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Found 119 results

  1. 0 comments

    I got this bike for super cheap. I have quite a bit of money into it now. Hot rods bottom end, jetted carb, boyeson rad valve, all new bearings and seals in whole bike, wiseco clutch with dirt digger plates, hydraulic clutch I pieced together(so much cheaper), pro circuit platinum 3 full exhaust, race tech gold valves with stiffer springs, geared 13-48. Still running an oem piston but on next rebuild that will change. Happened on an oem for super cheap so I stuck with that. I love this bike. Im going to try and keep it forever. Lol.
  2. I am new to tt and was doing allot of research to see if anyone has tried to put the dual sport lighting kit tail light on a Drzs or sm. All I could find was people doing it on the e model. Well I had a acerbis fender eliminator on my drz400s that I bought used and the tail lamp only light up half way. I had a old enduro kit sitting in my garage the only thing I had to do was switch the plug on the kit with the one from the harness “fit female to female before” and trim the plastic a little so it would sit flush on the frame. It works great and IMO is way brighter than the one I previously had. Only downside is I live in Texas and you need a white license plate light and it only comes on when I hit my brake but is barley noticeable because the red over powers it anyways. Just wanted to put this up to help others as tt has been my bible in the past. Hope this comes in handy for someone. Kit is super cheap and the light is pretty bright.
  3. climbku

    KTM 525 EXC (2006)


    The Outlaw 525 is the SX. This is the EXC with different gearing and flywheel.
  4. Hello, I'm new here and just bought a BRP last week. I am looking to put a street legal kit on it. It already has a Baja Designs headlight on it. The seller told me that it had a battery pack which would charge the headlight while it was running. The two tail lights are as pictured above. Question 1: Are these lights stock? They both light up while the bike is running, and they both intensify as either the rear or front brakes are applied. Is this a stock feature? I took the guards off and the seat off, and took the pictures below: As you can see, there appears to be a Baja Designs regulator and rectifier in place. Question 2: I know that one of the boxes is the regulator/rectifier, but what about the component right next to it (has metal housing and bolt atop it, which is all that can be seen)? I noticed the DENSO 070000-2840 QAC84 component, but from the research I've done, it's a CDI. I'm assuming this is stock. So, at this point, I want to ask: what do I need to complete the street legal kit? I could buy the Tusk one, but since this one already is partially in place, it looks like I could buy the rest from Baja Designs. I'm not aware of what the stator is in there, whether it's stock or an upgraded one. Question 3: In one of the pictures, a connection spits, and there is a lead open. Can this be used for for wiring in a horn and the signal lights I have yet to buy? Question 4: The On/Off switch is something I haven't figure out. I've had it both on and off and can't seem to notice any difference in lighting. Is this switch stock? At this point, I just need a horn, front and rear tail lights, and the wiring infrastructure to accomplish this. Additionally, I'll What is my best bet. From the digging I've done, I see the following listings from Baja Designs. Are these all ones I should be buying? Anything else I need? https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/switch-handlebar-control-dual-sport-kit-2011.asp https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/turn-signal-standard-pair.asp https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/turn-signal-mini-flushmount-led-pair.asp https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/turn-signal-flasher.asp https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/dual-sport-kit-horn-d-c.asp Thank you in advance. This forum has been very helpful to me so far, but this is my first time signing up and making a post. All the best!
  5. 0 comments

    I picked this bike up used with fairly low miles. The P.O. did a Motard conversion running 17" Pirelli's front and rear, with aftermarket wheels and oversized front rotor. It came with a full FMF exhaust and KLX needle swap. Fastway steering stabilizer...otherwise stock. I'm converting it back to a more traditional dual sport bike for Adventure type riding. I sourced a set of front and rear wheels off Ebay, stripped them bare and had them powdercoated black. Installed heavy duty 3mm tubes and Shinko 244 tires, with Tusk rotors. Dropping the gearing from 15/43 stock to 14/45 The jetting was off since it had a hanging idle. I've since added a JDJet kit and fresh Tusk air filter to eliminate that problem. The 'Doohickey' had not be swapped out, but both the spring and the machined part appears to be in great shape. I also added the Eagle MFG fork brace for stability. I added a Street Rays 1.5" lowering link for offroad confidence, but disliked how much ground clearance I lost, so I put it back to stock since I could sit flat footed anyway. Next on the 'To Do' list will be Tusk crash bars, Tusk Panniers, Enduro Engineering skidplate, and a Trail Tech Voyager Pro.
  6. 0 comments

