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  1. I'm looking into buying some new knee braces and i was wondering if anyone had any feed back on which ones to buy and which ones are not so good. I know allot of people that will complain about them sliding down their legs so if any one has solid feedback i would love to hear it.
  2. Not that kind. So the Blue Hills enduro really kicked my ass. A couple of hard falls right away mixed with humidity and I was a sloppy, overheating foot dragging mess of a rider. I'm trying to find the right mix of protection to comfort. Seems like the really good guys aren't wearing that much. Problem is, I'm not that good. Other problem is, I got so hot so fast that it made me make more mistakes. Here's my gear: MX Boots Fox Titan knee pads (not giving up knee pads) Russell padded compression football shorts (probably heavier than I need) Fox Titan armor jacket (saved lots of bruises but suffocating) Klim G4 helmet (very light and great airflow - no problem here) Klim Dakar pants/jersey (good quality but not as much airflow as I was hoping) Changes? Lower body: Lighter duty or standard compression shorts Upper body: Standard type roost guard Conservatively sized elbow pads I could be in better shape but I don't really feel that's the problem. I get significant exercise every other day and am 170lbs 5'10". Any suggestions on the right balance or my ideas on changes? Reading a lot of stuff online but wanted some local advice since we ride the same trails and there are a good number of C riders here. Thanks.
  3. I'll be putting plenty of miles on my yz this summer and am looking for some tips for riding gear. I currently have a helmet, gloves, riding pants and a jersy. I defiantly want to start wearing riding boots, what's a decent inexpensive brand/model? Also, should I invest in a chest protector and/or knee pads? If so what would be the best for trail riding? I don't race so I'll be be ripping up trails and big sand pits, any info would be awsome, thanks!
  4. There is a lot of debate about neck braces these days. I think that's a good thing. Turns out I have my own little micro-study of safety equipment going on, which today included another test of the 6D (no concussion, as usual, and no surprise there) and a Leatt GPX Pro Lite. Big surprise with the Leatt. If any coaches out there would be willing to comment on the crash, it would be welcome (seriously), but that isn't the point here. I think as kids start getting faster, they start putting themselves in harm's way much more quickly than we can keep up. There were a couple of crashes today by other kids, and I hope all were OK. I know my son was fine. I originally inspected the Leatt after the crash and was kind of annoyed that the clasp broke off. I figured it was designed to do that, and it probably couldn't be replaced (according to our neighbors at the track) and that was that. Nothing serious. Then I looked closer and noticed the whole brace was destroyed. I put white marker on the two parts of the brace that snapped and took some pics. I also noticed the thoracic strut was cracked, right where it should be, and the back helmet support was snapped clean. How much force did that thing absorb? Enough, in this case. The focus of the crash was on the front top right of the head. The 6D shows that clearly, and it needs to be sent in. I will let you know about that. The Leatt is roasted. The controlled destruction of that thing is remarkable. So that's my latest addition to our group knowledge of the subject. I do wish in some ways (particularly financially, lol) that I did not have as much to add on these subjects, but I also know I am not alone. I lost count of how many parents and riders told me today that the brace did exactly what it was supposed to do. Others shared similar experiences. One guy said "Yup, same thing happened to my boy. Bought him another one and didn't even think about it." I get that. Here is the video of the crash and the pics of the brace. I also just added this link to YouTube if you can't access the video below: [/url]
  5. Just like the title says. Whats a good knee guard and why. Do you prefer the soft slide on ones or the hard shell ones??
  6. Hi, I just got my first dirt bike ( 2008 KTM xc-w200) and I don't have any protective gear. I plan on doing a lot of woods riding and probably some hare scrambles in the future. I've been doing a lot of research and there are too many options for me to choose from. I don't want to waste my money on something I won't need, but I also don't want to be under protected. I've already decided to buy the new Alpinestars Tech 7 boots (the guys Ima ride with all wear moto x boots so I'm sure they'll b fine), and I have a helmet, but as far as knee pads (or braces?) elbow pads, chest protector, neck brace etc. I just don't know which brand to buy. I'm 31 years old 5'7 150 lbs. athletic build ( not sure if you need that info or not can't hurt I guess) Please help me!!!
