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Found 591 results

  1. Hey all.... I am from the Lehigh Valley (Catasauqua) and i picked up a DRZ this year. I love it. A buddy I work with rides one and rides MX, even has a track on his property. But we have families and dont have schedules that mix so we do a lot of our own thing and I need to find some more people to ride with. I've been riding up to the trails just past Kovatch outside Nesqehoning and having a blast. I am interested in getting a pass for the RAC as well, but that will be next year I think. I am even bold enough try my hand at the one race at Sleepy Hollow that is for beginners and dual sports and see how that goes. I've been riding for the past 17 years on the street but I look like a goon in the dirt.... but I'm learning. So if anyone is interested in riding or knows of some more trails closer to home I can hop on, give me a shout. Thanks
  2. Hello, So all the good riding action happens on Sat./Sun. for most people. Makes sense, as that is when 95% of working people are not working. And then there are us. The shiftworker, Police, Pilot, EMS, Retail, Restaurant, Driver...sorry if I missed your occupation. But I too feel the pain of weeks going by without having someone to ride with, because I am not off every weekend. (though I sometimes am) I am self employed, a stay at home dad, husband of a hospitalist, and woods rider, and Central Maryland resident. My Club and moto buds set up rides almost every weekend. Sometimes I make it, more often not. Of the 13 guys in my core group of woods riding partners, all of them are M-F 9-5'ers. Recent desperation, and the record setting wet conditons here in the Delmarva has even made me consider riding alone. (Which could be its own thread...dont muddy this one up) <----You catch that? I'd like to get at least a ride in every week. And after hearing my riding buddies recount the weekends adventures, I want to ride even more badly! But we could boast of empty trails, and uncrowded diners post ride~~ So I thought I'd start a topic. Almost all decent riding is a 1.5-2.5 hour haul for me. So I might like to keep this thread in a range of States that does not include every state in the Northeast. I added tags to this topic that would generally define us to Delaware Valley, and Delmarva. Though if you are hungry enough to drive out 3+ hours to join in, good on ya! If you choose to post up in this thread, first---Thanks for trying to make riding opportunities happen! Second-- Give the audience some good intel. Ideally some of these fact might be included in the opening sentence of your post: (Week)day / Date you are trying to make a ride happen Location you are trying to ride: (Somewhere) (Anywhere)-- Fees? Membership? Restricted Access? Familiarity with the trails in said area? Some facts like these could be very useful in making things work out well for all, and might be mentioned in the body of your post. What kind of rider are you?--Young, Middle, Senior? Enduro/Hare Racer, Woods Rider, or Dual Sporter? Beginner, Veteran, Advanced skills? How is your bike?-- New, Good, Old, OK, Clapped? 4t, 2t?, Street legal, Plated? (I know this could be misconstrued as elitist, but it does matter.) Weather/Trail Condition expected? From there...probably reply to the variably scheduled author of the post --or-- Take it right to the TT Inbox / Private Message system. (fewer posts keep things easy to find, and I hope this becomes a busy, CONCISE place to find a ride. On a WEEKDAY!
  3. Hello everyone, I would like any information on where to ride during the winter months. I am from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and me and some buddies are looking to make a weekend trip down to the states for some mid winter riding. We would prefer somewhere 10-12 hours away ( I am thinking Pennsylvania, Maryland, maybe Virginia? ). But really looking for any assistance. If anyone has some good websites, that would be of great help. We want to make sure we have all the necessary equipment for the outing ( insurance, spark arrestors, lights, mirrors, etc ) as we are not looking for trouble. We are more interested in trails, not really looking for tracks. any help is appreciated.
  4. I used to ride Pit airport area trails in early 90's before second airport was built. I was wondering where all the trails are in the area now and where the safest spots are to enter them? Also would like to ride with any guys out there who are familiar with the trails. Thanks in advance for any replies. ­čĹŹ Ron.
  5. Holeshot is a CRA race track. It has been racing motocross for over twenty years. I have helped out since the first race. There has been four hare scrambles on the race grounds in years past. I didn't help with the last one, but I have done 99% of this one for Oct 2. Lots of new trails, and fast flowing fields for all classes. Mini bikes and quads, as well as all big quads and bikes too. Come on out and ride with us.
  6. I heard of a sick single track out in Kittanning that's supposed to be awesome. Anybody have any info?
  7. I'd like to see it. Don't know why but I am fascinated by geology. Last time I was at AOAA I asked but was told it is strictly off limits and private property. I said I just wanted to look at it, not walk on it. But they said there was no vantage point from AOAA lands where you could see it. There are youtube videos of what looks like people riding ATVs on top of it. So somehow people must be able too get to it. Is it on RAC lands? For those wondering what I am talking about: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/topogeo/field/pnhp/pnhpsites/whaleback/index.htm Thanks for any info you can provide. Rich
  8. Alright I moved to PA from NJ 5 years ago. While in NJ I never had to register a dirt bike or ATV. Now that I am looking for a new bike I would like to know if I am required to register in PA? How would I title and register if I purchase out of state? Thanks. Keith
  9. So it's about time for a new pair of boots, mine have been torn up through and through, and I really want to go try on some new pairs before I buy, but I just can't seem to find a moto shop anywhere near Philly!! I'm up in the Willow Grove area but I would be willing to drive. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good shop that I could check out?
