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Found 99 results

  1. I keep rolling past first gear on a project I am working on. My thoughts are the star gear is worn, but having trouble finding reliable information on when to replace it. Right now finding one and Neutral is pretty damn impossible. I worked with the clutch free play, new clutch places, new line but cant find one to save my life. I heard the time to replace is barely noticeable, but would be a major improvement. Help me out? PS - I wish I would have taken the photo without the shifter in the way.
  2. Will the pro link swingarm from the 1983 XR200R models fit the Dual Shock/‘Non R’ models? Best universal rear fender suggestions? Or Left & Right side panel replacement suggestions. Recently acquired the non R model. Perfect for my skill level and needs, couldn’t be more stoked (until I lockdown the plastics).
  3. So I'm rebuilding my Honda Xr200r, and i'm planning to open and clean the rear shock...which oil do you recommend ? I weight around 200Lbs (85Kg) I've been reading and some people recommend Mobil 1 ATF...i can get Mobil 220 ATF which is similar (I'm in Chile). Some people recommend 2.5wt. so i'm confused...can someone help me here? Also, the rubber bumper on the rear shock desintegrated, anyone if I can replace it with another dirbike's bumper? or there is any "universal" rubber bumpers out there? If not...it is safe to ride without it? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello I am in the process of rebuilding my 1994 xr200r and I'm putting the clutch cover on but having trouble getting the clutch to work if anyone could help me figure it out I would appreciate it.
  5. I've ordered 2 timing chain for my xr200r and neither of them are right, when I got the bike, it didn't have the chain, it's a 1996, thanks in advance
  6. Noticed an oil leak filling up the skid plate lately. Changed the oil and cleaned up the engine. Looked like the oil was coming out of the left side (alternator) cover. my local dealership had no gaskets. on back order with no expected date. Probably discontinued. I planned on making my own gasket until I realized it’s a rubber o-ring I’m relatively new at this stuff, is there supposed to be some oil in with the alternator? I found this inside the cover, looks like JB weld?? mating surfaces look good, o-rings looks in good shape. I don’t see a reason for the leak.
  7. Has anyone installed a Web Camshaft model# 389A into their XR200/R and give me an idea on how you liked the performance and reliability of it ? Megacycle is charging $500 for a single camshaft including requiring a used stock core camshaft,quite a bit out of my range.
  8. Love riding around on my project 82 xr200r. Looking to replace a few things on the rear of the bike. No OEM or aftermarket brake cables available for the rear. Is there another year/ model that will work on this bike? noticed a few spokes on the rear wheel have been welded?? By the previous owner, and I have broken a few over the last couple rides. Is my best option to buy a new rim and spokes and lace up a new wheel? Is there other options available?
  9. I was riding at the vintage MX track at Marysville MMX this weekend and having a great time with the good old boys. The shock on the old XR let go toward the end of the day. Lost damping and started leaking a bit. Has a couple small pits on the shaft. Anyone have a good condition shock for sale? Some suggestions where to get a reasonably priced replacement? A way to repair or replace the shaft so my old one can be rebuilt? Thanks for any suggestions or assistance.
  10. Does anybody know what pickup coil from another bike fits on a xr200r sadly mines did its job and died and its a discontinued part thanks.
