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Found 103 results

  1. Bguthrie

    Cor moto

    Cor moto done these graphics terrible fit holes off all that was said was we’re sorry , had anyone else had problems with Cor moto . I ordered a full set it took 5 1/2 weeks to get them ☹️
  2. On my last bike I used Motocal to design graphics online. They turned out great but I didn't like the online aesthetics. I felt like I should have an online account that would give me better flex for my designs library. Not to mention the methods to get the design the way I wanted was at time archaic. If you have experience with other online DIY graphics engines, I'd like to learn of them. Whop
  3. OldMechanik

    Honda CR500R (1993)


    My friend from Finland actually found this in local Craigslist! So, as an investment, I went right after it before the hillclimbers got to it. It’s an awesome bike in great shape, relatively low hours and mostly original. I installed a new seat cover and tires then picked up a janky pair of shrouds to save the originals. It has been bored however, but man, this thing is an animal....even my buddy says it runs way better than his CR500 he’s owned since new. Honestly, I don’t want to sell it now!
  4. ryno625

    Husqvarna TC250 (2017)


    So far I am loving this bike. Was skeptical about the AER Forks, but overall love it. Especially the new motor and balanced crank!

    Husqvarna TXC 450 (2010)


    Actually a 2009 model. Not a bad machine. Bad bits; radiators are easy to damage, even with 'gaurds'. Suspension is pretty average, stock. Suspension linkage needs greasing more than average due to a bad seal design. A bit heavy, and not real nimble. Good bits; Tons of power, easy to work on. E-start (plus kick) I don't mean to make it sound bad, it's a pretty decent bike, a few small mods and some different tires (pirelli's instead of michelin) and it's starting to work well now. I'm happy with it. With gold valves fitted front and rear, cutting the bars down a bit and setting the front springs a couple of grooves softer, it's turning much better now and doesn't feel quite so big and clumsy. Just need to sort the rider out now
  6. Paul Griffin

    Kawasaki KDX200 (2006)


    Check out my ride, Put about 40 hours into it, New top end, Boyesen power reeds, air box mod, PC Pipe, new plastics and graphics. Maier rear guard looks cool too!
  7. I've never used a fork support before. I'm considering getting or more likely making one. how well do they stay in place when off road? I drive quite fast (even with the bike in the truck) and the bike moves around a bit mostly just the rear wheel bouncing left or right. I have seen the front turn a bit but since the straps are putting pressure on the suspension the bike is always secure. Will a fork support stay in place? My concern is that if the support falls out than the bike wont be very secure.
  8. rmav

    Kawasaki KX250 (2002)


    I love this bike.
  9. Jimmynap747

    KTM 350 XCF-W (2015)


    Brand new
  10. I have been making these on Motocal.com for my '13 KX250F and want to know what everyone thinks. I'm Not 100% sold on the quality because i cant find reviews or anything, so if someone could tell me what they are like that would be great.
  11. kevin204

    KTM 450 SX-F (2015)


    *thumbs up*
  12. MotoFXGraphics.com Contest

    Final Round! "Free MX Graphics for Life!" Member Contest.

    I created these graphics using the MotoFX MOTOWRAPR custom wrap designer. Help me win them by clicking the Like button! Designed by: greg89740 Create your own custom graphics using the MotoFX MOTOWRAPR and enter them in our contest for your chance to win! START DESIGNING
  13. Can I trouble you for a little help? If you would, please checkout round 11 of the MotoFXGraphics.com "Graphics for Life" member contest. Your fellow TT'ers have created custom graphics for their bikes using the MotoFX MotoWrapR on-line design tool and submitted their designs to win. But, who wins is up you! Please checkout their designs and vote for those that you like by clicking the "like" button. Appreciate the help! By doing so, more vendors will be motivated to run contests like this with us. Here's a winning design from a past round!
  14. Inkdwheels

    Big Bore Failure

    I installed a cylinderworks bbk and an FCR amd MCCT the other day on my DRZ... Did everything right acccording to what I've read on the forums... Today was the break in and It went bad... I got the bike started and warmed up and everything felt ok. 3 miles down the road if died and started billowing white smoke from the exhaust. There was no loud pop or bang just an instant loss of power..I grabbed the clutch and put if in neutral and pulled to the side of the road. I did try to restart once and I could hear it spin but it didnt sound normal... And it didnt try to turn over. There are no leaks that I could find. When I added the coolant I did not burp it. I screwed that part up. I pushed it home but I won't be able to check on it until tonight... Where should I start??
  15. WideningArc1

    Honda CRF250R (2011)


    I have owned and raced many bike from different brands but nothing compares to the controlability and power of this bike.
  16. I recently got and started using Forma Adventure boots, and I like them very,very much but for one thing. The boots are are pretty burly and have a kind of big toebox, and thick lug soles. Due to this I have had to move my shifter up 1 spline, but that position adjustment is a little too high. (have to lift my foot to make shifts rather than just pivot off my footpeg, and really bad if I am gonna just take a quick ride in my sneakers!) The difference between a 1 spline adjustment on the shift lever is apx. 26 mm -or- pretty much an inch. Anyone think of a solution that would be sort of in between? Like how can I make an adjustment to the lever of about 15 mm? And yes, I have thought of bending the stock lever, but it is actually pretty tough. Is there a "custom" or adjustable shift lever for the DRZ400?
  17. DrD

