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  1. I must just be getting old and grumpy but screw all the fireworks, circus act's and flat bill, saggy pants crowd. I'm looking forward to February 25th a whole lot more than January 7th. Bring on the outdoors! http://www.mxgp.com/news/mxgp-2017-provisional-calendar
  2. http://m.vitalmx.com/videos/member/Fox-MX-The-Reeds-One-Family-One-Brand,14767/GD2,43126 What happened to Shift?
  3. We are going. Sitting in the high country. Hope to get it the pits early this year.
  4. Some sweet old bikes shown in the vid... Including the first 4 stroke to qualify for a Supercross 😛
  5. I recently have been trying to get into motocross and I am wondering what fuel to run. I just use marine gas on my bike now, but was wondering what would be the best for motocross.
  6. so i recently just started riding motocross and i’m in love with it. i need a bike to use for motocross. i have a budget around like 2,300 and i’m 6’1 185 pounds. what bike should i get? i’d get a full size 125 but i feel like i’d need more power soon and there might not be a point to buying a 125 then a 250. any ideas?
  7. I got a question. I own a 2016 KX 85. It ran amazing after it first bought it used. I was riding one day with a bogging issue and about 35 minutes of riding I shut it off to take a break. Came back 20 minutes later and it would not start.I changed the spark plug, cleaned out the carb,checked the reeds,and tried hill starting it but nothing .When ever I try to hill start it I can hear it trying to crank and It starts for like half a second but then dies.There is spark coming from the plug though.I took the cylinder off and the piston and cylinder are &%$#@!ed.The piston rings were stuck in the grooves and I had to use pliers and a screwdriver to get it out.There was a ton of blow-by and the cylinder was scored.I bought a new piston already but how can I fix my cylinder.Im thinking of getting it repaired and replayed by either millennium,PowerSeal USA, or usnicom.This is my first time owning a 2 stroke.Any answers or tips.
  8. So the camshaft bearing snapped and got in the valves and locked the motor what damage you think it did to the bike? Had oil and coolant so idk
  9. So I was listening to pulp and in the first hour they said 2 things that caught my attention. James said on the show in the past that Roger doesn't like him, has something happened in the past for Roger to not like James or was it a bunch of little things like the letter in 2009 about MXON or his cockyness back in the day or something else big happen? Also, they were joking with Tony B and Kevin about Eli not going to RCH because of Tony B being there. Eli is seemingly such a chill down to earth dude, its hard to imagine he doesn't like someone unless that person did something to really piss him off. Does anyone know whats the deal there? It just caught my attention and was curious on those 2 things if anyone knows. I tried to google both to see if there was a story about it and didnt come up with anything on Eli and Tony and only saw that letter from JS about not getting picked a few years ago when he showed an dilla unprepared. Edit: Tony Berluti - Mechanic for Brok Tickle and RCH (apparently a legend in the mechanics side of things right up with the Goose)
  10. http://www.racerxonline.com/2013/08/10/rv-out-for-mxon im pretty sure this is a false rumour but i could be wrong
  11. This first set is for mobile users. Keep scrolling for PC desktop wallpaper. The thumbnail is only to preview the image. To download the full wallpaper, click the url/link. Images are courtesy of our friends at http://www.papermoto.com 👍 http://www.thumperta...apers_Bogle.jpg http://www.thumperta...pers_Canard.jpg http://www.thumperta...pers_Dungey.jpg http://www.thumperta...papers_Hahn.jpg http://www.thumperta...pers_Mookie.jpg http://www.thumperta...ers_Musquin.jpg http://www.thumperta...papers_Reed.jpg http://www.thumperta...pers_Roczen.jpg http://www.thumperta...apers_Short.jpg http://www.thumperta...ers_Stewart.jpg http://www.thumperta...pers_Tickle.jpg
  12. Well, there you have it. There's nobody faster on a 250, on an MX track. I've been lucky enough to see this kid live at Des Nations last year in Lommel, and he schooled the entire field on a 350... Killed it, and looked good doing it. Picture Tomac at his very best, but with consistency and without the mental lapses Eli has been prone to. That good. Has the chance to go undefeated in the MX2 class this year, something that's never been done, and just clinched his second MX2 title at 18yrs of age. Impressive. Cool interview with the man (boy), himself: http://www.racerxonline.com/2013/08/06/open-mic-jeffrey-herlings
  13. Get your popcorn ready ! http://www.motoxaddicts.com/2013/07/25/the-inside-story-tony-alessi-tells-all/
