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Found 5,803 results

  1. i search this emblem for my exhaust!!! http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y283/kfx400_rider/yoshemblem1.jpg
  2. imported_Kimmylion

    Suzuki idle speed

    Please see if you can help me. My daughter has a LTZ250. I am new to the quad thing. After doing the oil change I was thinking it seemed to idle a little low and thought I'd just turn the idle up a bit like on my motorcycle. I didn't get the response I had anticipated so I turned it up more. Now I have it all messed up(kind way of putting it)!!! It won't idle right and when I give it gas it is like it is stuck and then the rpms will come down...and then it will die. The dealership seems to think I could fix it by playing with the throttle a 1/4 turn at a time, but now I think I have it so messed up I don't know where to start. We are going to WCTT4 and when I called this particular dealer he was like.."well bring it in and we will try to get a chance to look at it but we are scheduled until June. If it is a easy problem we can probably get to it". I was never impressed by this dealership and it was one of the reasons I didn't want this quad...but...their price was good. If I sounded panicked its because I am.
  3. drz400dp

    Suzuki Jetting for New KfX 400

    I just bought a new Orange Kfx 400 on friday and i already got a Pro Circuit 496 slip on, Its the forrest service legal pipe with the spark arrestor. I am curious as to what to do to this thing as far as jetting for this bike, Also is it common for people to remove the snorkle or cut the airbox. I have a Drz 400s which i have done the airbox 3x3 cut out, Quads are a new thing for me so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Guest

    Suzuki least expensive mods?

    i have an 03 z400 with wb pipe, pro filter, ITP's all around and a dyno jet kit. all that has really done improvement to the quad but im wondering what else could i do to make it have more power for less $$.. i thought of going to a big bore kit but wen i saw the price i changed my mind real quick.. so ne body know what else i could get for it?
  5. crfdude86

    Suzuki test

  6. 99blaster5021

    Suzuki ltz400 problem

    I have an 04 ltz400, i will be riding it and it bogs down and i checked the gas and it has like a little less then half a tank and it bogs i filled it up with gas and it runs fine what can this be ?
  7. I had another thread on this, but I cannot find it, so here goes again. I am curios what octane people are using in their LTZ400? Should I use Premium, midgrade or regular? I just switched to Amsoil 0W 40 4 Stroke ATV oil. I just love Amsoil, I now have it in every engine I own.
  8. TAPsXR400

    Suzuki Need DR650 Shop Manual

    oops posted in wrong place
  9. bubbam75801

    Suzuki oil dran plug

    can anyone tell me where the oil drain plug is on ltr 450
  10. should i run the cherry bomb with my power commander? or just use the rev extension plug that comes with the power commander?
  11. Derek230F

    Suzuki Looking to Buy a Z400

    I couldn't find the forums (if there is one) for Wanting to Buy, so i'll post here real fast. http://www.z400central.com/invision/index.php?showtopic=67533 that is my post on the Z400central.com website. What I am looking for is a Z400 around 2000-3000 dollars that has little to no mods on it and is in relatively good condition. normal wear and tear is fine, bike doesn't have to look brand new but should run good. if anyone can point me to the right forums for TT where i should post this, or has a bike for sale or knows of one... let me know!! derekconlon@hotmail.com thanks! -derek
  12. nvrstsfd23

    Suzuki Tire and rim sizes

    It's an 03 z400 and I am looking for some ideas for tires and rims, so far I came up with the following: Motocross: Front Rim- 8x8 Tire- 20x6 Rear Rim- 10x5 Tire- 18x10 Offroad: Front Rim- 9x8 Tire- 23x7 Rear Rim- 10x5 Tire- 21x11 What do you guys think
  13. topic, looking for an aftermarket cam but so far have had no luck.
  14. sickltz400

    Suzuki Tranny help!!?!?!?