    I’m new to dirt riding and have only had this bike two weeks so I can’t give a review but I wann show it off!! Also my first post here haha. So far I’ve put a tst fender eliminator on, some tusk , cheap powermadd folding mirrors, and tusk handguards. I’m super stoked On the bike so far and don’t miss my katana a bit yet!!
  7. Nadacop

    KTM 520 MXC (2002)


    The wheel set in my pic is from when I first got her. DNA X Racing rims. I don't remember what that HAMMERED front tire was (and I took it to the threads), but, now it's a Bridgestone Battlax rs10. Rear as bought, Pirelli Sport Deamon. I also got a set of dirt rims. As of today, they had desert knobbies, now going back to the seller, my beastie bestie friend Chris. Anywhoo, I don't want her as a straight dirt or motard. So, I just mounted a pair of Karoo 3 tires on them... yet to roll on em. During the handmount, I think... know I pinched the front's friggin brand new tube.... ahhhhhh... that's what tomorrow's for. Still waiting for the lithium to show up (warranty replacement, wonky reason that I have never seen. Freak cell. But I still want to run the replacement battery AND get one for my SuperHawk... I'll get one that fit's the holder on that bike too, overkill but hell, this small one started the SH with NO problem!!! And no, running the SH with the KTM batt diin't kill it. MFG verified.)... Firepower featherweight lithium battery... I bought via dimensions and it barely squeezes into the holder. AWESOME 240 CCAs!!!... #490-2529 https://www.firepowerparts.com/product/featherweight-lithium-battery/50983 ... but, it does fit nice and tight!!!! Next... fix that BRAND NEW TUBE... fit the new Tusk handguards... RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 0 comments

    The 2019 YZ450FX is an excellent open-terrain race bike and a very good tight-woods bike for an experienced rider. The power comes on abruptly. I added a "Throttle Tamer" which helped a lot in tight single track. I am an experienced rider, and the suspension is the best (in stock form) that I have ever had for high speed trails. No need for a revalve unless you want a very supple feel over rocks and roots. I weigh 160 lbs, and it is feels adequate for my weight or someone slightly heavier. The steering is light but very stable. I immediately felt comfortable riding aggressively the first time on the bike. Motor vibration is minimal at low rpm and almost unnoticeable at high rpms. Intake noise is an odd sound, even more so when wearing ear plugs. Mpg is in the mid 30's riding aggressively and 40 mpg riding easy. Starting is a bit finicky when warm. Bike needs to be in neutral with a slight increase in idle speed. Oem battery was weak and started getting weaker with just 4 hours. Added an Anti-gravity ATZ-7 Restart. Maintains proper voltage now.
  9. 0 comments

    My first REAL bike! At least for my size! Picked this beauty up for $700 and have about $900 in it now, that includes original price! This bike rides so well that I truly can't describe it! It's legitimate non stop smiles just staring at this gorgeous piece of history!
  10. 1 comment

    You know it, you love it! Great 70/30 bike (in favour of off-road/on-road). If you're in the woods 70/80+ percent of the time, get a 250, ya butt! This thing got it's name for a reason. Better off-road than the KLR and the DR, but of the 3 definitely the worst on the road. It's a big dirt bike! You know what you're getting into! DR is perfectly 50/50, and KLR 30/70. Shop accordingly, friends! Don't even bother unless you're going to do Dave's Mod, smog delete, and and slap a real air filter in there! Great bike. Wheelies! My favourite thing about it is when you turn the throttle, it like goes "vrooom" or like "braaaap" or like something, ya know? 'T's great!! Almost as fun as my wife's TW200....just kidding, this isn't nearly as fun as the TW, but then again, nothing is.
  11. 2 reviews