  7. All, I"m sure a few of y'all have run into the scenario when you first put on a Leatt and decided it wouldn't work with your chest protector. So, I'm curious which models you went with. I know Leatt makes some specifically suited for this, but I'd like to get real world opinions on what has worked best for them. I ride trails with lots of loose stones but its also hot and I want to find a good compromise between protection and air flow. Thanks in advance!! GP
  8. Has anybody used the Fox Racing Raptor Vest Roost Deflector for under the jersey? Should I just get the Alpinestars Bionic Roost Deflector its CE level 1 for shoulders, front, and back and the fox chest protector is CE level 2 for front and back but not the shoulders. I want an under the jersey chest protector that has the most protection but isn't to bulky.
  9. We brought the Leatt 6.5 Velocity along with us on our first trip to Moab. It was a great trip and we got in some great riding. We thought wearing the goggles all day in the heat & sun would give us a good feel for their performance. Just wanted to share some pictures from the trip and and what we liked & didn't like. 2018 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days ThumperTalk 20th Build we Rode in Moab Leatt 6.5 Goggle in Moab One of our favorite things: Safety. Like everything Leatt makes safety is a chief concern. They carried that over in the goggles and have the highest impact rating out of any goggle. They are actually bulletproof. Well, from a .22lr bullet, but it's still a bullet! They carry the Military Ballistic Impact Rating certification, actually. At least you know your eyes are safe from roost. Me hoping to see some carnage from the side by sides, no rollovers We were out in the sun riding for about 4 days straight. When you order the goggles you can choose how much light transmission you want to allow. AKA- how much tint on the lens do you want. You can transmit anywhere between 22-83% light transmission(VLT). The ones I wore all week were 28% light transmission. So, a decent amount of tint. I thought it was the perfect amount. I like little tint in my goggles anyway. Choose how much lens tint you want when ordering. These are 28% VLT If you've ever been to Moab you know it's mostly rock, at least the fun stuff for bikes to ride is. The goggles didn't seem to move on my face when bouncing along over the rocks. That was nice. Sometimes the face of the goggle will slip and slide with your helmet and that can be frustrating depending on when it happens. Im not sure if its the wide 50mm strap or the silicone coating doing the work but its nice not to have any movement. 50mm strap with anti-slip coating Triple layer foam was comfortable, even soaked in sweat I never felt like my field of view was restricted at all. I think the 170* field of vision is achieved by how rounded the goggles are coupled with how they cut the foam. The foam is cut out along your peripheral vision and opens your field of vision up. Thought that was a nice little differentiator from other goggles. We didn't need a roller system but for one section. There was a section that was non-stop riverbed crossings and me and the crew were all riding through throwing water and mud everywhere. We did manage to take come pictures of the system before we get everything filthy though! Roller system is additional $20 Pick your flavor One of the things we did not like was they are a bit heavier than some of the other goggles we have tested, like the Scott Prospect for example. Now, some people don't care about weight and it's never a concern and additional weight usually translates into additional structural strength. But we just know how they hold up long term just yet. All in all it was a good trip and we got some god use out of the goggles. Especially for the first generation of this goggle Leatt did a great job of understanding what consumer wants, like being able to wear glasses with the goggles, and strives to deliver that at a good price point. They are $79 retail & $99 with a roller system so not bad at all considering you can spend 2x that on other premium goggles. No real drama on the trip other than having a tire bead fail about 10 miles in on the first ride out! I put in mousses for Moab and the tire ended up failing on a mild rock face and would not hold the bead. Impromptu bike stand Had to put zip ties around tire so it would stay on the rim and then limped the bike back Not the best place for this to happen It was a great trip and we're already planning the next one! You can check these out on Leatt's website here. (We do not get anything if you order)
  10. CHEST PROTECTORS, PRESSURE SUITS, AND IMPACT VESTS What I learned after the crash: I spent my whole vacation in the Moab hospital with broken ribs and a tube in my chest. My question is: “Would different armor have made any difference?” The answer is yes, for this particular crash. The different types of upper body armor all have their obvious advantages, you don’t have to look very hard to see which one has coverage here and nothing there. So “which type is best?” is a really tough question and probably more depends on what you hit, or what hits you. There are too many different manufacturers of these products to mention them all, but I will name brands that I have used or my riding buddies have. This was first written in May, 2011, and updated April, 2014. Additional Note: If you've found a new piece of gear that you use, please add a comment at the end of this thread so we can keep it current and include more opinions than just my experience. And if you really understand the whole CE rating system