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Found 672 results

  1. Seat must have landed on a rock when I put the bike down the other day. Does anyone have any ideas on fixing that mounting hole?
  2. Opinions over on Advrider seem to think that the T700 will be worse off road than the XR650L. So I am wondering, do the 2-5 gear swap plus 675 conversion or just save money for the T700? Anybody here thinking of giving up their XR650L for the T700?
  3. Just got my valve head and cylinder head back from vapour blasting and they are like new. Was wondering if I will have to lap brand new OEM valves going into the head. Surfaces on the head are in pretty good shape...... Thanks Cheers.
  4. He guys, Does anyone have a picture of the 4 gallon IMS tank from the rider's point of view? I see the Clarke 4.0 looks nice and slender, but I'm really put off by the flaw in the mold on them. I like the IMS tank better for looks, but I'm concerned about the width. Just trying to stay as narrow as possible. Thanks guys, Jerry
  5. Just bought an 08' xr650l a couple of wks ago. Previous owner put a new lithium battery unsecured in the battery box which i didn notice long story short is that it found its way to the frame and shorted out and burnt the positive cable in half. Replaced cable, checked battery its still good checked, checked obvious fuses and still zero power. No ignition no lights nothing at all. Any ideas on what it may be?
  6. Hello, recently purchased a Honda 600xl almost got the thing running but realised that it was using a rear caliper off another bike on the front and some made up spacers and brackets to support it, I’m struggling to find the correct front caliper as I’ve purchased a 87 front caliper but this doesn’t fit correctly, now am I being thick or are the pre 87 models harder to find parts for? If they are does anybody know if another Honda front caliper will fit? It has the correct 240mm front disk. TIA! Tom.
  7. Looking for some input from you guys... Bought an 2003 650L about 2 months ago with 25,000 miles on her. She was pretty much stock as far as the engine when I got it. I did the basic uncorking mods, de-snorkeled, foam filter, daves carb mod, re-jet, super trap exhaust, and de smogged it. It was running great after all those mods. Ive put about 1000 miled on it since those mods with no issues. Changed oil and filter about 800 miles ago with Ams oil. Went on a 200 mile camping trip the other day bike was running fine 1st day. Second day afternoon got on a stretch of open road where i was doing 70+ into a head wind about 3/4 throttle for about 30 miles. Pulled over to go for a swim noticed the bike sounded different had a slight tick coming from engine.... I didnt notice anything weird besides that other than it took a slightly longer to start after sitting for an hour. Get back on the road riding about 10 minutes in I notice a loss of power as im going up a hill.. so i down shift into 4th or 3rd and (dont remember which one). And the rear tire locks up and almost high sides me.... I pull over and engine wont start. I remove chain from front sprocket to free wheel and get on trailer home. Right now i took off valve covers and removed fly wheel cover to try and spin engine by hand... Will not turn counter clockwise, only about 1/8th turn clock wise then i hear binding somewhere in crankcase.. also i can onky shift 1st neutral and second.... 3,4,5 are not there. Any thoughts? Sounds like i need to split case and look at the tranny?
  8. New here. I was inspired by some that talked about the possibility of getting the xr650L bored over to 108mm and stroking by +6mm. I have the sleeve and case being finished in about two weeks. My question is what case reinforcement ring on the stator side were people making? Pictures? When is it really needed?
  9. I looked through some old posts but couldn’t find anyone with this issue, but my kickstand is banging into the swing arm when I’m leaned over in a turn. I can hear it banging When I’m riding and it’s starting to ding up the swing arm. I wrapped that edge of the kickstand with electrical tape and it’s temporary solved my issue, but I would like to fix it. did I bend something or is my spring too weak? I can push it with my hand into the swing arm, but it doesn’t seem like I bent anything.
  10. So i just purchased a 1993 xr650l for $2800 engine has no tiks or weird noises and runs perfect but on the front side of the engine toward the bottom were the oil line hits the case with two lines going into the case with 2 8mm bolts holing it on there is a very slight and slow leak only when the bike is off and sitting i have looked all over for a answer but cant seem to find anything any help would be much appriciated👍
  11. Title pretty much says it. Has anyone used CRF1000 Africa Twin forks on an XL600 ? prelim measurements suggest they might fit.