  10. So I started a new job and my boss is a cycle nut but dirt oriented thus a thumper guy. He has like 3-4 bikes for various uses, and is big into enduro and hare scramblers. Well for me I'm a street guy but I really like the idea of going off road and I almost bought a KTM 690 Adventure but my local friend sold his Xr650 so I didn't have someone to ride with. I currently have a 96 VFR 750, a 79 XS1100 Special, and a 2002 Ninja 250. I've had the VFR and the XS1100 for sale for a month now trying to get something more dirt oriented. Well the otherday A guy found me and wants to trade his KLR650 for my XS1100 I was looking for something a lil more on the lighter side (so I could supermoto it in the summer) but I like the adventure aspect of it so I think I'm going to do it. I've talked to the guy and he is older and just wants something a lil on the smaller side and a little easier to handle. He really hasn't done any upgrades but there are some bits that are new, chain, sprockets, tires and a few other small things like that. What are some things I should look for and what are some things I should do assuming I go through with it. (I'm a certified mechanic but I don't have any experience with thumpers or adventures/dirt bikes.
  11. hey guys possible newbie question, i been getting my feet wet in motocross and im thinking about doing the vet champs listed at high point on oct 11. anywhere i can find out more details? the website doesnt have much info. do i need to qualify for this race? what licence do i need? will there be camping there? they show the pamx champs there the next day on the 12th.
  12. I live in southeast ohio. Me and my buddies usually hit up some old strip pits. Alot of those are being closed off anymore. We have found it harder and harder to find places to ride. We have nulled over the thought of all of us going in and buying a chunk of land just to ride on, but will probably never do that. I usually just ride down some old railroad tracks near my place anymore. Last time i had my quad out a cop busted me, and things got a little heated. I almost got a ticket, but gave in and let him have his way. Me and pretty much all my buddies have warriors. Just curious where any southeast ohioans ride at. I have been hearing about a place not far from my place called doty. But have yet to check it out.
  13. Anybody going to ride next thursday/friday. I'm going out there wednesday night to ride thursday and friday returning to N.J. Friday afternoon.
  14. I don't really have anyone to ride with, I do but he works a lot so we usually just go to races together(hare scrambles). Being there aren't any races until maybe February I don't have anyone to ride with. I'm from Smithfield, Pa there are some trails near me. Fairichance and by the A.G. High school.
  15. Hey guys, Tomorrow, a group of guys from work plan on going to Mines and Meadows near Pittsburgh. Most of the guys ride quads or side by sides except for me and one other guy. I was just wondering if anyone has ridden there on their bikes and what you though about it. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks! Jim
  16. hi everyone! anyone know where to ride out here in pa i live in birdsboro pa 19508 and reading pa
  17. New to the Waynesboro, PA area and my bike needs some work (suspension and motor). I have yet to find a decent shop around here and one that I can trust. I recently moved from Southern California and do not have the local shop that I would always go to and have a relationship with. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.
  18. hello everyone just looking for some responsible people to ride with once in a while. all my friend 's dont really go out any more.I just trail ride (no crazy or racing stuff). I have a RAC permit but only been there once. also I can ride on mondays. thanks Frank
  19. Just wanted to see if anyone is interested in taking a trip up to RAC. We will be leaving Sunday morning 7/15/2012 around 8:30am from Center City. As of now its just two of us but looking for more riders. Were both on 450's Message me if your interested. I don't have any room in my truck so you will need your own transportation, I do have a class 3 Hitch so I can pull a trailer if needed.
  20. Latrobe pa. Got tire in mail but no irons or tube. Anyone close that is DIY that can help? Don't want to take it to dealer.
  21. Just saw on the gncc website that loretta lynn's got cancelled and they moved the race to foxburg,pa. Its sept. 21-22nd.
  22. I really want to start riding and racing again, when does the season start around here? Hare scrambles or Enduros, I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!
  23. Lots of give aways, great camping at Rocket, ride MX Track at Rocket on Saturday, Kids MX track too, lots more stuff to come. Killer food Saturday evening at Fire dept. the Enduro is August 12 at Rocket Raceway Three Springs, PA We are running a timekeeping format but that doesnt mean you need to keep time to have fun. I will repeat you DO NOT need to keep time or have a watch, odometer or even understand ANYTHING about keeping time for enduros to have a very fun day of trail at the Green Marble Enduro. Now if you want to keep time great, its another level that just adds to the fun, it can be as simple as a watch and odometer or buy a fancy $400. computer and learn how to program it. If you want some help email me. But for the average first enduro guy just come out and ride. Its as simple as this, when you sign up you get a number, that number is how many minutes your row of 4 or 5 guys are AFTER the first row. " Key Time" is the basic start time, its usually at 8:00am say you and a friend signed up at the same time and said you wanted to ride together, they will give you guys a number for a row with 2 empty spots (same for 3 or 4 and so on), lets say # 56A and #56B that means your guys row will leave at 8:56am or 56 minutes after key time of 8am. get to the line 10 minutes before. Everybody takes off in waves or 4 or 5 one minute apart with the fast guys near the front and slow guys in the rear. The guys on the row behind you will have #57s ( 57A, 57B, 57C, 57D, 57E) the ones in front #55. From that point just keep the #55 guys in front (except the really slow ones), and the #57s behind you, you will get the feel real quick, but if your not a Fast Fast guy you will not have to worry about going too fast in sections, just take it normal going down the roads and haul ass in the woods, take breaks when you see everybody else taking a break, and if they are all numbers in the #70s and #80s and you dont see any #50s around you behind. THATS IT!! At least for the first few enduros ride them to enjoy the trail, if you really enjoy it, it might surprize you with a trophy, but just to ride the ride is a win. A way cool thing about enduros is that nobody is racing each other so EVERYBODY lets you pass easily, just a hoot or holler or an engine rev and they will get over at the first safe spot. Same goes for people passing you, if you hear a guy or guys coming up from behind, next safe spot you get a chance pull over and they wont do some bitch take out move. Throughout the day there are many rest times where the rows regroup so you ride around the same guys all day, be nice to them and they will be nice to you, for the most part its a gentlemens sport. For info call Chris at 301.865.0779
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