    Aluminum wrap around handguards with plastic shields. They are different from the regular D-Flex guards due to a longer stock for more hand/lever clearance, more sophisticated bends, larger plastic shields, and bar mounts that have a lowered section for cable routing. Official Description: The Tusk D-flex Pro handguards are the strongest and best protecting handguards that Tusk offers. The tough, tempered aluminum guard is designed with a large bend for lever clearance and plenty of room for your hands. The large plastic shields are very durable and can easily be replaced. The hand guard kit comes with aluminum bars, plastic hand shields and bar mounts for 1 1/8" or 7/8" handlebars. When in need of quality tools or parts for your motorcycle, ATV, and UTV think Tusk. The Tusk D-Flex Pro Handguards feature replaceable aluminum bars and plastic shields. Designed with a large bend that provides exceptional room for hands and levers. Standard mounting is for 1 1/8" or 7/8" bars. Package includes: 1-pair of Tusk Aluminum Handguards with 1 1/8" or 7/8" bar hardware and 1-pair of Tusk Plastic Handguard Shields. For Dirt Bikes only.
  12. 0 comments

    Best bike I've owned so far. The map switch makes it into multiple bikes with the push of a button. I bought it because I was tired of always chasing power with my 250F. Now I have more power than I will ever need and can focus on detuning it with the push of a button for tight single track. Suspension: best stock suspension I've ridden, this is the first bike that I'm not going to revalve. Works on single track rocks and roots while also getting me around a vet MX track. Handling: feels lighter than my old 250F and has much better front wheel feel/feedback. You actually get some warning before the front washes out. I'm currently running a 2 link longer chain, I like the way the bike handles with the longer wheelbase. Still turns well and is super stable on whooped out desert runs. Brakes: the front brake needed bleeding when new, but after getting all the air out it's plenty strong with good modulation/feedback. The rear brake works without being too grabby. Controls: the clutch pull is light and stays consistent, I do think the engagement point is abrupt, but I got used to it. The throttle cam is on the aggressive side at low throttle openings and will bite you if you get careless. Rider triangle: I'm short, 5'7", so the low seat and stock handlebar position works great for me. Contrary to other reviews, I don't feel like the bike is any wider than other liquid cooled bikes I've ridden. Plastic: the oem blue plastic has gotten much better than my old WR. After a year of riding there are no white streaks anywhere on the bike. The inlayed graphics are sweet, still look brand new! Overall fit and finish: bike is wearing very well. I'm still running stock Controls and haven't had anything break. My fork seals did start seeping at 18 hours, but after cleaning the seals and started lubricating the lower tubes after every wash they have sealed back up. After 13 months all I've had to buy is oil, tires, front sprocket, and chain.
  13. iCrash

    Yamaha YZ125 (2000)


    This is my woods bike. I'm just getting into hare scramble racing and this yz is absolutely amazing for my application (short guy). I always though 4 strokes were the way to go until I rode this
  14. Very disappointed!!! I just installed the major backordered Tusk rear (red) 2016 Honda CRF450R hub. Dropped the bike down off stand and went to push it up onto my trailer to go ripping and hear the dreaded click... click... snap... click.. bind... click.... pinch.... click! WTF??? Yep, as it turns out the Tusk hub I received (exact part# 1437260008 that is supposed to fit years 2013-2017) is 1/8" to 5/32" wider than the original stock hub! I uploaded a rather OCD video because I'm trying to prove without a doubt to the vendor that I'm not a moron (well, at least to prove I am right on this issue, the moron part is still debatable... but I digress). Hub is off on sprocket side misaligning the sprockets and causing the chain to bind then release. The brake side seemed ok it wasn't dragging that I could tell, but I didn't dare ride it. I was super focused on the chain/sprocket problem. So, boys, be careful, I ordered another while waiting for this to be resolved, hopefully it fits, but I have my doubts. I had NO ISSUES at all with the front hub, but the rear hub that has been backordered since April 14th that just became restocked slipped through QA by a gross 1/8" error. The video isn't perfect, has focus issues and audio cutout once, so it's not courtroom evidence worthy LOL, but I hope proves my point. I measured this thing six ways from Sunday. Next thing is to delace it and compare side by side, but heading out camping early in the morning so it'll have to wait. Anyone else experience this? I haven't seen any other mention of it, but like I said, this is brand new right off the press, paint still drying, so I may have one of the first ones. Fortunately the vendor is working with me, so I believe a resolution will come, but this ruins my July 4th riding excursions!
  15. 2 reviews

