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Found 102 results

  1. vortexsophia

    Honda XR650R (2000)


    My favorite Bike on the Planet. The monster #HondaXR650R#Supermoto
  2. Jacob Alumbaugh

    Yamaha WR400F (2000)


    Been a great bike after a few modifications
  3. 1 review

    295cc big bore with NSC plating. Came with Wossner forged piston. Chose the pump gas/more power everywhere porting package.
  4. i have a '02 cr80r that i am thinking of changing the sprocket size on ,the bike has an insane topend which is absolutely amazing but i would like to be able to get just a bit more torque out of it on the bottom end . i am leary of the bb kit and have been told that simply changing my sprocket size will do the same thing what are the best sprocket combos to acheive max efficiency
  5. 2StrokeCruiser

    Top end rebuild issue

    Hi all, so I finally got my 97 rm250 up and running, and got a title from my local pd and dmv for it. The bike was pretty rough when i got it, but I've done allot of work to it and it is on pretty good shape now. Things were going too well... So i got the cylinder re-sleeved to stock specs, new stock bore pistion rings ect. I completely took the powervalve out, cleaned the assy and fixed a few broken bits. Cleaned the carb, checked my jets, float, needle. Everything was great. Sounds good right? So I put it all back together and fire it up. It took about 10 kicks to get started, which I did completely drain the carb so i would expect it too. I had the rad cap off so i could watch my fluid and be sure all was good, after about 1 minute of it idling i shut it down, and put my cap back on. Tried firing it back up and it wasnt having any of it. About 30 kicks, it was just blowing gas out of the carb lines. Check compression, still good, so i pulled the header off to take a look into the cylinder, no signs of blowback, but it was as wet as a river in there! Clearly premix not crank oil . So i pulled my carb off and checked it out, drained the floats and inspected needle, float and jets. Put it back on aaaand still nothing. I'm at a loss here, any help? As a side note, It has fresh 91 oct. 32:1 premix, it was jetted for it anyway, the reeds were good, I inspected them well. Fresh plug, (its just a Ngk from napa, but my manual says it takes a $60 platinum plug???) compression is good, seals are all good, EVERYTHING was torqued and set to clymer spec, I have a good snap-on torque wrench that i had tested for accuracy before using on this project, it was .6 of a ft.lb off spec, so not an issue. All crushwashers were replaced. I'm at wits end here, I've done one heat cycle, I'm gonna go do the second any help would be appreciated.
  6. YZ144FirstTimer

    compression on new?

    Quick question... I had 150psi on old rings in my yz144 and just put in a new wiseco and TiN ring and kicked it over and got 120psi. I'm guessing I'll need a couple hours of break in time to see actual cold crank comp?
  7. Ruben Ruben

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2002)


    very reliable,good fuel consumption.not very good suspension and brakes. good all arround bike but nothing special
  8. littleredridingwood

    Hot Rods 440cc big bore kit

    2 reviews

    DETAILS xr440cc big bore kit
  9. littleredridingwood

    Honda XR400R (1996)


    fun, looking to fine tune this thing
  10. DreDay

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2008)


    Freshly built 440SM.
  11. josh_45

    Honda XR650L (1993)


