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Found 860 results

  1. I bought a used '05 KLX from a guy in New Port Richey. He said he bought it from his buddy (the original owner) but never got the title in his name because he didn't get around to going to the DMV. He sold it to me for a fair price and I checked the VIN, it was not reported stolen or anything weird, no liens. He also gave me all the service records with the bike all the back to when it had it's first oil change. He gave me the bill of sale from his buddy to him and a bill of sale from him to me. He also gave me the original title (originally issued 12//2004) but at the bottom the Transfer of Title by Seller area is signed over from the original owner to the guy I bought it from. When I bought it I was advised (from my friend) that I would never need to title it in my name because it's offroad and not to worry...so I bought it. But I recently read some stories of people who can't get a OHV sticker to ride trails like Croom without a title in their name or whatever so I'm not sure if I made a mistake here. What should I do? Not sure what the process is to get the title in my name or if it's even worth it. Could really use some advise, thanks!
  2. flrider

    NorthCarolina Dirty Foot

    Does anyone know what the status of Dirty Foot Adventures is? Looks like a nice place to ride. Thanks, Dan
  3. I'm going to move there at the end of the school year and i'm looking for good places to ride less than 3 hours away
  4. Drewski123

    South florida Riders?

    Just started riding again for the first time in ages and looking for some people in my area to go out and hit the trails with. I live in West Palm Beach FL and just bought a cr125. I wanna hit some sandy trails and get some of my chops back and hopefully soon hit the track and get into some racing. I'm new to riding in this state so please if you are in my area hit me up and we can get out there and start shreddin.
  5. Whats up guys? Always looked at threads and never thought I would be doing one. Well back to the situation of why I ended up deciding to buy and build a moto van. I was at my GF house and had my 2 dirt bikes in the back of my truck. I went inside to get some food while I left my truck outside, my whole visited lasted around 45 minutes and in that time my two bikes almost got hijacked by some stupid motherf***rs. Thank god I went to my truck to retrieve my wallet and encountered 2 kids trying to unload my bike out of my truck. I quickly sprinted to catch them, but had a sore leg from that day of riding and wasn't even able to keep up with them. Me and my girl thought about how crazy that situation was and at the moment I knew i needed a van in my life. I was waiting for a perfect condition extended van with low miles, mint condition and under 5k. well you guys should know I was pretty much asking for a unicorn with tits. After 3 months of looking relentlessly everyday craigslist, I encountered a standard E150 2005, 70k miles for 5,700 mint condition and we had to jump on that deal. I was afraid that I might regret the decision of going standard length, but I went for it and guess what? I'm in route to a standard van that can fit 3 bikes (4 with hitch receiver) and have a sleeper sofa without the use of an extended van. Pros of having a van: - no more rain hitting my bike before or after the track - peace of mind - don't have to unload - can camp and road trip in it - no need for trailer - its a van - might give away free candy Cons: - mpg Please feel free to give me any ideas or steal my ideas if you want Well lets stop the writing and show the pictures: here is the van that was purchased Put the bike in and at least it fits. The van had these ugly grey front and rear bumpers with grey wheels, so I went to work with the matte black paint. Hit the exhaust while I was at it: and the hit the KX as well: Took out the floor to fix some underneath rust: While the floor dried I tok advantage and put some thermal-shield on the windows for insulation. Finished sealed floor with diamond plate aluminum so hide the connection between the two mats, the one located in the front seats and the cargo liner from the back Painted some rust in the roof I was going to put wood on the door panels, but went with aluminum and pasted some cardboard in the back for noise reduction. It was a cleaner finish and not easy damageable and can get wet. Added a table on this side of the van to make some sandwiches maybe even put a grill on top got the lock hinges on amazon, for the table I bought a bamboo cutting board so it would look professional and fir perfectly without me trying to pull my carpenter skills. Wall build, I wanted to maximize as much space as I could so we built the partition wall with a slant to it. The slant will be where the people who are sitting in the back will put their back against, there will be cushions but that is next to come. The window works to see if everything is okay in the back or if you need to grab something real quick without having to stop and get out. I wanted a shelf on top to store miscellaneous for trips. Pretty much I was asking for a lot but was going to try any way. The wall is a good idea to not get headaches from gas fumes and be able to store the bikes without the inconvenience of mud, gas, oil, etc in the sleeping and driving area. I met a guy one time with a van that said after the day of riding moto and storing the bikes back in the van. the car would smell like a gas nozzle for the next 40 mins until all the air went out the front 2 windows. Ask yourself in a situation where its raining and you can't put the windows down and all that gas smell is over you. that was something i was willing to avoid at all cost. (my girlfriend hates gas smell, for this reason the wall had to done)
  6. I bought an '08 ttr230 and was wondering about some cool mods that are inexpensive, catch the eye, and make my mx riding easier. Any help or ideas?
  7. Went to crooms park on Saturday, I had a blast on the trails, a few close calls and one fall. I tried the sand bowl and its hard as hell to ride in but these guys make it look easy. Guess i did ok for my first time, I know i was slow but the power band on this thing is like crazy. I whisky throttled one some of the whoops and almost lost it but i had a blast! I'm going camping there with the lady this weekend. I know my editing sucks, I just bought my go pro a few weeks ago, still learning. Thanks . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIJuLJQ3lCE Video 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8FalDhee78 Video 2
  8. Drewski123

    Jacksonville riders?

