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Found 106 results

  1. I'm trying to install a vortex ignition on my new bike. It's hard to start, and won't run without throttle. It backfires and runs rough even with a bit of gas. As soon as I let of the gas the bike will idle down, run for a few minutes, then dies. It runs GREAT with the stock ecu. I've tried several of the maps, including stock. All do pretty much the same thing. My old bike runs fine with the vortex. The new bike is modified - ported head, hi comp piston. The old bike is stock. It doesn't flash any codes, and I've triple checked all of the connections. It's hard to believe a sensor would be bad since it's brand new. The bike has been torn down though. so who knows.. Any ideas?? thanks...
  2. Hi All, First post on Thumpertalk so hope I'm following the guidelines.......have read the forums on the site for years. I'm a desert rider who lives in Dubai and have just made the change from riding MX bikes to an Enduro and I have gone for a 2015 Yamaha WR450F. Having done my research I went ahead and ordered the GYTR Competition kit which includes the tunable ECU and replacement shorter throttle stop screw before the bike arrived so I could install it straight away. However after taking out the stock ECU I noticed the two units seemed to be the same. The one installed on the bike is the GYTR one and the one on kitchen counter is stock one I took out. The reason they seem to be same is they both have the 1DX7 marking on them......slight difference in serial number though. Will find out for sure when I plug them into my friends GYTR Power Tuner later. The other things that threw me off is I could not located the throttle stop screw......see the attached pictures where it appears there is only a blank hole. I even took off the header to get a clear view. On top of this there is no snorkel in the air box and the bike rode great on first ride....contrary to what I was expecting. The Yamaha dealer in Dubai has told me it is a US spec bike but I don't know what to make of it considering all these irregularities. Any help would be much appreciated as perhaps I'm missing something here. Thanks a lot
  3. HELLO I have wanted some lights on my bike as all my buddy as are getting them and now I have an excuse to buy some lights. We all have mx bikes, and they are all going the trailtech way and replacing the stator and such, they are using the ktm style number plate light setup. I want to do something different for the following reasons: 1. only want a light on the bike when needed (has to be easy to remove) 2. not very happy with the amount of light the lights I mentioned above provide 3. want to spend $300 So I have been doing a bunch of reading and I figure my best option is a LED light bar powered by some sort of rechargeable battery. I was thinking about using lipo battery's as I fly quadcopters when I'm not riding so I have alot of experience with them. Alot of people say lipo's are dangerous and they are if used wrong but if they are not overcharged I see no problem with them (I have witnessed them fall from 500+ feet and take direct impact on more than one occasion, battery was unusable but no explosions or anything like that.) I found a nice light bar that is probably over kill but figure if I'm gunna have light the more the better. The light is a 9 inch led light bar it has 6 3w spot led's in the middle with 6 3w flood led's on either side for a total of 18 led's 54w 3.4 amps. The light comes with a mount that can be moved around anywhere on the light, so I am going to order a second mount and use two and secure it near the top of my number plate. the light is 49.95 Canadian dollars so pretty well free to those Americans reading this free shipping. The battery I will probably get is a 8000mah 3cell lipo, two of them they are $43 from hobbyking. some other things I will get from hobbyking: 5.5mm bullet connectors for easy removal, a cheap battery charger(just to show what it would cost to buy the whole setup),a bunch of shrink tube to cover wires and a voltage meter/low voltage alarm. After I wrote that I decided it sounded like a good plan so I just ordered everything hope it gets here soon, I spent $294cnd. I will leave a list of everything I bought as well as a build log when all the parts arrive. P.s. I have no idea what I'm doing but will have working lights by the end. Light bar : http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/361482391826 battery: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__20845__ZIPPY_Flightmax_8000mAh_3S1P_30C_Lipo_Pack_US_Warehouse_.html charger: https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=15168 bullet connectors: https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=39465 heat shrink tube (I ordered 2mm-10mm sizes but only really need 4mm): https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=79918 voltage meter/alarm: https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=34120
  4. New User but I have been reading anything I can find on TT and other forums. 2004 Yamaha WR450. Ran great without a single issue, wanted to drive it on the street so bought the Baja Designs Enduro kit (which side note, might have been a mistake). Installed the Enduro kit with new Baja Designs Regulator/Rectifier - I modified the stator myself but tested the resistance and it is good at just about .5 ohms. Post install, hopped on the bike and went on 5 or so rides (3-4 hours each) - Bike would start right up with the e-start during any part of the ride and after I got home. (I should have checked the charging voltage after the install but didn't) Bike was then in the garage for only 2 weeks while I put new chain and sprockets on. I forgot to keep my battery tender connected while I was working on it. Tried to charge battery and it was toast. So buy a new battery. I then went for a short ride about an hour and the bike dies. but dead dead dead. Get home after a good Samaritan gave me a ride and new battery is toast. So buy another new battery and start diagnosing. Bike starts and runs fine with my jump box or fully charged battery the charging voltage at the battery posts jumps around between .9-5.5 but definitely not enough to charge. Checked my work on the stator, workmanship still looks good and still .5 ohms resistance Checked the charging voltage out of the regulator/rectifier and it is 13.8-14.2 - so good right. Tried to check the resistance on the charging coil connection but could not get a reading Checked the resistance on the AC Magneto and it was good. What Am I Missing? Let me know what you all think.....
  5. nickmell

    stealhy lighting stator

    Anyone here have any reviews on them? I want to run a small headlight on my 06 and ive heard the moose electrosport ones suck and cant find a eline or the replical ones a member made so im running out of options. I just want one that is reliable im not street riding so dont need all that bright of lights and realy like the looks of the wr headlights. Thanks for any input.