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Found 10,000 results

  1. Quay

    Honda 1986 trx250r

    Hey everybody, I have 2 separate 86 trx250r motors that I'm having the same exact issue with and need ur help. I split the cases on both motors and replaced the crank bearings and crank seals on both with all new gaskets and piston and rings. After the motors were all back together and in the bikes I fired them up and both are leaking the air/fuel mixture directly below the crank through the center case where they meet together. Has anyone else ever had this issue?
  2. Well I got my wheeler up and running after 2 months of waiting on parts. After I got it broken in, i noticed the head gasket leaking. Well, it turned out to be a stripped valve cover bolt that ran from the cover all the way to the cylinder block. So i put a heli-coil in it, and when i was putting it all back together, another one stripped. Then another on the other side. I'm torquing them down to the spec 13ft-lbs. is this a common problem? Has anyone else had this issue?
  3. Bryan Bosch

    Honda The 2015 Honda Pioneer 500

    Honda has created a compact, affordable, trail-capable two-person side-by-side that works hard and plays hard. TIMMONSVILLE, SC - May 21, 2014 - (Motor Sports Newswire) - Following the successful launch of the revolutionary 2014 Pioneer™ 700 and Pioneer 700-4, Honda continues its side-by-side expansion with the 2015 Pioneer 500. Compact, versatile and fun, the two-person Pioneer 500 side-by-side is equally adept at off-road recreation or tackling a wide variety of work applications. Best of all it provides and outstanding value for the market: It combines Honda's legendary durability, quality, and reliability with an $8,499 suggested retail price. Sized to fit on trails that impose width restrictions—as well as in the bed of a full-size pick-up truck—the Pioneer 500 was designed by Honda R&D in Ohio, and built at Honda South Carolina (HSC) in Timmonsville using domestically and globally sourced parts. Its compact size and affordable price provides attainable access into the side-by-side category for a larger group of four-wheel customers. Size matters Recreational riders are encountering restrictions in more and more off-road areas: trail access for off-road vehicles is limited to those with a width no greater than 50 inches—narrower than many full-sized side-by-sides. With its brand-new steel ladder-frame chassis and compact 50-inch width, the Pioneer 500 is designed to fit 50-inch limited access trails and allows for convenient home storage. Overall length is 102.5 inches, and a modest 73.1-inch wheelbase helps return agile handling and a tight turning radius of only 13 feet. Double-wishbone suspension front and rear with durable steel A-arms yield 5.9 inches of travel that's plush enough for a comfortable ride, yet progressive enough for most off-road trails. The rear shocks offer spring preload adjustability to alter the ride for light or heavy loads. The rear suspension also features a stabilizer bar system, reducing body roll when cornering. 24 x 8-12 tires help give the Pioneer 500 a quality steering feel and ride. Powered by Honda's proven longitudinally mounted 475cc liquid-cooled overhead valve single-cylinder four-stroke engine, the Pioneer 500 features plenty of low-end torque, and a smooth easy-to-use powerband that makes it fun to use in a wide range of environments. Honda's Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system ensures accurate fuel metering and great throttle response under many different riding conditions, including high-altitude operation. Additionally, the Pioneer 500 incorporates an oxygen sensor and catalytic converter in the durable stainless-steel exhaust system, which increases fuel-metering precision while also allowing the Pioneer 500 to meet exhaust emissions requirements. Power is transmitted to the wheels through a five-speed gearbox with reverse that uses an electric shift system featuring paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. Pull the paddle on the right side for upshifts, or pull the paddle on the left for downshifts. The familiar layout and function of this system is similar to what's found in Honda automobiles and provides the driver with a fun recreation feature and useful gear control for work. Reverse is easily engaged via a dash-mounted lever, and gear position is displayed on the centrally located digital meter for convenient reference. Shift engagement from one gear to the next in the Pioneer 500 is notably smooth, thanks to a shock-absorbing judder spring in the clutch assembly and a momentary fuel cut during shifts that helps smooth the transition from one gear to the next—two innovative bits of Honda bright-think. On downhill slopes, the Electric Shift transmission allows the driver to hold a gear for positive engine braking that supplements the 200mm hydraulic front and rear disc brakes for slowing power, a welcome feature. With its 1,000 pound towing capacity and ability to hold a lower gear, the Pioneer 500 has the ability to tackle big jobs in a variety of terrain. Final drive is handled via shaft, and a handy gearshift selector makes it easy to switch from 2WD to 4WD when the going gets tough. Convenient access for you and your gear To climb into the Pioneer 500, you merely twist the door release knob, and the door and net open together as one unit—an ingenious and simple design. The knob is easily accessible from inside or outside of the vehicle. The door swings open a full 180 degrees for easy entry and exit. Inside, there's a roomy and comfortable bench seat for the driver and passenger. The Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) meets OSHA requirements, and there are three-point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seat belts. In back a large, flat rear carrier built of sturdy steel tubing provides a big space measuring about 30 inches by 46 inches wide. With a deck height of only 37.5 inches, the rear carrier is an easy lift for packing your gear on board. The rack is rated for a load capacity of 450 pounds, and multiple hook points for tie-downs are conveniently provided all around. There's plenty of room on the rear carrier for users to add specialized equipment or an enclosed box for parts, tools, or camping gear. The options are nearly endless. There's also more than 40 Honda Genuine and Signature Accessories that allow owners to configure their Pioneer 500 to meet their specific needs right off the showroom floor. Attention to detail counts for plenty, and as would be expected, the Pioneer 500 is up to full Honda spec in this area. Access for pre-ride maintenance items, such as brake fluid, coolant level, and oil level, is simple and requires no tools. Thoughtful touches in the rider compartment include dual headrests, two cup holders and a 12-volt power outlet. The hood, seat back and seat bottom can be easily removed as needed for access to the oil dipstick and air filter. And multi-reflector halogen headlights offer plenty of illumination should your rides stretch past sundown. With new people entering the growing side-by-side market, the Pioneer 500 provides a whole new level of accessibility—both in its versatile capabilities as well as its exceptional value. Compact, easy handling and trail-ready, the Pioneer 500 offers a highly affordable fun alternative for recreational riding, outdoor sports, chores around the homestead, the job site, and so much more. From side-by-side enthusiasts to new riders, the Pioneer 500 is likely to become an instant favorite.
  4. C0leTrain

