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Found 133 results

  1. Hello all, There's been a lot of talk about how to register a dirt bike in states that don't allow it. I just moved to North Carolina and for the first time in my life might be able to afford a bike. I've been dreaming about an XR650R for a long time, but they're not cheap. Plated bikes seem to be more expensive too. So here's my question, has anyone tried to plate a dirt bike by adding all the necessary features and having it inspected as a custom bike? Anyone know of another way I can plate an xr650 in NC? Thanks
  2. Searching for a specific sound for my 2017 XR650L. I saw a video on youtube of a 650L that had a White Brothers E2 pipe which sounded AMAZING! Had deep tone, but yet still muffled without the rachetty loudness of some at higher RPM's. Hearing a Harley V-Rod with Vance and Hines Pipes is the goal to get closest too which I know that engine is much different mechanically and power wise but if that could get you an idea of what I am looking for. I can't find the White Brothers E2 any where which is supposedly discontinued I read in a forum earlier... But hoping for any suggestions someone may have which sought out the same sound I am looking for on their 650L. The "W" "E2" darker gray pipe I am looking for desperately!
  3. Hi guys I need some help please. I have a Honda XR650R , since yesterday fuel keeps flowing out of carb drain tube when the gas switch is open or on reserve can the needle jet or choke get stuck somehow and how do i rectify something like that? Kind regards Stefan Hoffmann
  4. Robert Wistedt

    XR650R at my roller rink

    From the album: Robert Wistedt

    Supermoto XR650R for the Street - FMF full exhaust, Race Tech gold valve Suspension, Scott's Damper, Fat bar and Acerbic hand guards, enlarged front Rotor
  5. Just picked up a XR650R -04 and it has a brake lever from different model. Anyone who are able to identify it? I need to order a new lever to replace the broken one but I'm unsure what to order. It looks like Honda OEM but its different from the master cylinder for XR650R. This one has a slot for a mirror. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos.
  6. I've been rebuilding/restoring an XR650R for some years now (after toasting the motor in 2013). Sent the motor off to be rebuilt, had a local shop rebuild my forks and shock, and took care of most everything else myself. As of a couple months ago I had almost everything assembled and ready to run. As a final check before adding fluids to the bike, I decided to stick my boroscope into cylinder and take a look. The results were concerning. These boroscope pics looked so gnarly that I pulled the head off the motor to get a more thorough look. To say that I'm concerned is an understatement. I have pics of the motor internals pre-rebuild, and can confirm that this is definitely a new piston and replated cylinder. I also have all the old parts from the motor, so it does have a new cam, connecting rod, valves, and basically everything else I expected to have replaced. The builder "ran the motor briefly to confirm everything ran alright" and then shipped it back to me. I reached out to him with these pics and he said, The piston looks like this because he had it machined from 12:1 to 11:1 compression. The streaks on the cylinder wall are normal for one that isn't broken in yet. Regarding the valve impacts in the piston head: "My concern is that something may have passed through the cylinder. How does it run?" I've never run this motor. I can feel these streaks in the cylinder wall with my fingernail. Did he re-use a piston from some other motor? Is this dude jerking my chain or is this motor fine to run? He's a fairly well-known builder in the XR community and was recommended to me by guys in the (now-gone) XR650R forum.
  7. kwekuPaul

    Modify CRX Axle Blocks for an XR650R

    Hi, Any of you CRX riders can measure the size of the axle blocks , the type that stay in place when you remove the rear axle. my XR650R are 35.5mm square. am trying to adapt some modern axle sliders, will require some machine work am sure. the axle is 20mm dia.. what is the CRX rear axle dia. thanks for any help or suggestions
  8. Do these restrict airflow somewhat? looks like they cover quite a bit of the back of the radiator, anybody tried them ?
  9. kwekuPaul

    XR650R XR650R Front sprocket

    Will a 15T front sprocket fit with the standard sprocket guard. will 15 x 48 be ok for mainly laterite road riding , lots of Braap Braap and not much outright high speed running
  10. Pulling my hair out over electrical issues with a Baja Designs dual sport kit on a 2001 XR650R. Having two problems: 1. Available power seems to be affected by light settings on handlebar control switch (parking, lo-beam, hi-beam). Same symptoms were observed before replacing the front harness etc. with a handlebar switch upgrade kit from BD. Behavior is as follows: Parking: All lights function correctly except rear right turn signal does not illuminate at all. Lo-beam: Only one or two LEDs illuminate on tail light. Brake light does not come on when brake is applied. All turn signals are dimmer. Hi-beam: No LEDs illuminate on tail light. Headlight becomes dimmer. Turn signals either fully extinguish or are barely illuminated (I forgot which). I connected the tail light directly to the mid harness, bypassing the rear harness, and the problem persisted. So at least I know the rear harness is not causing the problem. 2. Right turn signal causes front right signal LED to flash erratically, but consistently causes head light and tail light to flash at appropriate turn signal pace. This is an old kit installed by someone else, but I have replaced some parts. Here's an inventory of everything I'm aware of. Replaced (new) parts: Front harness Key switch Turn signal flasher Handlebar switch Front LED turn signals Original (old) parts: Head light Tail light/brake light Brake light switch Battery Regulator/rectifier Horn Mid harness Rear harness Rear turn signals (I think LED, housings are fogged) In searching for solutions, I've seen mention of grounding issues and backflow issues. An inadequate stator was also mentioned, which I guess I assumed the previous owner took care of with either a new stator or a rewind, but it's possible that this was not done. Does anyone have any ideas on this?
  11. dbryant61

