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Found 4,217 results

  1. BullTaco

    Washington Washougal Wkend Practice

    Hey, nephew is coming for late summer break and wants to ride weekend practice at Washougal. There seems to be some Open Practices left. How crowded? Camping? How do they run those practice laps? Thanks, Bull
  2. Anyone TT'rs been to Walker in the last few days that can provide a condition report. Thanks
  3. gabethesvg420

    Washington Walker Valley 4/25 or 4/26

    Anyone up for a ride Friday or Sat? , Weather is looking to be decent .
  4. jsdigger

    Washington lost rider at tahuya

    We were at the mission creek staging are this morning at 8:00 and were informed by 2 search and rescue volunteers that they were looking for a rider that has been missing since saturday. rode over to sand hill staging area and found search and rescue set up there,we were told to go back the way we came and to be careful. does anyone know if they have found the missing rider yet?
  5. Due to the negative Nancys and Paul Watsons, nobody gets to see the fun.
  6. I am going to ride my drz at the c forest looking for some suggestions of where to ride I am intermediate rider and I like a little challenge
  7. Ok! Since it is getting to be getting close to that time of year and I have not seen anything about GPNF, It might be a little early but let me be the first to start a "Gifford Pinchot National Forest Trail Up-Date page. Lets hear them!

    Washington 2017 Smuggler Poker Run

    The 44th Annual Smuggler Poker Run - July 29-30 2017 Tacoma Trail Cruisers presents the 44th Annual Smuggler Poker Run. Set on the trails in the beautiful Capitol State Forest, the Smuggler covers nearly 60 miles of trails (Long Course, Motorcycles only) and 30 miles of ATV and motorcycle friendly terrain(Short Course) (Address - 9201 Sherman Valley Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98512). We have online registration as well as event day registration. Below is our Facebook page and our website. http://www.tacomatrailcruisers.org/ https://www.facebook.com/tacomatrailcruisers/
  9. To All Off-Road Enthusiasts in SW Washington: As you may have heard there is good news brewing in the Yacolt Burn State Forest. After nearly seven years of planning we are finally going to begin building new 4x4, ATV, and Dirt Bike trails as part of the first phase of the DNR's ten year recreation plan for the Yacolt Burn. Yes, it's true - it's actually going to happen! Leadership from the Jones Creek Trail Riders Association (JCTRA), and Piston’s Wild Motorsports as well as other supporting organizations has already engaged in several meetings with the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to discuss the “nuts and bolts” of implementing the trail building process. Throughout the month of May, our groups will be working on the ground with the DNR finalizing trail layout and roughing in the first sections of new trails. Much of the roughing in process will be handled using heavy equipment, so the need for volunteers will be minimal during the month of May. Once a portion of the trails has been roughed-in, we will need an outpouring of volunteer support to complete the trail building process. Toward the end of May, dates will be announced for work parties in June and beyond and that is when we will need the off-road community to join in and help build the new trails! To put it simply, JCTRA will take the lead on building most of the ATV and Dirt Bike (single-track) trails and Piston’s Wild Motorsports will take the lead on building the 4X4 trails. Both groups will be working in cooperation with the DNR and in accordance with the approved plan. In most cases there will be separate operations going on in the forest for these projects although it will not be uncommon to share resources to promote building trails at the least cost and the highest rate of efficiency. In some cases volunteers may be asked to help out with either type of trail building project as the need arises. Please remember that it is in all of our best interests to see both groups succeed as the trail projects are linked together. If one group falls too far behind, the other will not be allowed to proceed. This will be a team effort to bring additional motorized recreation to the Yacolt Burn! So how can you help? The best way to stay informed about the progress of the new trail building and what you can do to help is to register on the http://www.jctra.org website (ATV/MC) or http://www.pistonswild.com forum (4x4). Registering on these internet sites will add you to the respective clubs email address list which means you'll get up to date emails letting you know what's is going on, when there are work parties planned, and how you can get involved in the process. It is 100% free and you do not have to join or become a member of either club to be added to the email list(s). Registering is easy and you can have your name removed from the list(s) at any time. To register and add yourself to the JCTRA.org mailing list please click HERE to begin the registration process. We will also be posting periodic news and calls for volunteers on some of the local forums such as Thumpertalk, PNW4WDA and OMRA forums . . . but adding your name to the above email lists is the only way to ensure that you will receive the most up to date and accurate information. We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the trails ! ! !
  10. DirtyTrails