it would help to get a clarification from an expert. CHEST PROTECTOR / ROOST GUARD The classic Roost Guard is like slipping on a turtle shell, with layers of good hard protection on your front and back. If you’re racing and getting rocks thrown at you, you want a shield to deflect them. If you crash splat like a pancake, or get run over while laying on the track wondering what the hell just happened, you’ll be glad you bought one. They also have some form of pad for the top of your shoulders, but are open on the sides so your ribs aren't protected. The big pieces of plastic armor are shaped to loosely curve around your torso and spread out any sharp point of impact over a larger area. They don’t have a lot of padding between the shell and your body so cooling air flow is maximized. Try on several different ones and you’ll find one that fits you much better than the others. This will be the least expensive form of upper body armor you'll find. There are several new designs of Chest Protector Vests that are much more high tech, somewhat similar to the Pressure Suits in how they fit and function. The TLD 5955, Alpinestars A-8, and Leatt 5.5 Pro HD are the best I've seen of this new way of thinking about armor. This new generation of vest puts together multiple pieces of plastic to closely form to your body, and finally give you some rib protection too. These range from light to heavy duty and all are really comfortable and nice fitting, possibly worn under your jersey. The A*-8 and especially the Leatt HD are more substantial, and for this kind of armor easily the best I've seen. These are nothing like the classic roost guards, and they cost a lot more too. Advantages: Light weight, cool, easy on and off, great front protection from roost. The new Vest style armor protect your whole upper body about as good as it gets. And you get to choose which elbow armor you prefer, it's not included. Disadvantages: Roost Guards have no protection around the sides of your body; so your ribs, liver and spleen are vulnerable. You’re wrapped in a fairly low tech shell with the cheaper ones. You'll have to buy your elbow armor separately. Personally I see no disadvantage to these Chest Protector Vests but some guys feel they're too hot. Availability: Motorcycle parts stores usually stock a small selection of these and you want to take your time and find one that fits good, if you can find them at all. Unfortunately you can't try on the pieces when internet shopping, but that's where your best selection is. Check the sales policy of the online stores, you might need to return or exchange something. PRESSURE SUIT The Pressure Suit is a lot more high tech than the classic turtle shell approach, and more expensive. They have a long articulated plastic spine guard that flexes with you for comfort, some padding on the chest, and most have a kidney belt. They are available is short sleeve so you can use your own elbow pads, or in long sleeve with pads attached that stay comfortably in place. There will be small pieces of padding in strategic places and usually something fancy on top of your shoulders. These are worn under your jersey but some guys simply wear them over a t-shirt when it’s really hot. The fit is meant to be snug to your body. Many of them use an open mesh fabric for cooling. The amount and kind of padding for the chest varies greatly, some use just a thin pad and others will use a piece of plastic over a fat pad. More padding equals better protection, and hotter. I think the Rockgardn Flac Jacket is a good example of max protection, but it may be more than you’re looking for. This AXO Air Cage is lighter but still has all around armor. There are lots of other good ones, you need to decide for yourself how much padding / how much insulation (hot) you can tolerate. I was wearing a minimalist one when I crashed, my hospital bill was Ten Grand. I wish I was wearing thicker / better armor but Moab gets so damn hott. You have to find the compromise you're comfortable with. There is a new design, the Leatt 3DF Airfit Body Protector that is like a Pressure Suit but all the pads are soft, no hard shell material. Reviews say it's soft, light weight, and cool: comfortable. I think it's worth looking at if you want lots of protection, but it doesn't look to me like it's made for you MX guys. If you are you an ATGATT rider (All The Gear, All The Time) this could be perfect under a jacket on your commute to work too. Here are some other good pics of it. Advantages: These are designed to offer protection in a crash, they are high tech compared to a classic roost guard. Some are lighter weight and less padded than others, so you can buy the level of armor that you feel comfortable wearing. This armor is shared with the downhill mountain bike racers. Disadvantages: More expensive, hotter, and harder to get on and off than a Chest Protector, especially when sweaty. Most have no padding around the sides; leaving your ribs, liver, and spleen vulnerable. You don’t have a big shell around you and it’s easy to see how sometimes that could be exactly what you need. Availability: Search motorcycle shops and bicycle shops for these, you really need to try it on before buying. The ones favored by mtn bikers will be lighter weight, the moto ones will usually be more heavy duty. I constantly fought with the first one I bought; it stabbed me in the neck, the elbow pads slipped, and it was terribly hot. The one I crashed in was so comfortable I could take a nap in it, but it didn't protect me when I needed it to. Look around for a few different ones before you buy, you’ll see big differences between them in fit