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Found 231 results

  1. Ud_Luz

    Missouri Chadwick, closed?

    I was going to run down this weekend and play a bit. Anybody know if it's closed?
  2. Flyingxr200r

    Hare Scrambles?

    Hello, Having improved my dirt biking skills considerably I have decided to enter the Missouri hare scramble scene. I am missing some crucial information as I am having difficulty figuring out how to start. When is the standard season? Looking at the schedule I see there are rounds, how does this effect the riders? Can you join a race in a later round having not raced prior? And is there any other general information I need to continue? Thanks!
  3. Just a heads up for all the Tards out there....Cincinnati OH checking in.. rooms booked and looking for a group around PA OH IN and KY to do a ride share if anyone is interested in that to cut travel costs.. Email me @ Rosenturd@gmail.com thanks, Rob Original thread link: http://www.supermoto....Supermoto-Ride Original thread info from WWW.Supermotojunkies.com : " RESERVE YOUR ROOMS HERE: Westwood Inn Branson is proud to be the host hotel for the 2014 USA SUPERMOTO MEET. We will offer a discount rate of $40.00 per night for Supermoto Riders, friends and family June 6th-8th Includes a free breakfast each day, special parking, & free wifi for reservations Call 417-339-7471 and let us know you are with the supermoto group.-Westwood Management This is the Hotel that we all will be staying at, so get your room booked soon. You do not need a credit card to reserve the room so get it done!!! Next we had a little discussion today about the event today... 1st. We are planning on having a stunt lot sesh friday with a ride afterwards. 2nd. Saturday will be a all day outside the cities ride with dirt, street and road gaps. 3rd. Sunday will be the same as saturday. We want the event this year to be sponsor free, along with everything else. This will make the event run smoother than having a ton of fuss with planning this first year. The following years we will step it up and have vendors sponsors and etc. This event is going to be straight forward, meaning; We will ride and ride and ride. There will be many different levels of riders so like stated below, ride within your ability, if you want to try something new go to the back with the rest of us toolz doing dumb shit, but BE SAFE... HELMETS ARE MANDATORY.... Cannot stress this enough... Even Gear is recommended... Keep in mind we will have coverage through video etc, so be on your best behavior within town limits and there after. This does not mean after we get outside city limits we wont go nuts... But! Be safe and keep your ability in mind and those around you... Respect for everyone and everything we will be around in top priority as many have brought up thus far. The hotel we are all going to be staying at has been gracious enough to let us stay there with a great discount, we will want this to happen following year, SO be respectful and clean your shit up etc... No wheelies in the hall and no circles in the rooms!!! Share the Event link when ever you feel the need, we need to get the word out to all the right channels so that everyone is informed in due time. Ill add more later as the need arrises, ask any questions or concerns below... If you have a question you do not want to post, shoot me a message through Facebook and we can discuss the matter. Lastly we do not endorse any Riding behavior other than keep both wheels on the ground and going 4mph below the speed limit... Sincerely Brian Foster President/CEO of SuperMoToolz Corrections Counselor Cat lover "
  4. old man dave 59


  5. usagi

    Missouri Chadwick Guides

    I just moved to the area (Ava), and I'm looking for some local riders to tag a long with. Unfortunately I am booked for the next couple weekends, so I'm thinking June 8/9 at the earliest or probably the week after, 15/16. Anybody planning a ride at Chadwick around then?
  6. pprhonda1

    Missouri Chadwick

    Midwest riders that enjoy Chadwick Use Area. Please read the sticky posted by Ud_Luz titled "Chadwick- important" and read the attachment about the U.S.F.S. plans for the future of the area. If you wish to have the area remain the same with the same camping privilages please reply to the open public opinion emails regarding the proposal when it comes available at the Ava Ranger District site, between 11/27/10 and 12/10/10 according to the rangers who patrol the area. If our voice is not heard, the the proposal will go through as written.
  7. old man dave 59

    Missouri Kilburn Woods Hare Scramble

    Very wet and Knarly Woods
  8. Ok I'm putting out the feelers to hook up with some folks to do a trail ride. I'm driving out from California with my father and 18 month old son to visit family in Battlefield around mid April. I'd be tickled pink if I could find some folks and hook up for a off road ride. We are driving out to pick up an old trail 90 that was purchased by my grandfather. It has been sitting in a barn for the last twenty five years. We are picking it up, bringing it home and it will become a project that we will document for my son including the road trip to pick it up and all that junk. It will have to be a mid week ride due to our driving schedule but hopefully I can make it happen. I'm a very competent off road rider who loves technical type stuff, I'm not a squid or donkey. I will bring my KLX450R to ride unless someone suggests otherwise. I also have a solid 97 KX250 pinger set up for offroad. It looks like we will arrive in Battlefield on Monday April 12th so ideally riding on that Wednesday the 14th looks like the ticket. So, anyone up to punishing a Southern California guy on some MO trails?
  9. My son and I just started riding this fall and we are looking to meet up with some other riders from the St. Louis area. I have only been out to Fulton a couple of times and was looking at going to ActionMX soon. Does anyone have any good recommendations for riding areas? I've been told to steer clear of St. Joe because it is a mad house. I thought I'd like trail riding alot and therefore bought a crf230 trail bike - but i think i'd like to try some mx tracks. My son is also a beginning rider and is pretty cautious. If anyone is looking for company to go riding with and doesn't mind the fact that we're novices, hit me up. I'd love to learn from others and have some fun.
  10. idowza

