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Found 722 results

  1. Well, with less than a month until I'm going away for college, I want to get as much riding in as I can. That being said, I am kinda new to the area and I don't have a single friend that rides. If anyone wants to meet up and go riding, definitely let me know. I've been to brushy mountain once and loved it there and I'd like to get up to elkhorn lake and down to uwharrie sometime. During the week would be the best time for me, and I have access to quite a bit of land in stokes county but the trails need some work before they will be rideable. Anyways, I'd just like to meet some people to go and ride some trails with.
  2. http://bmmspark.com/ This is a great place to ride I went a month ago and have been every weekend since they have a ton of trails of all difficulties well marked I hardly see any other groups of riders when I am on the trails once I am out on the trails it is like it is my own personal trail system they have a nice parking area that you can camp at if you want they have a food wagon, restrooms and showers as well as a small selection of gear and parts that are surprisingly well priced they are friendly and as helpful as can be it is one of those places where you feel like one of the gang from the moment your there in case you can not tell I am hook on the place it does not hurt that it is only 15 miles from my house to. you can find me there most every weekend PM me we can hit a few trails.
  3. Hellooo, I am moving from Washington state to Duncan, SC. Since my moto family is here, I was wondering if anyone knew where to ride, and who to ride with? Its never good to ride alone, so I am trying to get to know people on here so when I go down there I have some awesome people to ride with! I have been riding for 15 years, and currently ride an 09 RMZ 250 Suzuki and grew up riding woods. I love anything from goat trails to single track switch backs up the side of a mountain. If you have any info please let me know, I'll be moved down there by June 21st. Thanks!
  4. SCWalrus

    Charlotte, NC area riders?