and padding. Search the internet. IMPACT VEST This is a relatively new and smaller category of protection and I’m not sure the category has a title, but they are designed for impact so that’s what I’m calling them. Some fit like an insulated vest; thinner than a life jacket but thicker than you would wear under your jersey. There are different ways they offer protection and some come from other sports: a bull riders vest, snowmobile racers, road racers, etc. Even an inflatable coat. From state of the art high tech materials used in bullet proof vests to fancy pads in all the right places, these can offer you choices the other styles don’t. I’m going to talk about a few manufacturers of these that I’m aware of, it’s unlikely that you’ll find them in stores because they aren’t the normal moto gear- yet. One is custom made to order, and the others sell at 2 to 3 times the price of a Roost Guard; it’s hard for a retailer to gamble on stocking this stuff. But I’m including them so you know more of your options. Moto X Vest- Starting with bullet proof vest technology, adapted from Professional Bull Riders, this model is specifically tailored for motorcycle riders. All the PBR guys wear these vests, so if it’s the best technology we have against a couple thousand pounds of raging bull then it seems like it might work when your bike tosses you on your ass? It’s made to integrate with most of the new “Leatt style” neck braces and is vented more than the bull rider's model. The special padding and fabric spreads out a point of impact so you absorb it over a larger surface area, these really are rocket science materials. It can be worn either tight or loose, and you can clean it with a pressure washer. It doesn’t have fancy looking shoulder protection or elbow pads like a Pressure Suit but it wraps fully around your sides and gives great protection for your ribs and organs from an impact. I had a long phone call with Mick, the designer/manufacturer, he’s a great guy and I recommend you give him a call. This is what I'm currently wearing and I'm sure that I wouldn't have spent my vacation in the hospital if I'd been wearing one then. Some guys don't like the fit, it's definitely a different look. Like anything that wraps you up it can get hot, so they have a new more vented model that just came out. I haven't tried it but it has more vents. TekVest- These guys make a full line of vests, offering something for everyone. Their original one has padding, pockets, protection, and a place to slip your hydration bladder: this thing is loaded with options. And expensive. They have a big following in the snowmobile market so that should give you an idea of how warm it might be. They've adapted their designs for motorcycles the last few years, offering different levels of protection and better venting. Look thru their website to see models from fully loaded designs with pockets to a very light weight design made to be worn with a hydration-backpack. They're required equipment to snowmobile race, those guys are on 600 lb machines with steel spikes in the treads. Some guys think this is as good as it gets in armor, if you can wear that much. I’ve read good reviews and harsh criticisms; my buddy liked his a lot on his sled, but it was just too hot for him at race pace in the desert. It wraps fully around your torso so it will have better protection for your ribs and internal organs. There are many guys who swear by this armor, but it's not what you typically see worn at the motocross track. I recently bought a Freestyle Vest with the shoulder pads and like the fit and feel of it. Actually I bought it for downhill skiing, where I've broken ribs more often than falling off my moto. Here is a short review by Bryan Bosch. Impact Armor This armor is popular with Pro road racers and sport bike guys. The high tech pads are held in place by their skin tight leather race suit. They have a SuperMoto chest protector designed specifically for that style of riding, maybe that's exactly what you're looking for? Hit-Air Auto Bahn 2 There's an inflatable coat that blows up with a compressed gas bottle in the pocket, and is triggered by a leash attached to your bike. When you crash and separate from your bike (while flying thru the air) the coat will inflate around your body and neck. In the right crash this could work great, but I stayed with my bike into the ground and I would have had no protection at all. So it should work for a high side get off, but it won't be there for you on a low side. Maybe for a road rider? But I just can't see it as valid protection in too many kinds of crashes. I’ve read many posts by guys who are unhappy with their armor because of “it's too hot!” or “it didn’t protect me when I crashed”. There are advantages and disadvantages for every kind of armor, and how it fits you and your riding style are really important. In addition to choosing what you might think fits you best, there is the discussion about the importance of the CE ratings. Some manufacturers get the certification, there are like 7 different CE safety standards you can look at to determine what might give you the best protection. Some smaller companies don't spend the money on certification so you don't know exactly how they might compare to the gear from the big guys. "Unrated" doesn't mean it isn't good protection, they just didn't get their stuff "certified". The problem is no one piece of this gear can protect us from every possible crash scenario. How much armor, and which kind you should wear, ultimately is your decision. If you try to wear it all you’re going to look like an Armadillo. And move about as fast too.