  12. Considering buying the IMS 4.0 or the Clarke 4.7 fuel tanks for my XR. My stock tank can't go far at all. Anyone care to share their fuel range with whatever tank they're running? I've heard 220 miles with the 4.7 which seems a bit optimistic considering I get 60-70 miles with my stock tank. My biggest concern is whether the tank will impede my movement on tight technical trails. I've also heard horrible stories of Clarke's customer support. Alternatively, I've considered buying a few 32oz fuel canisters and packing them on the back of the bike. But I'd hate to lose the storage space if aftermarket tanks won't impede my movement. If anyone has a used tank for sale I'm likely interested.
  13. Hey all, I planned on doing Dave's Mod today but it looks like the original owner already did it. My throttle response is pretty delayed, I can't get my front wheel up because the power comes up way too late. Aside from that, I'm trying to reinstall the carb. First time working on a carb. I managed to get the carb in place between the engine & airbox, but once I put the choke cable back in, it refuses to come back out. It also won't screw in at the top, it looks like there's only one thread that refuses to grab. Below is a video link of me pulling on it. Any advice? I don't want it to break off inside the carb. From what I can tell if I can just screw it in it will still work fine, the cable grabs well when I move the choke. Video link: Thanks in advance. 2000 XR650L w/ 4k miles, almost 100% stock.
  14. I can’t see any markings on it. Curious as to the brand. Thabks.
  15. So it's late and I of course found yet another item on the big Honda OE part website I haven't seen before. Does anyone recognize this oil screen and know if it needs to be cleaned/inspected? https://www.hondapartshouse.com/oemparts/a/hon/505411a6f870021c54bee563/crankcase Part name and number: SCREEN, OIL FILTER (KOYO) 15421-MN1-671 Image: I have also found it for sale here: https://www.ebay.com/i/303526141508?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=303526141508&targetid=882904020427&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9018738&poi=&campaignid=6469981122&mkgroupid=86285324342&rlsatarget=pla-882904020427&abcId=1141176&merchantid=6296724&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgdTNsZO66QIVj8DACh1NkQcfEAQYASABEgJzXvD_BwE
  16. I got my Seat Concepts kit in today and I'm stuck at putting the foam on. I've already email Seat Concepts to see what the deal is. For those that have installed it, is this the correct shape of the foam? It doesn't cover the seat pan. No issue with the skin, just worried this is the wrong foam, even though the label indicates it's correct. Thanks! Edit: Just watched RockymountainATV's install video for this and they sent me the wrong Freaking Foam! Joy. Was supposed to go for a social distance ride in 2 days.
  17. Looking to replace/improve my stock handlebars.. any suggestions ?
  18. Hey Guys, Just wanted to share my experience here in hopes it may help someone in the future. I have a 2015 XR650L with 3k miles on it. I started having issues where the bike would intermittently cut out while either riding normal, slowing down or taking off from a stop. It seemed as if i was pressing the killswitch. I would try to bring the RMPs up and sometimes it would stay on. Other times it would shut off and i would have to restart the bike and it would kick back on with no issues. I went through everything i could think of. Rebuilt the carb, new plug, fresh oil and filter and yet nothing worked. I did a little research and found it may be the CDI box. I ordered one (best if year specific) and put it on my bike. Took it for a few test rides and after a few hundred miles, i have yet to have any issues at all. hope this helps. Thanks, Jay
  19. Hello! First post on the forum. I've been working on creating a custom wiring harness for my xr650l, using an m unit blue, but I've run into a major roadblock when it comes to integrating it with my xr's CDI. Revival cycles has an article on doing just this using a relay they sell (https://technicalarticles.revivalcycles.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016301611-How-to-Integrate-a-CDI-Ignition-with-an-m-Unit), but in the article it says: "The easiest way to determine if you have a CDI is to look at your OEM wiring diagram and locate the kill switch. Once you've found it trace each wire leading away from it, there will likely just be two. One of them will go to the ignition module, the other wire will go to ground. The ground is the key..." This is not the case on the Xr, as the wire leading from the kill switch leads to power, not ground. I'm fairly sure I've reasoned out the ignition conditions required for the cdi, solid green grounded, blue and yellow to pulse gen, black and yellow to coil, green and white grounded, yellow and red powered to start, and black and white powered to kill. Has anyone had success integrating an M-unit on an xr, especially successfully using the one button start stop feature?
