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Found 75 results

  1. I had fun building up a couple CR250R 2-strokes. Ken Roczen is hero, so these were a tribute. Also I thought it would be cool to mimic the look of the CRF450RWE. I'm adding black triple clamps and bars and a "Factory Racing clutch cover to the red 2004. The black 2002 is all stock just about everywhere and was a barn find. It need a new pipe. I know some don't care for the black bike. I'm planning to do another CR250R and also a CR125R in a similar style. Any suggestions? Maybe blue with white/red? Red with black? Black with flo yellow?
  2. Does anyone know of a good set of aluminum radiators?, I have an 03 cr125r. I had over sized aluminum radiators back when i raced 85s but cant remember the manufacturer, not sure if it was Mylers SuperCools or not. My 125s radiators are pretty tweaked but they still work fine. Would like to upgrade them instead of replacing stock OEMs. My stock plastics are under some serious stress on the shrouds radiator bolts, have a Polisport Restyle plastic kit coming in the mail and would rather not have to bend them to make them fit my bent radiators.
  3. Technically it passes the no more than 1psi in 5 minutes time test. I got tiny leaks on the right and left side of the base gasket though. I'm prepared to redo the base gasket. The only thing making me hesitate and ask a question about it is that I got some Honda Bond on parts of the base gasket and it's gonna take a good deal of work to get both surfaces back to spotless. I'm thinking both the head gasket and base gasket are prob the two main things that should be totally air tight. But idk.
  4. Anyone have early 80's Cr service manuals on pdf or know where to get them?? Thanks
  5. Hi My son has a 02 cr125. The carburetor insulator has a crack in it. The PN is 16221-KZ4-L20. I cannot for the life of me find a replacement (it’s discontinued) part or a good way to fix it. Does anyone know of a different year that can be used or a good way to repair it? PLEASE HELP
  6. 87 cr 125 no spark below 70 degrees friend dropped off bike no spark they replaced coil no spark i measured resistance on stator it did not meet specs. i ordered replacement coils checked them with meter same resistance soldered them in it sparks . put plug back in it fired right up started bike every day for week took back to parker arizona now there is no spark what the heck took it back home . aweek later start meesing with connectors find a littel losse on new coil great fires right up two hours later try again no spark i start thinking what is changing it is the air temperature to test this it was 60 degrees outside i used electric dril to turn stator to test output voltage and pulse signal everything is good. now as i am turning the flywheel i use a hairdryer to heat cdi it starts sparking i put in plug it fires right up. i decide it is the cdi i order one off ebay i get and it dose not appear to work i order another one it is cold outside again and no spark get the hairdryer out heat it and it runs what the heck fairweather honda thanks any suggestion wohara
  7. I have just bought and rebuilt an 89 cr125 and was wondering if anyone with the same bike knew if any quirks specific to that model year?
  8. I bought a clean 89' CR125 and realized it had low compression while looking it over. Brought it home and cylinder had 120psi. So, I pull the cylinder off to learn it has been sleeved and bored to 56mm and has scoring marks in the cylinder. Instead of working with this cylinder I decided on trying to find another cylinder. After a couple of weeks I found a NOS and figured it was about the same price if I bought a used one and had it re-plated nikasil. My question is: My NOS is a "B" cylinder, but what other years are piston's compatible with 89'? I found a 90' OEM "B" piston with a different part number but aftermarket companies list one part number for 89-90. Can I use an "A" piston in a new "B" cylinder. I assume the "B" might be slightly larger
  9. Hey everybody I was just curious after doing some reading about the atac system in my bike I was wondering about a possible delete. From what I’ve read on other forums the atac system delete is doable, but I didn’t know how I should go about it. Any input could help thanks.
  10. Hey guys, I've been having clutch drag on my cr125 for a while now. It's decently bad, when I put it in gear and disengage the clutch and kick it, the bike will jump forward. It is very hard to engage it without rolling first and not stalling the bike. I have adjusted the slack in the lever to the manual spec, and I have also tightened it to the point where I can't tighten it any more and it still won't disengage. I've replaced the hub, basket, friction plates, fiber plates, lifter, rod, cable, pressure plate, and springs (all OEM) and no difference. The one thing I haven't changed in it is the type of gear oil used. I use supertech ATF type F, I've heard good results from people using this, but I think it's making my clutch not want to disengage. When I take the springs out, all I have to do is lightly touch the pressure plate to the fiber plate and it will lock it up pretty good. I ordered some pro HP transmission oil in the hopes to remedy this. Is there a way I can get the ATF off of the plates before I put the new oil in? I had them soaking in ATF for about 3 weeks prior to installing them. Or should I just run it until it's hot, drain the ATF, and put the new oil in?
