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Found 106 results

  1. TuGeTu

    XR400R Spark issues

    Greetings from finland to all TT-Forum gods and everyone blessed with knowledge around my probem.. Introducing myself as a noobie here, but not usually with these things Im beginning to be pretty pissed and fed up with this bike(-97 XR400R), since it never really has worked on me. I've owned it 3 years and only driven about 100miles with it. Even though ive spent thousands of hours building it, i never seem to get it right or then a new error occures. Right now im having problem with losing the spark, after the bike has ran for a minute, and even that time im having a struggle to keep it running with the choke on. It spits and coughs and misfires untill it wont run at all, no matter how much you spin the idle screw or try to rev it.. I have eliminated the first issues with carbs, by trying 3 different ones. Now theres BST40 Mikuni, which worked fine before spark issue, if it would start. At this point i have installed a new spark plug and a new ign coil, but seems that its running even worse than before.. Today i opened the flywheel case, to see if there is some damage in the stator or its friend next to the flywheel picking up ign signal( couldn't remember the name of the component) But they look fine to me. Have any of you had any issues with CDI on these or do you have any idea what the hell is wrong with it? I could borrow a multimeter from my pal, to try measure some components, if i just knew what readings to expect and from where? I suppose a few pics would be nice along with the apology of my bad english
  2. skaiter1007

    Honda CRF450X (2006)


    great bike, tons of power, dual sport capable (and mine is) a little on the heavy side, but i'll get used to it and stronger for controlling the beast that it is haha
  3. 13 reviews

    This is a brand new complete stator that includes the charging coils, pickup coil, stator harness plugs and grommet.

    bad stator(burned)???

    read up on past posts and got busy testing my buddy's '00 drzS which runs it's battery dead when ridden.new rectifier and all connections checked over(so he says) so i unplugged the three yellow wires from the stator that go to the rectifier and probed them with the multimeter (red) and grounded out on the motor(black) and got plenty of resistance.what do we need to do next? what does the parts man need to charge us for this time?
  5. Ride_blue82

    2 stroke coil going out symptoms

    What would my bike do if one of the coils was going out ?
  6. ohgood

    another damned stator

    ****edited, updated**** this is the old issue: ****************** ****************** bought the drz august of last year. stator failed, or was failing at time of purchse. replaced stator mileage 8500 or so. today, oil changed, burnt smell from oil. milage 11968 (12000). stator has failed again. never overheated, oil and filter changed religiously at or before 1,000 miles. went for a short ride, and the battery discharged completely at some point. bump started, rode home. i've contacted rickystator to see if they'll honor the purchase, and diagnose the failure if i ship it to them at my expense. i'll update as there is progress. -aggrevated ********************** ********************** rickystator id'd the stator as their own from my emailed picture, while on the phone with me. they shipped a replacement on tuesday, and it was in my mailbox today (thursday) when i got home. no questions, no paying for postage (which I offered both ways), no problems. this, is customer service. slapped in the new stator, 12.9V key on, not running, 14V running. excellent
  7. IndyHooligan

    Stator- Similar Replacement?

    Hey guys, Long time no see. I managed to get my blown engine out of my road legal bike and attempted to remove my flywheel. I damaged some of the copper wire in the stator doing so, and the flywheel still didn't come off with a puller. So I got my 2000 WR400 into an engine specialist (He does hill climb race builds- had an awesome 350hp quad with a CBR900 RR engine and nitrous setup). He said the stator will be shot, and that it's going to be $980 to replace a welded counterbalance bearing, fix my galled threads on the flywheel (from failed pull attempt). The piston and Nikasil sleeve were fine, but he wants to replace the piston anyway due to the hours on bike. Though I was in sticker shock I'm proceeding with this rebuild. The problem is, I've hit a brick wall finding a stator. I can't really afford $300 for a new OEMreplacement, and so far I've been turned down on re-wires. Is there any compatible stator for this bike that is drop in, or a slight mod and will be cheaper? Does anyone have one for sale? This rebuild broke my savings, and is breaking my heart since she's my favorite ride. Thanks!
  8. kikstand

    Honda CRF250X (2012)


    It's been a fantastic bike. The only thing that I wish would have been different from the factory would be steel valves. The extra maintenance required on titanium valves just isn't worth it for the weight savings on a trail bike. Sure on the crf250r put titanium valves. But the x model is for trails mostly. Shimming the valves every 15 hours is not fun. Especially because the shims are under the bucket. Yuck.
  9. ThumperTalk

