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Found 114 results

  1. My current Fox boots I bought used. They initially fit Ok but now are starting to hurt. When standing the hard protective plastic that covers the ankle bends right into my shin. What are some boots you boys like that are comfortable with a hard sole? I ride trails with some light mx.
  2. Here’s a picture of my old and new Alpinestars. 25 years is a long time for boots so I bought a new pair of Alpinestars Tech 5s. In the second picture you can see the damage to what was a mint condition side cover. Both sides now look this way. I could go on about how much I love the old and hate the new but my question is, What boots will give me the feel I’m used to, not scratch my bike all up and have a sown-on sole, protect my feet. No ski boot types please, the tech 5s Make my foot go to sleep and I can’t feel anything. I ride woods, trails in Colorado with occasional MX track for fun. Want comfort for 50-80 miles of trails. I ride a Honda XR650L set up for 90 percent off road. Thanks
  3. I am having trouble finding the boots that I want after doing my research. I have decided to go with a full protection MX style boot. However, I need traction off the bike or I will be getting stuck in the muck with the bike. It seems like this is called an enduro sole but if I am wrong I am speaking of an MX boot with the sole similar to what a normal hiking boot or work boot would look like. Originally my budget was under $400 but I think I have decided to spend what I need for max quality, comfort and protection. I still dont wanna spend $600 if it can be avoided 🙂 The adventure style boots have the traction I am looking for, but as a new rider I think I should opt with the extra protection of an MX boot. All I have found so far is the moose m1.2 and the fox comp 5 off road both of which are under $200. Advise is welcome but I am really looking for leads on make/models of boots that have or are available with a sole that has some decent traction (better than tennis shoe tread) Would really appreciate some help! Thanks as always TT!
  4. I just wanted to know how these boots perform and anything else. Do they wear quickly? Are they strong? How well do they hold up, and how fast do they wear out? Thanks
  5. So for boots I am using Alpinestar Tech 3's which are on their 3rd season right now. They still seem to be in good shape and fit well however after two recent crashes I am wondering if my boots are to blame (at least partially). Crash #1 About 1.5 months ago I came into a corner in the wood with a stump at the apex. I didn't see the stump as it was being hidden by some brush and as I rode by I slammed my foot in between the stump and my footpeg which broke my pinky toe on my right foot. I let it rest for 3 weeks and started riding again. It's still banged up but doesn't really hurt. Crash #2 Last Monday I went riding in an area that I have been 1000's of times before. Not even thinking I charged into the trail like a madman only to find a downed tree across the trail on a very fast section. By the time I saw the thing I was going so fast there was no time to stop. I jacked the brakes and the bike started sliding but it was too late. I smacked into the tree and the bike stopped dead. I was ejected from the bike and thrown 8-10 feet away from my bike. When I tried to stand up I realized that my foot was hurting but this time the left foot. I took a minute to re-group and decided that I would just keep riding anyway. I rode for about 1.5 hours (in pain the whole time) and then decided to call it a day when I instinctively slapped my left foot down on the ground trying to catch myself when the back end got a little squirrely on me. I yelled out in pain and then decided to pack it in. After sitting on the couch for 2 days my girlfriend finally convinces me to go have it looked at. Being the El Cheapo that I am I did not want to go to the ER since I have a $100 copay. I called my doctor and order an outpatient xray as it would only cost me $15. I went down to the hospital and got it x-rayed and the tech tells me I am all set. As I am making my way to the elevator on crutches the guy comes running down the hallway telling me to come back. Apparently I had broken 4 out of the 5 metatarsals in my left foot. I am now in a cast for the next 6-8 weeks. My summer is completely ruined and now I am left wondering if better/newer boots could have prevented this. So what do you guys think? Bad boots or bad luck?
  6. I'll be putting plenty of miles on my yz this summer and am looking for some tips for riding gear. I currently have a helmet, gloves, riding pants and a jersy. I defiantly want to start wearing riding boots, what's a decent inexpensive brand/model? Also, should I invest in a chest protector and/or knee pads? If so what would be the best for trail riding? I don't race so I'll be be ripping up trails and big sand pits, any info would be awsome, thanks!