  11. OK, I'm new here and I'm out of tricks. I have a few older xrs laying around and all run like clocks and get well looked after. We stored 2 xr200s for about 10 years and decided to do a resto. Owned one bike from new, the 98 and the other 96' was owned by a friend for a few years before we bought it. So here's the story- This thing pings its head off under load just off idle to mid range, but stars 2nd kick, & runs quietly. The change of needle height (3) makes little or no difference to the pinging off low throttle. I am 1 1/8 turns out on the pilot jet. The bike runs a little better with the timing retarted- pick up coil rotated to CCW Both bikes had Kehin PD30 carbs fitted to them and the 98 just started and hasn't stopped since. The 96 is a prick! It has always had a mid range miss and was blowing smoke for a while. It fouled plugs and ran like shit off idle. So we decided to do a full resto and a top end rebuild. After all this it still has the same issue. So here's what I have done and and a few items I have swapped out from a smooth running 98 Replaced piston and rings ( wossner+.5mm) after a re-bore and resurface of the barrel Rings are in correctly, piston is not in backwards. Cleaned valve seats and stems, checked for wear, checked ports for leakage, replaced valve stem seals. Valve springs ok and in correctly with tighter coil facing downwards Replaced rockers and pins. Replaced timming chain, inspected chain tensioner The cam has no gauling but has a slight shoulder on the exhaust lobe Swapped timing advancer mechanisims- made no difference Swapped pick up coils- they both read 105 ohms, the manual says 500 ohms but that cant be right, I have other bikes that read these values too. Would love to hear if anyone has an ohm reading for me from green to blue wire swapped ignition coils used a new one too, no change Tested stator, with in spec Swapped carbs over, no change. Ran 3 carbs in total Replaced carb with genuine Kehin, jet 110 main and 40 pilot, no change- needle at 3 reset float height Rebuilt genuine carb including ultrasonic clean, replaced needle jet and needle holder also- all jet settings are factory as per manual Ran race fuel Swapped to D7ea hotter spark plug Reset spark plug gap r re seated HT cap to spark plug lead from coil new air filter reset air gap on pick up sensor- runs nicer on minimum gap checked timing- correct The only items left are CDI, its brand new and made no real change when I replaced it years ago, or could the stator coil be playing up intermittently??. Could this be a timing issue? The cam sprocket is not excessively worn or could the lower sprocket be incorrectly positioned on the crank by someone previous? I notice the pinging reduces when I retard the spark by rotating the pick up sensor ring to the left. I have cleaned and read the plug after playing with the various carb settings from lean to rich, but no real fix. Any ideas?????
  12. I have a 83 XR200R Frame project that I am working to put together. Engine will come from a 79 XR185 but I think everything else I have bought for the project (at different times and from different ebay vendors) is 83 XR200R. I bought a rear wheel to use the hub. I laced the hub to a powdercoated 83XR200R rim. I have a brake housing that I think is correct. When the brake housing is tight to the right side of the Pro Link the sprocket seems aligned correctly to the chain guard, so I think I am good there. The problem is the left side axle side collar won't fit. The gap between the Pro-Link is 8 3/16" (208mm) but the width of the side collar, hub, and brake panel seems to be closer to 8 1/2." Is it possible I have the wrong left side collar? The one I have is 1 5/16". I am presuming it is 42312-KA2-000 but don't know for sure. I suppose I could grind the collar down to fit, but that seems like the wrong way to go. The hub and brake plate seem to be correct to align the sprocket to the chain guide, so my hope is they are correct. Any ideas on what is going wrong here? Thanks in advance. Mike
  13. Anyone know where this belongs? Fell out crankcase half while I was cleaning prior to reassembling. 1984 XR200R. 6mm bolt for scale. Thanks Gavin
  14. apes


    Looking for some advice in potentially the wrong place but there seems to be a lot of knowledge in this forum. My buddy and I are going to be swapping in some decent size single cylinder vertical mount engines in a pair of older Honda Ct 70s. I know crazy and worth it? Yes. Maybe. Planning on customizing motor mounts and frame reinforcement. We're looking at xl175, xl185 and xr200(r) engines because the head will clear the frame and the reliability. Planning on running 12 inch wheels and having custom sprockets made. My only concern is gearing. Ideally we'd like to be ok cruising around 50-60 without revving in the 8+ range. Is this even feasible or should be we looking at other single cylinder engines? Would like to stay away from chinese engines because we'd eventually like to make it to wherever we ride
  15. So it ain’t pretty, but for shits and giggles I thought I’d try to see if a spare xr600 tank would fit on my XR200r. Both are 1991 well, it does. Not a perfect pretty fit, but I think the seat can be trimmed very slightly on the front to fit a little better. again, if you are looking for form, look for one on eBay. But if you are more functional, then this does work with a little effort use the 600 rubber to hook the seat down up front. You have to push the seat forward a little to get the rear bolts to drop in to the sub frame holes. The front bolts will slide in to place but you have to support it with an extra hand while screwing in the bolts. And it does sit a little further back than the stock tank. But if you want the extra capacity on the cheap, and can think outside the box, this does work the only thing I’m going to do is shave down the lower front corner of the seat and reattach the cover. Or maybe just buy a new one and reattach. Also, the back of the tank rests on the frame and will need some type of rubber insulator.
