transition from initial throttle openings all the way to WOT to be smooth. I have now run 2 of the stock needles, 4 Suzuki needles, and 2 C series Sudco needles. What I have found is the "C" Sudco needles provide a much better throttle response than the stock or Suzuki. Although the Suzuki needles became very popular, the Sudco needles have always been effective and were sometimes dismissed as only useful on older screw top Keihn carbs. In my talks with Ron, I discovered this was not the case and my brother, who is a fantastic tuner has never varied from the Sudco needles as he has spent the better part of a decade tuning his GasGas 250 and Beta 250 to perfection. What I have come up with, is a bike that feels fuel injected. It has absolutely linear power delivery throughout the throttle response. I came close with the Suzuki needle, but after switching to a "C" series, it's better and smoother on transitions. Some caveats: - I'm running the RK Tek head and this will affect the selection of needle, pilot and main necessitating a richer selection (I'm running a CEK vs CEL, 38 pilot,168 main) - My brother jetted our buddies X Trainer that I've been able to ride. It has stock head and a Sudco C needle, and it is excellent power delivery without any lean or rich conditions. - My brother is also running a C needle in his '15 250rr. - I have never liked the JD needles all that well. I have purchased at least a half dozen over the years for various 2-strokes and have found them to be a "middle of the road" needle. I always come away thinking they get you 80% there. - I have also been testing the colored PV springs and various settings which also play a large role in throttle response (not the tune). After trying all 3, I prefer the yellow (same as stock) at flush. It has just enough snap when you hit the throttle. The green is too mellow for my taste and the red too aggressive. Lastly, and this is important, this is my personal feelings and I'm not going to argue over what other's are using and liking. I have jetted and tuned 2-strokes from 200's to 300's, from GasGas to KTM to Kawasaki, to Suzuki to Beta for 15 years. When I tuning, I ride with the 2 needles I'm trying and I ride various conditions and situations for many miles before making changes. I write down each specific area of the throttle delivery that I want changed before trying something new. I enjoy the process and the reward is a fantastic performing bike. Hope this helps and if you enjoy testing and fine tuning your 2-stroke, try a $7 Sudco needle, still an effective tool.
  2. Trying to replace my front brake calipers seals on a 16 XT. Beta wants $67 for the kit, includes 2 new pistons. Just need seals. Anybody know what other bikes use the nissin brakes, or part number for the seals only? thanks
  3. bike has under 10 hours on it and the front seals are starting to weep. is this a common issue with these italiano pieces of awsome looking crap? i kid, i kid, rode the thing for like 3 minutes one time and could right away tell it was indeed awsome. asking for a friend!
  4. I’ve seen talk about this for quite some time. Has anyone tried to retrofit the counterbalancer to the slightly older engine? Looks like crank, take-off gear, and of course the balance shaft, gear and bearings would be required. Probably machining bearing surfaces? If an engine needed a crank, that may be worth the extra to fit it (assuming you want the effects of the balancer of course). Mark
  5. Hi, i have recently bought a 2014 250 rr but it did not come with a speedo. I bought one from beta Uk but now fitted when I start the bike it doesn’t come on unless I press the button on the screen. The speedo also doesn’t work, would anyone happen to know why it’s not coming on?
  6. Good friend and vendor of mine has a cookie business on the side. I just got this from her- the detail is killer.
  7. Weekend is approaching and have researched this crapola way too much and still no decision until I found ODI v2 Rogue lock on grips. Me likey better than the Emigs. RMATV states they fit 19 250RR...and it's the only Beta model listed. I'm new to the beta club and have no idea if bars are the same between models. Trying to order from RMATV as I have some credits/cash I'd like to use. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/parts/odi-v2-rogue-mx-lock-on-grips-p Any direction would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi! So a 300 2t is great, light weight, loads of torque, easy to maintain but also very powerful. Im getting one (Beta 300rr and yes, I can ride it as it is and deal with the power but im thinking of mellow it down just to make it a little friendlier, less hit and risk of whiskey throttle. So what things is there to do? (power valve, throttle tamer, pipe?) and what to start with? any suggestions? And no "get some other bike"-answers. ive had a lot of different ones and thats not an option now. 😉
  9. Hey everyone, im quite new to all of this so sorry for asking stupid questions, i have got a 2019 beta rr 50 track, when the engine is cold and i try to reach the powerband it stutters really bad, this is in all gears. After a while when the engine is hotter it goes away, i do still notice some stuttering while switching throttle positions, the bougie looks about right so im not sure what the problem is here, also its supposed to reach speeds of 95kmh but it only does 80
  10. Ok here’s a thread to list up whatever aftermarket parts and upgrades for the Beta 200 rr. If anyone sees a 200 rr mod just add it to the list .