    Trail Tech Stator

    2 reviews

    Provides 90 watts DC power at idle when installed with a Trail Tech high strength flywheel Provides 30 watts when installed with a Trail Tech low-strength or stock flywheel Model-specific connectors for CRF250X Regulator/rectifier sold separately.
  10. a c t i v e X

    spal - 4" Pull fan

    2 reviews

    A generic 4" pull fan for radiator coooling. requires fan switch and harness. Spal manufactures many of the OEM fans for bike vendors, mostly Europeans. made in Italy
  11. punkrockkiel

    Honda CRF450R (2007)


  12. Slow and Jerky

    Yamaha WR450F (2014)


    Overall I love this bike! Once the EFI is dialed in there is no comparison with a carburetor.
  13. VMBeazel

    Honda XR400R (2004)


    This street-legal 2004 XR400 is a bullet-proof, trail-riding tractor, with no radiator to bash in, valves that never need regapping, and after adding a Mikuni pumper carb, the perfect trail-bike that can be brapped over logs and rocks, and ridden in whatever gear happens to be handy. And just because I love it so much, I change the oil about once a year. Starts on first kick after pumping the starter to TDC and if I can remember not to touch the throttle at all (pumper carb easily floods engine otherwise).
  14. arnego2

    Yamaha YZ250 (2009)


    Best bike I owned so far. Even tried to kill me twice.
  15. ThumperTalk

    PIAA Slim Line Sports Horn

    1 review

    A loud 112db, 500Hz lightweight and easy to install horn Works with all bikes, especially space limited applications
  16. JustTakeItEasy

    KTM 450 SX-F (2013)


    Street legal in AZ, this 450SXF. Started with trail ready, kept going to full street legal. Easy to get plated in AZ. Pain in the ass and expensive to do all this on MX bike, but mad fun to have the 450SXF on the trails, open desert and bush. TBT suspension Rekluse Auto Core EXP Fastaway System3 Overbar Steering Stabilizer Fasst Flexx bars Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Headlight Rear LED tail kit from EXC with (exc rear fender swap) 70 watt upgraded stator Promoto Billet black kickstand Trailtech Striker digi gauge Seat Concepts low seat Moose Racing front fender dual sport pack Moose Racing rear render velcro cylinder pack Doubltake fold down mirror ProMotoB Billet rear rack - black Fastway linkage protection TrailTech radiator fan kit Bulletproof radiator guards Bulletproof chain guide/swingarm guards Ricochet skidplate FMF muffler Black Excel rims Cycra handguards Orange Anodized unbreakable levers OdiLock grips DirtTricks sprockets and Did gold series chain Warp 9 adjustable rear brake pedal with flexx Warp 9 gear selector with flexx Fastway Adventure footpegs Tm designworks chain guide Padiator - rear brake radiator
  17. 2 reviews

    This lighting stator offers a healthy 50W of lighting output for powering a headlight. It comes as an aluminum plate with sator coil mounted, complete with wire leads, pulser and connectors, ready to plug in. The item is backed by a full one year warranty.
  18. Cap N Jnz

    Vortex X10 CDI

    5 reviews

    DESCRIPTION The VORTEX X10 CDI the smallest and most Powerful Programmable CDI available. The X10 CDI allows the user to select up to 10 different power modes as easily as adjusting clickers on your suspension. With the advent of X10 technology the this unit can be programmed with up to 10 High Resolution 3D Maps. This give the user the option to select from a range of power settings and customise the engines power delivery to suit a variety of rider styles, different track conditions, fuel octane levels or engine configurations. In addition the rider can change power modes dynamically via a Handlebar Switch. From Mild to Wild the possibilities are endless with the X10 CDI Key Features Pre Programmed with 10 selectable Power settings via X10 Switch Instant Plug in Performance (replaces standard CDI with no mods to wiring required Handlebar Switch for Dynamic Map Selection Rubber Mounting Boot + Brackets supplied (where required) V-Boost - Internal Voltage Boost Circuit for maximising Spark Energy across the entire rev range Power Jet Control - Multiple On / Off (where applicable) Rev Limiter (where required) Small form factor for ease of mounting Re-Programmable Race Proven Reliability All Vortex CDIs are factory programmed with Performance Maps developed through dyno and track testing exclusively with our network of technical support centres and top race teams worldwide. NOTE: The X10 CDI comes with a Handlebar Switch included.
  19. ThumperTalk

    Arrowhead CDI Box

    1 review

    Designed to enhance overall performance Duplication circuits Increased RPM Redline Altered ignition advance curves