  16. I am trying to replace the seals in my 1988 xr200r, But I cant take this one part of the piston off of the rear shock. It spins freely but i cant take it off. Its one of the last things I need to complete for my build please help. The thing i circled in red, spins freely and wiggles a little bit but i cant pull it off.
  17. Pulled my sweetheart ‘82 218r out of mothballs the other day. I had tried to build a reliable 12vdc system using the stock super weak stator. That didn’t really work out. I am going back to a simpler set up with just head and tail lights similar to stock. I found this led bulb years ago that was happy to run on acv. So I though to myself I wonder if it even needs this TT ac voltage regulator? Story ends with me letting the smoke out of this bulb. So now I’m trying to find a replacement bulb. Do any of you have a favorite? Needs to run on acv.
  18. I read somewhere on here that any a CRF150F exhaust will bolt up to a XR200R. Does anybody know for sure? I'm looking for an aftermarket pipe for my 1991 XR200R project and so far the only available options I'm finding are the XR's Only pipe and a Supertrapp exhaust. All others are no available or discontinued. Thanks Stewart
  19. The rear shocks on our xr200 are shot so I'm looking for inexpensive ideas on replacements. I noticed these chiness shocks on ebay. Has anyone tried something like this?
  20. Ok, so here’s my issue. Rebuilt the engine and rode it for about 20 min and... POW... no more running. The timing chain is in 4 pieces. I thought maybe it was my cheap eBay timing chain so I buy a more expensive one and while installing it I see the two bolts holding on the timing chain gear had slammed into the pulse generator base housing and even broke the bolt. I bought stainless button head bolts to lower the profile of the bolt head and reinstalled everything. Now when I go to tighten the pulse gen bolts tight, it pinches the timing chain and won’t let it kick over? Anyone been down this road? Thanks
  21. Hey guys, I just picked up a 1997 XR200 for $200 (Canadian $). it needs some work and I am new to the bike. I ordered a service manual. I was told it needs a kick start idle gear, some work on the wiring harness, front and rear brakes are not working and it needs some clamps to get the exhaust back on. the stator cover and clutch cover were JB welded in places so will likely replace those. Carb was done over, top end was done over. Rubber is good front and back, shocks are good. frame was just painted and the plastics are good. Do you guys think this was a good deal and am i in for a lot of work? I plan on taking my time with it and getting it ready for next summer. Just looking for some input as this is my first dirt bike, I've always drove quads. I have a spare engine out of a 2002 xr200 to use for parts thats already all broken down. Any suggestions though would be great! Thank you!
  22. So i have a 1997 XR200. The shock is ok, but i picked up a rear shock from a 1982 model for cheap as i hear they are able to be rebuilt and are a better shock. Can someone link me the items required to rebuild it? Thanks, Jon
  23. Just wondering if someone has one that could measure the stem length?
  24. Anyone have one of these springs? I removed my clutch cover as the bike wouldn’t move. Previous owner said he had the cover off. Missing 3 bolts for cover along with the spring. If you have one or a 200 that you are parting, please let me know. Thanks
  25. Does anyone have a video of what the bike sounds like without the baffle?
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