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Found 217 results

  1. I've looked through the pages here and have not found a great place to post up on one of my favorite places to ride. I've got tons of stuff to post here and I know there are allot of others with stuff to contribute. Post them up.
  2. Chubs604

    Wheelie discussion

    Hey guys im new to super motos and dirtbikes in general but I have always loved them and finnaly got a drz400sm brand new 1500km on it. I am trying to learn clutch wheelies. I can get the tire up in the air in 1st gear (not to balance point) but in 2nd gear I cant get it to pop. Rarely on a hill I will get the smallest lift of the front tire like 1ft at the most. I have seen vids and know the drZ400sm is able to clutch up wheelies in even 3rd.. so what can I do to help. Whats the best way to learn? (bikes never been dropped and I don't want to!) I have been praticing in areas with no traffic. After about 4 attempts I feel like I am &%$#@!ing up my bike so I baby it through the gears nice and smoooth for a few km then try again. Does doing clutch wheelies harm the bike? What is the most common damage it does? (I think once you are a pro it is not bad at all because you know what your doing but Iv heard learning them can be brutally hard on the bike.) Everything is stock (exterior mods - new taillight / signals - armoured handgaurd with zeta handguards with the flashers built in - zeta 3 finger adjustable clutch lever (love this!) And zeta 3 finger break lever - removed right hand mirror. What I do.. slide back in the seat, squeeze the bike hard with my legs to hold it, rest foot on rear break pedal, going about 25 - 30km in 2nd gear I pull clutch in juice the throttle to a high sounding rpms, then let out the clutch. No where on my bike tells me what my rpms are at so I go by ear and I try to get as high rpm as it sounds before that awful red line screaming sound. -now in 1st gear I do the same thing and I get the wheel up no problem but as soon as its up I let off the throttle because the rpms sound like there getting super close to red line..
  3. suzuki2stroker

    BC Riders

    post where your from and what type of riding you do. I live in Delta, BC ride 60% trail, and 40% track
  4. Looking to renew my membership before the end of the year. Their website has been down for well over a month and I’m just curious if anyone knows what is going on. I don’t live in Kamloops and can’t get back before their November meeting to bring this up. I don’t do the whole social media thing so Face&%$#@!, Instaspam and Shitter aren’t an option for me.
  5. Chubs604

    Engine case disolving..

    This is a 2014 drz i took mint care of unitil i brought it to my cabin which average temps are below freezing and salted snowy roads. I didnt have access to indoor storage but had it under cover. I consistently sprayed coats of tri foam rust and corrosion protection lubricant all over the bike. It was getting really dirty and weather made it un rideable so i took it back to my house in the city which has a garage i store it in. I am doing a very detailed clean and noticed these burn like erosion holes and a big deep long ones along the seam of the casing.
  6. I made a thread last year in the regional section not thinking that it should have gone here instead. This area is called Blue Mountain / McNutt BC and is arguably one of the toughest extreme single track areas in western Canada. Definitely one of the coolest places to ride. I will start posting directly into this thread in the future but for now here is a link to the other thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1071167-mcnutt-blue-mountain-pics-and-vids-post-em-up-here/?p=11399007 A short video to get it started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9FBkBIVeuQ
  7. Riders ... please do your part. KTM will donate $10 to local riding associations just by printing this coupon and visiting your KTM dealer http://bcorma.geovis...oupon_PROOF.pdf Have a look at what KTM has to offer for bikes as well. How many of the other bike companies would do this?? Honda might, if the funds went to the Sierra Club. KTM deserves full credit for supporting our causes ... the least we can do as riders is do our part. Its time to quit taking our riding areas for "granted". Donate to your riding associations ... Nobody has any concerns about dropping $50 for a restaurant meal, so lets see some support for the sport we all love. KTM is stepping up ... are you?? :thumbsup: PASS THIS ON TO ALL FELLOW RIDERS.
  8. antnee71