  7. Just wondering if anyone wears a boot that comes with a bootie but decides to wear them without. I have a pair of TCX Pro 2 and the dog got ahold of the booties and I need to figure out what would be best for comfort/fit without the bootie.
  8. As it turns out I'm hard on boots. Most don't last me a year. Latest two pairs were the Gaerne gx-1 and Forma dominators. The gx-1 wore out quick and had no side protection. Flimsy is how I would describe them. The formas are my current boots. Despite liking the protection, they are tearing on both sides of each boot behind the hinge. Big holes have formed and its progressing quick. The formas are the heaviest boots I have ever owned and tried on, I wouldn't mind a lighter boots. So far I'm looking at the Sg-10s, tech 7 and g-reacts. I like the sidis but they are a touch out of my range unfortunately. Hoping to find a boot that offers protection, that are hinged and that will hopefully last longer. Any info would be appreciated.
  9. Hello all. New year = new boots. I'm buying new boots and have narrowed the search to FOX Comp 8's or Alpinestar Tech 7's. I realize there are better boots and more choices but these are the two I've settled on. I'm a learning weekend rider and spend most of my time at a small private SX type track. Need help deciding which is the better boot for me. I'm not worried about fit, I've tried on both and like the fit about the same. I've seen several reviews for the Tech 7's but very few for the Comp 8's. Anyone have any input?
  10. I have search many threads but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I am going to purchase a set of Gaerne SG10 boots, but am having difficulty determining my size. I normally wear an 8 1/2 or 9 in most tennis shoes or hunting boots. I have a crappy set of Answer MX boots I bought last year in size 8 and they fit great. I tried on a 2010 Thor boot last month and a 9 fit well. I do not have a dealer within 150 miles that carries Gaerne boots, so I'm stuck with purchasing them sight unseen. Any and all help determining whether I should go with an 8 or 9 would be much appreciated.👍
  11. Every year I set an objective over the winter months (ie lighten my bike, etc.). This year it was to rid my bike of all "made in China" goods and support Canadian and US manufacturers to the highest level. I am amazed at the number of quality companies in the US manufacturing excellent parts and offering great service (ie Promoto Billet, Cycra, Rekluse, FMF, etc.) Anyway, I "think" my bike is now "china free" (cannot control where the manufacturers make the parts), so I am now looking at clothing. Already have the boots and helmet covered (OK, not US made, but not China made either). Anybody know of US companies (or other) who manufacturer riding gear (jerseys, pants, etc) not manufactured in China ? I am thinking KLIM off the top of my head ?? Its time for replacement, so I am now looking at options .. "if" they exist ?? PS ... I don't care if you have all Chinese made parts on your bike... .... a Chinese I-phone ... heck even ride a Chinese bike !! ... I am not debating this (save your opinions), just wondering if ANY companies manufacturer riding gear that is made in the US or Canada (or secondly not in China)? Thanks 👍
  12. I have a hole worn in my new Alpinestars Tech 8 boots on the right boot, left inside. The only thing I can figure out is that the brake lever/footpeg is rubbing on it. Anybody else have this problem with this bike or is it just me? Think Alpinestars will stand behind their boot?
