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Found 102 results

  1. wilaircraft

    Big bore and hot cams

    Anybody notice additional engine nose after installing a big bore kit and hot cams. Maybe more of a ticking sound at idle? Wilaircraft
  2. Rukix

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2001)


    This Bike is great! On or off road you have excellent power/acceleration once you do a few simple mods. It is very maneuverable, easy to handle and just out right fun to ride.
  3. 2StrokeCruiser

    Top end rebuild issue

    Hi all, so I finally got my 97 rm250 up and running, and got a title from my local pd and dmv for it. The bike was pretty rough when i got it, but I've done allot of work to it and it is on pretty good shape now. Things were going too well... So i got the cylinder re-sleeved to stock specs, new stock bore pistion rings ect. I completely took the powervalve out, cleaned the assy and fixed a few broken bits. Cleaned the carb, checked my jets, float, needle. Everything was great. Sounds good right? So I put it all back together and fire it up. It took about 10 kicks to get started, which I did completely drain the carb so i would expect it too. I had the rad cap off so i could watch my fluid and be sure all was good, after about 1 minute of it idling i shut it down, and put my cap back on. Tried firing it back up and it wasnt having any of it. About 30 kicks, it was just blowing gas out of the carb lines. Check compression, still good, so i pulled the header off to take a look into the cylinder, no signs of blowback, but it was as wet as a river in there! Clearly premix not crank oil . So i pulled my carb off and checked it out, drained the floats and inspected needle, float and jets. Put it back on aaaand still nothing. I'm at a loss here, any help? As a side note, It has fresh 91 oct. 32:1 premix, it was jetted for it anyway, the reeds were good, I inspected them well. Fresh plug, (its just a Ngk from napa, but my manual says it takes a $60 platinum plug???) compression is good, seals are all good, EVERYTHING was torqued and set to clymer spec, I have a good snap-on torque wrench that i had tested for accuracy before using on this project, it was .6 of a ft.lb off spec, so not an issue. All crushwashers were replaced. I'm at wits end here, I've done one heat cycle, I'm gonna go do the second any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi, i recently rebuilt my CRF 250r it has a plus 2mm stroker crank a 280cc cylinder works cylinder vertex piston, hot cams stage 2, pro circuit titanium valves. pc valve springs a new cam chain. when i got the bike it was completely stock and it started on the first kick. now after being rebuilt it takes 10-15 kicks to start. but once its warm it runs fine idles great and you can shut it off and start it back up with 1-3 kicks. also it kicks over very hard regardless and has lots of compression.. is this normal ? also the gas is old and sat in the tank for about a month.
  5. ThumperTalk

    Athena GET Big Bore Cylinder Kit

    18 reviews

    Kits include aluminum cylinder with galvanic coating design Forged piston with molybdenum coating Special gasket kit Easy-to-follow step-by-step installation instruction
  6. Ok, we have discussed this kit quite a bit in here, but I am thinking it may be a good idea to put the information about this kit in one place. I think there is a possibility that we have actually had some bad info about how this kit would run on our CRF's, and that there actually may be more of a difference between the CRF and CBR than we thought. I have been doing my last minute research before buying a big bore kit, and feel that I may have come across some new info about this kit. First, let's talk about what we knew. 1. 305cc 2. 13:1 compression ratio 3. sport camshaft option Power estimates tended to be based on results from a Takegawa kit in a CBR, so there was much fog around actual results for our CRF's. Well, on Take's website there are some PDF's that were holding a little more info. Interestingly, there are some dyno numbers posted of their big bore kits running with and without the Take cams for the CBR and a seperate result for the CRF.. Here is a link to one of the PDF's: http://www.takegawa.co.jp/english/new_parts/1311_hyper_s_cbr_crf_e.pdf You will notice there are two dyno sheets. One for the CBR on the left, one for the CRF on the right. The difference is pretty significant. Both are 305cc. Both are using cams. CRF comes up short by about 7HP at peak power. But that is ok, Many of us had hopes of getting into the 30's horsepower wise with the Take kit, but honestly, it will take a bit more work with the head and valves, just as Positron and others have been saying. So the question about how those sport cams are profiled over stock cams has also been a big question mark. We already know that the CRF is tuned, from the factory, to have more low end grunt than the CBR. Now, there was another PDF I found that may add more info about how Takegawa is profiling the cams, but it only relates to the CBR. If you feel like they would profile the CRF and CBR cams similarly, you may be able to draw some conclusions from the pics below. Link for the CBR PDF: http://www.takegawa.co.jp/english/new_parts/1308_bore_up_cbr250r_e.pdf Below are two CBR dyno sheets from Takegawa. The one on the left is the same as the left image above, the one on the right has a comparison between the stock cams and the sport cams. You can see the red and blue lines carry from the left picture to the right, and the very nice green line in the right picture shows much needed info about how the big bore kit runs with the stock cams. Just as a few of you predicted, the sport cam profile pulls power from down low and just shifts it up to the higher RPMs. So. We now have a bit more info about the Takegawa kit that I had not seen posted before, and there was one more thing I wanted to share. The big bore kit, without cams, seems to go for around 510USD. The sport cams, they seem to be around 370USD. The tuner, whether Takegawas or another brand, will be around 200USD. Total: around 1080USD. If you are interested in buying the full Takegawa kit, they sell the "Hyper Bore Up Kit" which contains all that for around 933USD, as I found at: http://japan.webike.net/products/21421774.html Notice that there is a difference between the kits for the CBR and CRF. You can see the difference in the first PDF I linked earlier in the thread. Now, I am very interested to hear what you guys think about this, and if it does indeed introduce any new info.
  7. bobkoch

