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Found 387 results

  1. 49 yrs old. Haven’t been off roading in 34 yrs. Just picked up a 2000 XR660L from a buddy. More than excited to get out to play. I also have a 2012 HD Road Glide, but recently picked up the itch for dirt.
  2. Hi all, just joined the forum because I think I need some wisdom and help. I have just bought a newly imported into the United Kingdom 2002 XR650L, which came in from the USA, and it really needs a new set of bodywork plastics. Who supplies replacement or replica bodywork parts for these ? What else in the Honda range will fit ? Thanks
  3. Wondering how important an air cleaner is in the woods is. Filter wasn't sealing. Was just starting to pull the top end for a heath check up. I overheated it last summer on the highway, do to my crazy low gearing. Slide is definitely galled up. Well I was kind of thinking of a flat slide mod when I started taking it apart.... This is pretty lame. Anybody ever have a similar experience ?
  4. Honda XR650L wiring diagram. Here in .jpg, but available as .pdf and also (via link below) in .odg drawing format with layers, editable in LibreOffice format which is a free open-source software suite. I made this because the only diagrams I could find were real low-res ones and I wanted to be able to edit the diagram to account for changes I've made myself to the wiring. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fyhLKkqjSWUfDFpjXMVDqI5m1-FqfOYj?usp=sharing
  5. My engine wasn't starting, which led me to very little compression, which led me to a new piston, rings, rebore. I am having trouble with the timeing. I rotate the timing but to tdc, I set the cam shaft in it's position with all lobes faceing down. Then install sprocket and chain. Tensioner, then bolts for sprocket. I tighten the first and using the timing bolt I rotate the shaft 180degrees to Install the other sprocket bolt. Then I check the timing by spinning the timeing bolt a few more rounds. Come back to check top dead center for the camshaft and it's not the same as I installed. Is somethibg slipping on the bottom end? Is it supposed to do this. I don't think so only because I tried starting the bike after the piston Install and it wouldnt start. I think timing is the problem. Is there a way to adjust anything on the bottom end sprocket and components to fix the problem? I am on a trip from NY to cAnada and south to Argentina. Currently in Mexico and made friends with some locals who are letting me fix my bike and live with them.. I can get parts but they take a while to come looking for all perspectives to solve this problem.
  6. Hi! I am currently rebuilding my soon 25 year old Honda NX650 with my father and was interested in upgrading the piston, cam, adding the oil cooler etc. However, I have found plenty of parts for XR650L, but not for NX650. Do you know are the engines identical, or close enough so that I could buy high compression piston and Hotcam stage 1. Side question, what would you buy to upgade your Honda NX650 if you had plenty of money saved for it? I am changing all bearings, brake pads, brake disks, brake cables, wire loom, tires, most the engine will go to a shop to be tuned etc. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I seem to have now encountered a problem with the ignition system on my 2002 XR650L. When I turn on the ignition key, press the starter button, the bike fires once, then no more, even when the starter button is released and then pressed again. However, if I turn off the ignition switch, then turn it back on again, it fires just once again when the starter button is pressed, and again no more after that. Repeat the switch off and on again as many times as you like and it fires once each time after etc and no more. Wierd ! Any ideas why the bike should do this ? It appears that the ignition switch powers up the system, it fires just the once then nothing, immediately turn the key off and on again, it just does the exact same thing. Possible CDI fault, or is something earthing the system out after just once spark is discharged ? Is there another system I should think about fitting if the CDI unit is knackered ? Cheers Graham
  8. I've wanted an XR650L since at least the time I got my '04 RC51 in 2013. I had about 10 various bikes from the late 70's thru '98, then lost the itch and went bikeless for about 15 years. Then bro-in-law got an R1 and the itch was back. At that time I thought I'd get a do-it-all XRL since I wouldn't really ride much, but that idea spiraled into the RC51 which I kept for about a year then into a '13 ZX14R which I still have now. Then, a riding bud moved back to town a couple years ago, been street riding, now looking to get into the dirt some. Anyway ... I've been watching lots of vids and reading and I see a lot of common XRL mods: Bigger plastic tank, tires, gearing, removing smog crap, etc etc. Just kinda wondering if there's a fairly comprehensive list somewhere, or will I need to just keep reading thread after thread? I know there are plenty of lighter, more modern, higher techno enduros / dual sports out there, but I love cc's ... I mean CC's. Hence the ZX14R. And I love Honda quality. And tall doesn't bother me. And heavy doesn't really either. Sure, lighter would be good, but meh, whatever. I'm not racing. I've got several dealers giving me XLR quotes, and when the low one comes in, I plan to pull the trigger.
