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Found 198 results

  1. I'm hoping to ride at Gopher Dunes tomorrow (Thursday). Anyone else planning to go there tomorrow? I'm excited to try the radically new layout! Kerri S said it will be rough and ungroomed tomorrow but maybe the rain overnight will make it a bit better.
  2. Manitoulin Island is a beautiful place to ride, unfortunately, the entire thing is privately owned, this means as dirt riders we are stuck to the roads, which means we are driving an unregistered vehicle illegally or on trails we are trespassing on private property. Riding gravel roads is a good time, some fun wide open stretches, although my almost stock CRF230F falls flat on its face at high rpm, it is still fun to push the limits on this little bike. Luckily we did find snowmobile trails that did not have any no trespassing signs posted, how can we know it's trespassing without a sign, right? Manitoulin has a lot of rocky terrain, much like what you see around Muskoka and along highway 400, just a little more flat. If you look hard enough you'll find trails consisting of flat rock and patches of sand and clumps of grass, great for faster riding. If you want the more technical stuff, it is not a hard task to find some rocky hills (although they won't be too long), all you need to do is ride in a ditch for about a kilometre and you're almost guaranteed to hit something. I would not call this a destination for off-road riders, dual-sport riders, on the other hand, would love this, dirt road after dirt road. The scenery is amazing and you will likely enjoy just cruising through the countryside and maybe finding some rougher road allowances. In our case we have bikes that are not even green plated as of our time on the island, we weren't worried about getting stopped though, whenever we saw anybody we just wave at them, not that the residents know the difference of a plated bike, but everyone seemed to respond with a friendly wave. After searching google maps' satellite view, we went to check out what looked like a trail, we end up at a "no exit" road with a fairly wide, but bumpy, trail going straight back into the woods. Following this rail fence all the way back until a fork in the trail, with a cottage and no trespassing signs on our left, we gladly took a right, the direction of a major road we were looking to get to. Being fairly new to trail riding, and having never been on the trail before we proceeded quickly but cautiously. Zipping along the packed ATV trail with hunting stands passing by on our left and the same rail fence on our right, we figured we were right on the property line of two lots. Suddenly the packed dirt turned to cracked uneven rocks, working hard not to let my tire slip into a deep crevasse, I hit a steep hill, with some pretty tall rock steps. Not to worry the one thing the 230 can do reasonably well is low-end torque, trying hard to pop up that front tire and jump the ledges. A few more hills like this and we popped out on the road that connected us to our cousin's cottage on the other side of Lake Manitou. Not only was it the road we wanted, but the snowmobile trail we were on continued alongside this road, perfect. Fearing a gas shortage we turned the other way and made our way to the closest gas station. A couple days later we decide to take that awesome trail once more and pay a visit to the other side of the lake, we made our way through the same section as before without any problems, finally, we popped out on the road and were ready to test the new section. A variety of technical, rocky and flat, open trail, it was a lot of fun. We made it there without any problems, cooled off in the lake and chilled there for a few hours. Ready to make the trek back, we fire up the bikes as I turn my bike around I feel it break traction, didn't think much of it cause I was on the grass making a sharp pivot. Every turn I made after that I could feel my tire slipping. Finally, I recognized my tire was flat, we stopped and looked at it but we couldn't do much considering we had no tools or anything to fix this. The only option was to ride home on it, going slow as not to destroy my tire (although it is toast but I'm too cheap to replace it) and save my rim. Instead of 25 minutes, it took closer to an hour and 15 minutes. This is where it comes to mind that maybe an Emergency/Repair Kit wouldn't be such a bad idea, not only can we avoid unnecessarily long trips in the future but changing a tire on the side of the road might even be a fun experience/story to tell. We quickly hopped on Fortnine (formerly the Canadian Motorcycle Co.) and started adding things to the cart, referencing the Fortnine youtube channel and Frickin Jim as well, both of whose opinions we trust. Our Kit now consists of: 1 80/100/21 STI Heavy Duty Tube 1 100/100/18 STI Heavy Duty Tube 1 Stop and Go, Patch Kit 3 Tire spoons we already owned 1 handheld air pump we already owned 1 Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight Kit 0.3 And we didn't have a small bag or a small container so, for the time being, we threw a litre of conventional oil in there, which will probably be reduced to 500mls or less. Tubes obviously as a backup, patch kit was cheap and is extra insurance. Spoons to actually make a tube change possible, pump to pump it up although it will take a while. Med Kit in case of an emergency on the trail, and Oil for topping up the bike if need be, or lubing a chain, or some cables, possibilities are endless. watch part of this Manitoulin Dirt Biking Adventure Below
  3. biker boy

    Walton meetup

    Walton is having an open ride day next Saturday. I thought, weather permitting, it would be cool to have a TT meet there. Ive been out of the sport for a while so i need to find some new people to ride with. Ill be bringing my 04 RM125, who else is in?
  4. mazzman-10

    2009 Crf 450r Enduro Mods

    Hey Guys, this is my first time ever posting here. As a newbie I tried to search this forum up before posting this. (I know its a mortal sin to ask a question thats already been asked ) but I didnt see anything specific to my bike. Anywho, my question is who out there has a 09 crf 450r, or similar bike. And what Kinda mods did they do to it to make it more enduro friendly? The motor is bone stock, however the bike has renthal bars, smaller sprocket in the rear, black D.I.D rims, and a new michelin ms3 rear tire. I ride mostly In the Ganaraska Forest, but just in general what are you guys doing to your bikes out there? Thanks for any help Lucas
  5. There will be a new 250 East Rider earning the Red Plate today. BLUE !!!!
  6. Yammerjammer93