    Yamaha YZ250 (2005)


    Love my YZ250. Set up for desert with wr transmission.
  8. indypup

    Yamaha WR250R (2008)


    Very good dual sport.
  9. littleredridingwood

    Honda XR400R (1996)


    fun, looking to fine tune this thing
  10. mattwel

    Honda CRF450R (2003)


    My first modern dirt bike. So far it is a beast on the trails. Steve Sage set my suspension up just how I wanted and after adding a trail tech 35oz flywheel it is an absolute tractor. Been super easy to work on and get to my liking
  11. vortexsophia

    Honda XR650R (2000)


    My favorite Bike on the Planet. The monster #HondaXR650R#Supermoto
  12. Kurt2296

    2001 RM250 cylinder scores!

    Hey guys, First time poster on Thumpertalk, thought id give it a go and see what you guys have to say since I'm fairly new to engine work. Anyways - I'm rebuilding my 2001 rm 250's top end and when i pulled off the top end from the bike i noticed some score marks along the side of the cylinder and on the piston. On the piston side the scores were pretty bad, you could easily feel it let alone see it. But on the cylinder side it really wasn't terrible. More visual than anything you could feel - maybe one small mark that i could feel and that's about it. Ill post some pictures in a couple of hours but basically I'm just curious as to whether you guys think that a simple hone will fix it up or am i in for a big bill? I live 10 mins away from Bondi engines in Ontario so i lucked out there. Likely going to see what they can do for me on Monday after work. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Just to let you know Kustom Kraft has just finished up it's YZ250-301 Big Bore! 73mm of pure joy and fun to go with it. Check it out at www.kustom-kraft.com
  14. Jass500

    Yamaha YZ250 (2004)


    Love my yz! Best dirt bike I have ever had. Went thru it at 143 hrs and rebuilt motor and suspension. Lots of power, snappy, reliable and cheep!
  15. Hi I recently traded a roller car I had for a 06 rmz 250 with a athena 290 bb kit on it I've done minor maintenance on it including shimming the valves to speck and cleaning the carb let me just say it is a JOB to kick start my question is about the jets it has a180 main 68 pilot and a 52 idle from what I've been reading these are to big for my set up (btw stock cams and exhaust) will the jets contribute to the hard starting issue? Are the flooding the motor? And can anyone point me in the right direction as far as the correct Jets, also can I use standard head gaskets for this kit or do I need special head gaskets and where you get them if so? Thanks
  16. littleredridingwood

    Hot Rods 440cc big bore kit

    2 reviews

    DETAILS xr440cc big bore kit
  17. boilerman856

    XR250R big bore opinions

    OK here is the deal. Been riding since I was about 10 and then I used to race hare scrambles and mostly mx here in central NH and I went OK nothing special but usually top 5 or so in amateur class local tracks. Stopped riding dirt for a while then had kids in 04 and couple years ago got a nice older 95 XR250 but didn't really start riding a lot until this year. I have always ridden 2stroke 250 mxers and lately limited experience with buddies 250 4ts. I was impressed by them but was having fun on my xr doing a bunch of dual sport stuff. Ride out of my house to different trails which can be gnarly rocky new England stuff. Really fun. The xr does this fine especially with the guys I've been riding with lately who are newer to the sport and we all have kids and mortgages. Here's the problem. I convinced one of my old racing buddies to dig out his 98 ktm250sx which he has only ripped across the lawn a couple times since about 2000-2001. He has the same situation as me with family and all. So we went to a huge sand pit this weekend and just blasted around trying to ride in a little loop for a track. You can probably see where this is going. I made the mistake of swapping bikes for a bit with him and a friend on a wr250f. I didn't realize how much I had been missing the 2 stroke snap and the general overall power. So now all I can think about is that snappy ass 2t but I realize it is not practical for my usual riding which includes a bunch of road and single track. Rarely truck it and hate to do so. So to make a short story very long... Do I have any chance of getting some power out of that XR with a 280or so kit or am I in the market for an exc300? I don't want to buy a new bike for me. My wife wants a Ttr and trying to convince 10 year old twin boys they would like riding with their parents. Not really hopeful about them but not giving up. What's an xr250 like after a big bore and lightened flywheel? Thanks and sorry for all that!
  18. genR8r

    Suzuki DR-Z400SM (2006)


    Great commuter with some longer road potential hampered only by the lack of a 6th gear and a rather small tank. 434 Cylinder Works BB kit and 39mm FCR carb helps bring the motor up to a very composed 80 mph cruising speed quickly and will sit there as long as your tank or your butt lasts. 320mm Brembo disc and calliper up front will bring it to a halt at G's exceeding what your stomach can hold in.