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Found 150 results

  1. I currently own a 2012 ktm 250 xcf. My buddy who works for Yamaha has been bugging me for years to drop it and get a YZ 250FX. Anybody else make the same move? What are your impressions? KTM has treated me well, but felt sloppy after i rode my buddy's Yamaha. KTM maintenance is finicky, even a simple oil change has more steps than i'm used to. How is the maintenance for Yamaha? Appreciate all your thoughts
  2. Hello fellow Yamaha riders. I just wanted to share with you all the map I ran today. I already thought that the bike was ballsy as shit for a 250 4 stroke, but I ran this leaner map today, and holy cow, she REALLY opened up. No kidding, when I had the throttle pinned, it legit felt very close to a YZ250 in power band. Of course it doesn’t have the 2 stroke 46HP, but it was absolutely ripping! The whole throttle/rpm range with this map was very snappy and aggressive. I was stunned at how much more this bike can offer if you venture off from the base map options. The only downside to this map was that it didn’t seem to want to rev way out. Once I was hitting maybe 9000 or higher it kind of stopped revving. The power didn’t fall off, just the revs, and it wasn’t hitting rev limiter. I think ignition needs to be advanced and maybe fuel needs to be leaner at the higher range. Idk, will continue to experiment and keep everyone posted. Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Also, if you have map suggestions I’d love to hear them! (by the way, thanks to GP for sharing a similar map. I actually was playing around with his map to get this one)
  3. My 2017 250fx front right fork does not rebound. (At all) I have fork bleeders aswell that bleed some oil whenever I release pressure. I hear a rattle in it when I shake it around and does not rebound like I said. Could it be low on oil or a broken spring or something else? I’ve never torn into the suspension on this bike under the illusion it was fine until I tore it off to install seal savers.
  4. Ok, for all you guys that know FI Yamaha dirt bikes. I got one for ya. I bought this bike about six months ago with 97hrs on it and have put 12hrs on it with no problems, until now. The bike is tight, not ragged out. I only ride trails. It suddenly started popping, bogging, backfiring, when throttled but will idle. The problem occurs only when killed after warm and restarted shortly after. As in, ride for 10min, kill it to help your son back on his bike because fell over on a log, then restart it to begin acting up. Let the bike completely cool, and it will run great until I kill it and restart it again. I replaced the spark plug and cleaned the fuel filter, which was bad dirty. It seams the previous owner let the bike sit up for a while as the fuel pump housing and filter had a bit of varnish. I thought after finding the filter in such condition, that was definitely the solution. After reassembly, it fired right up! I let it idle to warm, opened the choke, blipped the throttle a few times, then killed it. Waited 10sec and restarted it to find it still doing the same!! I read a thread on here where someone was having a similar issue and he replaced the pressure sensor but the difference is his would act up suddenly without killing it and restarting it. Does anyone have a clue? Thanks!
  5. So I’ll start off by saying my 17’ 250fx running fine and still starts and runs great with the kickstart but one day mid ride I shut off my bike and the electric starter no longer worked, nothing significant appeared to have happened. I assumed low battery or something along those lines. I got back to my garage and checked the battery, voltage was fine. Fast forward to now I’m troubleshooting and there are no clicks and off a hunch I changed the starter relay. Still nothing. The fuel pump cycles and I connected the clutch switch Incase that was an issue, still nothing. I’ve been checking all my connections and wires for frays or corrosion and it appears to be fine. I can connect the two wires on the relay and the starter works fine just seems like no power is getting to the starter. Any ideas?