  20. Good Mornin! I've taken a sabbatical from riding for the last few years, school, career, blah blah blah. Anyways, I'd like to get back into it and am pretty sold on an xr650. I want a bike that I can ride to the trails (I live in fresno, ca with miles and miles of trails in the surrounding sierra nevadas only an hours ride away. I've done a good amount of research, I feel like I might kick myself getting a drz400 being that it isnt a whole lot lighter than the xr and it wields less cojones. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I have no personal experience with either bike. My last bike was an 07' kx450f. Here is my plan, question, plead for justification and acceptance? I dont know. I want electric start, plain and simple, there are a few plated xrr's for sale and they're tempting, but with the mix of in town riding, trails, and everything else, I just dont think the 650r is the right choice. SO, dream with me. I understand the power difference, but I think the L will provide everything I need, what about weight, frame strength, and handling? Is there anyone that has frame swapped an xrr frame into and xrl? So, XR650L engine, electric start, etc, xrr frame. I plan on eventually doing crf forks as well. OR would I be better off grabbin a plated xrr and dealing with the kickstart or eventually buyin one of the aftermarket electric start? Sorry about any grammar mistakes, I'm eating chicken wings so....
  21. Hi everyone, I have a 2012 with almost 12k miles. 1st time: Temp, Mid-40's. Tried to start the bike to ride home from work, started for one stroke, died, then wouldn't start again. Ran the battery down trying to start, had someone jump me and got it going, ran fine and started up no issue after this. 2nd time: Same situation. I bought a new battery after this. 3rd time: Same situation, got it to start a couple times for what sounded like one stroke, died. Tried jumping it when the battery didn't have enough juice. I couldn't get it to start at all. I had to leave it at work. I have no idea why it starts then stops. I also don't know why this time it won't run. It's never done this any other time, only when I'm leaving work lol.
  22. I picked up a 93 650l from a friend. Two years ago I jetted it, installed a dg slip, a uni filter,smog removal and the Dave's mod needle shim etc. Bike ran strong but always had alittle pop on decel.bike had bad gas so I dumped that and cleaned the carb. Bike starts effortless, idles clean but that's about it. As soon as you give it about 1/8 throttle it sputters,pops thru air box and back fired!! Carb has been out 10 times, clean as a whistle,went from 48 to 58 pilot with little change. Put inline filter in with super unleaded,no water in gas??? Is there something I'm missing here?? I have never had this issue. I did replace the cdi 3 years ago due to it being faulty. Any insight would be appreciated.
  23. A few questions for those with 650l rebuild experience. is it necessary to acquire the Honda gear holder tool that you place between the primary driven gear and clutch outer housing when you are trying to remove the nut on the primary drive gear assembly? ive heard a penny works but that it can also damage the primary gear. It’s not in the mcma111 650l rebuild guide as far as I can tell. also when I reassemble the engine, should I try to tighten the clutch housing and primary driven gear with my torque wrench to the proper torque or just just use the impact gun to torque them down? How easy is it to over torque with the impact gun?
  25. My 1st attempt at a inexpensive oil cooler for the XR650L. I just finished mounting the oil cooler and fan, under the left side cover were the battery box use to be. I am planning on setting up the fan, to come on with a thermal switch, at 220 degrees, and I have the fan pushing the air inwards at the tire. At this point, I am going to test the strength of the mount first, before I make the final connection. So far the cooler was $27 and the fan $57 and the tubing was $20. I have some more fittings and electrical stuff to get. I am guessing another $25 maybe. I may have to make a screen/ grill to protect the cooler. I will keep posting as the RD continues.
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