    93 XR650L, very fun to ride, big bore kit, aftermarket exhaust, oversize plastc tank, and aftermarket tuned suspension
  12. Hi, everyone. I'm new here, so please pardon me if this is against the rules in some way. To get straight to the point, there is a big bore kit I would like to buy, but I need partners to go in with me. A little background on my project: I started with a 1992 TW200, and using the conversion information from users of tw200forum.com, I began to make a TW250. First I changed out the transmission, clutch, and crankshaft, among other things, with those from the 225 line from Yamaha (TTR225, TTR230, XT225). Then, when planning the top end, I came to know about Engines Only, otherwise known as XR100.com, who make performance upgrades for a selection of dirt bikes, one of which is the TTR230 (http://www.xr100.com/ttr230.htm). For those of you unfamiliar, the TW200/125/225, and the XT/TTR 225 series, as well as some ATVs, have many interchangeable engine parts, so the kit offered for the TTR230 on his site could potentially be a bolt-on upgrade to those bikes listed above (any below 225cc will probably have to have crankcase hole enlarged), and the piston alone could be a stock-bore, high-compression upgrade for an 08-12 XT250 with 16mm pin (call him to ask about clearances). The problem, and reason I'm coming to you for help, is that he has had very few customers wanting the kit lately, and is considering discontinuing it. His custom pistons are the key to the whole project, because they are the only 74mm Yamaha piston available with a 16mm wrist pin, and a compression ratio of 11.5:1 (stock is 9.5:1), and apparently, they only need 91 octane. The place he gets them requires a minimum batch of 4, so if I can't get enough people together, he probably won't consider ordering. I've posted this here, TW200Forum, and AdvRider in an attempt to round up a group of buyers, and to drum up business for the seller, because he's a nice guy. If you would like to ask questions, I'll answer what I can through PM, but you can also call or email him through his website: http://www.xr100.com Thanks everyone, and nice to meet you, John.
  13. 250x mx

    250x 279cc big bore?

    i am just wondering if anyone out there has big bored a 250x and if any one has put in a hotcam stage 2 cam also. also how much power this resulted in. thanks! http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/26_110/products_id/1828
  14. Kurt2296

    2001 RM250 cylinder scores!

    Hey guys, First time poster on Thumpertalk, thought id give it a go and see what you guys have to say since I'm fairly new to engine work. Anyways - I'm rebuilding my 2001 rm 250's top end and when i pulled off the top end from the bike i noticed some score marks along the side of the cylinder and on the piston. On the piston side the scores were pretty bad, you could easily feel it let alone see it. But on the cylinder side it really wasn't terrible. More visual than anything you could feel - maybe one small mark that i could feel and that's about it. Ill post some pictures in a couple of hours but basically I'm just curious as to whether you guys think that a simple hone will fix it up or am i in for a big bill? I live 10 mins away from Bondi engines in Ontario so i lucked out there. Likely going to see what they can do for me on Monday after work. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  15. DrzMotarded

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2005)


    2001 Suzuki Dr-z400s converted sm with 2005 sm swingarm, shock, triple tree and forks, speedometer gear, wheels, rear brake disc<br />Oversized front brake disc <br />Venhill Stainless steel braided brake lines <br />Cylinder Works Big Bore 434 Kit w/ E base gasket. <br />Yoshimura Rs3 Full Exhaust <br />FCR39mx Carb w/short choke & R&D Flex Jet Fuel Screw <br />160MJ45PJ65 starter jet PAJ removed,O ring Mod<br />IMS 3.2 gallon fuel tank w/Dr-z400e petcock <br />Acerbis Cyclone Headlight<br />DRC Edge2 Tailight <br />DRC Wide Footpegs <br />Pro Taper Countour Overzised Bars<br />Bitech Manual Cam Chain Tensioner <br />Turkey Baster Mod <br />Clutch switch mod <br />Kickstand sensor removed<br />Shifter lever filed <br />Rear USB port with on/off switch for<br />phone, GoPro, other device charging
  16. pew05

    Honda TRX400EX Sportrax (2001)


    Bought an old race quad and redid it. Ended up buying new plastics, so there are pics with it yellow, some red, and all red.
  17. Just to let you know Kustom Kraft has just finished up it's YZ250-301 Big Bore! 73mm of pure joy and fun to go with it. Check it out at www.kustom-kraft.com
  18. Tobyperkins17

    DR350 Top end rebuild?

    Gday, Has anyone ever done a top end rebuild on a dr350 or even just the rings?? My dr350 blows abit of smoke which is from most likely worn rings, i ride it pretty hard so i dont blame it Would anyone know how much $$$ for the whole top end rebuild or just the piston and rings or even just the rings I might do it DIY just to save money, any advise would be great Cheers toby
  19. 2fourty4

    Kawasaki KX125 (2001)


    powerband smacks hard, good bike
  20. bobkoch

    Yamaha YZ250 (2005)


    Love my YZ250. Set up for desert with wr transmission.
  21. Ph8tel

    Yamaha WR450F (2006)


    I am still building it. No idea how it will perform