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Found 15 results

  1. need some help; My wife, 62 now, and I rode together for about 6 years in our early 50s. I got her a Yamaha TTR230 back then, set it up for her with a nice seat and some lower gearing. It was all she needed and she went everywhere on easy and some medium difficult trails with me and the guys. She then had a lay off for about 5 years. Now for her Christmas after a years of thinking about it, I bought her a new 2019 Beta 350RR-S to get her back into riding more easy dual sport rides with me. Got the suspension lowered and a lower seat, she is 5-10, and loves the bike height and suspension. All good but Three rides in and my wife says she feels the bike “lurches” in every gear on roads and dirt. She is not comfortable with 350 power. Wow. Will ask my dealer to look into adding a JD tuner mod or map switch to see if we can soften the power response. It’s fine and smooth to me as is, even a little snappy which is nice, but she is not used to the power that throttle has access to, to the point of missing her TTR 230 she said. Ouch. I am Gonna swap out that 13CS I had mounted for the stock 15 CS. She will not be needing low gearing for the stuff her and I will ride now, fire roads, some small pavement, and only very easy trails. Back to the drawing board though with the 350 choice. The Good news is she loves the height of the bike and the suspension. It’s about the motor and throttle, she is not friendly with. Any suggestions?
  2. Anyone know who sell XR100 cranks apart from Honda and there contact details. Standard stroke
  3. Ive got my 16 500 rs pretty sorted I think. just had my fork re-valved and went up on the rear spring rate. i feel like i can be pretty aggressive when the urge hits me. then I rode my friends 14 KTM 450 xc-w. i haven't paid much attention to KTMs lately. Ive had a few in the past and they were always confused in one way or another. anyway i found the suspension pretty damn good IMO but the thing that I was surprised about was how well it turned. it felt like I was farther forward compared to the beta and it was so willing to make quick pivoting turns. it was just sweet handling if you can believe that coming from KTM....
  4. For those of you who have been to the 2020 Beta ride days . Which one of the RR-S bikes has the most over-rev? I am looking for the one that can stretch the gears a little and has that quick free revving sort of feel.
  5. So I was playing super moto last Sunday and laid it over way too far and ate sh#@@t. I broke my foldable mirror. I can get a new one for $55. Any one have one they don't want ? I'll pay for shipping. Thanks !
  6. 2019 Beta 125 RR-S Why is a different Cam Chain Tensioner needed when doing the Athena Big Bore kit .
  7. Any suggestions on replacement wheels and spokes? Tusk? Excell? Warp9? Mine are sand blasted and bent pretty bad. Thanks
  8. I’m likely going to be pulling the trigger on my first Beta in the next month or two and have decided to go with a 500rr-s. It looks like they are great bone stock, but other than preference upgrades like seat, tires or mirrors... is there anything that should be done with byob? I’m just wondering if it’s worth byob or just work the bike and upgrade as I learn my preferences with this bike. Thanks!
  9. Anyone know of a non OEM piston for the Beta 4st's or the manufacturer of the OEM piston ?? I know you can get them for the 2st . MM
  10. Sitting at 115 hrs on 480 installed oil pump gears and a kick starter while apart, no problem simple stuff. Here is my question to anyone with a kicker. Does your kicker disengage? Mine is about 50% of the time, it feels engaged like the previous attempts than you give a good kick and slips and bottoms out on the foot peg. Freaking hurts. It makes you real timid about it not engaging and killing your knee especially if your knee is screwed up like mine. The gears are aligned on the spline. Just wandering?
  11. I've had a 2020 390 RR-S on order since the 1st week of December. My dealer says that the EPA has not released them yet. Anybody received and of the 2020 4 stroke models in the states yet??