  14. MX-Life TV Live Timing and Scoring Results and Points MX-Life TV: Live Race Coverage Saturday EMX150 Free + Qualifying Time Practice 8:40 MX2 Free Practice 9:30 MX1 Free Practice 10:15 EMX125 Group 1 Free + Qualifying Time Practice 11:00 EMX125 Group 2 Free + Qualifying Time Practice 11:40 EMX150 Qualifying Race 12:30 MX2 Pre-Qualifying Practice 13:15 MX1 Pre-Qualifying Practice 14:00 EMX125 Semi Final Group 1 14:50 EMX125 Semi Final Group 2 15:30 MX2 Qualifying Race 16:10 MX1 Qualifying Race 17:00 EMX125 Last Chance Qualifying Practice 17:40 Sunday: MX2 Warm up 9:00 MX1 Warm up 9:30 EMX150 Warm up 10:00 EMX125 Warm up 10:30 EMX150 FINAL 11:20 MX2 Grand Prix Race 1 12:10 MX1 Grand Prix Race 1 13:10 EMX125 Final 14:10 MX2 Grand Prix Race 2 15:01 MX1 Grand Prix race 2 16:07
  15. No matter what MX related page you are on or what social media you are using, there is always those guys who are having a fight which continent has the faster riders. "If Cairoli thinks he is fast, why isn't he coming to USA?" and that kind of stuff. Let's face the truth, it always seems like it's the good-ole American message board heroes who are saying that kind of things the most. But honestly, why? After all, we are all in the same boat. Shouldn't we be happy that there is different kinds of race series in the world and just enjoy the sport? Couple decades back, the American riders were crossing the Atlantic to race in Europe. It was because of the good money, and the level was incredibly high in Europe. The 500cc GP's was the king of all classes. You don't see that happen anymore, and there is many reasons for that. The AMA Nationals and Supercross are the biggest race series in the world, if we think about it money wise. The prize and contingency moneys are good, and that's how it should be. You can score a 40-40 moto results on a Nationals, and still get more prize money than you paid for signing into that race. Like I said, that's how it should be. You can basically ride for a living and get a reasonable paycheck every month by scoring results around the 20th place, just from the prize money only. It motivates the riders to work harder, because it's easier to be a pro rider in the United States. Obviously the level is incredibly high, but there is a big bunch of guys who get in touch with the prize money every weekend. The biggest flaw in the MXGP's right now is the prize money - or the lack of it. MXGP's has an incredibly greedy promoter, who considers motocross nothing else but business. The permission to host an MXGP race costs around 300 000-500 000€ for the country who is hosting the event. To sign up to race one race in the MX2 or MX1 class, costs 1000€ for the rider - that same thing costs about 200$ in the AMA Nationals. There is no prize money in the MXGP's. The only way you can get a living out of it, is being in a big team and having big sponsors to pay you for every race you do. That is no problem for the top 20 guys, but outside of that, it is a bit of a problem. That explains the lack of riders in both classes in many rounds. It is rare to see a full 40 man gate in a MXGP race. The top 20 pretty much races every round, but the rest of the pack is more or less local guys or guys who race selected events - or the events they can get enough money to race. With that conclusion, we could say that the AMA Nationals is the more competitive series from the two. There is usually around 60-80 guys trying to qualify on each class in the AMA Nationals. You have to be pretty damn good to be in the top 40 in that series. But that doesn't mean that the European guys would be any slower; I'm going to do some name dropping now. Ken Roczen - MX2 world champion, currently leading the AMA Nationals in the 250 class. Marvin Musquin, same story, top contender in the 250 class in the U.S. Jimmy Decotis, top 10-15 guy in the States, but struggled to score any points in Europe and ended up parting ways with his team in Europe due to his poor results. Zach Osborne, American who came to Europe to race the MX2 class and then headed back to states - same results in both continents. There is few guys in the world of MX, who are considered to be some kind of Super Humans. Ryan Villopoto is probably the fastest man on the planet right now. James Stewart is insanely fast, if he stays up. Ryan Dungey kinda goes into that same category as well. Antonio Cairoli, I don't even remember how many World Titles he has won. Jeffrey Herlings, the fastest 250 rider in the world and the fastest sand rider in the world right now in my opinion. But all in all, it is fair to say that if these guys were racing each other, the Americans would win. MXGP's have a solid bunch of fast racers, but for some reasons there isn't as much of those Super Humans as there are in America - at least for now. But