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Found 5,776 results

  1. scotty2fast

    Suzuki 87 quadzilla

    Hey Guys , posted this over on the Suzuki 2stroke foum as well, but my neighbor recently purchased a 1987 Quadzilla and the bike will only idle with the choke on , I'm thinking crank seals and maybe impellar shaft and seals as well , when he drained his gearbox it was milky looking and she smokes pretty heavy even after being warmed up. Carb has been gone through and top end has great compression judging by how hard it is to kick . He hasnt thrown a compression tester on it that I know of, so I cant quote any numbers . Also bike has been sitting several years before he purchased it . The P/O was real tool . Any Thoughts ?
  2. flipit

    Suzuki 08 LT Z250 Quad Sport

    Recently purchased this quad from a friend with a bogging, popping and idling issue. Figured it was the carb so completely disassembled and cleaned including hidden air fuel mixture screw under brass plug. Also replaced the spark plug and still does the same thing. Checked compression thinking bent valve and it registered 180psi after 3 crank revolutions. Have slide and power valve diaphragms ordered but not convinced this will resolve the issue. Could it be the CDI box? Coil maybe? Is there somewhere I can take the CDI and coil to be tested? My next step is to go over the wiring and grounds to look for shorts or loose grounds. I am 44 yrs old and have been working on bikes since 13. Never been stumped like this. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Blacky Lebowski

    Suzuki Vacuum Actuated Petcock Help

    I have an 05 ltz 400. Nice quad. I'm installing a new petcock tomorrow and need to be sure about the vacuum hose to the petcock. Maybe this applies to more than just suzukis. This is my first quad and first vacuum actuated petcock. My question is this. The vacuum hose on the petcock goes to where exactly? I'm thinking somewhere on the carb but don't know for sure. Looking at the owners manual, there is a vacuum hose that fits a nipple on the carb. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.
  4. damone

    Suzuki LT250 05' or 07' ?

    I just got a golf cart that has a LT250 motor tranny. SN? LT250147717 Shaft Driven not 4x4. Can you unlock the differential somehow. The locked rear is pushing the cart and caausing it to tip up. Thanks D
  5. I have a 85 Suzuki 230s that's blowing quite a bit of oil as well as white smoke out the exhaust. It started doing it suddenly after a 3 hour ride at local trails. It still has good compression (150psi when cold, 130 Psi when warm). Starts up on first kick and runs and drives great. Just going through a crazy amount of oil. It blows out so much that its pooled up in the muffler after riding for 5 min. Previous owner rebuilt the top end about a year ago with wiesco parts. I'm just baffled and don't know where to begin looking. What can I do to diagnose exactly what's going on? I'm just not thinking its bad rings as it happened so sudden, but rather maybe stuck rings, valve seals, valve guides, head gasket, Or cracked head. I'd like to try to diagnose it as best as I can without tearing it down as I'd rather sell or trade it as is.
  6. Hi all , I'm wondering if anyone has a manual for either of these 3 models or related models that can tell me what the normal engine oil pressure should be ? If I had one of these models I wouldn't be so cheap as to not find my self a needed manual some place for what ever few $'s it might cost me . But I don't have any of these models. I'm trying to determine if the oil pump out of one of these will work as an upgrade for a DRZ125 Minibike. They share allot of common engine parts and I think they share different versions of the same oil pump. Thanks in advance for any help on this .
  7. jbones

    Suzuki suzuki ltz 400

    I have a Suzuki ltz 400 2007. my quad is yellow i want to put black rims on it but i don't know what is a good rim. what do you recommend?
  8. jhope32

    Suzuki Hot Cam

    If I have a stock ltz 400, what kind of performance gain will I get if I add a hot cam? Will I feel a difference in the performance? The only modification I have right now is a k & n filter. Is it a good idea to put a cdi rev box and a hot cam on a stock bike? I don't have a lot of money and I'm not running a big bore kit. The only part of the hot cam I was going to install is the intake side. Is that a good idea for all of this? I need to know the pros and cons and the dos and don'ts. Does anybody have a good idea on how to set this up?
  9. bstewart77

    Suzuki 2006 LT-Z250 Repair Manual

    I just purchased a Suzuki 2006 LT-Z250 Quadsport. It needs some tuning up but didn't come with a shop manual or even the owner's manual. Oddly, I can't find a shop manual for it online anywhere. Any suggestions, my normal sites Amazon, BikeBandit, etc. don't have a Clymer for the 250 only the 400. Thanks!
  10. Ontothe4stroke

    Suzuki What is the Quadsport 230 all about?

    I'm considering buying a quadsport 230 for 500 thats in ok shape. I was just wondering what its about really. As far as I know its a 5 speed clutch chain driven, disc brakes all around. Is it a dulled down version of a 250? Because I own a 250x right now so I know what thats like. Any input really would be nice.
  11. z400maniac

    Suzuki Valve clearance....