  13. This method is painless, easy, and will protect your boots for many years of service, especially in wet conditions. Most MX boots are not the best at keeping your feet dry, and as they age, the preservatives contained in the leather lose thier effectiveness. This works wonders for speeding up the Break-In process, and also preserves older leather from drying and cracking. Materials- -Sno Seal 100% beeswax leather protectant and waterproofer. Avoid using any product that contains animal fats, they will cause the stitching and leather to degrade and fail over time. Animal fats contain acids. -Large towel for lap rag. -Smaller wash-cloth sized towels for application of Sno Seal. 1. Send your wife, fiance, girlfriend, or mother away for a few hours. Trust me, they will not be pleased with what you are about to do in the oven. 2. Thouroughly scrub your boots. Remove any caked on gunk, grease or trail grit. Simple Green and a scrub brush work wonders. 3. Cover the oven rack with a layer of tinfoil, to avoid later cleaning, and incriminating evidence of what you used the little woman's oven for. 4. Pre-heat an ELECTRIC stove to 200F. NEVER use a gas stove, the flames may catch boot linings on fire. 5.Place boots in oven, leaving the door cracked slightly. 6.Allow the boots to get warm to the touch, they will be about the temp of toast straight from the toaster. 7.Remove one boot from the oven, and using the smaller rags, apply a liberal coating of Sno-Seal while rubbing briskly. The boots will absorb it like a sponge, and continue applying until they are cooled off and won't take any more. 8.Replace boot in oven, while leaving door slightly open. Allow the boot to warm back up, and the excess Sno Seal will be drawn into the leather. 9.Repeat until the leather is saturated and won't take any more. 10.Wipe off excess Sno Seal. 11.Put your boots on, and wear them and walk until they cool. There will be no more stiffness, and they will form to your feet like a cotton sock. 12.Clean up all evidence of your kitchen transgressions before the lady of the house comes back. I have personally used this method for several years, and re-treat my riding and work boots 2-3 times per year. I reside in Oregon, where we get LOTS of wet riding, and have yet to go home with wet feet. My personal riding boots are 2000 Fox Forma Pro's, and still look and feel like new after years of hard service and use.
  14. 7 reviews

    GAERNE IS PROUD TO REPORT THAT MAGAZINES WORLD WIDE HAVE PUT OUR SG-12 THROUGH RIGORUS TESTS AND CAME BACK WITH 5 STAR REVIEWS CLAIMING IT THE MOST DURABLE, COMFORTABLE AND SUPPORTIVE BOOT MADE TO DATE. New look Introducing the all new SG-12 from Gaerne. The best off road motorcycle boot on the planet!! The Gaerne Sg-12 features a new "G" for an exciting first impression. Don't think we stopped there, that is just the beginning. Check out the new features-- *Dual Stage Pivot System--This revolutionary new system is patented and exclusive to Gaerne and is certainly going to be a hit. The first pivot is attached to the "Razorback". This provides a rigid component that offers a strong lateral support while a glide-plate keeps the upper in a firm and upright position. The second pivot is fixed on a sliding glide that allows the riders foot to feel natural while on the peg in a shifting or breaking situation--However, it will "bottom out" and absorb shock in the case of over-jumping a jump or in the case of unwanted compression. *Grip Guard--On the inner side of the boot is the all new rubber "Grip Guard". You can feel the exceptional grip of the bike, as well as offering a heat resistant padding against your inner leg. *Front Plate/Shin Guard--This new Thermoplastic shin plate is anatomically shaped for a perfect fit. By removing three screws a rider can also make the opening wider to accommodate a bigger leg or knee-brace. *Buckle system--The SG-12 utilizes four lightweight alloy buckles that attach to an adjustable strap. This is a "Tried and True" system that provides the rider "Easy in" and "Easy out" non failure system. Keeping it simple! *Gaiter--Made of a new Swiss breathable fabric called Acronos, the gaiter is extremely stretchy but has the perfect shape to keep the sand and debris out. Interior Lining--On the inside you will find the famous "Gaerne Memory Cell Foam" --Known for the most comfortable feel and fit ride after ride. *Heel Cup--The new Heel cup has been designed to absorb shock in the case of a rear compression--It also doubles as a nice place to showcase the new "G" logo !! *Toe-Box--This new design features a slimmer shape in the toe area for an improved feel of the shift lever and the bikes controls. The entire area is wrapped by a new plastic material which is lighter and provides more comfort and feel for the bike as well. *Toe cap--The all new shape --the toecap has been re-designed and reinforced to provide a new "tougher" look. *Sole- For the SG-12 you will notice a new design. This sole is new in look, but still uses the Gaerne "Dual Composite" anti-shock rubber that has made Gaerne soles famous around the world. Insole--Inside the boot you will find an all new foot-bed which has been specially molded to correctly support the foot. In the rear portion of the foot-bed, a new shock absorbing material has been used. And in the front portion the construction has been made to allow the foot to vent. SIZES EU 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 US 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  15. 2 reviews