outside of the top 3, I think that the level is pretty even. If you for example threw Clement Desalle to race the AMA Nationals for a season, he would probably score some podiums and have the same kind of results as he has in the GP's. Or if you put Trey Canard in the GP's, he would do pretty much the same as he does in the U.S. right now. There is one thing that people seem to forget when they are debating about which series has the faster riders; The tracks are completely different. The AMA National tracks have been designed to be fun with big jumps and lot of cool, technical sections. AMA tracks are kinda designed as much for the people who bought a ticket for the race as they are for the riders racing them. The GP's have more of an old-school style tracks, that get incredibly rough. Let's just say that the GP tracks are more simple, and nature is doing the rest. You also have to ride a lot more in the GP's; Every GP race has a two-day race format, including practices, a timed pre-qualifying, a qualifying race on Saturday and two brutal 35 min + 2 lap motos on Sundays. In the AMA Nationals, you have practices, timed qualifying and two 30 min + 2 lap motos. That was one thing that Jimmy Decotis was struggling with while he was racing in Europe - he just wasn't used to riding and racing that much on the weekends. Speaking of Jimmy Decotis, he said that the tracks was very difficult for him to get used to in the races. Hard packed tracks with steep hills and tons of off-chamber corners, and a field full of guys who grew up in that kind of conditions were for sure hard to match. Another interesting thing Jimmy-D said, was that he thinks that the GP's have higher level in the MX2 class than the AMA Nationals has in the 250 class. But let's keep the fact in mind, that they are two completely different worlds. After all this talk, I'm heading to my real point: There is no reason for fight which series is better or has the faster riders. Both are great in their own ways, and for sure offer some great racing and are fun to watch. Both series has hardcore professionals, who have spent their entire life for training and racing. You have to respect that kind of guys, no matter where in the world you are. ------------------------------------ http://dirtbikesandl...top-debate.html
  16. One of the local senior racers around here has been posting up some old pictures from the 80's. I found this one funny, the caption he wrote was: "Some kid I met in FL over that winter wanted us to take his picture with this trophy he won. I wonder how he turned out?"
  17. PICKERINGTON, OH – November 27, 2013 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – There will be more opportunity to race vintage motocross in 2014, thanks to an expansion of the AMA Vintage Motocross National Championship Series. The seven-round series will roll through Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky and Indiana from May to October. “Vintage motocross is evolving at an exciting pace,” said AMA Motocross Operational Coordinator Alex Hunter. “We learned a lot in our first year, and we are putting those lessons to work in 2014.” New facilities for 2014 include Sunset Ridge MX in Walnut, Ill.; Russell Creek MX in Greensburg, Ky.; and Mammoth East in Paoli Peaks, Ind. Racers also will have additional classes to choose from, particularly expanded non-current classes. “We’ll also be putting into place a new advancement system to recognize our faster riders with well-earned A-class designations,” Hunter added. “As with all AMA-sanctioned competition, riders will have the option of joining the AMA as part of our family membership option or participating using the new one-event pass. “One of vintage racing’s most enduring qualities is its accessibility,” Hunter said. “Almost anyone with an old dirtbike can find a place to race in our series and be competitive. It’s some of the most fun you can have on two wheels.” The program is also shifting to a one-day format for 2014. “Promoters asked that we streamline the program,” Hunter said. “In addition, with several riders traveling to compete, many reported that a one-day format would be more manageable. In making this change, we also responded to organizer and racer feedback and split motocross into its own national series this year.” Rules, schedule updates and class requirements can be found here. 2014 AMA Vintage Motocross National Championship Series Round 1: May 18 Action Sports Moto-Park, Athens, Ohio www.actionsportsracing.com Round 2: July 19-20 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio www.americanmotorcyclist.com Round 3: Aug. 3 Sunset Ridge Motocross, Walnut, Ill. www.sunsetridgemx.com Round 4: Aug. 24 Lincoln Trail Motosports, Casey, Ill. www.lincolntrailmotosports.com Round 5: Sept. 14 Log Road Motocross, Coldwater, Mich. www.logroadmx.com Round 6: Oct. 4 Russell Creek Motocross, Greensburg, Ky. Round 7: Oct. 18 Mammoth East, Paoli Peaks, Ind. www.podium1motoplex.com