  11. I am hoping those who have ridden all 4 can give a highlight/lowlight on each and who they target and fit the best.
  12. Rest easy Beta fans, DBC is not the only tester of bikes. https://www.cyclenews.com/2020/01/article/cycle-news-magazine-2020-issue-3/ Spoiler below Beta's Sachs and Keihin take the win.
  13. Forgive me ahead of time as I’m no pro and this is my first 2 stroke since the early 80s on my rm125. Not a very technical review at all but I’ve made my first error I’ll address at the end. I have much to learn. Bottom line upfront: this bike is made for guys my size...just like I read on here and other sites. I’m 5’7” and around 170 lbs with gear. I can’t flat foot and already dropped her when I lost my footing on a hill. Once I’m mounted on the platform though it’s game on and it’s quite easy to control. Friggn loving this thing. Settings were all stock. Power valve in all the way at the dealer. i stayed on the sunshine setting for the entire 2.5 to 3 hours ride time. This mofo is FAST. Front end wants to come up if you twist the throttle!!..2nd, 3rd and 4th!!! I didn’t make it to 5 and 6. My son made the comment..”that’s not like the other bike daddy”!!! It’s also a crawler. Followed behind my son in 1st or 2nd gear on a flowing tight trail and never not once wanted to stall. A switchback used to get me almost every time on my Klx but not with this bike. No hand guards yet so slow was preferred in the trees. Stock shock settings are fine for my weight. I verified this on several spots on trail that have a mixture of 2” to 6” loose rock. I’d have to pin my Klx over this spot and I’d be all over place and bottom out or lose momentum and have to shut’er down. The beta ATE THAT SHIAT UP. I arrived on the other side, looked back and had a big ole smile on my face. My boy knew I was happy. Place has a light mx track area at the end of a trail. Made a few 5 foot jumps that would bottom out the Klx. The beta wanted more. I wanted more. cant wait to take it to Spoaks mx. My problem...flat front tire after my first day. Damn it. Think I pinched tube as it’s not taking air. Spoke with dealer and they’re sending me a tube at no charge. We had a discussion and think it was due to elevation changes?? Bought bike way up in north texas. Elevation is 3k+. Home is 900. AND I DID NOT CHECK TIRE PRESSURE BEFORE RIDING. I was probably riding on a semi flat but did not notice. im a pharking idiot. My jumps and riding the rocky area may have pinched the tube?? Who knows but a lesson learned. I’ll find out when I change the tube out. I also need to get a pic of my bars and the connector for my trip meter (I think that’s what it is). The little connector sits right next to bars on my brake side. It interferes with securing bike with straps and seems like a really delicate piece to be so visible in such an area of the bars. Without hand guards, I’m surprised I didn’t snag the wire and rip it off.
  14. I bought a used 2017 250 and currently going thru it/setting up. pg 89 of manual suggests checking dome to tool/plate clearance(not sure what this test is called- deck height? dimension X for ktm?)... is this procedure to get the squish in the correct ballpark? would a solder squish test be better than measuring with the tool? or are these two not related? do I need the tool/plate? I can get a hold of one but a PITA. what should I be aiming for with the squish measurement for a 250? currently 1.75-1.78mm with a new .60mm gasket, 1.55-1.59 with a used .50mm gasket.
  15. Hey has anyone tried and successfully improved jetting on the new 200rr with out any other mods ? My pipe would indicate maybe a slightly smaller pilot would be correct but the chat shows pretty much 45 across the board..... curious to see if anyone else has had a play yet ?
  16. Hello I was wondering if someone can give me some insight as to what has changed over the years and at what point was it a complete changeover, or a new 'generation'? The reason I ask is I have a '15 that I have my eye on, but trying to see if it has anything in common with the current gen bikes. Many thanks in advance. david
  17. Another fork tube wear victim here, mild anodizing loss on both tubes. I am out of warranty, and contacted the dealer I bought the bike from. New tubes coming, compliments of Beta USA. Tim Pilg and CO are some real stand up folks.
  18. I plan on running Motul 800 @ 1.6% (60:1) unless someone else can talk me out of it. Stock jetting seems fine so far at 1200ft Are the floats typically way off as in years before? Power valve spring : stock is mellowest, correct ? Power valve adjuster: 2 turns is stock, and flatest power, correct ? Any suggestions for Power valve settings for flattest/widest powerband ? Would anyone in Los Angeles like the un-used stock tires, for dirt cheap ? PM me. Anything else? As soon as my lift stand is freed up I will tear it down and dielectric grease everything, install the Tubliss and tires, and drop off the suspenders for set up. All of the protection and ergo items are on order.
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