    Honda Best sand tire for a 416ex?

    I will be going to the atv Jamboree in Genoa, Nebraska this June and will need at least rear paddles. What is a good paddle tire for sand trails and the occasional drag?
  5. Well I got my wheeler up and running after 2 months of waiting on parts. After I got it broken in, i noticed the head gasket leaking. Well, it turned out to be a stripped valve cover bolt that ran from the cover all the way to the cylinder block. So i put a heli-coil in it, and when i was putting it all back together, another one stripped. Then another on the other side. I'm torquing them down to the spec 13ft-lbs. is this a common problem? Has anyone else had this issue?
  6. When I go back out to my dads this summer I found a 1985 fl350 that my cousin has. He wants 1500 for it which I think is a good deal. He said it has less than 20 hours on a full rebuild with a 380 big bore. He got it from the guy who did the big bore but lost contact since. I can't find any info on a 380 big bore or where it came from. I've drove it last summer and its absaloutly nuts. Tires spinning all the way to 70 and it goes 120 km/h. I plan to put a DG pipe and 38 mm carb and a comet 102c clutch and air box mods as well. Any info on a 380 kit or where to get a replacement piston when the time comes would be great. (Stock it was 329 cc after the recall in 86)
  7. Big news was hiding in Honda’s latest release of new model year information, as the company has unveiled its new Pioneer 700-4 — a versatile side-by-side with seating for up to four and an innovative convertible bed space — all built atop the company’s Big Red platform. Read more....
  8. HondaRider240

    Honda Honda Trx250ex Engine Upgrade

    I currnetly own a Honda trx250ex 2006 I want to know if their any engine upgrades I can do to make it more aggresive going down a trail or for racing but I need to keep it under a 300cc.
  9. 1990 Honda Fourtrax 300 2wd Smokes after Timing chain replacement. I am mechinicalined however never replaced a chain before. The chain popped off so i figured it would be best to replace it due to age of motor. Replace chain and while reassembling I snapped a valve stem while putting on the head. I replaced the valve, finished assembling and fired it up. Ran the motor for about a minute and Blue smoke to no end. Will this settle out? Could it be the new valve not sitting correctly? Worn faulty valve seaL? Timing off? Something more menninising? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.
  10. QIKasLghtnin2

    Honda trx 250r

    Just got an 86-87 honda 250r and was wondering what is the best place to find parts for them. Also what pipe combo and reeds would be a good all around set-up? also what jetting should i run here in Va? Thanks
  11. Maxc12123

    Honda 400ex help

    The problem I have is my 400 not being able to wheelie that great. But the thing is, i hoped on my buddys z400 and that thing wheelied like a champ. i could ride wheelies all day with it. My 400 has either the same amount or more hp than it. He had a z400 with a slip on dmc. My 400 has k&n, aftermarket baffle, stage 2 hot cam, 11:1 piston. Any suggestions.
  12. dso8950