  11. Do any of you wear arm guards when doing woods or trail riding? I had a minor slip up today that has me wanting a little more protection than the nothing I'm wearing now. Thankfully I got away with just some bruises and abrasions, but I'd like to avoid that in the future if I can. I suppose I should be looking for better knee/shin guards too as mine just pushed out of the way when I went over. Thanks.
  12. Finally wore out my EVS Burly elbow guards: /reviews/product/7343-evs-burly-elbow-guard/ So, on the hunt for something new. I could always get another pair, but wait... there's always something new/better, right? Looking for the following benefits: 1. stays in place. 2. doesn't squeeze my forearms too much. 3. straps that dig in or create pressure points. 4. breathes as much as possible (I live in central florida). 5. good coverage of both the elbow and forearm. Price is pretty much irrelevant. What do you LOVE that fits my needs? Basic protection is fine. The Burly's did a great job for a number of years.
  13. Looking to get a camelbak for a scramble this month. Anyone have any suggestions of which to buy? I don't need a huge backpack with the ability to carry tools or anything.
  14. Lemme preface this by saying I can get this brace at a VERY good price, and need to order it tonight to ensure its here by Friday so I can wear it at practice sat...for the race sunday. So, with that said, if I buy one...its going to be this one...Trying to avoid this being another neck brace debate of any sort, lol. Getting back into a lot more track riding, and racing this weekend for first time in a long time. So, I figured I would spring for one at this point. Before, when just trail riding...i didnt do so. I am just wondering if anyone has one... 1) do you know if it works with any chest protector, or only the "pro lite"? 2) do you like it? 3) did sizing seem to be pretty good... i fit in the middle of the L/XL sizing, so I can't see how it could possibly be wrong unless the Leatt sizing chart is WAY off. Tryin to find stuff about these, but I am not seeing a whole lot on google, or searching here that answered those too well if at all. Thanks. Edit: I think the valor looks similar to the zenith, which those would fit beneath chest protectors. So...im just gonna try it with my Thor for now, can get the other one later...just not in time for this weekend. Also, decided to give it a shot. Btw, these things are hard to find user reviews on...so maybe ill write one up when I get it, and use it this weekend.
  15. I'm intersted in purchasing a new leatt neck brace. I currently own a GPX Adventure II neck brace, but feel that the protection is inadequate from what I understand about the new braces. Also, weight is substantially heavier than both models listed above. If anybody has ridden with either or both and have an opinion, I would love your insight. Thank you very much and Happy New Year to all.
  16. Do you guys think either are a necessity? I've never seen anyone dog knee braces before, but I see some people saying that neck braces make it very easy to break collar bones(but id rather break a collar bone than my neck right?). Is there any credibility to this? I can afford both but before spending big bucks on them what are your experiences with neck and knee braces?
  17. Are neck braces really a good choice? How hard are they to get use too? I've been thinking about getting one but I feel like it would mess with me
  18. Hey guys I would like to share my testimony. At all cost protect your knees s i am older now I sold my 95 rm250 because both my knees were shot. I had my right knee scoped and was heading for a left knee replacement my riding days was over but 4 months ago had that new chicken fat gel injected In both knees and now im feeling great and looking to buy a another rm250..man do I miss the smell of a 2stroke..