    XR650R XR650R Tool Gelp

    Tool HELP!!! Sorry. I'd like to order tire spoons/irons with a wrench end for changing tires/tubes on the trail. Can anyone tell me what size wrench ends I need?
  12. kwekuPaul

    XR650R Interesting supermoto

    I know this is offroad section, but thought people might be interested...looks like a lot of work gone into this....
  13. Is it really worth it to install this. what are the pros / cons assuming uncorcked , full XR Race pipe ,stage 1 cam, and TM 42 pumper carb. real world experience would be appreciated
  14. kwekuPaul

    XR650R How far to drop forks

    How far down are you guys running your forks on your XRR. or do you keep them flush with top triple clamp ? Talking about for dirt riding
  15. Nice article on the XR650r for those with a bit of nostalgia... http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/2006/03/article/2006-precision-concepts-xr650r/
  16. kwekuPaul

    XR650R Hotcams Dilemma

    installed a hotcam stage 1 then left the bike standing for several years without running in the cam (or starting engine up) i have removed cam cover and relubed all the lobes and bearings etc with penrite cam assembly lube BUT what do i do about the engine oil. i cannot let the engine idle till cam broken in but i cant check oil unless i let engine idle. bike had fresh oil in it when it was left to sit
  17. first off, this is strictly for a general conversation topic but something i have come to notice after reading volumes of info on the XRR, esp comparing it to newer modern bikes from europe. i know the bike was developed in the late 90’s as the ultimate desert racer, which it performed as good or better than anything else out there, with an impressive number of championships. fast fwd to recent times, and when people are wanting honda to update it EFI, 6speed, electric start, and sell it road legal im on board with that idea (id even take a carb and the 5speed and be happy) now where i feel the XRR gets undeserved criticism is when people are saying the bike needs an ‘updated chassis’....wtf?? for its intended purpose, that bike IS the benchmark for how a high speed race bike should be...uber stable, plush, and just goes like a bat out of hell. what bike made today exceeds that capability?? the fact that the big XRR also makes a fantastic dual sport, trail/play bike is just gravy. people say the 650R is heavy and a handfull in the tight going- no shit!....is a ktm 690 adventure, husky te630, bmw 650X etc...any better on tight trails?? are they any better in WFO desert running?? so why is the XRR ‘chassis’ (frame and suspension) getting so much criticism, when newer bikes that cost way more, weigh more, and arent any better in either venue??
  18. ActuallyFabio

    XR650R XR650R ignition key

    Hi, first time posting here, and sorry for my english also. So, the previous owner of my xr added an ignition key, which is a good thing, but it doesn't work properly. It's one of those with only On/Off, 4 wires, but only 2 connected to the bike cutting off the green wire from kill switch. Problem: Ignition key and kill switch work as OR instead of AND, so as soon as I have a kill switch I don't need the key to start the bike (and opposite, if I use the key I can start with the kill switch open). I'd like to keep both switches, can someone help me?
  19. kwekuPaul

    XR650R Cush Drive Sprockets

    https://cushdrive.com/ anybody tried these or know much about them
  20. kwekuPaul

    XR650R Front Rotor for XR650R

    Anybody used a braking front rotor for offroad (not the supermotard version) Does the W Flo rotor fit ?
  21. kwekuPaul

    XR650R Rear Sag XR650R

    with bike on stand i get 608mm from axle to point on fender with me standing on pegs 510mm Static sag (after pumping seat up and down , me off bike) 564mm so have race sag of 98mm static sag 44mm i weigh 174LBS is my spring in ball park or do i need change spring
  22. So . . . Longtime lurker, reader, first time poster. I am getting into motorcycles at the age of 49. I am 6’2” 225lbs and relatively fit for my age. I’ve settled on the XR650r for my dual sport purposes, which will be 80% off-road and 80% of off-road being fireroads and Jeep/ATV trails (non=single track.) I’ve found a used 2005 XR650R - second owner. I’m going to look at it tomorrow, some 3 hours from home and I don’t have anyone else going with me for my first possible motorcycle purchase. I will get to test ride it but only on the owners 1 mile gravel driveway. XR is posted as “low hours” Clark 4g tank-Renazco Seat-HRC Kit installed when new- rear rack (billet- Moose?) - upgraded front brake to 320mm? (Bike was not supermoto’d - I asked) Vapor installed but not working. Appears to have upgraded bars and risers. Current owner, 2nd reports that a valve adjustment was just done, but did not give me any more information. What more should I ask relative to the valve adjustment. I’ve spoken with many other friends, and even my local Honda dealer. Any tips on what to look/feel/listen for when evaluating a used XRR? I think my biggest fear is issues with top/bottom ends. Cracked or bent parts are a no go without significant discounting. I anticipate a suspension rebuild will likely be needed, and will factor that into the negotiation. What else? Thanks ahead, and I promise a follow up post tomorrow!!!
  23. What are opinions on the XROnly pipe. Does anyone know of a T4 system available
  24. kwekuPaul

