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Found 5,799 results

  1. anyone know what size puller for the quadmaster 500? any help appreciated!
  2. I have just bought a Hot Rods stroker crank & Athena Big Bore kit. The Hot Rods is a 4159 - After doing some re-search i believe this is the older 5mm version? was brand new off the shelf - old stock. The Athena kit is a 440 big bore complete kit. The chap thats bulding my engine up for me has just called me to say that he doesnt think the piston will work & we may need to take 0.25mm to 0.5mm off? After doing a search on here i have read something about a spacer plate being needed or a special piston? Can anyone help me please? or point me in the right direction? I am hoping with my Yoshi exhaust & jetted carb this will make it quick!!? Cheers
  3. dirtbikesteve

    Suzuki king quad 700

    just bought a 06 king quad 700 and i dont think it is getting the speed that it should be getting the top speed i am getting is only 47 mph was woundering if that is top speed or what can i do to make it go faster
  4. DezRaCeR249

    Suzuki z400 cuts out problem

    i have a z 400, its all stock except the exhaust spark arrestor insert is removed. i hadnt rode it in a while about 5 months so i tried to start it up. the battery was dead so i just jumper started it and it wouldnt start. it would just turn over but no start. so i took the carb off and cleaned everything out, the main jet and pilot jets and everything. put it all back together and it started up except when i have throttle half way or more it cuts out and runs terrible. i puylled carb off again to clean main jet and it still does the same thing it idles and runs good just 1/4 throttle or so? i just dont know anymore, something with battery or what. Help me out. Thanks guys
  5. Is the DRZ 400e base gasket a good mod for the LTZ 400? What are the Pros and Cons. Would it be to much compression? When installing the base gasket do you have to rejett the carb?
  6. i was told there needs to be oil in the stator housing for the timing chain.. i cant get the case off to look in there and see whats up when i pull it over with the pull start it shows its putting out a little power all the way up to the coil.. but no spark, i tried different plug caps i have several different coils laying around but i dont think its the coil.. btw this is a new project i just got last night for $60 and i know nothing of these old suzuki 4 strokes.. the wiring is a mess too..
  7. rideblue686r

    Suzuki 1986 lt230s quadsport

    i have a lt230 quadsport and i cracked the swingarm in half anyone have one for cheap or know where to get one?? im in altoona, pa thanks for your help Yours Truely, Rideblue
  8. I need some help with a 1998 suzuki quadrunner LT4WD 250. It starts and runs for about a mile then cuts out and dies. Then it has to cool down to restart then does the same thing. I had a friend work on it. He checked the compression and it was only at 60. He adjusted the valves and the compression jumped up to 125. It started up and ran around for about a hour and half and ran fine. He went out the next day and it didn't want to start again. He seems to think it's electrical. I have no idea. Can someone please help me with any ideas.
  9. hondaboy5494

    Suzuki 2003 suzuki ozark wiring?

    i got a 2003 ozark off of my buddy i got it knowing that he beat the living piss out of it and that it needed a lot of tlc but i need a wiring diagram or something because he had the wires ripped off where the key was, and there all spliced together. i get no spark no nothing, this is why he parked it a few years ago and hasnt been touched since. i think he has something wired wrong, can anyone get me the wiring diagram? please and thank you!!
  10. tyler62

    Suzuki backfire

    clean carb still won't run right
  11. PontRm250

    Suzuki 2001 Quadmaster 500

    Has anyone modded one of these? There is barley any aftermarket support for this atv. I think it was just a quad suzuki put out untill they came out with the vinson 500. Im looking for aftermarket suspension, jet kits, pipes, clutch kits. Anything basically. Thanks
  12. daled

    Suzuki wiring help

    been working on a 1991 Suzuki LT160 for a family member... like most older ATV's it has suffered from sever neglect. I have gone through the mechanicals and have the machine sorted out pretty well. My question is this: does anyone have a copy of the electrical schematic that they can share ? the harness have been butchered, scabbed, and reworked past the point of recognition. Any pointers would help. Thank you.
  13. I'm restoring a 1987 lt250 quadracer and I need a shock piston band/rubber seal! I can find the 'seal head', but I need the actual rubber sealing band that goes around the valving stack and piston.
  14. yz400fdude

    Suzuki Z400 upgrade suggestions.