    Anyone around the Charlotte region? Any good trails or shops to recommend? Would be helpful to find a network of riders down here. I'm new to dirt bikes but have always been interested in trail riding and learning to work on them Hope there's a few out there
  5. Hello all, There's been a lot of talk about how to register a dirt bike in states that don't allow it. I just moved to North Carolina and for the first time in my life might be able to afford a bike. I've been dreaming about an XR650R for a long time, but they're not cheap. Plated bikes seem to be more expensive too. So here's my question, has anyone tried to plate a dirt bike by adding all the necessary features and having it inspected as a custom bike? Anyone know of another way I can plate an xr650 in NC? Thanks
  6. Budget FCR swap for DRZ400, a new approach For those owning a DRZ power gains from an FCR swap may seem very attractive, until you consider the cost. The Keihin FCR MX carbs are expensive and used swap kits rarely sell for less than $450 on eBay. Prices for the Thumper talk kit and others are rising as Keihin has had recent price hikes. I talked to Mike at the Power Barn in early October, when I began my search, and he was out of 39mm FCRs. He told me once they were back, prices would be about 35% higher because “Keihin US had a massive price hike earlier this year”. Limited potential of the Mikuni CV36 means that if you want more power from your DRZ, and FCR is a must. If you have already made the 3x3 air box mod this and exhaust are the next logical step for your DRZ. For those looking for power there is another way to solve the problem without spending so much money. Two weeks ago I purchased a Keihin FCR MX version 39mm off eBay for $125. FCR’s without the removable intake are common on 4 stroke racing four-wheelers and dirt bikes. FCRs without the removable intake bell are identical internally to those with the removable intake bell. These can be obtained cheaper than those with the removable bell, hence the reason I was able to get mine for $125 instead of $500+. I did a lot of hunting to get one at this price, but they sell for $200-300 regularly. As an engineer by trade I was able to design an aluminum adapter to make this happen. For those on a budget this is a great option. If anyone wants an adapter to test on their bike, message me and we can work something out. Keihin FCR Basics So that you understand more about Keihin carbs here are a few details. Ø There are 3 body styles to the Keihin FCR: 1. Keihin Slant FCR 2. Keihin MX FCR with removable air boot. This is most commonly adapted to the DRZ400. The reference “air boot” is located on the air box side of the carb. 3. Keihin MX FCR without removable air boot. Not commonly used on DRZ400 but the topic of this discussion. Notice there is no bolt on plastic adapter on the air box side of the carb. Ø These body styles can have 3 option packages. 1. Choke 2. Choke and hot start 3. Choke, hot start, and throttle position sensor (TPS) Ø When trying to find the appropriate FCR you need to inspect for port size. When you hear about 37, 38, 39 or 41mm carbs the referenced measurement is the throat size as measured from the position of the flat slide. See the picture below, this is a 39mm carb. 39mm and 41mm carbs are most commonly adapted to the DRZ. The smaller the bore the more “torquey” the motor will be. Some have used 37 or 38mm carbs and had success. Any perform better than the stock Mikumi. Ø From my research 39mm carbs were available from the factory on some of these models: o 2003-2007 YZ450F o 2000-2009 KTM 525 XC four wheeler o KTM RFS 4 stroke motorcycles 450 and 525 o CRF450X Always ask your seller to take the appropriate measurement. Good reputable sellers will be happy to take your money, for the 5 minutes it takes to check their carb. What you need for an affordable FCR swap Now onto my FCR project. To adapt a FCR with non-removable air boot you need: Item #5, the FCR adapter, is the key component. This lets you take your carburetor without the removable air boot and make it the same overall length of the FCR everyone else uses. The adapter’s air box size matches that of the stock Mikuni carb and attaches well to the air box. On the carburetor side the adapter is slightly oversized (~.007”) for a good fit. I recommend using 3M weather-strip adhesive or RTV silicon to seal the junction. Keihn castings vary slightly and no two carbs measure the exact same, making this necessary. As a side note, I made one of these also from ABS plastic which I actually prefer. Being weaker than aluminum, ABS plastic adapters are a press on fit and you are ready to go (no sealer needed). Thanks to the TT community for jetting suggestions. My DRZ with stock exhaust is running the following jetting configuration. The fit of my carb with this adapter was nearly identical to the last FCR I installed on a friend’s DRZ. Below are more pictures. Please enjoy and share your thoughts. Here is one ABS adapter.
  7. Been out of the saddle for 2 years,just picked up a KDX200(until I find the YZ250 im looking for).I would like to tag along on some woods rides,dont live to far from brown mtn,but would go anywhere. My speed "used" to be decent so I should be able to keep up and not be a bother,just hate riding by myself..... Thanks Joshe Clark..
  8. Here is my view from the morning Pro/A race at the Brown Jug in Union SC..Had some great battles throughout the day.. http://vimeo.com/13301075
  9. Carolina Powersports Park will be open Sept 5th and 6th for Labor Day. For more info visit www.carolinapowersports.net Lets Ride!!!
  10. Was wondering who was at the event taking pics???
  11. BRUSHY MOUNTAIN will be open for riding Sept. 3, 4, 5 and 6th. That's Friday, Sat. Sun. and Monday. If your not racing this weekend come on out and enjoy the beautiful weather. All trails are open and we have been grooming but with over 70 miles of trails you can never catch up you just keep grooming. If your ready to try some of the most challenging single track trails in the South East we are ready for you. If your on a quad come on out and ride trail #1. It has just about ever terrain you can imagine and at 22.7 miles long it seems to go on forever. So now is your chance, how often does a 4 day weekend roll around?
  12. mxdude227

    NorthCarolina kawaski service nc?

    hi i need 2 get a valve job done and was wondering where is a good place to take a kawi in north carolina ? thanks
  13. Brushy Mountain will be closed to trail riding on Sunday Sept. 12 for the scheduled North Carolina Hare Scrambles Assoc. Race. We will be open that Friday and Saturday for riding but the C Section will be closed. The B and A Sections will remain open for riding Friday and Saturday and the cost to ride on those days will only be $15.00 per day. The Gate fee for this race is ONLY $5.00 per person so come on out and enjoy the Racing.
  14. ridinbikes247

    NorthCarolina Triad area riders ?