    Washington Gifford Conditions

    Has anyone gone up 80 or 2 yet from the south? If so, how far did you get and how many downed trees? Did you clear to the snow line or are there more to clear?
  11. wizbangdoodle

    Washington Reiter "Foothills" (pit)

    Ok, show of hands, who here is satisfied with the direction this area is going. I've been up a few times and I must say it's pretty tame. I don't want to offend the volunteers that have put some serious work into this riding area, but the planning is lacking in my opinion. What I saw yesterday was a bunch of cars parked along the road where we used to park (way down below). I assume these are hikers and such since they were all driving Subarus. I feel like a kid who has had his favorite toy taken away and given to his spoiled brat kid brother only to be given a rubber band to play with to make up for it. I know, I know, there were erosion issues and enivironmental concerns to be dealt with, but really. The reason I loved Reiter is the challenge and there isn't any any more. I was reading some of the proposed trail layouts and it talks about making areas to go around muddy spots in case people don't want to go through the mud. THAT'S THE POINT! Reiter never gave you the choice. You either went through the obstacle or you didn't go, period. Anyway, rant over for now. Please feel free to convince me otherwise.
  12. bored with the Millville thread... start a new cooper basher thread... Go Cooper!
  13. TucoJuanMariaRamirez

    Motocross Washougal

    I tread lightly in this forum as I don't want my a$$ handed to me. BUT, PIR(Portland International Raceway) has had, for many years a Thursday night motocross and the Thursday before Washougal they offer a 15K pro purse, which brings in some fringe pros early for Washougal. Peick has won it the last 2 years(doubt he will be there this year) Alessi was there last year trying to interview(Fail), his brother won the hole shot, Colton Udall was there. Do other outdoors do something of the same? It's actually really cool as there is a race starting as soon as the last rider exits the course, in every class from 50cc to pro. Ever make it out to Washougal get there early and check out Portland. http://portlandraceway.com/
  14. Chris Edwards

    Looking for riders near olympia wa

    Hey guys, looking for some help, my daughter and I are new to riding (3mo) we are both riding Honda's 250r and a crf80. I am Trying to self teach my self but I'm in over my head and looking for someone who can help tech us various techniques and how to do so safely. If anyone is riding near olympia, WA and wiling to teach someone new please let me know.
  15. Who else is going to be at the desert 100/50 this year? This will be my second year. Ran out if gas last year and only got 1 lap at the very end. Excited for this year
  16. Went and rode an area I had never been too, Table Mountain/Lions Rock Campground (North out of Ellensburg, WA). Camp was at 6,360ft, which is pretty high for around here considering I am a sea level sorta guy. Was able to see the Milky Way plain as day when sitting out in a mountain meadow and watched the meteor showers for the first time ever. You don't get to see that stuff living near Seattle, WA. Rode through a forest that had burned about 3, maybe 4 years ago. Never really ridden that vast of an area that had burned. Some trees survived amongst the ghostly dead trees lost to the fire. Grasses and wild flowers are coming back, along with some low brush that is taking hold. Only managed 41 miles but was treated to some amazing vistas. I should have taken more pictures but I was "leading" our group and trying not to get lost on the horrible maps we had.... which brings me to the subject line. I stuffed the folded map in the little pouch on the seat of my 2016 300rr RE. Only other suggestions my friends have given me is "that is where the pictures of naked girls go" What is the official purpose of that pouch? Hope everyone got out and rode this weekend! Kevin
  17. wmdspalmer

    Moving to WA

    I found out not long ago that my family and I will be moving to Tacoma WA area in June. I currently ride a DRZ 400 SM with Kenda 244's on it. Looking forward to riding track and trails and think the DRZ should be able to handle the trails, most of them anyway. I plan to get a bike for track use as well. Seems like that area will be great for riding. Will
  18. jasongind

    Rain/Winter Rising Gear

    Well I just got my bike back from the shop after I did a full rebuild due to blowing the crank thrust washer. It needed both case halves and new cylinder. But that's all taken care of and is running nice again. I'm ready to start hitting Tahuya just in time for the rain. When I was riding years ago I use to just wear my Army wet weather gear, as some of you who rode work me might remember. Now that I'm out I no longer have that gear, so I was wondering what everyone wears to ride in the cold rain. I currently have my original Fox Comp 5 boots and a helmet but need pants and jacket. Any suggestions on those items? TIA
  19. There's a little bus you can ride through somewhere out there at tahuya, and I wanna find it! It's half buried in the ground...
  20. jblob

    Who else is going to odessa?

