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Found 272 results

  1. Can anyone tell me if these are the same parts? Air fuel adjustment screw? In rebuilding carbs. The head on the old one was stripped and it was also impossible to remove work left hand drill and extractor. I end up having to drill all the way through the threaded section and then pick out remaining brass threads. The old piece is not tapered, line the new piece. Just I suspect it was over tightened by previous owner, and the taper was pushed through the carb body orifice. My jet kit instructions say to screw all the way in and screw out 3 turns. The new adjustment screw seems very loose that far out, like it'll just fall out from engine vibration if left at the setting. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Picked up this 1996 XR600R a few weeks ago and me and my father are trying to restore it to its original condition. We’ve ran into a problem with the gas tank. I seem to see a trend with these older XR tanks, over time they seem to turn yellow and brown. We have tried a couple things including bleach, sand paper, and other chemicals but can’t seem to make a difference without ruining the tank. Any ideas or comments would be appreciated!
  3. https://thumpertalk.com/shop/Mikuni-TM-Series-Flat-Slide-Carburetor-TM40-6-40mm-TM40-6-p4649752.html What do you guys think about this as a replacement carb for my 88 XR600R? I'm also curious about jetting recommendations or if what it come with will be ok. I won't be riding anywhere over 1000ft above sea level. Thanks!
  4. I got some new wheels/tubes/rimlocks x2/ and tires. Got to the race and got a flat first lap of practice. Paid to have a trackside vendor get me a new tube and it went flat second lap of the race. Both times the tire spun and pulled the valve stem out. Other than the tech installing the wrong size rim locks, what could have caused this? At least I got some footage of me leading the pack.
  5. so here is the clutch basket repair - i am doing this on an xr650r but it applies to the xr600r and xr650l as well. the clutch discs indent the basket and eventually can make shifting etc difficult as the plates can no longer move freely. i can also suggest that hard anodizing of the basket, hub, and cover when new is beneficial to their longevity. it must be Type3 aka hard anodizing. <<Hard anodize at its optimal 0.002” thickness, has been measured up to Rockwell 70C making the hardness of the aluminum oxide surface equivalent to the surface of case-hardened steel.>> new hinson basket - you can pretend it's been beaten up like the stockers get insert insert in basket loaded basket stock plate ear vs narrowed ear to fit side by side comparison. i used a Barnett dirt digger clutch (on left) from an XR600r and an EBC clutch (on right) from an XR650R. the ebc plates had a thick flange where they contact the basket - see above & below - and the Barnett plates were flat. look up XR650R on their products page so the insert is from Rekluse part #471-304B BASKET SLEEVE - KTM 690 - 1.450in Tall. i hand filed my clutch plates but seeing as how Rekluse uses the honda basket and these sleeves, I bet if you ordered their clutch plates they would drop right into the basket. also: xr600r plates - friction 3.05mm steels 1.5mm smooth xr650r plates - friction 3.35mm steels 1.5mm dotted (like hit with a pin punch) NOTE: REKLUSE does recommend replacing the insert every 50 hrs for moderate riding and 25 for hard. also they recommend you replace your basket if it's notched. their clutch palates drop in a basket with inserts. but they are thinner so you have to calculate how many to get the correct clutch pack height. hope this helps. btw i am installing my basket and the inserts + filed discs to protect my expensive basket
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/353031192382 Just wondering as they are readily available on eBay
  7. I’ve got a 1992 Honda xr600 and the rear tyre size is 110/100 18 do I need a inner tube at that exact size or do I need it bigger or smaller ? Thanks.
  8. Hi Thumpertalk, does anyone know what gives the 1988-1989-1990 exhausts it’s gold colour? Is it a coating, is it heat treated , is it just painted? thanks :)
  9. I am rebuilding my engine and fitted a 106mm big bore. Because the engine started very difficult I lowered my compression towards stock compression by adjusting the cylinder height. Now I want to check the timing of my camshaft; if it's still correct because of the changed height. Or even beter: by setting the camshaft upon the correct timing this may improve the starting. Anyway, I am looking for the camshaft timing for a HotCams stage 1 camshaft but cannot find it. I would like to know on which degree the inlet/outlet valves are opening/closing. Who can help?