    First off the z400 is a '06. I'm getting ready to order some wheels because my stockers are bent and I figured I might as well order some other things. I'm thinking about changing my airbox setup and adding a K&N type filter. Just give me some suggestions to think about, its pretty much stock and I ride rocky trails and some sandy areas. Here are some things I'm considering: 13t front sprocket different airfilter setup maybe a different gas cap or at least new vent tube maintenance parts(bearings, seals) Skid plates Thanks!
  15. 99blaster5021

    Suzuki ltz400 exhaust ?

    what is the loudest slip on exhaust you can buy for a ltz400 ?
  16. truck6driver

    Suzuki LT160E engine options

    Just worked on a friends LT160E. I have what is left of the parts quad he had. I was thinking of using the engine in my sons mini-buggy so it would have a trans and not a CVT system:thumbsdn: . The engine appeared to have jumped time so I will be going into the engine. My question is: Do they make a big bore kit for this engine or am I stuck with the standard over bore for a new piston kit. I am replacing a Honda GY6 150cc engine in the buggy and the 160 is 158cc. I just wanted some more cc's since I will be modding the swing arm to accept the Suzuki engine. I was looking for something over 200cc's are there any kits out there for this engine? Any engine mods that will work well? RH
  17. RandomJesus

    Suzuki No vacuume

    I recently acquired an 88 250 utility quad for $30 bucks. I got it to the point where it will fire up with the help of starting fluid but it wont idle and the carb dosent appear to be getting any fuel. I really dont know much about 4 stroke engines and the only thing i can guess is that there isnt a vacuum pulling gas into the carb. The stock fuel line has been bypassed with a tube running directly from the petcock to the carb, there is a unit of sometype in line with the old fuel line (possibly a fuel pump??) Step by step help would be greatly appreciated. I cleaned the carb with carb cleaner by the way. Thanks in advance!!!
  18. Psychoone

    Suzuki Am I missing something

    I went to check the oil level at the oil reservoir and when I removed the oil filler cap/dipstick, oil came pouring out. Not just a little, but a lot. So, I am missing something? The oil level came this way from the factory. Was there some sort of back pressure or was there simply too much oil in it? Psychoone 2003 YZ timed WR450 2006 KFX400
  19. Guest

    Suzuki Suzuki Z-450?? yfz eater???

    I was told that suzuki is supposidly coming out with a new z-450 with the same engine as their RM-Z 450.. ne body know anything about it or have ne clue of what its gonna look like? i was also told that it was coming with elka suspension stock.. just wondering if anybody knew ne thing about that also. thanks!
  20. sportriderwv

    Suzuki Harescramble racing on the Z

    Thinking of switching from bikes to quads. I am prob going to get one of the 450s but i am considering the z400 or kfx ( i know they are the same thing) Was wondering if they make good harescramble racers? thanks p.s. I am a expierenced quad rider, i use to race a quadracer 250 motorcross and I had a raptor 660 back in 2000.
  21. 01DRZ400S

    Suzuki Want a DRZ-400 S?

    Have a 01 yellow 2400 miles, Will trade for a full off road/ full on road or ATV. Email me and let me know what you have.
  22. Way Fast Whitey

    Suzuki used z400

    i have a 2004 yzf250 but i've always loved quads, if i got a quad it would be a 400. how does the z400 compare to the 400ex? Thanks
  23. http://www.nmaoffroad.org/graphics/posters/GrizzlyATV2005b.pdf Follow link to event flyer for info on an ATV Hare Scrambles, May 14, at Longview MX park (35 miles north of Portland, OR). Sounds like a fun time.
  24. tonypagnano

    Suzuki tranny

    hey i was just wondering how and if i should change the tranny fluid in my ltz-400? thanks...
  25. firemanZ400

    Suzuki FMF Power Bomb?

    Has anyone tried the FMF Power bomb headers? IM looking for some performance and have not had the oppertunity to ask some one who has tried one. any advice will be appreciated. Barry