    I just moved here to Jacksonville FL about a week ago and don't really know anyone that rides in the area. If anyone is interested in hitting up Bostwick mx or maybe north florida mx let me know! I wanna get out there and ride hopefully 2-3 times a week and Saturdays for the most part. You can call me or text me if you are interested. Thank you. Andrew 561 275 3951
  9. What's up everyone this is my first thread in TT. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here because you guys all have helped me out a ton just from reading others post's! I'm new to mx racing but crazy eager to get out there and better myself. I live in central florida, this upcoming weekend of Oct 3rd I have an opportunity to do my first beginner race!! Although I have only rode in a track once I can't turn this opportunity down, I will be entering in the beginner class, it's two motos each 5 laps. I plan on using this "race" just as expierence and more so extra practice! I will also get to practice all day the day before the race to get a little more familiar with the track, and morning of the race. Just wanted to keep you guys posted and let you know how it goes, and maybe motivate other beginner riders to go out and grab some expierence at their local track!! Also if anyone is in the central florida area let me know!! Would be awesome to meet up with some people and learn some great mx techniques Thanks TT!
  10. Hey guys, I live in the Tallahassee area and I'm planning to ride the Apalachicola national Forest, but I don't know if they actually check for spark arrestors, even though they "require" them. I ride a 2001 Yz125 with a pro circuit r304. Has anyone ridden here before and do you if they are they gonna inspect my bike or not?
  11. enduro extreme crash - enduro crash compilation 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lLvZr5vru0 KTM 690 SMC Supermoto crash - Supermoto crash - worst supermoto crashes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Omkx1WprC4
  12. brewmann

    Florida Croom 04/03

    Anybody up for Croom on Saturday ??
  13. desertds

    Florida Croom March 30th?

    I know this is short notice but I am thinking about going to croom. Is it flooded? Anyone else have a clue of conditions. If any one has free schedule I will be in a white gmc dually with 100 c plates. I should be able to make it there around 11-12.
  14. I'm wanting to ride Forest Glen this Sunday, but have no transport! I live right off the interstate (I-75) in north brandon. Give me and my bike a ride and I'll chip in $20 for gas! Here's me on Facebook... http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1652765274 Give me some good news! Recently re-sprung my suspension...can't wait another week to ride! Thanks. Sam
  15. Hi there, I'm looking for a ride for me and my YZ down to Forest Glen this Sunday, 2/7. I live a few minutes from the interstate (I-75) at the 574 (MLK) exit. I'll give you $20 for gas. I'll be ready to go when you get to my house and I won't smell bad (on the way there at least ). I hoping to find someone local up here in north Brandon, but if you're coming from farther north and can just jump off the interstate, that's cool too...you can get to my house once your off the interstate in 3 turns. Would probably take 3 or 4 minutes on a Sunday early morning! Thanks. Sam
  16. Mdeniz

    Florida Central florida stores??

    I need to find a place this weekend to get a halmet and some other gear, what are some of the trusted central FL shops that you are all familiar with??? Thanks in advance!! I live in Orlando btw.
  17. Alright a group of us from the Central Florida area are going to Durhamtown. We are leaving April 14th and riding the 15,16th and maybe the 17th. We are looking to do this as cost affordable as we can so if you are interested let me know.. I will get you the details.
  18. wondering if anyone in the south florida area has qualified for lorettas. Just want to see how many people.
  19. I'm a newb from Fort Myers area. Looking for people to ride with. I've been going to a track every Thursday for the past month or so. Last two times I went to Bartow MX, before that I went to L-Cross. Anyone on here ride in this area?
  20. DonO

    Florida Pax Trax this Sat. 7/3

    That's the ticket for this W/E ride. Beat the heat, states they open at 0800 so that's when I plan to get there. Don:thumbsup:
  21. UpAllNight

    Florida Is bartow open sunday?

    Does anyone know?
  22. Plan to make the drive there this W/E. Anything going on there this W/E?? Don:thumbsup:
  23. DonO

    Florida Non Fork-U users

    If you happen to be one of the fortunate one's that got a Fork-U brace and you aren't using it (I don't know why you wouldn't be:banghead:), Bronc3 would like it (he needs 2) as his bikes got stolen, with the braces, (He thinks the thieves wanted his bikes but I know they were after the real bling ---Fork-U braces:worthy:)). I haven't any more left and I have no more foam so if your willing to part with yours please send him a PM. ThanX, Don:thumbsup:
  24. DonO

    Florida Linda ???? Your Fork-U

    Linda, I normally get a PM, but your envelope showed up in the mail yesterday and since I don't know how you heard about the Fork-U, I have to assume your a lurker here:smirk:. Anyhow if you see this msg, your Fork-U went out in the mail at lunchtime today and you should have it NLT Thursday. Please PM me to let me know you got it. Don:thumbsup: