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Found 99 results

  1. I've tried for days to get this bike to achieve a stable idle. Even after a 5 minute warm-up it will only idle with the choke on. With choke off, it will die right away unless I keep tweaking the throttle. The closest I've gotten requires the idle screw to be turned almost all of the way in. I have tried various Pilot screw combinations from 2 turns out to about 3.5 turns out. In general I think it is running way to rich. I put an exhaust gas analyzer on it and the air to fuel ratio is around 11. When running around the neighborhood, I get significant back fires when I go off-throttle which would indicate an over rich situation. I got this bike from a remote family member and maybe they only rode it at low altitude. I'm just outside of Denver Colorado at about 5500 ft. I've avoided removing the carburetor to check the number on the main jet (stock is 138). Perhaps I need to go to a 132 or so. Is there any other suggestions or diagnostics I can do to troubleshoot? Was thinking of removing the air cleaner temporarily to see what a slightly leaner mixture would do. I did have the carburetor off the bike at one point when I was painting the frame and stuff. It looked remarkably clean. And I tried checking the timing but just got a face full of oil spray. Could never see the timing mark. I'm pretty frustrated. BTW it is a 1983 model with the Keihin PD28A carb.
  2. Do you know if this is a cast or forged piston ? I'm going to get my cylinder bored to fit this one and it'll make a difference depending whether it's cast or forged.The Prox piston instruction sheet says to set the clearance to factory specs,but if specs are unknown,set it to .0025" clearance.The OEM XR200 clearance is less than that(from what I can find .0006-.0018")and I want to go about .001" clearance.
  3. Father in law took my 82’ XR200 out for a spin and said he noticed the handle bars were off. ive never crashed hard on the bike, don’t know it’s full history, I’ve only had it a few months. Got it up on the stand and loosened everything, but still unable to get the wheel lined up with the bars. The fork uppers are very tight in the clamps. Even after loosened the steer tube bearings, the forks were very difficult to slide out of the clamps. Should they be that tight? No tapping was required, I was still able to twist them out. I figure if I can get both tubes back in, there is no reason I can’t align the wheel.
  4. Had Terry Miller and his brother build me an XR240 motor a few years back and never could keep it from spewing oil out of breather. Terry said I could make it an XR 218 by resleeving smaller liner and putting Wiseco piston in it but the piston would have to be “flycut” to clear crankshaft. I am down at the tip of Baja where resources are scant but I found a really good French mechanic with a shop to help me. He has removed material on the skirt but is having problems with the area under piston where wrist pin goes hitting the crankshaft. I know Terry had special pistons made for the 240. I am trying to contact him but he is hard to get ahold of. Has anyone have a solution or experience with this issue? The bike had third gear go out a few years ago and I got the bright idea to make a 240 out of it. I think I should have kept it stock and rode it another thirty odd years.(I am 65 ...kinda a joke there). Got kind of caught up in the mid life crisis thing. Some men get a younger woman....some get a Corvette....I wanted a XR240.🤪 Maybe split the cases and improve the breather and put the 240 piston back in?
  5. I bought an 82 xr200r parts motor for $100. Mainly for the side covers that are in very good shape. guy told me it ran, but Kickstarter gear was stripped before he pulled it got it home, and started thinking about having a spare engine, mainly because I don’t know the history of my bike before last year. was going to open the flywheel cover and see if the engine would turn over, but as soon as removed the spark plug, I knew that wasn’t happening. he didn’t lie when he said it ran, probably ran for a couple seconds before it sounded like a grenade going off. cylinder head, valves and piston are destroyed. Cylinder looks in good shape, piston looks like it was new, must have been a backyard top end gone wrong. looking at getting a replacement head in the next couple months. going to get the cylinder bored to slightly oversized, and get a wiseco piston kit based on what the machine shop can tell me about the cylinder. long winter coming up, I’ll have some time for the rebuild. I’ve been poking around on EBay and noticed different numbers on the heads for the same bike. E-4, E-6, etc... what do these numbers identify? if anyone has any insight on what might have happened, I’d love to know what might have gone wrong.
  6. I have a question for all you guys using Cannon fork springs on your CRF230 forks, stock as well as your CRF150/CR85 upside down conversions. How long are they? And, what is their O.D.? The reason I ask is I'm thinking getting some for my XR200 with 38mm forks from an 85 XR250. And also for the 38mm Kayaba "Pro Line" forks I'm putting on my vintage dual shocker.
  7. My son has a 1988 Honda XR200R that he's been working on and it's awesome! He got it starting in one kick and has just been able to go enjoy it when, BAM, rear shock goes bad. I've searched and searched to no avail to find a replacement. So now I'm hoping I can get some help here. I'm either looking for one for sale, maybe a crossover shock that would fit, or any advice that can lead us to a replacement. All help appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I basically finished my 1988 xr200 build (I'll include pics) but the rear shock seemed like it needed a bit more stiffness and damping, so I decided to get heavier oil for the shock, I used honda ss-7 5w initially. I ordered ss8 10w however once it got here I realized it said it was for forks only. After some research It seemed like it was just because 10w is too thick. I'm still trying to stiffen up my shock so I thought of this idea: mixing some of the ss7 5w with the ss8 10w to get mix that I like. Am I able to do that, and should I do that? I can't find 7.5 wat rear shock fluid anywhere. Does anyone know what the ss7 and ss8 mean?. I'm road legalizing it by the way.
  9. I have several xr200 and 250 parts bikes. Interested in using the 1996 shock and swing arm on a 200. I've seen information about this here in the past.Could anyone provide information or a link? Thanks for any help
  10. So i got a 1990 xr200r. Do i need to worry about starving the engine of oil when wheeling? Also if im not moving fast how do i keep my bike cool because its aircooled? Im not going fast and i dont wanna blow it up a few miles into trails lol. Thank you everyone. Hope yall have a good day or night
  11. I have a cable I bought to replace the old stretched one, but when I put it in, the nuts had to be backed all the way to the end of the thread, and the handle adjuster backed all the out as well just to get it to grab. Can someone tell me the length of the cable itself, wondering if I ended up with the wrong cable.
  12. I'm in the middle of doing a top end rebuild on my '90. The intake valve is worn (see photo) and I am planning on replacing it with a Kibblewhite, and having my machinist repair the seat. The exhaust valve does not appear to be severely worn, and I am looking for opinions on whether it makes sense to replace it as well. It has a lot of carbon buildup, so may not be too easy to see in the photos. Any ideas on the best way to remove the carbon? Should I just clean it and lap it? (I know these stock valves have a hard coating and should not be lapped aggressively.) Also, the previous owner neglected cam chain maintenance and the forward chain guide has wear. Looking for opinions on whether it needs replacement - see photos. I will be replacing the aft guide (tensioner), as that one has more severe wear. I already replaced the chain and sprockets a couple of seasons ago. I haven't done one of these before - trying to make sure I do it once and do it right. Thanks in advance!
  13. im looking at replacing my novelty homemade ammo can headlight with something significantly lighter, any recommendations from yall out there also looking around at aftermarket options and found acerbis has a led vsl headlight that is the brightest avaliable but it runs on dc voltage, can i run this with a configuration of regulator and rectifier? or does anyone know of a better option *correction* the baja squadron pro is the brightest i can find but the vsl is less than half the price and only slightly less bright
  14. Hey all, recently rebuilt '88 xr200r stock bore wiseco everything fresh, new rod, crank bearings everything, cam chain new, sprockets new, tensioners new...ran quiet before I installed megacycle cam. Question is: is anyone who runs aftermarket cams in their little 200s, do they inherently make alot of noise? Lash is set to .005 both valves. Which is what megacycle calls for. I went to. 004 but just as noisy. Don't really want to go tighter Another note: piston to valve clearances all checked before final assembly. And I've rebuilt dozens of XR engines, especially the 200. To the point I bet I could do it blindfolded. But I've never installed a cam.
  15. I have a 2.15x18 DID rear rim on a unknown hub and year. It might not even be a Honda. I also have a spare 85 xr200r 17in rear wheel. I would like to swap hubs from the 85 xr200r onto my 2.15x18 DID rear wheel. This will give me a 18in rear wheel with an xr200r hub. How would I know what size size spokes to get? How difficult would this swap be to lace and balance the wheel?
  16. Hi All, Does anyone know the correct front-fork oil capacity for a 1980, twin shock XR200? Thanks Doug
  17. Are there any valves from other Honda xr's or atc's that fit the RFVC head? Bought a 85 xr200 That is in original condition and super clean. Was told it was burning oil. Disassembled to find head, cam and rockers all in good condition. Intake valves were shot and it needed rings. Got the cylinder bored to fit a atc200x piston but need to find some valves. Realize might be unobtainable but would love to keep it original. Thanks in advance for all the knowledge and suggestions.
  18. I've read older posts about stroking/over boring the XR200 motor and it seemed Terry Miller was the Guru , though he's apparently no longer around. Can anyone else give advice on the job and parts to use ? As a Machinist I'll will be doing the work myself. I believe using a CRF230 piston and offsetting the crank pin in the crank halves by 4mm is 1 option. Another possible option is using a TTR225 70mm piston and connecting rod also offsetting the crank pin to gain extra stroke. Naturally I will bore the cases to suit larger cylinder liner and probably run an external oil line to camshaft end. Thanks for any advice.
  19. I put an XR200 rear wheel on my wife's CRF150F. Now I want to go back to 16 for better tire selection, but can't find a cheap wheel. Has anyone done this, and if so, what spokes did you use? I know the hubs are a little different size. I don't want to go custom spokes, because they're expensive. I'm hoping to find some stock spokes that will work. Thanks, Toby
  20. Hey. I have a 1994 Xr200r that has a 1984 Shock in it. I am looking for a bigger spring. Does anyone know of anywhere I can get one.?
  21. Hello, have a 98 XR200R and looking to replace the carb. Can’t seem to find the Keihin PD97A available anywhere as a complete unit. Not sure I trust the knockoff cheap Chinese carbs I see. Seems as though it’s been discontinued? I also couldn’t find an OEM stock silencer other than some used ones on eBay. I ended up ordering a fresh Supertrapp.
  22. I bought an XL200 roller with an engine that the guy said he took out to "do gaskets". The engine didn't turn over. I got the bike for really cheap, so I took it anyway. The whole top end is toast and it was already bored out, so I'm thinking about just bolting something else on there. There are options on eBay, but there is a guy in my town who may have a 200X engine for sale. I know the 200x bolts up to the XR200 and that's a popular mod. Does anyone know if it bolts up to the XL200? Thanks!
  23. Hi all I have recently started a rebuild on a 1983 Honda XR200R. It is my first rebuild so I am learning as I go. My question is about the clutch cover/right crankcase cover. Please see the photo. Right next to the kickstart there is damage and I am not sure of the purpose of the damaged area nor what it is supposed to look like. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  24. Fellow Thumpers, Just scored a '99 xr200r a couple of weeks back and like so many others with these bikes, I needed to overhaul my carb. I cleaned it thoroughly, replaced all gaskets, jets, screws, etc. And alas, after a few too many beers and in my haste to reassemble my new friend, I believe that I inserted my throttle slide in too hard without aligning it properly and broke a little metal piece in the side of the inner carburetor. I assume my motor has now eaten that piece of metal as I have started it a few more times since realizing that this is likely my problem. Is this cause to worry or shall I cross my fingers, hope the metal is soft and brap on? When kicked over, the bike screams at idle and it feels like the throttle is wide open. I adjusted all of my screws per my repair manuals instructions so I assume that the carb is now worthless and needs to be replaced. My question is this: I cannot find the keihin PD97A that I hope to hunt down anywhere online. Does anybody know of a good replacement that is not a $20 dollar knockoff that I may be able to find? Maybe a Mikuni that will fit? Or a keihin that is in production? To my knowledge this bike is mostly stock and I will be mostly trail riding with it. Chuck? Thanks, -Julian R.
  25. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. I just wanted to put up some pics of my xr200 build.
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