  9. Firstly, apologies if this has been asked a thousand times but I couldn't find a definitive answer! I'm hoping to build a special UK Dominator NX650 motor with a high compression piston - say 10.5:1 No problem I thought, as Wiseco do them for the XR650L - which is the same as the Dominator right? Does anyone know 100% for sure if this is true of all XR650L motors because the Wiseco catalogue does not list high CR pistons for the NX650 and the ones I've seen are for the XR650L (1996 - 2008) only. They are very expensive and I don't want to order them and find they won't fit the NX650 motor I'm building!!.. As a side note, I read the excellent "how to" on fitting a kick start and I have most of the bits but discovered the oil pumps I have don't fit in the NX650 engine casing that has a kickstart - so that plan is out! Simon
  10. Bought a 2015 XR650L with 5 miles on it that some guy had bought back in 15 to send over seas and he never did so it just sat, of course he didnt drain the gas the carb is disgustingly dirty. My two issues are a pretty heavy bog when rolling on the throttle off idle and a weird stuttering almost at higher rpms. Cruising at low rpms and starting and idling is fine. The bog i could live with but the weird flutter or hesitation while cruising on highway is no bueno. I took the carb apart and it was completely full of green filth as was to be expected so i cleaned it pretty good and checked the slide operation by blowing air past it and all seemed fine, but i put it back on and there was really no noticeable change even though one of the jets you couldnt even see through before cleaning. Not sure what to try next, does anybody made a rebuild kit with new jets or is their any setting i need to change? my elevation is about 30ft so sure enough sea level. I like the bike but am going to like it alot more when it runs right
  11. I've read a lot about the 2nd and 5th gear swap. I'm not really ready to tear this motor down (when I do, I'll do the 2nd and 5th as well as a big bore kit, etc, etc) But for now, I thought about popping the right crankcase cover off and changing the clutch basket and primary gear for one from an XR600R. This, I believe will make the 650L have the same overall gearing as the 600 with the exception of 1st gear. The split between 1st and 2nd obviously will still be there, but second gear will be the same as a 600 and my 1st will actually be lower than a 600. So basically 1st will be a tractor, and second will be fine for trails. I figure I can dial it in with a sprocket change. I realize this is still a bandaid since the gap in 1-2 will be unchanged since I'm not messing with actual tranny, just the ratio between the engine and trans. This will keep me from having to run a huge rear sprocket or a tiny front sprocket. I have my basket case 600R that I can borrow parts from so I thought I'd give it a try. Looking for honest opinions on this. While my broken leg heals up I can't ride or wrench too much but I can plan! Once I am partial weight bearing on my leg I can start the work, so if the 2nd, 5th upgrade makes more sense, I can handle the down time since I can't ride. I could go ahead and do the bigbore, cam, carb upgrade etc. but the physical demands of yanking the engine from the frame might be a bit much for me for a while. Kinda sucks, I'm down to 248 lbs from dieting and exercise and I'm a pretty damn strong guy, but this leg has really humbled me. I can't do crap right now! Sorry for the "crying in my beer" rant. LOL! Just wondering if others have done this and what they thought about it. I searched and didn't see this mod, but I didn't look super hard either. Thanks, Jerry
  12. We have an XR650L 2005. When at idle, one can hear what sounds like the classic electric motor bearing noise. I saw on a web video that others make that noise too. I just looked at an exploded view of the cam train and it appears to have a common 6904 bearing and another bearing privy to Honda. I learned that if you put the cheap bearings in an electric motor, the noise will not go away. Bearing replacement looks like a quick evening job. Has anyone tried this with success for noise removal? I also learned that if you put the good bearings in a sealed three phase motor, the noise goes away.