    2 Stroke Maintenance?

    Hey ya'll, I'm buying a yz 125 this spring and had a few questions. 1) What ratio for Oil:Gas works best for trail riding? I'm thinking a 32:1 2) Anyone have tips on how to keep their carburetor and motor spic and span in order to prevent bogging? I came across a video of a lad that mentioned he leaks the carburetor after every ride if there is still gas sitting in his tank. His explanation seemed logically sound: "When mixed gas used for 2 stroke engines sits for too long it somewhat ferments and cause serious bogging issues to the carburetor". 3) I'm 6'2 190 lbs, anyone else with a relative build to mine have any tips on their suspension set up?
  7. Spent the day out on a track a hour west hitting up some jumps! First time Ive ever been on a MX track hitting jumps. This is an over all clean lap.
  8. Hey, I'm looking for someone who is interested in getting together and going to some mx tracks or trails on weekends. I live on the east side of Toronto, and ride a kx250. Send me a msg if your interested, I just want to ride anywhere.
  9. Shoot me an email at vanasse_145@hotmail.com
  10. Hey me and 3 friends are running out of places to ride. We all have honda xr 80s modified and all have experience on bigs bikes but cant afford them anymore. We are wondering if anybody wouldnt mind letting us come ride with them at there backyard track or private track. We would help build/repair it or even pay! Thanks alot!
  11. All I can come up with is Gopher Dunes. Any other trails within say an hour of London?
  12. pressburg

    Ontario Riding around Toronto

    Hey guys where can i ride somewhere around or close to Toronto without cops harassing me Thanks
  13. Area 51 Motocross in Batavia, NY plays host to the Canadian American International Race this weekend. It all kicks off with an open practice starting at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 4, followed by the 2nd Annual Ron Nye Memorial Grass track race (free for all racers). Next up is the Dunlop Minicross Series event at 6:30 p.m. for pit bikes, 50s, 65s and playbikes. On Sunday over $40,000 in prizes, $6,500 in Honda contingency, $1,750 in Cobra contingency and a bunch of unique moto gifts such as Ryan Dungey's autographed side plate from Unadilla are on the line. Prizes go back to 10th place in each class and many of the best prizes are going to be given away by raffle for each class you enter you get an entry. Visit www.area51motocross.com for details.

    Ontario East ontario adventure rally

  15. brobbo

    Ontario EFI Mapping in Ontario (GTA)

    I am picking a slip-on exhaust form my 2012 CRF250R. I would rather not ship over to the States to have it remapped. Any places locally that can provide said option. Also how reputable are the maps are they using?
  16. The first annual ODSC dual sport ride of the year is happening on April 30th. You do not have to be a member to join this ride. It is a little more relaxed than previous years and there is no fee to ride this event. The ride is just over 160km of mixed terrain that is great to shake off the cobwebs from winter. All are welcome from novice riders to experienced. You need a blue plate for this ride. (Street legal) Due to the mud this time of year I'd recommend an 80/20 dirt/street tire or better for this ride. If you are interested there is more info and a gps file of the route here: http://www.odsc.on.ca/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=17103&start=20#p115425 So come check it out and see what the ODSC rides are about. Hope to see you there!
  17. Anyone know any good trails that me and my dad can bring our dirt bikes to today? That don't need insurance or plate. That are free and have no regulations I'm located in Toronto, Ontario 401 and Weston area. We Would drive 1-2 hours for the trails. Thanks for all helpp!
  18. Hi all; I've decided (and my wife has consented) to give harescrambles a try next season. I'm pretty new to racing and I'd be competing as a novice for sure. What organization do I need to join to get into this? How many events can I expect to squeeze in from April to Sept-Oct? Thanks guys Phil
  19. Hello, I've posted this on a few other forums so it might seem repetitive to internet addicts like myself. Looking to get another bike, but have a possible issue- I know in Ontario (Where I live and bike would need to be registered) you can't simply make an off road bike legal with a kit any more. I am looking into a drz400 that was originally off road, and converted in SK with a kit, street legal and plated. I'm in SK currently and will go back to ON in the fall. Can this bike be registered as street legal in ON since it's valid in SK? Thanks so much. Dan
  20. chronicsmoke

    Ontario Powdercoating near Ottawa

    Hey guys, just got a larger oven and starting to powdercoat some larger items like frames. PM me if you need anything done, I'm registered and 1/2 the price of the big guys!
  21. kawikx100

    Ontario Canadian part stores?

    hey guys im from south western ontario i was planning on but some parts for my 02 kx100 soon, i was woundering if there is any canadain websites i can order from? thanks,
  22. Getting ready to overhaul my CRF250X and came across their website: http://www.precisioncycleworks.ca/crf250 Anyone here ever use their services ?
  23. Any one know any good spots?
  24. joseph01

    Ontario Good Trails

    Anyboby know of any good spots to ride in southarn Ontario? I'm in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph area would go as far as toronto. Where do you guys ride? Thanks
  25. redwheeliemonster

    Ontario the corduroy enduro

    Woohoo! The cord is only 9 days away. Any tt members racing it.