  19. today we were on a 12person sm ride from 707 lake- legget - fort bragg - orr springs rd.ukiah - back to 707 lake well about 1.5 hrs from home, we just relaunched the ride after a quick break.. we were in 2 groups.. i was in the rear group, making my way to the front of the group..then i tried to catch the front group.. i do not know these roads at all.. i was doing 75mph..i dropped it into 4th. added lots front and some break..slowed to 60mph.added a little more rear break..it immediately locked up.. still slowing down i fly off the road at about 50mph.. i flew off the road..the rear tire hit something, n it bucked up & spun crazily ejecting me and throwing me down the hill id like to thank my rhok jeans, ce lvl 1 knees and hips.. alpinestars t-ast mesh jacket,, upgraded all armor with ce lvl 2 forcefield shoulders, back, elbows. held airstream 2 gloves hjc cl-17 helmet honestly my left butt cheek is killlllling me right now..but nothing is broke. and i was able to ride home 1.5 hours after the crash!!! so im really happy about the outcome! 👍
  20. Dr Mark, what is your take on neck braces & which ones are good which ones are not? Note: I don't care what others opinions on the subject are, or that you own a Leatt & it saved you 10 times over, I just want to know what the doc thinks. Please save your stories of salvation for another thread & go elsewhere to bash each other about this subject.
  21. Hello! First of all I would like you to watch this video: http://youtu.be/fOxevBmutQA Now that you understand where i'm from. Let me tell you a bit about me. I live in Caracas, Venezuela, a city where the average car commute might take close to two hours. A city where Law is just a guideline nobody follows and motorcycles rule the road. I start my daily commute on my Klr650 20 miles from my office. To breake it down a bit; 15 minutes on twisties, 10 minutes on the highway doing 60mph lane-splitting and 10 minutes on city traffic also lane-splitting. I've been riding with just a helmet and a non-armor jacket for the past 6 years with just one small incident. I realize now I need protection. Cars in Caracas don't use turn signals, run red lights, and pretty much hate motorcycles and will try to ram you if given the opportunity. I've been looking at jackets from different manufacturers and want to see what you all think. I like de Dainese Manis Jacket, shorts, and knee guards. I also like the Forcefield Pro Jacket and Pants. Now, my question is, which of these two do you guys think can save my skin if i ever came to rear end a car doing 60mph? I know they aren't designed for this buy something is better than nothing. Dainese is the only one that offers CE-2 on the chest and has foam covered in super-dupper plastic. Forcefield are soft-smart-space-age foam that harden on impact. I'm looking for something that i can wear under my jeans (will buy kevlar eventually) and not draw attention and that i can easily remove when i get to my office. I don't wear suits only t-shirts and jeans. Did I mention Caracas is one of the most dangerous cities in the world and that we have more deaths per year that Afghanistan? So already riding a KLR650 draws enough attention, the only reason i have it is in case i have to gun it to escape danger. Most criminals here ride small 150 Chinese bikes that are agile in traffic buy no match for a KLR on the highway. I also have one that i keep at the office to do errands in downtown Caracas. Well, let me se what you think!
  22. Looking to make the investment on a pair of knee braces. Many choices out there .... I have read many many reviews, forums, individual testing, videos, etc ... I am leaning toward the POD K8's & Leatt ... I was hoping to get some input from you guys who have them, what they like/dislike, if they would switch to another, blah blah blah ... Thanks ahead of time ...
  23. Just thought I'd share this in case someone else is having trouble finding a chest protector. For the last few years I've been trying many different chest protectors, but could never find one that fit. I'm tall but skinny. (5' 10", 110lbs)......I first started with a Youth thor quadrant, which fit okay but wasn't long enough. It didn't go far enough down my ribs and also didn't fit well with my Leatt. Next I went to a Leatt Adventure Lite. This fit okay, but not good. Still loose up in the shoulder area. I used it for a season and got rid of it. This past season I used a EVS under jersey R4....I have zero complaints on this. It fit very well and was confortable under the jersey. But, I just didn't have the same sense of safety in that as I did in my others. Big rocks still didn't feel good hitting you in the chest with it on. So, I just got myself an adult (S/M) Fox Proframe LC on Black Friday for $49! I just got it in today and it fits really nice, especially with my Leatt. I really wish I would have found this a few years back. So if anyone has the same type of build as me and cannot find a chest protector they're happy with, give the Fox Proframe a shot. I remember making a few threads on my issue and nobody really had an answer (other than the EVS R4).
  24. I am wondering if there is a decent under jersey ptrotection system without having to go a size up? (I am already a 2xl)
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