  12. Many, many thanks to all those who have been more than helpful with the lack of charging-issue on our 4S bikes. Danketchpel, Kranium, Jail Opy, all y'all who have been nothing but helpful, and so incredibly knowledgeable about electricity, thank you. I had started both harness' replacement yesterday morning and finally finished not long ago this morning as spending time with the family hiking, and other stuff, like watching the new(est) Avengers movie got in the way. The very best news is that I now see, at idle, with a cold bike, 14.0V. On the Voyager, it comes in at from 13.8 to 13.9V. At the very best, when cold, the battery would see 13.2V prior to the harness swap. I can imagine how 14.0+ will be possible when the bike is warmed up but the fan does not need to run as I could see 13.5-13.6V, at the most, on the Voyager, when the conditions were right. The new, "upgraded" harness no longer has the three diodes/capacitors at the rear of the bike. The new front harness "for services", did have to have the ignition coil ground extended(thanks again danketchpel for the heads-up and pioneering this upgrade. If it were not for you . . . ) as the ignition coil ground location must be closer to the rear of the bike on the newest bikes. There is also a new ground wire on a ring terminal-that is NOT present on the 2017 harness, for which dumb, dumb-me, did not ground, thinking that it was not necessary. When I went to test the bike, the headlight, turn signals, horn and the voltage would not show up on the Voyager. I got lucky at one point when I had secured the harness to the frame and the ring terminal must have been pressed up against the frame, so I thought the installation was done, but when buttoning everything up, stuff had stopped working again. I installed a larger ring terminal so that the new ground wire could be grounded using the upper engine mount bolt=perfect. I did make sure to grease every connection in the harness and support it all so that nothing moves and nothing is touching either the engine or the radiator hoses. The warning/indicator lights are now really bright, like almost too bright. Anyhow, having 14.0V at the battery at startup is a miracle. I did not solder anything. My bike has mostly street miles, probably 70% have been street miles. The bike has 4,600 miles and closing on 260 hours. I had come to realize that the bike has been living a harder life than most for this reason, the bike is used as a snowbike in the winter. It is, and has been, stored either outside in the winter, under a cover, or in a trailer, with melting snow/condensation on and all around the bike. I can see how because of all the humidity, all year long, the harness and all the connections, all the grounds, could be compromised. I'm thinking of cutting into the old harness and seeing what it looks like, and maybe I will, but for now, the $500 for the new stuff has been worth it. The install is pretty straightforward. All the connections save for two at the front junction and maybe two more connections with the wire(s) that need to be pressed for the FI-connections-are "keyed" or have wire lengths that are just long enough to route them where they need to go so keeping track of what goes where is mostly unnecessary, even for hacks like me. Now with a new waterpump seal, and harness, I should be good for a little while at least. I do have a new o-ring for the oil fill cap and I had also noticed that the valve cover gasket is "sweating" so I may need to replace that sometime down the road. I'll at least order it and one weekend, when I have the time, I can get that job done. If someone ever does make a more powerful stator, I will for sure be in for one.
  13. So I’ve been wanting to get an enduro for light trail use that I can also possibly commute to work a couple of days a week as well Total trip 21 miles on mostly surface streets. After browsing the market I came across the Beta 125RRS. It’s been labeled a “play bike” but after checking it out in person I think it would be a nice little trail scalpel with some mods like a new exhaust, bars , pegs and some armor. A bike to scoot to work but also if I take it camping in the Sierras or any local terrain it will most likely perform better then say a TW200 or some of the other bike, CRF250L. It appears some bikes are either better on the street and not so good on the dirt or vice versa. I wouldn’t carry any additional weight then a Kriega backpack with an iPad, notebook, water bottle, and some snacks. I’d like some of the nicer larger bikes but currently the 5k price tag fits perfectly. I’m 5’9” 180 30” inseam. I’m curious what you think.
  14. https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2019/12/24/2020-beta-500-rr-s-review-italian-dual-sport-motorcycle-23-fast-facts/ *The 478cc dual-cam engine delivers a power character that is nothing short of fantastic. *The new ZF Sachs suspension works exceptionally well, right out of the box. *This is arguably the best bone-stock high-performance dual-sport bike we’ve ever ridden.
  15. Hi All, My BYOB 500RRS build starts in two weeks or so, Im curious if I should change out the stock tires or not. Beta will be putting on the new wheels (Cush drive ) anyway along with the heavy tubes. Any recommendations would be appreciated, I will be riding hard packed dirt roads 50% Atv trails and woods 50%. Im looking at a few like the Dunlop D606; Michelin T63 ; GeoMax Mx33 etc etc Thanks, Dave
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