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Found 679 results

  1. DirtRider500R

    Stuck WFO

    The throttle on the 1986 CR500 got stuck WFO yesterday... I realized it about halfway through the wheelie (at first I thought the bike was just finally finding traction). I bounced off my back, to my right temple (I was wearing a neckbrace, thank god), and onto my back again. If the back pain doesn't improve, I'll be going to the ER.
  2. cerialsledder

    michigan Anyone riding yet

    Has anyone been out yet to see if any of the trails are getting close to being rideable? preferably in woverine at the Tomahawk trail system? Getting the itch to ride now that our winter has turned to dog shit. Thanks guys
  3. cerialsledder

    michigan Tomahawk GPS Coords?

    By chance would anyone have any GPS coord files they wouldn't mind sharing of the Tomahawk in Wolverine MI? I tried looking online for a downloadable but came up short. Thanks
  4. Dennis I.


    Was wondering the name and number for the cottage that gets rented out near the mx track...2 story type cottage?
  5. Lots of cool pics in the California threads, lets start one for Michigan.
  6. Mike Michel's

    Do I need turning signals on my enduro ??

    I recently acquired a a 1999 husavina 410 te, my title says for off road use only I really want to make her street legal here in Michigan.
  7. Anyone interested in hitting the trail around 7:30 am?
  8. Good afternoon all! I am trying to get my 2009 KTM 300 XC ready for some Michigan riding in the near future. I was curious on all of your thoughts...I know I can easily hook up a TrailTech Electric fan kit on my KTM, plugs are there, power and all....but it is $145 or so and do I really need it? It is not super warm in MI usually. I generally ride state trails (Ambrose, Ogemaw, etc) and have raced a few HareScrambles. I hope to be out at Portland on May 6th for the HareScramble (C or K-Class depending on the new rules). Based on all of that, what do those of you with similar bikes in similar conditions feel? Fan or no fan? Any thoughts would be great, thank you!
  9. Hi, almost every weekend i go to either baja acres or freelin. keeping it short and sweet, i need to start clearing the super double at freelin to improve lap times. i have heard its a 90 footer and i have heard that it is 75 ft. On a 125 smoker, whats the gearing guys are using? reved up in 4th ? would 3rd clear it. ? ......... the fear that i have is casing it , landing on lop, coming up short etc. Broke my ankle riding in florida a few months back , and that keeps sticking in my head. i guess i just can't hold back at all ? simple advice is appreciated !! thanks guys.
  10. 288yz450

    Michigan Motocross Tires

    Hey Everyone, I am wondering what tires anyone would recommend for Michigan Motocross tracks? I have always used Michelin S12XC on the front and rear but have never really ventured out to other types of tires. I am currently looking at the paddle knobby tires like Pirelli MX Soft 410 or Dunlop MX11 for the rear and I was going to continue to run the S12XC on the front unless someone has a better suggestion. I am trying not to spend a ridiculous ammount on a new set of tires so if anyone has any good recommendation on cheaper tires (Artrax,etc) feel free to chime in. http://www.motosport.com/pirelli-scorpion-mx-soft-410-rear-tire?mmy=yamaha;yz450f;2009 Bike is 09 YZ450F Thanks for any replies in advance!!
  11. It looks like I'll be in the Mio area Saturday 8/3 and plan to put the bike in the back of the truck. I should be available from 8:30 to 4pm. Any suggestions on trails and anyone available to ride with. I'm a c maybe b rider. Just getting back into it after 15 years. I like the tight a narrow Michigan trails but the bike was built for the desert...so pretty much anything goes.
  12. Hi all, So, eventually I want to get a bike and slap a snow bike conversion kit on it. I want to make sure that the bike will have more than enough power. I don't think that my '07 CRF 250X is going to cut it. Also, I know that Timbersled is one of the major brands specializing in these snow bike kits. Anyone know of any others that work good with certain bikes? Thinking of possibly a CR 500..? Thanks
  13. goods

    Southeast Michigan Spots

    Does any body know of any spots to ride in southeast michigan? I usually ride trails up north in the kalkaska area, but i want to find a spot where i can get on the bike for an afternoon without traveling all that way. I live around metro detroit, any places within an hour would be great.
  14. Dirtrider108

    Michigan Track Riding

    Im new to thumper talk; I've been riding dirtbikes for about 12 years, I got a 2007 CRF 250r and I live in rural michigan i have never taken it to a track and might be soon, any tips or pointers on what i should do, wear, look out for? Please reply and thanks.
  15. uncorked xr650r

    Michigan St.Clair County

    Anyone live in St.Clair County Michigan or the thumb in general.I live in Avoca just south of Yale.I just bought a totally rebuilt xr650r and am looking to put the torque to the test.I will ride with anyone whether a joy rider or mx rider 2 stroke/4 stroke ANYONE just looking for a good time.And i am looking for a place to ride to Gravel pits/dunes ect... Thanks, Ryan
  16. ulmanb

    Michigan Saturday June 18th.

    Anyone riding around Rose City vicinity on Saturday morning?
  17. Interested in riding during the week somewhere reasonably close like Leota or somewhere that is close to the Port Huron/St. Clair area where I live. Luzerne is a great place to camp and ride....I have no problem driving or pulling a trailer. I few years ago I had really good luck meeting some of the Michigan TT members a organizing some day trips. Maybe some track days? Any day is good for me. And have no problem doing some camping. While I have no problem with weekends; I was kinda thinking that during the week we would have the trail to ourselves! Anyone is welcome; guys, gals, bikes, or quads. I can bring either or both
  18. I am heading down to the first enduro in Roselawn, IN 4/17. Would like to do some carpooling to save some money. I have room for 1 maybe 2 bikes in my trailer. I am in Middleville, just south of Grand Rapids. Let me know if this may work for anybody. Thanks, Andy
  19. kan3

    Michigan Anyone go riding today?

    Anyone else besides me get off work early to go riding today with this 50f day?
  20. Dennis I.

    Michigan Trail conditions at Evart?

    Looking to gather for a spring ride May12,was wondering if anybody has been out there yet...?
  21. nuudle8

    Michigan Single track Saturday 4/10

    Anybody planning a single track ride somewhere this Saturday (4/10)?
  22. deeman

    Michigan Anyone riding this weekend?

    Looking to ride on Saturday. I will be in Lewiston near Mio and Atlanta, but willing to go anywhere. Any group rides planned?
  23. I have a friend that I would like to introduce to riding, but I dont feel comfortable putting him on my 2-strokes as a first time rider. Anyone know of anywhere in michigan to rent either a sport quad or trail bike (xr style)?
  24. Hey everyone, I just hit ten years in th military deployed a bunch of times and its been almost 4 years since i have been back home. Im bringing the dirt bike and wanting to hit some tracks or a track while im up there. Ill be up Aug 2- Aug 5th. Ill be staying around the Howell/Brighton area. Im about a B rider mid pack on a good day. Anyone have some buddies or ideas? Looking that Saturday or possibly Sunday. Willing to drive aroud 2hours. Prefer something a little closer. Im heading up from Fort Benning, GA. I appreciate the time. RLTW!
  25. the xr dude

    Michigan Baldwin

    Anyone want to ride up there some weekend?