    What does it mean if I have no clearance on my Intake side of the valves.04 ltz400
  12. Bryan Bosch

    Suzuki Suzuki recalls KingQuad ATVs

    Suzuki recalls KingQuad ATVs Powersports Business Tuesday March 15, 2011 http://www.powersportsbusiness.com/output.cfm?id=2731159 American Suzuki Motor Corp. has recalled about 29,000 KingQuad ATVs because of a fire hazard. The plastic fuel tanks in some KingQuad ATVs were improperly manufactured, and they can develop a fuel leak, posing a fire hazard. American Suzuki has received 19 reports of fuel leaking from KingQuads; no injuries have been reported. The recalled units include: all 2008 to 2010 LT-A450X models, all 2009 to 2010 LT-A500X models, all 2008 to 2010 LT-A750X models and 2011 LT-A500X and LT-A750X models manufactured before Dec. 11, 2010. The ATVs were sold at dealerships from July 2007-February 2011. Suzuki is notifying all consumers who own recalled ATVs.
  13. i have a 2009 special edition suzuki quadracer ltr450.if im on flat ground i can go thru every gear and never have a problem but as soon as i leave the ground it shuts off in the air.wat would cause this?
  14. hondaracer21

    Suzuki 1983 lt125 plug

    what kind of plug does a 1983 suzuki lt125 take? right now the plug in it is the wrong type. its way too long and not even threaded in all the way. its actually a great way to destroy the piston anyway if someone knows the ngk part number or other brand that would be great. -thanks
  15. Guys, I am hoping for a miracle here! I have just rebuilt my 2005 DRZ-400SM (big end and added big bore kit) I have changed nothing else and when I started the bike it started first time and sounds great! So I'm thinking hey that was pretty easy but when I ride it, it literally has less power than 100cc scooter, no disrespect intended. I have double and triple checked the cam timing but nothing seems amiss here. It behaves normally till 1/4 turn on the throttle and then the rest delivers nothong at all. I found this thread on Google as it seems another guy had the exact same problem but the thread just ends with no solution. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-457859.html Please if anyone has advice, this has been a 3 month long project which is now being held back by something I've overlooked..hopefullly..
  16. vintagemotors60

    Suzuki 07 eiger 400 steering damper

    i searched and found no threads on stearing dampers for a eiger 400. anyone make one? i really would like to find one!
  17. I've alreadt scoured TT classifieds, fleabay, and CL. The best price I can find is RonAyers.com. But I don't need a brand new one. A used one would be great. Does anyone have, or know where I can find, one on the cheap?
  18. Can anyone help identify this old Suzuki ATV? All the stickers are long gone, this thing has been painted more than one should ever..lol Was told it was a 250 motor, old man had no idea. Got it running, but need a few parts, just have no idea for what..lol Hope the pics will help. Thanks, Colt
  19. ZRT800guy

    Suzuki LTZ no start

    just finished rebuilding my LTZ 400 from the bottom up. i put it in the fram got everything ready to go, filled the carb with fuel. and went to crank it over and nothing. after awhile i got a couple "putts" out of it like it was trying to start but still nothing. so as my last resort i tried some either and still nothing. its got good spark carb has a dynojet kit and i have a yoshi slip on. it ran fine before the rebuild and now nothing. anyone got any idea's?
  20. Irwin

    Suzuki Newbie

    Just decided I'm tired of falling on my butt:moon:! Been riding dirt bikes all my life. Just traded off My 2008 Honda XR50L for a 2008 Kinq Quad 400 and 750. Any immediate suggestions for these machines?
  21. kawikid

    Suzuki suspension help

    i was wounder, im looking for new shocks and ive heard alot about elka but i was woundering do i buy the shocks first or new a arms?
  22. lsittingbull

    Suzuki hp comparision

    can anyone give me a hp comparision between the drz-400 and the quadsport 400. And besides carb and cams is there any other diffrences.
  23. SM421

    Suzuki Suspension Setup

    I am new to Quads do you set up the rear suspension the same way as on a motocross bike (i.e. Race Sag, and Static Sag)? I am trying to get my wifes '03 KFX400 dialed in for her weight.
  24. Guest

    Suzuki Big bore kits

    I've decided to go with a big bore kit and im wondering is there any special one to buy that is a trusted brand to do good? i was gonna go with a kit with wiseco to make it a 440 for almost 200$. how much horsepower would this kit add to my quad? and if anybody knows where i could get it cheaper then please say so. thanks!
  25. 995

    Suzuki Suspension question

    does anybody know if trx450r front shocks will fit on an ltz400? i know they are basically the same length, but are they the same width at the eye?