  13. Has anyone seen one of these for sale ON THIS CONTINENT? Nothing against the South Africans but shipping cost must be prohibitive. http://dirtbikeafrica.com/Store/index.php?route=product/product&path=64_59&product_id=147
  14. Seat must have landed on a rock when I put the bike down the other day. Does anyone have any ideas on fixing that mounting hole?
  15. Hi all! I've got an issue, one of many when it comes to bikes. I searched throughout all the pages I could find pertaining to my situation and couldn't find very much useful information. So the issue is, the bike has no electric start.... until it's hot enough to melt steel that is. It will bump start first time every time. But I can sit and crank the starter over for ever and it'll never start until the charger is bumped up past 200 amps. Not good. The story so far, Got the bike for 1k cash. Guy said it has no spark and no second gear. This particular guy also only ever rode newer crotch rockets. Brought it home pulled the choke, attached battery charger and she fired right up. Ran like absolute crap, but oh well I figure it's an older bike with only 10k miles so it probably needs a good carb cleaning. Took the carb apart and didn't know I messed something up until way later(didn't tighten down main jet). Oh well she runs well enough if I can get her started. Moved from California to Oklahoma. Eventually found the money to fix 2nd gear, and as I am a certified Honda small engine technician apprentice I figured it would be no big deal. Completely tore down engine to it's roots replaced 2nd, and 5th gear(because 5th gear connects to 2nd on the countershaft) dogs were worn pretty badly on both. The engine looked quite good compared to most others I've seen. Put the engine back together as per the service manual. Did all the right steps including loosening the banjo bolts to test for proper oil pressure. I even tore apart the electric starter to clean the contacts and the brushes and replace the dielectric grease. Adjusted the valves as per the service manual, replaced all gaskets, o-rings, seals, and oil filter. Finally after about a month of waiting on parts and reassembly I get to start her, only she doesn't. Electric start is still giving me the same issues I've always had. So I replaced the Ignition coil, CDI box, and put a new battery in, plus the starter motor rebuild. Nothing. Still cranks forever. I said what the heck and tried to push it slightly down hill and bump start it, and voila... fired right up! Once she gets hot enough and the stator charges the battery enough it'll electric start... sometimes. So I looked towards ignition, used a tool called ignition mate. Pretty awesome tool if you can afford it. Well while cranking the ignition mate reads the spark plug is getting 1-4kw of "spark" every cycle, well it only fires after getting up past 5kw sometimes 6-8kw. And sometimes the ignition would be intermittent as in it wouldn't give any spark at all. I cycle the ignition and it seems to soft reset the bike as it will usually give it back spark. I tested this with the new and old CDI box, the old one would never spark. Ever. So I threw it in the trash. A month later I stil l can't figure it out. Is there something I'm missing? TL;DR Bike won't start using electric start only bump start before and after engine rebuild Electric start works after pushing the starter past about 200 cold cranking amps or when hot.
  16. Opinions over on Advrider seem to think that the T700 will be worse off road than the XR650L. So I am wondering, do the 2-5 gear swap plus 675 conversion or just save money for the T700? Anybody here thinking of giving up their XR650L for the T700?