  10. I've been having no luck selling my old pig, i guess to many little flaws with it i don't want to fix that are hurting its sale price. My CR500 is guzzling my bike funds right now and the money would be perfect. I am freshmen in high school, and with class and coronavirus around i haven't been able to find the money elsewhere. My XR runs really good and i wonder how much i can get for the motor?
  11. Hi guys, I have a 1992 XR600R that doesn't want to start. I just got the bike and I don't know anything about it. Never seen running. That said, the bike is very clean, looks very loked after from the outside.... The first time I tried to start it, after few kicks I used the decompressor press on inch and kick but nothing. SINCE then, I can continuously kick and it never requires the decompressor; it's like there is no compression anymore. Still haven't managed to start the bike. THERE is SPARK, I have replaced the spark plug. With the help of a borescope I looked inside the cylinder and the piston seems ok, at least it's not crushed. I have opened the valve covers and I can see the rockers moving. So, I am guessing (I am not a mechanic) either a valve stuck open or piston rings stuck. I have removed the exhaust headers and I could see/feel the valves going up and down. I will have to do the same test on the intake side later on... I really don't want to open the engine. I have tried to squirt a bit of petrol through the spark plug hole and try to start (with the spark plug back in obviously) and I could hear a bang; some smoke came out of the air filter. Maybe it was a silly move; it usually works with 2T. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  12. hey. me and my dad have an old Xr600R that i did a full rebuild on. i painted the frame, split the cases, installed a new transmission gear set, bored to (if i remember right) 101mm with JE piston... anyway... i hate the ergonomics of the thing. but it might not be the XRs fault. I noticed that the left side foot peg is tucked pretty close in to the frame. the right peg is hanging way out there. the brake pedal is tucked way in toward the engine. WTF??? so my pegs are obviously not centered on the bikes center line when looking at it from behind. is this normal? it seems crazy to me of that was how its designed. i wonder if a previous owner had broken the left peg off and welded it in closer or something? the right side peg needs to be hanging out it space to clear the kicker i guess. but why is the brake pedal so far in that i have to be pigeon toed to reach it? is something wrong with my bike or is it how it is? on the plus side the thing rips and has amazing torque.
  13. will a 91 exhaust header and retainers fit on a 84-85 ?
  14. Hello Readers, new to this community and my first dual sport. I bought an XR600R a few months back. The bike already had most of an aftermarket wiring set up so I bought killswitch and turn signals indicator and front and back turn signals. I cannot locate wiring diagram for this set up at Baja designs and not sure where else to search. Have any of you seen, purchased, or know something that looks like this. Any help is much appreciated.
  15. Auto-Decompressor Question - 1995 XR600R (Single Carb model) I'm perplexed how the auto decompressor system works - is the fact that the first several kicks are compression-free, indicative that my system is working as it should? The previous owner removed the manual decompressor cable - so that is not operational, but apparently the auto decompressor is operational. For the first 4 or 5 kicks my bike has no compression. Then apparently the decompressor disengages and on that 6th kick, there is full compression for a couple strokes, then back to no compression. The bike starts very well - in just a few kicks, runs super well, and has amazing power. The lack of any compression for four or five initial kicks though confounds me. I experimented and found that if I loosen the right side exhaust valve so that it is apparently appropriately gapped to the top of the decompressor mechanism instead of the top of the cam lobe, I get full compression on every kick, but the apparent valve lash makes an awful racket - so obviously I know I need to keep the valve adjusted in relation to the camshaft lobe. Other possibly related conditions: 1) When riding, I notice a minor occasional misfire - which makes me wonder if the auto decompress is intermittently engaging during riding. I don't think its a bad seating exhaust valve, due to the aforementioned valve adjustment test. 2) I've taken the head cover and cam off and noticed the cam lobe contact surface for the exhaust valve rocker arm next to the auto decompression assembly has had scoring.
  16. Hi, I am rebuilding my old 83 Xl600R finally thanks to being locked down at home! I am in the process of ordering some bits i need. Can anyone tell me what jets i should be looking at for an altitude of around 900M. Or do i just go with ordering the same jets that are in the bike now? Also does anyone have a recommendation for an aftermarket small air filter i can use on this?. I am stripping out the old air cleaner and changing the look a bit.