    XR650R XRR Tuning

    Copied and pasted from another forum....thought it might be interesting to those looking at tuning the XRR... QUOTE I have been looking at this for over a year now and was about to do it when the XR crank went and rather than go this way I got the berg instead which saved me all the effort, so my XR is getting rebuilt now with everything standard except a carillo rod fitted as I don't have the dosh to do the rest of the work and I intend to sell the XR anywayI have been talking to Mike Wright a lot and other XR owners from the Pro supermoto racing paddock the main areas of concern for a powerfull over bored tuned XR are1. the big end bearing and rod2. piston compression ratio and overbore squish band clearance3. Cam shaft profile4. valve sizes ( in relation to piston height due to comp ratio)5. valve springs6. porting7. rev limiterThe XR's big end is not up to sustatined high RPM, I will post up the pictures from my rebuild when its finished this week and I get the photos processedthere is currently only one route for this and that is a carillo rod and bearing set, the rod is a work of art and the big end is 30 grammes lighter than standard so a rebalance is needed too. the rod then makes the bottom end safe up to 9100 rpm ( from 8200)The need for a bigger bore is not necessary at first glance as your really good fast road/race tune will be good with just a 11:1 or 12:1 HC piston in a standard 650 size, and makes life a lot easier if it ever goes bang But 700cc conversion adds a lot of torque and pushes power back down the rev range making the enging less peaky as the tuning level rises. It does require a head gasket to be machined out to 103.2 mm as there is no one making them at the moment.the JE 695cc piston I have ( but not fitted) has the squish band sorted by having the same deck height as the standard piston but has a central hump to get the compression and extended valve cutouts to clear the valves. It also means a rebore and a proper Nikasil replate , don't be tempted to get a cheaper plating , make sure its a proper Nikasil jobthe camshaft profile needs to be considered and valve lift needs to clear the piston crown of the raised compression piston, some good maths needs to be done to make sure the clearance is ok, this also applies if bigger valves are fitted. 1 mm and 3 mm one piece oversize inlet valves are available and if used the extra diameter needs taking into account for the cutouts in the piston crown, the cutouts may need machining larger and this will then affect the comp ratio slightly, most aftermarket cams do not have the autodecomp on them and there are a lot better profiles than the HRC onesthe Xr's valve springs and retainers are not renowned for their strength so titanium bits can be put in , but they must be matched to the valve installed length and the cam lift to ensure they dont bind.porting on the heads can be done quite easily with some good gains to be had by knifing the inlet port and cleaning up around the guide tip and the the seat anglesthe exhaust ports can be matched to whatever headers are used but there are a lot less gains herethe last thing might be to get a high rev ignition box to extend the rev range up to 9100 rpm depending on the cam profile, exhaust and carb used the easiest diy mods are :Camvalve springsHC pistonHD clutch springsthe next step could be a porting jobBut all the time I would keep an eye on that crankAnd if Iwas taking the engine that far apart and had the dosh it would get the big bore and valve job toocarbs and exhaust have been done to death on here already but needless to say a full open exhaust with decent oversized headers is a must as is the usual airbox mods, I think this is where the quality systems like the Akrapovic start to show their worthSome extra work on the cooling system like water wetters and higher pressure caps do help keep it all sweet and fitting HD clutch springs is a mustHOW TO SPOT YOUR CRANKS GONNA GOlook for bronze coloured fillings in your oil filter, the only bronze bits inside the engine are the crank big end thrust washers and when the bearing cage breaks up the thrust washers get it firstInformation from other unfortunate XR owners is if you leave it the bearing cage breaks up even further and the rod goes out of alignment and the the piston twists in the bore and its bye bye bore and piston , if the bearing goes too far the piston then start s smacking the head and that funny knocking noise gets worse real quickI caught mine at the " Ive just cracked my bearing cage and started on the thrust washers" so my piston and bore were fine this is exactly the same problem that CRF's have, only the limited skirt height on those pistons causes the piston to wedge in the bore sooner and that breaks the little end out and then all hell breaks loose, the bloke who did my crank has seen 4 CRF cranks in the past 2 months, all on MX bikes thoughthe 695 cc piston with rings, pin and clips is for sale, PM me for more infocan i go now?ta the cranks already been balancedthe guy ( who has been balancing cranks for decades apparently) did not need the balancer shaft at all. He weighed all the original equipment and worked out the balance factor , some equation that he gave me the jist of ,but not in enough detail for me to explain to anyone else. it came out at 37% . he then rebalanced the crank to that factor with the new rod fitted, so that the 37% already took into account the balancer shaft in Hondas original calculations. I believe a non balance shaft crank has a factor of 60+% END QUOTE interesting stuff
  25. mototech55

    XR650R Adv bike build

    Starting a bike build and just wanted to share with others!