    Primary Color: White Size: 14 Distinct Name: White New Uni-pivot ankle system gives great ankle support yet very comfortable to wear for longer period of time Rubber Grip Guard allows the rider to grip the bike as well as displace heat from the pipe Gaerne dual composite for long wear Replaceable adjustable buckle system New Gaitor is designed to keep the dirt out Sizes: 8-13 New styling
  16. 0 reviews

    DESCRIPTION Providing the absolute best in protection, feel and support, the Sidi Crossfire remains unchallenged as the finest off road motorcycle boot available. With innovations and features like the unique dual flex system and cam-lock buckle closure, the Crossfire is designed to give you the most comfortable and progressive riding experience possible. Dual Flex System: Allows for easy movement forward and backward but is extremely strong side to side giving the rider the finest in ankle protection and long lasting comfort. The hinged, dual position, stitch-free upper is constructed from injection-molded plastic. With the exclusive Dual Flex system and the four floating, independent straps the Crossfire can provide each rider with a personal fit no matter his body shape or if he uses knee braces or not. Adjustable Calf System: Sidi’s exclusive, patented, adjustable calf system allows the rider to adjust the diameter of the Crossfire boot at the calf. This system, along with longer upper straps, allows the Crossfire boot to accommodate riders with larger calves easier than any other boot now available. The Crossfire can accommodate riders with up to a 22-inch calf diameter 14 inches above from the bottom of their heel. The inner plastic plate is made of two different materials; a rigid one to support the boot and a heat resistant one to protect the rider’s leg from exhaust heat. All components of this system are fully replaceable and are available in a wide variety of colors. Heel Detail: Three extended ribs are featured at the back of the boot to assist the rider in making upshifts with his heel when starting a race. Rigid, shock resistant, anatomically shaped heel for maximum protection. Non-Bootie Designs: Sidi boots do not incorporate inner booties into their design, and for good reason. Booties make the design larger and cumbersome; add to the boot’s thickness, which interferes with shifting, plus the inner booties retain body heat affecting the rider’s performance and comfort. Buckles: Sidi’s exclusive cam-lock buckle system is acknowledged as the finest system on the planet. It must be as most of Sidi’s competitors have attempted to copy various aspects of it. The cam-lock buckle system incorporates a strap memory retention system. Adjust the straps once and they will be at the same position for every ride after that! No more readjusting for every ride or mid-day during a ride. Toe Areas: The tip of the toe is covered with plastic to protect the base material and seams against abrasion from brush etc. Plastic shift and brake lever guards on the top of each foot area. Heat Shields: Each Sidi boot is equipped with an anti-heat undressed leather protection panel at the same height of most motorcycle’s exhaust heat shields. Composite Insole: Sidi is the only manufacture to use a composite insole that is anatomically shaped to the rider. A cushioned liner is provided that can be removed if the rider desires a more roomy fit. Sidi does not use steel shanks riveted to its insole like most manufactures, details such as this enable Sidi boots to enjoy a multi year service life versus the competitors multi month lifespan as over time, a steel shank can deteriorate, rust and fracture exposing the rider to injury. Lorica: Every Crossfire TA outers is fully constructed with Lorica a composite micro fiber material created from strands less than one thousandth the thickness of silk. When injected with special resins, these fibers act like natural leather skin, but with the addition of better strength, softer texture, lighter weight and better moisture protection. Lining: Cambrella is a lining that, due to its particular polyimide structure, guarantees a rapid drying rate after the boot gets wet or seaty. This prevents the onset of mold forming which extends the boots lifespan dramatically. The Teflon treated mesh panels in the rear calf area of the boot allow humidity to escape while the boot is in use.
  17. I'm still pretty new to offroad riding, and now I'm thinking seriously about some killer, hot-weather dirt bike pants. Yes, I know it's winter right now. I can save some money if I get the version of the pants that are designed to be slim at the ankle so that you can tuck it down inside your motorcycle boots. However I'm a little worried that this will make my lower legs and boots hotter. My guess is that if you wear your pants over your motorcycle boots, this will block the sun from hitting them and they won't cook my feet as much. However that extra looseness might be somewhat of a liability if it gets caught on something, like a foot peg, or branches along the trail. So what does the Thumpertalk community think on this topic?