  18. Jimmy Decotis. Eveyone who regularly watches mx, knows Jimmy-D from his two-stroke videos, whips and all kinds of cool stuff. It's hard to not like this kid from Massachusetts, speaking that super strong Boston accent. For 2013 summer, Decotis followed the footsteps of for example Zach Osborne and Michael Leib, by leaving the States and moving to Europe to race the GP's. He got a very, very good ride from the CLS Kawasaki. The bikes are perfectly comparable to the U.S. version of the Pro Circuit Kawasaki's as far as the performance goes. However, this far Jimmy Decotis trip to Europe has not gone as he would've wanted as far as the results go. He has only raced two races including four motos, but has scored zero points from the possible 100 points from those races. Obviously, neither I or no one else expects Decotis to win four motos straight from his first GP's. I personally think, that the MX2 GP's are as stacked as the 250 class is in the U.S. this year. Jeffrey Herlings is in my opinion the best 250 outdoor rider in the world right now, and I think that he would win motos in the AMA Nationals if he would race there this summer. But what causes these kind of results for Jimmy-D? Obviously, the tracks are completely different than they are in the U.S. It takes some time to get used to European tracks, there is no doubt about that. He has left the Honda, and jumped on the Kawasaki. I don't think that explains nothing at all, because like I said, we are talking about a really, really good bike and team here. The biggest factor must be that he has travelled thousands of miles, to a completely new continent all by himself to race dirtbikes. That is a huge life change, and for sure takes some time to get used to it. Just getting used to the timezone, food, language, traffic etc. "These results are just about me. If I was in the U.S. right now and riding like this then I would still be in twentieth place." That is a good sentence for everybody that is doubting the level in Europe. The depth of the field in MX2 class is the same as it is in the States in my opinion. Why? Because not a single local guy want's to pay 1000€ entry fees and go racing without knowing that he has the speed and fitness. (Except in the races in South America, Qatar, Thailand and countries that are super far from Europe) I thought that Sevlievo would suit better for Jimmy-D, but that wasn't the case. Next round of the World Champion Series takes place in Agueda, Portugal. That track is one lined, gnarly and gets incredibly rough during the weekend. Can Jimmy Decotis bounce back and score some points there? He should. Can he totally murder it there and score top 10's? There shouldn't be any reason why he wouldn't do that as well. He has done it before in the AMA Nationals. All we have to do is wait and see what he can do in the next rounds. All the best for Jimmy Decotis. P.S. I can't even tell how much I'm waiting to see him in the Finnish GP this year. That track is like 25 miles from my house, and I will for sure be there. I will be rooting for this guy. ------------ Ride hard. Now guys, what do you think is the problem with Jimmy-D right now? Original link: http://dirtbikesandl...uggling-in.html
  19. Really looking forward to this years MX Nationals, starting this weekend at Raymond Terrace. Format is: MX1 - 2 x 30min Motos MX2 - 2 x 30min Motos And now there's a live stream! Ahhh so nice! http://mysportlive.com.au/livestream/ These two changes alone are huge steps in the right direction. I think one of the primary problems is the riders aren't superstars in Aus like they are in the US, and this stems primarily from a lack of a large fanbase. However, I'd like to see MX Media promote the top riders better and emphasise any conflicts (i.e the Stewart/Reed battle).
  20. I tore down my 450 to install new faction mx valves. Everything went well and I have put everything back together, the only problem is im missing a hose! I have the larger Breather hose, but I'm missing the smaller one. i know the larger one is an oil overflow in case the bike is laid on its side, but I don't remember what the smaller one is or what it is called, please help me!
  21. No one's riding better than RV and no one is in better physical condition.
  22. I just saw that Cairoli become Italian Sportsman of the year 2013. He beat all the fancy soccer player and other top athletes. This is a really good news for the world of motocross http://mxdose.com/mxdose/antonio-cairoli-italian-sports-man-2013/
  23. ...just noticed thunder valley on at 11 am Mst, 1 pm Est, on ch 30 The Score sunday in Canada
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