  17. So my 1988 xr600r oem stator stopped working, I called Honda dealership to order a new one and Honda no longer manufactures these. I was reading about the Ricky stator upgrade models but needed to know if I have to get a new rectifier or regulator
  18. Hi everyone, just bought a 1997 xr600r and i noticed it didnt have a bulb so i went out and got a 12v 35w from napa. Installed it and still nothing so I started tracing wiring. With the seat off i noticed there was only the black/red wire hooked up coming from the stator. The 2 green wires 1 white/yellow wire and a brown wire were all disconnected. So i plugged up male to female green wire and the white/yellow wires were both male so i noticed the brown wire was female and hooked it up to the white/yellow wire. Started the bike and bingo i had a working head light. Revved it up a bit and the new bulb blew immediately so i checked ac voltage to headlight bezel blue wire and a green wire 14.5 bolts at idle and 35 to 40 volts while revving it up. The way the wires are now i have black/red hooked to black/red, green to green, and white/yellow to brown (which im sure is wrong) and i have a green and a white/yellow that arent hooked up to anything. Theres a small black box located on the right side of the upper shock mount but its plug and play with a connector so it should be right. Is that the cdi? Where is the voltage regulator? Ive looked for wiring diagrams and keep finding Australian versions that show parts i dont seem to have on my bike. Please help! Sorry for super long post, Kyle
  19. Hi guys! I’m dying to have a double muffler on my 89 xr600. Is it possible to use the mufflers of a Nx650 Dominator? I know Slr650 or Fmx650 have twins to but I don’t think they will fit. Many thanks
  20. Hi rebuilding a XL600R 1984 engine! Took it apart and it was pretty dead! Cracked cylinder head between exhaust valves and plug, clutch basket broken! So as parts are hard to find, I found a 86 model in bits! So make one out of two!! Stripped the 86 head down to clean up and lap the valves in, found the inlet valves quite worn! So tried to find some! The 84 head has 36mm inlets and the 86 has 34mm! Can’t seem to find any information about this change? Because of the cracking problems? The 36mm MG3 are available! But the 34mm MG2 can’t find them!! I’m based in France, any help would be greatly appreciated😊
  21. So I recently acquired this 1986 xr600r in non-running condition on the good ol' craigslist. I managed to get it running (it helps when a decade's worth of varnish is cleaned from the carbs) and she purrs like a kitten. It's titled and street legal here in Washington. I'm just trying to pin down a fair value for the bike, so any input or comment is appreciated. Thanks.
  22. I had my rear brake shoes replaced and when I put it back together the tire free spins only when the lever is compressed I'm not quiete sure how to set them to where they would work properly
  23. I know this is an xr600 forum but I need help here I got an 82 xl500 just rebuilt from motor to carb fires up first kick I let it warm up it runs great when semi warmed up as soon as you ride it 10 minutes or so and you give it a little gas it breaks up bad like a rev limiter the plug gets fuel fouled too is this a stator issue and if so how would I check it I dint got a headlight or battery all the lights and gauges are off just a kill switch like and xr it’s just a trail bike
  24. Hey all, I recently purchased a 96 honda xr 600, it was running a little rich so I took it to a local mechanic just to tune it up and do a once over inspection, so I could start off with it running spot on. Got it back bike is running well, probably took it on around 100 miles of riding. Towards the end of my ride the normal tick noise the bike already has seems to get louder. Took it home running fine (still ticking), started checking things out and I looked at the oil dipstick (admittedly) for the first time (my stupid mistake). It was non existent, went out and bought two quarts dumped them both in, tick is slightly quieter but definitely still there. I absolutely should have checked the oil myself just figured it was good to go for a couple rides before I did. However, it took two quarts to get dipstick to halfway. Bike is running well besides the loud ticking that does get faster when I throttle. First step is to check the tensioner, and valve clearance, what should I look into after that? Just waiting on a manual to make sure I have all of information before diving in. I attached a video as well with the noise before I added oil, also side note whats the chance of me looking at a rebuild because of running with no oil. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DZZea0UY_JwJXvaH08KMU8bmPR3uic3W/view?usp=sharing
  25. Howdy, I rebuilt my rear shock and when mounting it tried to torque (35 Nm) and the bolt started to back out. Took the shock out and found that the thread on the shock was stripped. Cannot torque the bolt past 10 Nm before it backs out. I understand now I need to do a thread repair job, wondering if any of you have any wisdom as to the size thread and insert I should go with. The lower shock mount bolt is measured 10x46. What size tap and insert should I use when completing this job. Thanks for the help, I rely on it.
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