  18. Hi, I just got a dirtbike and I dont have boots yet, I was wondering if it is worth getting them. I do pretty easy riding, nothing to hard. Thanks
  19. Alright. This has probably been beaten to death and I might already know the answer to this question myself. I am looking into new boots. I have had some $99 A.R.C Corona boots for about 3 years. I used them on my DR350 dual sport and they were great for the trails and road use. I now have a YZ250 and after this passed season I think I need some better protection in the woods. I ride much faster and do much more challenging sections than I did previously. I only ride in the woods. No MX. At least not yet. Anyways I would like to keep it under $250. Just my personal preference. I know some will tell me "You can spend $600 on boots and your hospital bills will be less" understand the fact that the more I pay, the better the quality, and the more comfortable they will be (normally). I can afford $600 Gaerne SG12s, but I don't want to dish out that much cash on boots. I have seemed to narrow it down to three, possibly four choices. I am looking into the Alpine Tech 3s, Gaerne GX-1s, and Fox Comp 5s. I have heard mixed reviews about all of these boots. I am able to try on the Tech 3s and Fox Comp 5s, but not the Gaerne GX-1s. Reason is that there isn't a local dealership, or gear shop that stocks them. I would have to buy them off of a website. If I was to try on a pair of SG-12s would the size that fits me in them be the same in the GX-1s? So would a size 12 SG-12 fit the same as a GX-1?? I am not sure if the whole brand sizes the same throughout the models or not. I like the looks of all three, but the Fox look to "Bro-ish" and look pretty bulky. I like the Alpine looks, but the soles look like they wouldn't grip so great in the trails. Not sure if I am able to get the off-road soles or not. I like the look of the Gaernes the most, but I am unsure of the sole and what it looks like. My main question is if YOU had $250 to spend on one of these three boots, which one would you get? Why?
  20. who has them? how do they feel? thinking about buying a set.
  21. Does anyone wear full length dirt bike boots for dual-sport? I experienced a very bad calf bruise when I spilled my DR650. Lot of weight of the bike on the lower right leg. Might have been worse if I wasn't wearing hunting boots which go up to the lower part of the calf. It seemed that the bruise started right at the point where the top of the boots end. No discernible injury in any area of the boots. Wondering if full length dirt bike boots would have made a significant difference.
  22. Wear riding boots! Definatly investing in another pair since I grew out of mine. You can get road rash burns and break your ankle. Unfortunately I got all 3 in my ankle and road rash everywhere. So happy my kx250f survived the fall with only bent forks that we were lucky enough to be able to make it unoticable. Heres a pic of the same day it happend, its been a over a moth and it still freakin hurts.
  23. Maybe this would be better in the general forum but I trust you guys. I've been riding in tennis shoes since I got my bike and haven't really be riding to hard but I think I should at least get a decent pair of motocross boots. What I'm looking for is no walking around, pure protection when riding in the dirt. Also, I'm not ready to spring $500 - $600 for top of the line boots but also don't want cheap junk. I've been considering the AlpineStar tech 3 around $220 and the Fox Comp 5 around $200. Any experience with either boot? something else around the same price or something better for just a little more?
  24. I can't seem to find a good selection of boots, or protective gear, anywhere online, or in store. Where do y'all get yours? And in your opinions, what brands are better?
  25. Let me preface this question by stating that I am a bona fide "noob".. I actually got my bike in the dirt for the very first time this past weekend. Also on this ride, I used MX boots for the very first time. My boots are made by Fly, I think they're the Maverick model (they're brand new). While riding, I found shifting to be VERY difficult. I was unable to feel the "click" of the shift, and that's when I could even find it. I had to greatly exaggerate my posture by leaning forward and I felt like I had to pull my whole leg up just to shift between gears, because there is so little movement in the ankle section of the boot. To make matters worse, as I was riding, I kept accidentally downshifting (without using the clutch) because I couldn't tell that my toes were resting on the shifter. So, my question is this.. Does everyone experience this, and I just have to get used to it? Do the boots break in at all, because it doesn't seem like they will.. they're stiff like ski boots. OR, did I just buy a sucky pair of boots, and if so which are better for this type thing?
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