  11. Hello all. Looking for some advice on the head for my CR125. I just got the bike and do not know any of the history and stupidly I took it for a short ride. Well I trashed the piston and head. Luckily the cylinder is still go. It already has a Wiseco piston in it. So here is my question. Looks as if the head that was on the bike was shaved at one point. When I purchased the bike it came with 2 other stock looking heads. I will be just using the bike to follow my 13 year old around on his 85 and mostly trail ride. Would you put on one of the stock heads or have one shaved and put it on? Just not sure which way to go. Please see the attached pictures of what I have. Thanks again, Jason
  12. Hi everyone, hope you are safe from the virus these days. I just wanted to post some questions regarding my current build (just after the yamaha yz 250 proyect I posted here and I received tons of feedback and advice ) since i had a registered honda cr 125 frame around my garage, I decided to buy a cr 125 to build and enduro bike ) For that purpose, I decided to take a step further and since I needed to rebuild the whole engine, I went ahead and buy a 6 speed tranny in really nice condition, up to here everything fine, but I'm encountering an issue now that I've just installed the clutch. The problem is the following, whenever I action the clutch, doesnt matter being in neutral or in any gear the smooth feeling of the pinions disappear and it feels some kind of drag/retention. I believe this comes from the preassure plate, that forces the secondary gear shaft outside making the gears to spin less smoothly , this issue doesnt feel whenever I take the bike of the stand and move it around but indeed whenever you move the wheel with the bike in the stand. Im currently using the original 03 clutch basket, clutch hub + preassure plates and I'm wondering if swithching to an older 90-99 cluth system this could improve it. Since I need to replace the whole system bcause the clutch basket has some decent marks Does anyone who has done the 6 speed swap has encountered the same issues? And to open the post I attach some pictures and advances in the project since we are confined during this virus crisis ( in the engine photos de last pinion is in reverse order, I changed it just before closing it as it appears in the original 96 owners manual) Thanks in advance and hope you can assess me on this one!
  13. Picked this cr 125 up a few weeks ago and changed the right side crank seal, clean out exhaust, repacked the silencer and finally got to has a ride this morning to test it out and it goes quite good. So I have started on the stripping down ready to clean up and rebuild this back into a nice clean factory looking bike again. Cheers Steve.
  14. Bought the bike 3 years ago just to ride around the woods and time has come for a new piston, but the frame number looks odd and I can’t year it properly to get the right piston kit. To me it’s a 2007 but was told it’s a 2002. HELP
  15. Hey y’all. New to this forum. I have an 88’ CR125 that I picked up cheap. The previous owner had blown the top end and caused damage to the piston and the power blacks linkage arm. The top end and power valve/governor assembly have all been rebuilt but it never was fully out back together and I’m missing only a few parts, including the valve arm collar, valve arm spring, washed and bolt. These parts are not made any more and I can’t find them anywhere. I’m hoping one of you guys might have the parts I’m looking for. I’m attaching a pic from Honda parts warehouse diagram to clarify.
  16. The shock on my '87 CR125 in one area that I haven't touched yet. I was planning a rebuild, I don't have any real complaints about the shock, it works OK for MX at my speed (slow). Has anyone had success with transplanting a late model CR or other shock into the 80's CR's? I did this with my Honda streetbike with good results using a Blackhawk donor shock.
  17. So the last two days my bike is taking a long time before I can get it to start I’ve never had this problem I have to put it in gear and push it around for a while and pull up the choke and it starts it’s a 1998 Cr125 does anybody know what could be wrong I think it’s possible that I could be running the bike a bit Rich would that cause it to be doing that? I can’t post any pics of spark plug till tomorrow
  18. I bought a NOS cylinder for my 89' CR125, and will probably have way more money in it than it's worth. But, Will 89' CR250 inverted forks with the 250 triple clamps fit on the 125 without any modification. Want to keep it in the same time era.
  19. How’s everyone doing with the whole “corn teen” going on? I have a 90 cr125 that exploded a main bearing, so I was thinking...rebuild the 125 or convert it to something else like a 250, as I found a cheapish 250 engine near me. Does anyone know if a 250 will fit in a 125 frame would you need to modify much? Etc? What do you guys think?
  20. So I’m planning on getting a 2002-2007 Honda CR125R. I know they are kind of slow witch is good for me because I don’t have much experience on “big bikes”. I want to build it after a few months of riding it to make it a little more powerful and tune it to my liking. I’m thinking about getting a BUD racing cylinder head and exhaust system. Does anyone have any experience with one or the other?
  21. I'm having trouble finding a good 85 cylinder so could an 86 work?
  22. Hey guys does anyone know if the back wheel out of a 2017 yz450f will fit into the back of a 2003 cr125.
  23. Wanting to rebuild the top end on my cr 125 but I’m not sure what the torque specs are for it
  24. I’m a 16 year old who is getting into bikes and I want to step up to a two stroke. And I’ve been thinking about a cr 125 or a ktm 125sx. I’m 5’6 and 150 lbs. thanks
  25. Hello can any one give me some mesurements for cr125r/250r 05-07 front brake calliper thanks in advance
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