    Honda 400ex rear pad install

    How hard is it to install rear brake pads on a 04 400ex? I don't have an owners manual or service manual. I was hoping someone could offer some tips to help walk me through it. I work on cars motorcyles and just about everything,just that I never did pads on a quad before. Any help would be great. Thank you.
  13. I have an '07 TRX420 Rancher. I want to add some Rox Risers. If anybody has added risers (any kind) and/or a taller bar, how much slack/play is there before I have to replace brake lines & cables?
  14. 250XCowboy

    Honda high compresion piston

    Hello new guy here hope this site is as helpfull as another forum about truck has been to me I had a knock in my 91 honda trx250x i tore the whole topend down trying to find it. I found it in a worn rocker and took it to a local shop and the head tech there confermed that is probably what was causing the knock. Sence it is all apart and the wristpin is slightly worn as well and it needs honed and new rings i was going to put a new piston in . I was looking around and it seems that the stock comp was 9:1. What difference will i notice going to a 12:1 wiesco piston? Would going over sized make any differnece? the largest i can find is a 76mm stock is 74mm. Will i be just asking for more problems? thanks josh
  15. crf7212

    Honda 450r plastics on 250r?????

    old school 250r with new style 450r plastics i think would be pretty cool. anyone if you could do this??
  16. Ontothe4stroke

    Honda Spray Painting rims black

    I got a 92 honda 250x i have the stock rims (not on the quad) in very nice condition. I want to clean em up and paint them black. I was wondering how exactly i should go about doing this, because i know its all in the prep work. Sandpaper too rough? if so what do i use, anybody thats got advice or experience feel free to give your input
  17. reconranger

    Honda Honda Foreman Redesign For 2012

    Fuel injection, liquid cooled, more suspension, kept the solid rear axle (good for a work machine!), and kept the bulletproof manual transmission. Looks to pretty much be a larger Rancher 420! http://powersports.honda.com/2012/fourtrax-foreman-4x4.aspx
  18. Thumpin440ex

    Honda Exhasut choices FMF-LRD-SPARKS

    Hey guys I am getting ready to pick up a kit for the quad, 440ex, want you thoughts on these 3, maybe the HMF kit. What in your opinion would be the best for the $$$ as far as performance goes. I have been out of the loop for a bit, hell when I was into this, the BIG GUN was the hot lick. Let me know what you all think.. Thanks John
  19. BBRUCH_400EX

    Honda Trx 250r jetting

    I have a 89 250r has 260 kit with pro design cool head, fmf fatty pipe and fmf silencer, k&n air cleaner, carbon fiber v-force reeds and 3/8 reed spacer, i am trying to get the jetting set right any tips?
  20. DirtyBooger

    Honda Trx 450 issue

    A friend of mine has a 2005 TRX 450 with kick start. Not to long ago added an electric start. At that point it was hard to start either way and now when you do get it started it is missing in high gear. Does anyone have any ideas on why it is doing either one and what would fix it would help greatly. Thanx
  21. hondacrftrx

    Honda TRX400EX/X Plastics

    Hi, Just wondering if you could put front fenders from a TRX450R on a TRX400X, because I'm not really that into the stock ones. Where can you get some 1-piece fenders for the 400X? Last thing, if you got different headlights could you put plastics from an older 400 (1999-2003)? These are my favorite. hondacrftrx
  22. pgr11

    Honda Front rim

    I am looking for a front rim for a 400ex. Does anybody have one they are looking to sell? Pm me if you do. This is also posted in the parts fourm but I thought I would try the quad specific forum as well
  23. trujeepr

    Honda Adjusting Shocks

    The stock shocks are set I guess to soft fron the factory, the "S" I guess is for soft and the "H" is for hard, if I am wrong please let me know, anyway I want to adjust them it there a medium setting or would you set it in the middle??? Chuck 04 TRX450R (Stock for now) Tucson AZ.
  24. hambrick

    Honda Update on axle splines

    I had my axle and hubs resplined about three weeks ago.I've been on 3 20+ mile rides and the hubs are just as tight as when I put it back together.The shop that did the work PTM axle pro's charges $200.00.I had to take the axle out.I got it back in a week.The way they repair it makes it stronger than original.
  25. clutch5990

    Honda EHS Racing airbox lid

    I had the HRC lid installed on my bike and recently switched over to the EHS racing kit. After 3 rides I can testify to the fact that it really extends filter life and didn't seem to cause any loss of airflow. I would recomend! Customer service was good...very down to earth guy!