    BritishColumbia moved to chilliwack

    hey,,,just moved to chilliwack,,ive noticed it seems mostly trail riding out this way.. i used to ride blackfooot park in calgary for years and was quite used to riding anyday of the week ,then we moved out to the islands were we had many tracks to ride,and freestyle ramps.(powell river) we had our own track too. we couldnt take the isolation anymore so were back in the city, i notice agassiz and mission are pretty much the only tracks around this area and only open weekends? is there any other tracks? popkum open this year? i cant wait to hit up the trails around here, but i really would love to get out on a moto track more often than a sunday.. ive run bulldozers and loaders for years and built jumps for years if anyone needs assistance in there own tracks. any info appreciated thanks 07 yz 250 2 stroker! +40 vet rider!
  9. Heading to the Banff area April 20th on my WR450F.. Could anyone give me good advice on cool places to go, good backroads, dirt... Etc.. And does anyone want to ride? I want to get some good singletrack in along the way. How are the roads? Ice going to be a problem? I have 10-12 days. Thanks Chris
  10. Hey all, I live in the lower mainland of BC (Langley) and was wondering if there's any moderately close riding that I haven't done yet that's a lot of fun. I've done sylvester road, vedder mountain (didn't get far, didn't know where to go really), stave lake, inch creek. I was looking at Jesperson, but I'm not sure if the water will be low enough yet or not and it also sounded confusing to get to (based on another users post). So how bout it? Can anyone recommend a good place to go for this time of year? Thanks!
  11. yz2strokesmoke

    BritishColumbia Invermere Lake Enid Stolen Bike

    This bike was stolen from our campsite last night at Lake Enid near Invermere. It is a 2009 YZF450. The back of the seat is sticking up about an inch from the fender as the result of a crash. The side number plates are very new and still really shiny and black. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this bike please contact me or the police.
  12. Larry710

    BritishColumbia Monkey Wrench help?

    I have never raced a XC before, only MX/AX. After learning about this race from the other thread, I became interested to race it, and started making plans to take the family. I have been on westcoastdirtriders.com and still have questions, I've emailed two different people, and messaged the host of the west coast dirt riders facebook, but haven't had a reply. To further progress my planing certain info could be helpful to better understand what I am getting into - Is there two different races on the same day, 1.5 hour and 5 hour? - what is the race format, one large loop, or a smaller loop and do laps? - What is the distance(s)? - How/ where do you refuel? - I do not have a pnwma membership yet.(required?) Can I get this on location? - I understand there is camping on location. Is there water access, creek, or a lake? Thanks in advance Larry
  13. It seems a lot of my riding buddies are either out with injuries, out of town or unavailable. I’m itching to get the season started but have only been out twice this year so far. Anyone else looking for someone to ride with? My usual spots are Nickelmine, Chipmunk and Vedder. I like to ride all types of terrain and would classify myself as a beginner/intermediate rider comfortable on most green and blue trails and have done a few black. Reply or message me if your looking to go riding, winter is finally gone and the sun is coming out!
  14. Just seeing who or if any one is going to the 24Hr Marathon on the July long weekend in hope. Info on the FVDRA web site. Me and a buddy are going and are looking for a few riders (a team can have up to 6 riders) to join our team or us to join a team that needs two more riders.
  15. Just went riding there with my gf and a couple buddies yesterday. First time ever at McNutt. First thing we noticed was there was no parking near the gate at all. There was a woman driving around on her cell phone the whole time in a small white pickup, doing laps around the street. There was a man walking his dog (not relevant yet) around the same street. We park our trucks (2) near the entrance to the gate, unload everything (while the woman in the truck decides to park with her truck running until we left), then me and my buddy move our trucks down the road to a spot where the no parking signs stopped, and we walked back to meet the others who had our bikes. When we come back from our ride I see the man I mentioned earlier walking his dogs, just passing our trucks. When we start loading everything up I notice my buddy has an about 1-2 inch gash in his door that looks like a keying. I have something thats like a foot long on my truck. Though I have no proof and it's unfair to put the blame on the man walking the dogs, I just can't believe it would've been anyone else. It's a very low traffic area and it was raining/snowing. This is just &%$#@!ing ignorant, now I have to pay a $500 deductible to paint my truck. Thanks a lot &%$#@! (even though he will never read this, feels good to get it out.) Pics: http://imgur.com/b5PAe http://imgur.com/ACaPR
  16. T-Cat

    BritishColumbia Oliver and area

    Moving to oliver and will be bringing my bike just woundering how much riding there is for this time a year. It is a dual sport so lower areas and to from work is possible for a while but sure winter will come to the area,or can you ride almost year round there? You can dress for colder days just the snow is not fun.
  17. GTXR

    BritishColumbia Chipmunks Logged?