    #Black Bikes Matter

    Let's see those murdered out DRZ's This is my flavor of the 2016 season. I got sick of the bad anodizing on my Unibiker radiator guards (they always looked pinkish) so I busted out my powder coat gun and matte blacked a few things. Should look good with my black SM set up too! Post em up.
  18. ROUND 11 IS ON! TT'ers, we've partnered up with the fine folks at MotoFXGraphics.com (sister company of leading snowmobile wraps vendor since 2004, ArcticFX) to bring you a member contest that we think you'll enjoy! In a nutshell, we'll be running a contest every month (for the next 12 months) where you can design your own custom MX bike graphics on the MotoFXGraphics website and share them on ThumperTalk for a chance to win them. Winners will be picked by your peers based upon designs with the most "Likes". Finally, the previous 12 monthly winning designs will be re-submitted for a community vote, where the Grand Prize winner will receive custom MotoFXGraphics for LIFE!!! >>>This is contest 11 of 12 and submissions for this round end on 01/26/2015.<<< Before you starting designing, please scan the following FAQs & Contest Rules: Q: I entered a previous round and didn't win. Can I enter again? A: Yes! You can enter once per round. So, give er' a shot again! Q: Will I need to download any special software to design these "custom MX graphics"? A: Nope! All the tools are hosted on the MotoFXGraphics.com website. However, at this time, the designer is NOT mobile or tablet friendly (end of summer 2015). Q: I'm no graphics guy, so how can I hope to compete? A: The MotoFXGraphics design tools were made with regular riders in mind. No special skills are required! We give you base designs to start from and you customize them from there. As the guys at MotoFXGraphics say, "Make it yours!". Q: How do I get my design from the MotoFXGraphics.com website into the monthly contest on ThumperTalk? A: All your designs will be saved to your "Garage" on MotoFX. When you're ready to submit your design to the contest, navigate to your "Garage" (under the "My Account" menu), select the design that you want, and click the ThumperTalk logo that is located where all the other social media "share" buttons are located. Super simple! Q: Will this take a lot of time? A: How long you spend designing is up to you but, it can be done in a matter of minutes. Your design(s) can be saved for editing and submission to any of the active contests later. Q: Who can I contact if I run into any technical difficulties on the MotoFXgraphics.com website? A: Please sent a PM to MotoFXGraphics. You must be logged in to ThumperTalk to do this. Q: Are there any rules? A: Of course.... Contest Rules:One contest entry per member, per month (12 monthly contests). Monthly entry with the most community "Likes" wins. Entrants who create additional accounts to boost likes will automatically be disqualified. You may "like" your own entry. Monthly winners (12) will be automatically entered into the Graphics for Life Grand Prize contest. Graphics for Life Contest Grand Prize winner (1) will be selected from among the previous 12 monthly winners. Winning entry will be based upon that with the most community "Likes" (contestant may "Like" their own entry ONCE). Total "Likes" will be tallied as displayed on the desktop version of ThumperTalk. All ties will be settled by random drawing. Winners will be announced in each contest topic on ThumperTalk.com Not all motorcycle makes/models will be covered. Sorry if your bike isn't currently offered. No purchase required, void where prohibited. Graphics for Life = one custom graphics package annually, limited to the vehicles in our system at that time. Not responsible for any uncomfortability when other riders ooooh! and ahhhhh! about how cool your bike looks w/ MotoFXGraphics installed. Suck it up cupcake! >>> Ready to get in on this contest? CLICK HERE to start designing now. <<< MotoFXGraphics MotoWrapR Design Tool Demo Video Attached photos from winners of past rounds and our race bikes from the Caselli Challenge at Glen Helen Raceway last month.
  19. Crfonefiddy

    Honda CRF150RB Expert (2009)


    Compared to all of the other 85 2 strokes, this thing is a rocket. The one thing that i don't like is the bottom end power. The bike just wants to not go when in the bottom end, but when i rev it in the top end it really goes.
  20. So I am a total newb to motorcycle riding and wanted to get into a bit of ADV. I got myself a second hand '08 DRZ400E practically brand new and decided to do ,what I though, was the right thing and have a mechanic look at it before I did to much riding. Now my problem is after the service and fitting of new tyres (which they botched, that is another story) I got the bike back with a fair amount of oil left around the sump plugs the bike was left with grease smears all over the plastics and seat from the filthy mechanic, cosmetic mostly and not much of a worry outside of general attention to detail. The part that seriously concerned me however both of my seat bolts were BEARLY finger tight, I discovered this when the front of my seat was shifting a good half inch either way on the ride home. I feel like I now have to go back over every fastener and check to make sure nothing else is botched up. This is something I do plan to do on a regular basis myself anyway but don't feel I should have to 10km (of bitumen) after a full service. Is this pretty much par for the course with Motorcycle mechanics? (this buisness came with high recommendationsin my area) or do I have cause for ripping strips off the mechanic? How bad was the seat bolts being that loose realistically?
  21. dmbowers98

    Future of the DRZ400!

    So I've worked a Suzuki dealership for a while now, and was talking to my rep about how many DRZ's I've been selling (Owning 3 myself), and about getting more SM's in for next year, bla bla bla... And from what he has told me, it looks like they are going to be making changes in the future. Only basis he has to go off of, is that according to him the DRZ is one of their dirtiest engines still on the market. That and the fact that with Yamaha and Honda coming out with these updated models, they are going to be shut out soon. He said there is a lot of talk of it going on, and is probably going to be happening soonish. As everyone else, I think a fuel injected DR-Z500 would be best case scenario (Other than the fact that it would be even heavier). That or even just a Fuel injected 400. What do you guys think?