    Went riding last weekend only to have major problems...I was crusing flat out only to loose my chain. I came to a stop and began to untangle the chain from the front sprocket..I noticed that I didnt crack the case that the case saver saved me jejejej...Anyways got the chain back on and limped back to camp and loaded it and went home...The next day I checked the damage one more time and didnt see anything major...But when the chain is on it seems that the chain had a tight spot to where the bike wouldnt budge..So then I tried to adj the chain but got the same thing..Next I just took off the chain and moved the front sprocket by hand..Well seems to moved about a half turn then it would bind up(lock)..Unless you spin the sprocket fast then it wouldnt bind but you will hear a clunk...Iam thinking I bend a shift fork or so I hope...What kind of damage Iam looken at and how much????? thanks for your hel
  15. Hey guys and gals. I have an 06 KFX400 with a full HMF system, K&N w/ outerwear, lid removed, 160 main jet, needle 3rd clip from top, stock pilot, mixture screw 2.5 turns out. Anyway. I've had this setup since the 1st day I installed the pipe. It ran hard from day one and over time it has run slower and slower. The bike is about a year old and about 30hrs on it. All of a sudden it started running like crap. Runs ok up to 1/4 throttle then it sputter real bad. I changed the plug, thought it might be ignition related, swapped the CDI with my gilfriend's (06 KFX400) nope, So far I got the carb out of it and have gone through i, no trash, dirt or anything. I'm getting it all back together but I'm out of ideas. Anyone got any ideas?
  16. JTC17

    Suzuki 86 lt 230s engine

    I have an 1986 suzuki lt230s and was wondering if there are any different engines that woudl fit into the old frame. i recently fried the engine and do not have 1200 to fix it, i am looking for any one who possibly by any chance knows if any engine would fit. I would also consider buying an engine if anyone has on or a cheap atv they want to get rid out. thanks
  17. i need some ideas for some upgrades for a Z400 05-07. for an exhaust i was thinking either a yoshi full exhaust or a fmf factory 4 with a power bomb header or a PC t-4 or a ti-4. any other ideas for intake exc. would help alot. lookin' forword for some serious POWER! (and one thing, i have some pretty shallow pockets so i cant spend alot of money)
  18. Hello, I just bought this machine and thought it was great. It ran great. But once I got it home and started to change the oil I see that it is mixed with coolant. I cant believe I didnt check before buying. I got taken by a scumbag. So I am trying to move on and get over this. Where should I start to trouble shoot where they are mixing? Is it the head? Water pump seal? I suspect the cause is an overheat do to a broken fan wire. Any help greatly appreciated. thanks-alex P.S.( any offers on machine welcomed. bought for 3200 would take 1800.)
  19. suskbre

    Suzuki ltz 400

    I livde in las vegas and I have a LTZ 400. It was running like a top. then i changed it to a twist throuttle. then removed the snorkel and air box. The next time the quad was up in Hurican Utah. It had no power, ran like shit. Thinking the jeting needs to be changed. Any suggestion.
  20. redroosta

    Suzuki New LT-R450!!!

    Picked up a brand new '06 for $7200 out the door on Sat. Besides a cherry bomb and some nerf bars, do I really need to do anything else? Oh yeah almost forgot will I have to do anything to the exhuast to run the c.b.? Like taking out the arrestor? Thanks for any input.
  21. crazyredneck

    Suzuki adjusting my valves

    i have a 86 lt 230 and it taps real bad when it first starts runnin. does anybody know how to adjust the valves on it
  22. zee4hundred

    Suzuki z400 issues

    sup guys, I just sold my z400 that ive owned new since 04'.. When I sold it, it was running mint and he even had a test drive and loved the power. Anyway he called me up today and says the temp light is on and the quad wont start now.. I know for a fact he's been on two rides with it already and they were fine..... what should I be looking for to help this guy out?? TIA... p.s this quad is clean as hell, all stock and low hours..
  23. 660raptor

    Suzuki Suzuki LTR 450 Frame Recall

    Have you heard about this frame recall. I work at a Yamaha Suzuki dealer and they have to weld up the rear susupention on all 2006 new models that fit the vin numbers. I saw they guys welding it up and it seems that they didnt weld all the way around rear linkage housing attached to the frame. If the weld was craked then the dealer has to replace THE WHOLE FRAME. I cannot beleave this. What a drag if i had a LTR 450 i would be pissed if i had to have my motor yanged out and put in a new frame.
  24. mikec109

    Suzuki 91 LTF250 4x4 rear U-joints

    The rear u-joint (transmission side) has gone bad on this bike. Suzuki apparently does not sell just the u-joint. is it possible to find an after market fit(u-joint) and if so, how do you go about changing out the old one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  25. TrlCutter

    Suzuki Dirt Drag Engine Mods

    A friend wants to improve the performance of his quad at the dirt drags. Hes a big fella 300+ and has an Artic Cat Quad with the same engine as the LTZ 400. What is the best improvements we can make for the engine, bigger bore? If so has anyone got any expierences with any of the kits available and what size? How about cams, which would give him the best performance. Anyone know of a good exhaust system for it. Anyone know a good person to contact to ask? Thanks