    Have heard some rumors that Chipmunk riding area has been logged. Can anyone comment on this or post any pictures as to witch trails have been logged etc?
  18. I'm wondering if anyone has an option to watch the races live this season. I can't get Fox Sports in BC because Rogers has the contract. Shaw wasn't any help last year and I doubt they will be different now. They dropped the coverage part way through the season. Nice. I was hoping you could just buy an online subscription like you can for MLB games. Any input would be appreciated. It's not worth bagging on Shaw - they don't care because they have the cable rights here.
  19. I'm hoping to come up and ride with some of you guys in BC in the next month or two. My big concern is that you'll get me off the bandwagon of booze, make me do some crazy rock wall climb, and convince me to move my family to China...I mean Canada. All the other fam members are already Canadian citizens.... Anyways.... I have Group Health insurance down here, a big outfit. I'm not sure how I'm covered should I get injured up there. If anyone knows, please let me know! If I don't hear back, I'll check up on it and post back. -TigerTanker
  20. hey guys/girls I haven't been on the forums for a while, and haven't ridden on dirt for over a year. recently got my street bike license 2 seasons ago, so i have been too busy riding my fz09, and NONE of my buddies ride dirt at all. now that the weather is more suited for off road, I am looking for some fellow riders to go ride with. only have been riding the 04 Yz250 for one decent season, but have been on sport quads for several years. bike runs great, so wont have any mechanical issues. i have checked out mcnutt, was really only able to do sandman, pristine, and bill and doug's. was able to do a decent pace. but most was pretty gnarly. however i want to check out the tamihi riding area, looks much more novice friendly. Im 28 live in maple ridge have transportation, pm me if your interested in riding. im available thursdays-sat (preffer friday)
  21. I have next week off (Jan 16th to 24th) and am itching to ride. It's a little snowy in Kelowna. How's the weather down there? I'm planning to get down to visit a buddy in the lower mainland and would love to get out for a ride. I'm a Vet Expert rider (PNWMA and OHSS) and will ride with anyone who'll let me. I'd love to connect for a look at the coastal trails. I'll try not to hold you up too much. Are any areas better than others at this time of year? Vedder? Chipmunk? McNutt? How's the snow level? Thanks, Hope to hear from you soon. Jason 250-469-3455
  22. TheBushWhacker

    BritishColumbia peg leg saturday?

    ill be heading to peg leg in the morning if the weather is good:ride: you'll probably might see me riding around the open sand track, i need to practice my cornering and stuff. if you wanna join in, your welcomed to.
  23. tribalbc

    BritishColumbia The end of the CEC

    So whats up with no CEC Canadian Enduro Championships this year? http://www.worldendurocanada.com/ Using pre existing races in the west to make a Canadian Cross Country Championship Do we want their fingers in our race series? Will they offer us anything??? I really liked the Enduro timed format of MX, Enduro and EX. I thought it was a great addition to our already great BC series. I know they killed it out East last year due to lack of Amateur participation, but why kill it out west? Numbers were great for turnout and I think everyone really liked the new format compared to our typical HS. Is someone else ready to take the ball and get our own Enduro format race series in BC????
  24. Hey there, i'm looking for some people to ride with on wknds once in a while. I'm not too serious into riding but do love to explore and just get out and have a few beers the odd wknd. I have an old XR so she's not too quick but gets the job done:ride:
  25. cascade_crawler

    BritishColumbia BC riding forums

    Is there any active BC forums out there like thumpertalk? Ive found a few but none seem very active.