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Found 407 results

  1. Has anyone been here in a truck or street legal bike? I know what ever your in or on has to be street legal but I wasn't sure how it is for wheeling or riding.
  2. Hi all; So I've seen this topic a few times on TT but not alot of recent info; below is a craigslist link of someone who is definitely working the system and I wanted to see what paths are available to do the same. https://cnj.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2001-kawazaki-kx250-nj-street/6557844943.html From what I read the trick is to title and plate the bike in another state (Vermont was usually the one mentioned) and then just transfer the street title at the NJ MVC, then cross your fingers and hope the friendly, well spoken and educated people behind the desk there don't catch on. So I was wondering if anyone has tried this and if so is it as simple as it sounds? For example would you need DOT approved tires and stickers on the bike in the pictures you send to the Vermont DMV and any legal info about titling the bike in Vermont Also do you need a Vermont address? My main goal is just to have a registered bike so if I were ever caught in the Pines "trespassing" the police couldn't impound my bike ( 2000 yz250 if that has any bearing on this process) As for street riding; it would just be with my buds out in the sticks and in between corn fields, so I don't plan on interacting with police very much and if so its's usually the I know a guy that knows a guy situation Thanks for the tips and help
  3. Anyone looking to ride in Wharton State forest let me know. I know the area well and will take you on a 100 mile ride. I am retired so I can ride anytime during the week or weekend. I ride a 2015 WR250F and a 2016 KTM 450 xc w
  4. Looking for my stolen kx 500 I went to the impound yard to aquire if it had been found he said no but there is a 400 ex there he's ready to auction off next week said it's been there bout year in a half.he said people showed up w no proof of paper work n blew em out of there due to no proof of ownership.
  5. Hello everyone, first post but ive been reading for a long time. I live in southern jersey and race ECEA. With this I have met a few people that recommend joining a club. I have talked to a few but I feel like they wouldn't fit me well. So here I am starting one of my own, sorta. I am not looking to make something big but more of something that everyone knows each other and are good friends. I have a private compound at my house where I practice, as well as going to field of dreams regularly. So here is my plan, anyone that is interested, that rides singletrack, or trails of any kind is welcome. we will have meetups for practice, races, and any time else you could imagine. I will also host a small race series for just the people part of this group to have a little competitive fun. If anyone is interested or has any questions please let me know or contact me at dmasker7@gmail.com
  6. Looking for someone to ride with in the pine barrens. I mostly ride in Wharton but I'm open to finding new places. I live near Turnersville.
  7. Hi All, Now, before the forum police come slamming, I would like to make clear I am not fishing for a buyer. I just need help making a decision and am including what I feel is relevant information. I need to sell my beloved and NJ tagged highly modded 2004 Yamaha WR250F as I will be moving out of the country. I contacted a bike shop in the area that buys and resells used bikes. They offered me $1,750 and think they would be able to resell it at $2,500. They said they have the same year bike totally stock with a NJ tag for $2,000 and they also have a totally stock 2007, untagged, for $2,799. I looked on craigslist and could not find a truly comparable bike to mine so I am a bit lost as to what a fair market price would be. Here are some basic details of the bike that would help determine the value: Valid and uptodate NJ title and license plate EFM autoclutch All street legal lights, horn, LED turn signals with upgraded headlight much lighter than stock YZ style rear fender with slim LED taillight Pretty clean looking graphics and plastics Oversize gas tank Almost new upgraded 95 watt stator Almost new light weight lithium battery Upgraded footpegs, handlebars, upper triple clamp, FMF exhaust Skid plate, frame, and radiator guards Sprung for 200lb rider Almost new DOT approved rear trials tire So obviously it's got most everything an East Coast trail rider would want. The appealing thing about selling the bike to the shop is that it is obviously easier. I don't have to deal with scammers, exposing myself to potential thieves, and just the simple time and effort of showing the bike to prospective buyers (I work fairly long hours and spend much of my other time running a small non-profit community program). Should I just accept the offer? Or do you all think I would be able to sell the bike within 3 weeks with minimal effort (of course I would post a really nice ad with pics and even more info)?