    The Tusk Top Rack is perfect for all your motorcycle adventure needs. If you have a Dual Sport Motorcycle and need to haul a little extra gear, the Tusk Top Rack is what you are looking for. Made from tough ¼" powder-coated aluminum, this light rack is made to hold up. With a multi-point mounting system and seamless integration with Tusk Pannier Racks, the versatility of this rack has you covered. The Tusk Top Rack features plenty of ways to tie-down your load and comes pre-drilled with multiple holes for mounting the top-box of your choice. When you are ready for adventure motorcycle riding, Tusk is ready to make it easier and more enjoyable! The Tusk Top Rack is machine specific for a perfect fit and simple installation. Made from tough ¼" powder-coated aluminum and features a multi-point mounting system. Multiple slot pairs allow you to secure virtually any small load. Rack mounting hardware included. Drilling of rear fender at manufacturer marked locations is required for installation.
  16. 1 review

    Tusk Pannier Racks are perfect for all your motorcycle adventure needs. If you have a Dual Sport Motorcycle and need to haul extra gear, Tusk Pannier Racks have you covered. Made from tough ¾" powder-coated steel tubing, these racks are made to hold up. The 4-point mounting system and "bumper support" that links both sides, ensures strength while providing protection to your subframe, side panels, and exhaust. Tusk Pannier Racks feature an exclusive quick release system that hold your panniers securely yet allow you to remove them in seconds! Whether you want to take the panniers off for a short ride or you need to take them off during an overnight hotel or camping trip, the quick release system makes this simple and convenient. For security measures, an optional included locking knob threads to the rack from inside your panniers. If your panniers are locked, there is no way to remove them from the rack. The Tusk pannier rack is perfect for just about any type of pannier. The rack includes pannier mounting hardware that works with aluminum panniers or plastic Pelican type cases. The hoop design also makes attaching soft luggage simple as well. For the ultimate set-up, check out the Tusk Aluminum Panniers. When you are ready for adventure motorcycle riding, Tusk is ready to make it easier and more enjoyable! Tusk Pannier Racks are machine specific for a perfect fit and simple installation. Exclusive cable operated Quick Release spring-loaded pin allows you to remove panniers in seconds. Made from tough ¾" powder-coated steel tubing and features a 4-point mount system for ultimate strength. Includes pannier mounting hardware that works with aluminum panniers or plastic Pelican type cases. For security measures, pannier to rack locking hardware is included. Rack mounting hardware included.
  17. 0 comments

    I've added over $4k of modifications to this cycle shortly after purchasing it. I'm intending this cycle to be a dual sport in purpose, and a USA BDR rider in particular. So, it will see freeway roads and speeds in excess of 75 MPH with hours of seat time slabbing it. It will also see sketchy two track and possible some single track, mud and for sure, some deep sand. So, *lots* of different conditions will be in view during the build, and as you consider the mods I make, please keep in mind my purpose for this cycle. Everything is a trade off, a compromise. Including cost. For instance, I did not / will not add a Rally tower or Rally type lighting. It's just too darned expensive for my purpose. But, I *am* big on protecting the cycle from hits and drops. So, I build out a layered approach to protection, with an eye on weight since I'll have to pick it up when I drop it. I'm also big on protecting *me* in these various environments. I can do something about the (my) body protection with various clothing armor pieces. I try to be seen, too. So, I'm big on lighting up the front, back and sides because drivers need to see me as best as I can make that happen. Sure, BDR riding does not need all that lighting. But, getting there and connecting the trail bits via roads *does* need it. So, it's on there. I referenced a lot of other folk's builds, picking out the pieces that I thought would be beneficial without adding too much weight, cost, or just too "blingy" for my taste. Kudos to Rocky Mountain ATV.com, and ADVPulse.com for their build descriptions. I also bought from KTM Twins.com, but I'm not very happy with that experience (returns take forever, and they dinged me for a lot of cash, for doing it). Probably not buying from them, if I can help it, anymore. Have a look...
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