    Missouri Westphalia Riding Area

    In the W2R section there is a place in central MO called "Westphalia Riding Area." I can't find any info about it anywhere. Does this place even exists?
  11. Hi I'm from Wisconsin and we are trying to find a place to ride in MO. What place is better St. Joe or Briggs and what are the trail conditions like down there now. Thanks for your help.
  12. mike1987

    Missouri New guy from stl

    hey guys my name is mike. I joined up because i am currently looking for a yamaha wr250x. anyone near stl that rides supermoto?
  13. https://vimeo.com/37816974 Congrats to Midwest Off Road Events (MORE) for taking the win once again!
  14. greatdayne

    Missouri winter riding

    is there anywhere in the midwest to mx in the winter. i am from iowa and would like to take my 6 yr old son practicing mx in the winter. i am thinking missouri or southern illinois in december. thanks
  15. There are a few new state parks being planned and taking suggestions. I submitted some including 2-wheeled motorized access. Probably a long shot, but worth a try. https://mostateparks.com/newparks (survey links at the bottom) Bryant Creek Park just happens to border my own property, so I'd love to see trails open there. Call me selfish.
  16. Honda-Rider420

    Missouri St. Joe this weekend

    Anyone heading down to st. joe this weekend? anyone been there lately? (within a month)
  17. old man dave 59

    Missouri Hiilbilly Christmas Tree

    New use for Crashed DRZ 400 E motorcycle parts.
  18. old man dave 59

    Missouri WFO Trailriders Fall ride

    WFO Trailriders are planning a trip to Mill Creek on the 7th through the 10th of October. Weahter should be nice and cool, Please let us know if you can join us.
  19. You can now buy your Chadwick/Sutton Bluff day use and yearly permits online. Print the day use and a temorary version of the yearly (sticker will be mailed to you).. http://secure.kinsail.com/partners/parks.asp?p=twain&pt=parks
  20. old man dave 59

    Missouri Coolest Gnarly Trail with Waterfalls

    Finally got time to edit this video from the WFO Trailriders Mill Creek Arkansas Spring ride. We found all kinds of new single track there this year and a new BAD BOY Trail. Next year Mill Creek Spring Ride Event will be short notice because we want to be there when the waterfalls are running full. We found many very close to camp , but not in Mill Creek Riding area, including one very well hidden, probably only locals know about. This new trail is very well hidden too and very dangerous to access from the top because it is on a cliff and snakes down into a valley. We had met up with some locals and had helped them recover a jeep that had gone over a ledge on the blue run, using the FJ as an anchor and a winch on another Jeep, and successfully recovered the jeep after about 2 and a half hours of winching and repositioning vehicles to recover on the south end of the blue trail about half way up the hill climb. The new trail is a serious 4X4 trail if you come in from the beginning, but can be accessed from other access points yet to be explored and found. We had gotten within a mile with the FJ,( Lifted and locked ) when the crew that had gone ahead on the bikes and informed us that the waterfall was dry at this time right before a very gnarly hill climb, so we turned around there and rode in from the top the next day. Notice that the 1st waterfall is going to be the most scenic coming in from the top.

    Missouri Warm Days In The Ozarks..

    Forecast for the Springfield area is saying 50 on Christmas day, 40 on Monday, then climbing up into the middle 50's Wed., Thurs., and Fri. Upper 40's Saturday and Sunday 1-1-12. Sunny about every day, doesn't get any better than that for this time of year around here. Be a great time to come to Chadwick for anyone who's off next week and wanting to get out and ride.
  22. semo549

    Missouri SEMO Raceway this weekend?

    They are having practice saturday and racing sunday. I'm headed out there for both. Is anyone else goin there? Ive never been, anyone have any input on it?
  23. old man dave 59

    Missouri Century Farms HGP Hare Scramble 1st lap

    HGP Century farms Hare Scramble -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some good footage of the first lap of the MO Hare Scramble on Sunday 1-9-11 at the Century Farms race. Started slow because I was sick and it was only about 20 degrees.
  24. Ryder211

    Missouri St. Louis Mo Rides

    I am relatively new to the dual sport riding. I just picked up a DR650 and am looking for places to ride through and anyone in the area to ride with. If there are any places worth going in the St. Louis, St. Charles area let me know. I went to St. Joe last weekend had a blast but maybe there are some places closer? I have the weekend off so let me know your ideas. If nothing else comes up I am going to check out the Lets Go Nutz area tomorrow. At the very least should be a good ride out there.
  25. ccman60

    Missouri M.o.r.e.

    Has anyone heard of this Hare Scramble Series? I have a couple buddies wanting me to go racing with them, say its a pretty decent series. Can't seem to find a web site. Maybe I have the name wrong. Any help?