  8. Anyone live/ride in that area??? Heading out today with a buddy who just moved there and have no idea where to start.
  9. http://www.njmpfod.com/ This place is one of my favorite tracks, great layout and staff. May be a little pricey, but it's well worth it. They are really working on keeping it a 1st class operation. the ride time you get is outstanding, Rode many 45 min to an hour motos, So if you want a great MX experience, check it out...........no I don't work there or any other reason, Just a satisfied customer.............don't worry Etown , you still got it too
  10. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://laceyreporter.com/police-cracking-down-on-illegal-off-roading/&ved=0ahUKEwjm68CD6ZfLAhWFLB4KHWWaBz0QFggfMAA&usg=AFQjCNFWgwtxOCKLq8nkhx4ugCuzaDDpRg&sig2=XgFNS7Fuu_ugS06Q7svp1w obviously police are monitoring forums and pages and out of towners are ruining it for us locals! I have been riding here since 1984 without problems till this past year
  11. Looking for other supermoto riders in our area. We are located in West Central New Jersey. Warren County, Hunterdon County, the Lehigh Valley/East Central Pennsylvania. Here is our FB page, join us... https://www.facebook.com/groups/wcnjsupermoto/
  12. What is the worst case scenerio if you get caught riding in state/private land assuming you have a registered and insured bike. And what is the most likely scenerio if you get caught. Thanks
  13. Looking for some people to ride with in north jersey(around Morris County area) . Fairly new to riding and ride alone or with my one other buddy when were both around. I got a DRZ 400 with nobies. If anyone one has time or is looking for riding buddies and some spots to ride hit me up
  14. Can I ride legally in the pine barrens any weekend or is by permit only? If there are any other rules I should know, please fill me in ..thanks.
  15. Hey all im steve 32 and im looking for people to ride with in New Jersey just got my 2013 left over crf450 yesterday and im ready to get back into it. I have a pickup for hauling and im looking for some experienced riders to show me the ropes on a MX track, last time I rode was about 8 years ago and it was all sand gravel riding and trails so this will be a big change for me, if your interested let me know.
  16. Just Checked ALL of the weather websites and they ALL say its gonna be an awesome weekend (so whatever crap fall's out of the sky on Monday it will be gone by Sunday) 50+ degrees all week and it looks like a 52-55 degree day on Dual Sport Sunday.See my earlier dual sport post for pre entry form's.
  17. Hey guys, a buddy of mine is looking for places to ride, and maybe do some HS in Jersey. He doesn't type so good on the phone, but he is cool, so be easy on him. cas747
  18. Will this track open this year? Keep hearing about it but it seems to never materialize. It would be great to have a really nice track closer.
  19. dam thieves got me again. keep a look out for a 09 450 ecx. has endure engineering seat, bar risers and bark busters. other then that it looks stock.
  20. So I live in Syracuse NY right now, but I'm working on a large construction project near Parsippany. I few workers I talk to who are staying in Budd Lake claim they hear dirt bikes riding all over. What is the deal with riding in NJ? Are these guys just breaking the law? I love to trail ride, and if I can legally I'd like to do so in NJ while I'm here. Any info about NJ riding would be great!
  21. http://www.occr.net/docs/ScrubPineEnduro2013-Entry-rescheduled.pdf includes Dual Sport class
  22. I'm told that if your caught riding in a restricted area that so long as your machine is registered and insured, that it can't be confiscated. Does anyone know that to be true or false?
  23. Has any one gotten their 2 stroke beta,gas gas,ktm/husky yamaha street legal in nj?
  24. It will only take you a minute to sign, I think it's worth a shot. One thing that I always come across is hearing that dirtbikers aren't as "organized" as ATV'ers and that's one of the main reasons we get the shaft when it comes to legal trail riding. Supposedly the guys on ATV's group together and put the pressure on the right people to get results. This is my effort as a dirtbiker to help do my part! https://www.change.org/p/new-jersey-state-house-i-wish-to-change-current-nj-legislation-governing-atv-use-in-nj-pinelands?recruiter=535929371&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_page&utm_term=mob-xs-share_petition-custom_msg&fb_ref=Default
  25. I'm looking for place to ride after 5 pm near Fairfield, New Jersey on May 14 and or 15. Please advise me so I have something to do on my off time!!!
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