  17. Brand new Turn signal switch won't budge. Hello Everybody! This is my first Post on Thumpertalk, I've been reading here for days now, Finding out all kinds of great advice too! Thank you all for that! Now onto my issue, I recently bought an old 1994 XR650L, And of course it has all the normal issues with the XR650L going on, But this one seems different, or at least I can't get the search to focus for me on The Turn Signal housing, My XRL Has the Turn signal button missing, There is a steel tab poking out of the housing that the button must attach to. The tab is to sharp to push to the left or right, but I can push it in, I Sprung for a brand new Control $61.00 from Partzilla, Looks nice! its even got the grey button on it, lol Here lies my problem, I can only push the button in, Just like the old one, I can not move it to the left or the right, Brand new! What am I doing wrong?? is there some trick I'm not aware of? Do I dare take it apart to fix? Or just return it to Partzilla? Thanks! Rhino
  18. Hi, I am about to get myself a stock carb for my 650L, and i'm a bit confused about which og the variants i should order. There are several different part.no out there, and i guess since there are different models, there must be somkind of difference between them. The ones which exist is: Keihin VE85A Keihin VE85B Keihin VE85C Keihin VE85D My bike has the smog block off kit installed, but i have no idea which of these carbs was stock on it, since i got it with a flatslide pumper installed. Also i know i need some parts like a choke and throttle wires, but of the carb i order is complete with all the rubber hoses on it, is there anything else i need to consider to swap. Any other parts i may need? Btw. i know the advantages with the Flatslide pumper, but it doesnt matter. I want to convert anyway.
  19. Hey everyone! Thought I'd ask here as I couldn't find a definitive answer. Last week I took apart my crankcase to fix a small crack I had from dropping the bike and having the shifter puncture the case. Doh! Got a manracks case saver on it and jb welded the inside of the pinhole as well as the outside. It's holding steady now. After getting it home, my battery was drained from it sitting for a couple weeks. Charged it up, and got the bike to start. It seemed to struggle a bit. Then when I took it off the charger, it would try and turn over, but seemed to not have enough juice to actually kick over by itself, just spin the starter, then slowly drain the battery. Checked my battery voltage at idle, and it's sitting around 13.8 up to 14.2 at 3500 ish rpm. But Everytime I turned it off it would have the same trouble starting again. Just whirs and whirs. But sometimes kicks over Got a new battery, fully charged it. Same thing again. Seems it's starting a little easier, but it really doesn't want to start on its own. I can bump start it just fine though. My buddy and I think that maybe when it was getting put all back together that maybe we could have misaligned the stator? Does this seem possible? And that because of it it would be having a hard time? Or perhaps friction on the starter gear? Seems like a weird problem, and wanted to ask here before digging in deeper. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! Ethan
  20. Hello, Im looking to get a dualsport and so many have recommended the xr650l because its main use will be offroad. after sitting on it i see its very tall so i would be standing alot offroad which is fine, however i am a heafty boy at 400lbs and am a bit worried about the right hand footpeg bracket snapping on me. has anyone ever snapped this bracket before? thankyou in advance
  21. Hey guys just picked up an 07 XR650L. I de-smogged, de-snorkeled, uni filter, and Dave’s carb mod and added a dg slip on. For jetting I went with 55/160. Fuel screw is out 2 3/8 turns. I jetted a little fatter because of the alcohol content in northern Illinois gas. I have some black soot on my rear fender and I’m only getting about 36 mpg but I have a sub 3 mile daily commute round trip. I was wondering how to know if I’m too rich across the board or just at idle etc. I never really see black blowing from the exhaust except right on choked start up I get like 2 light puffs. Once the bike is warm no black smoke even on revs. It’s just annoying; any input would be great! Thanks
  22. Absolute newbie to ThumperTalk here... I just purchased a 2019 XR650L, looking at aftermarket exhausts. I have a SuperTrapp on my old 1986 XR600R and love it. I queried SuperTrapp about fitment for my new bike, but they can't confirm for newer than 2017. Do any of you know if Honda has changed anything with the stock exhaust system since 2017? Thanks!!!
  23. So I bounced "so did the bike" it was a great day! BUT I cannot fine any aftermarket "shorty" or "better than stock" Front brake and Clutch levers.................. Anyone have a pair they found that fits without modification? Or am I buying new and cutting them back?...................... the one's on it did not "break" (amazingly) BUT they are curled like a elbow noodle Ride Red!
  24. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has done some substansial milage with this carb and stable performance on both idle and smooth running at crusing speeds?
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