    Who else is going to be at the desert 100/50 this year? This will be my second year. Ran out if gas last year and only got 1 lap at the very end. Excited for this year
  21. jblob

    450r trail/enduro

    I am looking into getting a "new to me" bike after blowing the engine on my 125, finally giving me an excuse. I am torn between the crf250r and 06-08 crf450r. I'm 200+lbs and like the tight woods and single track. I am not sure how much more the torque of the 450 would help. But it couldn't hurt either since I'm fairly heavy. 98% of my riding is woods/enduro I rarely ride washougal mx track and other nearby tracks but not much.. Anyone know why the 450s are cheaper than the same year 250s? Several hundred bucks apart currently The 9lb difference between bikes doesn't seem like a whole lot when I am 200lbs not 135. Is the 450 a more tractable bike in the nasty stuff? I have read a lot of mixed reviews saying it is a dream woods bike and the close ratio trans is awesome for the woods and some complaining that it is too much
  22. jblob

    cr250 woods weapon setup

    Hey guys hoping to dig a little info out of you. And yes i know how a forum search button works so I did a little looking around.. Rundown I'm 5'8 195lbs, been riding 20 years (since I was 4). I ride woods and OLD washed out (think mild creekbed) logging roads, all around the mountains here in SW WA. I also race enduro's usually b class/amateur, best for me was 6th in the 200cc c class at the inyan kara national enduro in WY I made it to a few years while I was on vacation (kid that got 5th was a local who went on to win @ Loretta lynns) I ride a 99 cr125r, basically stock, 51t rear, fmf fatty and pc spark arrestor. its a great and rock solid bike, never been into the engine in the 7 years i have had it, replaced the clutch once, needs one again now. Engine is tired but it has lasted years on frequent oil changes and air filter cleanings and still goes just fine. It's fun but far from ideal in single track and over rocks and roots, it doesnt have the torque I need to hop the wheel up on things. I was/am thinking about a 250x but that is 23lbs heavier before armor, and requires more maintenance, valve adjustments etc... I have been able to find several 01-03 cr250r's for 600+ cheaper (1750-2000) than the cheapest 250x available (2400-3000) and some with very recent rebuilds. I know the stock springs are hard but im heavy so I may balance that out I will check and see what spring rates are recommended, and revalve What mods are you woods/enduro guys running on the 01+ bikes? Flywheel weight? How heavy and made by who? I definitely want to get one to deaden the sudden hit on the 2smoke engine. Skid plate, I like the design of the devol plate, anyone have one? Bark busters, still reading into which ones are most durable Gearing, +2 teeth in the rear work well? Or would -1 front work better? Tubliss, front and rear or just rear? 18" rear wheel Are any of the available carburetors better than the others for throttle response/bottom and grunt? Eventually fmf gnarly pipe & turbinecore s/a I plan to be spending more time in the more extreme terrain with this next bike... i found a great spot way out in the mountains miles from pretty much anything I am going to set up a endurox playground with logs, rocks, a nice rocky creekbed and a camp spot so I can take weekend camping trips and learn to do the real precise stuff. Like a log matrix and rock gardens, log pivots, obstables with little to no run up, etc etc. I need a bike that wont fight me the whole time. I think a 250 2stroke would give me the torque i need and the weight saving would help keep me going in the long enduros
  23. Iphone 6, grey Filed insurance claim, but the "loser" (my biz partner) didn't have all his pictures backed up since April....
  24. I realized I did not have a loop for the guys who like to ride the open fast stuff. I have added a Gran Prix loop 20 miles of 3rd gear and up ! Live music Friday and Sat night. Also. I will give 5 raffle tickets to anyone who brings a " Home made" side dish. Salads,deserts etc. Picnic size. Please send a pm or email and let me know what your bringing so I can have your tickets in your sign in packet em: russ@russfinanceshomes.com 5 slots left The trail conditions perfect ! Go to www.offroadridersforveterans.com for more info and how to attend