    I'm looking for anyone in the Triad area, who has trails or just looking to ride. I race in the NCHSA series and looking for a place to ride without having to drive to brushy mtn or else where every weekend. I have 10 acres on Caraway mtn in Asheboro. I know theres some trails out there, just havent ran into them yet
  15. DirtRider500R

    NorthCarolina Looking For Some Tracks

    Howdy from the north! Anyway, I'm trying to find some tracks in the Kentucky, North Carolina, etc area of the country to practice on over the winter (I'm in Michigan). I don't really have a particular preference, so I'm open to pretty much any option(s) I have. What tracks should I check out, and which ones should I stay away from?
  16. Brushy Mountain will be Open this weekend for riding. Friday will be gorgeous. The current forcast for Saturday is a 50% chance of showers and Sunday it is a 30% chance. The MX Track is still closed for rebuilding. We are adding over 150 tons of dirt, 210 tons of sand and finishing up with wood chips. If the weather holds out and the equipment holds together we hopefully will be done in a few weeks. Hope we see you this weekend. Richard
  17. SkiDaddy

    NorthCarolina Brushy Saturday AM

    Think it'll be dry enough after Tuesday's rain? Who's going? Would like to try 11 again...
  18. Allright guys. Both my bikes were stolen from my garage this past Friday night. They were LOCKED and CHAINED. I'm not going through through the brain damage of posting pics on here, the craigslist ad I posted is linked below. Please keep an eye and an ear out. The 450 had Titanium/Carbon Fiber Yosh RS4 exhaust and a hinson clutch cover. It should stand out a little. The 250 is bone stock with G-force suspension stickers on the forks. They also stole a set of my dirty TLD gear SE Gear, 28 waist, jersey med, Blue/Red. Keep an eye out as you cruise craigslist, your local riding spots and wherever else. Scumbags cut a hole in the back wall of my garage with a saw-zaw, climbed in, cut the locks off the bikes and rolled them right out the front door. http://raleigh.craigslist.org/mcy/2812178956.html
  19. Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park will be CLOSED this coming CHRISTMAS weekend. That's Dec. 23rd, 24th and 25th. We will reopen the following weekend for riding WEATHER PERMITING. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  20. Brushy Mountain WILL be OPEN this weekend Nov. 25, 26 and 27. The trails are in good shape and all we have left after the rain is puddles. The leaves are still on the Single Track trails but the wider trails are starting to clear out pretty good. Don't eat to much and leave room for riding.
  21. Big news on green shakeup in Wash DC TPAC blog http://thetrailpac.blogspot.com/2011/11/op-ed-on-shakeup-at-sierra-club-and.html
  22. It "should" be in its clear case along with a 4G card in it. I have red lettering on it showing battery polarity installation as well other writing that denotes which batteries work for which card (2G or 4G). I recall it being on my helmet as we were at the high spot on trail 2 near the rocks where you can climb out onto, etc. I rode that section, made it to a 2 way trail shortly thereafter, and came down the main trail to the parking lot...and No Go Pro... If anyone sees it, please let me know. I am at cuerx@hotmail.com or 704-622-3892 anytime Thx. Patrick
  23. Trying to decide early on where I will ride this weekend. I am Brown Mountained out.... Not that I dont like riding there, but last three day rides I have done have been there. I really would like to go to Brushy Mtn. Then there is also this Harescramble race on Sunday, Little Brown Jug.... But not sure if I want to spend 100$ to run a race or not ( 50$ for the race, and ??? for the transponder rental, and another 40$ or so for gas and food ) Anyway, anyone else want to throw out some ideas on riding this weekend? Who all wants to ride and where?
  24. We are making plans for a new race format in early Febuary and would like to get everyones feed back for attendance. Classes will be broken up similar to regular hare scramble but will be started like the SnowShoe race done by the GNCC. The race will start in the lowest point in the valley and finish at the top of the Mountain, Fastest combined time from two races will win. Rows of 5 will be started in second intervels and rows will be drawn by per class. The ride back from the top will not be a race but just a joy ride to the pits. The trail marking will be done along the e-z rought will hot lines that will be very challenging but time saving if made. The winner will be crowned "King of the Hill" Let me hear ya
  25. Carolina Powersports Park will be open Jan. 1st at 10 am for riding. Don't party to hard the night before and Lets Ride!