  6. Finally made the move and found a leftover 2019 yz250fx after a 15 year hiatus of riding (started with a TTR125, moved to an RM85... back to the Yamaha and 4 stroke!) $7200 cash OTD. So far I have about 10 days of riding and a total of 8 hours...been logging manually, an hour meter is in the never ending list of things to grab.. I am fortunate enough to have access to a TON of trails right from my driveway, so quick 30 minute rips are common. Longer rides/exploring take place over the weekend with some neighborhood buddies. Hoping to get into some Hare Scrambles either this year or next depending on when the state decides to open back up (NJ) and I'm confident enough in the skillset. First oil change/oil filter change/oil screen cleaning was done after the first hour. Oil seemed pretty good with some very minimal shards as expected. Had to tighten the chain a tiny bit after the first couple of rides, but it's been maintaining pretty good slack since. Everything so far is perfect with this bike and I am VERY satisfied with the overall suspension and power output right from the dealer floor with the type of riding I will be doing, which is essentially a mix of single track, wood trails, rocky climbs, and some small scale track/sand pits. The thing absolutely rips in the single track, hops logs with ease, and handles rocks very well with some good throttle control. I'll be doing more lurking then posting, but I'm over the moon right now and felt like sharing some pics and throwing out a quick introduction. Thanks to everyone and a ton of previous threads for all the helpful information I've researched thus far. On the way- Acerbis X factor Hand Guards, Acerbis X Grip Frame Guards, and some new back up clutch/brake levers. Accidentally already gave myself a custom pro shorty brake lever getting up a pretty gnarly climb.... but the view was worth it as you'll see in the pic. Enjoy the pics, ride on, and stay safe out there! Cheers.
  7. In the specs section it calls out for 17.78 ounces RED arrow . In tuning it calls for 11.6 ounces White arrow . This could be why I keep blowing out seals ! So which is it, 6.6 ounce is a big difference! What have you guys been putting in your forks?
  8. So I bought the fan not even realizing the P.O. deleted the coupler for the fan because they "didnt need it for racing". They also shaved off the two mounting tangs from the right side radiator. First off, why the hell - are they really trying to save that much weight? The bike is already heavy. Secondly, what the hell do I do now? Thinking about just returning the fan I guess. Id like it for summer days on the single track I ride around here though. I can mount the fan with zip ties or safety wires but I need to learn to power it somehow.
  9. What gearing to cross country race? Yz250fx 16 (5 gears)
  10. 2018 YZ250FX, At 210 lbs I assumed I would have to put my fork clickers stiffer than stock, so I did, 2 clicks on compression and damper stiff from recommend stock ( per manual). After riding this way for about a year I decided to play a little. Today I set both 3 clicks softer on both and it was way better. Although front end wash out was present but not horrible. Can you guys give me some education on this and some recommendations going forward. FYI I did change the shock spring to 6kg due to my weight. Also does damp or compression affect washout.
  11. I’ve been looking at skid plates. The cycra, and TM designs are appealing. Then I ran across the Moose skid plate. It appears to give the most protection. If you have one or have tried one please let me know. Thanks in Advance!!
  12. 2020 Yamaha changed the entire bike, including exhaust. Now, I can't find an SA for a 250FX. Anybody with a 20 had luck finding one?
  13. Hey folks I just got a left over 2019 yz250fx. Brand new bike. First yamaha for me and first 4 stroke. Been a 2 stroke guy. I did as per the manual break in period. Took the bike for the first trail ride yesterday and it did great. After cleaning it up today I went ahead and checked the coolant level. I notice some flake type of stuff floating at the top is this normal on a new bike? Also never having a new 4 stroke is it also normal for it to smoke some right after start up since its new?
  14. Hello, Saturday I picked up a new leftover 2018 YZ250FX. Really like the bike so far. I'm looking to add a cooling fan and some radiator guards. What are you guys using ? Thanks!
  15. I've spent an hour or two looking over the board related to some ongoing issues with my FX and figured I'd post up with the whole story for some additional input. I bought this bike used last summer with around 20 hours on it...all stock except for some cosmetic stuff and other than a really grabby clutch and blowing some smoke during the first few throttle blips after starting (which both appear to be pretty normal) it was good to go. I've since done a fair amount of upgrades...tires, a Rekluse radius x clutch, new bars, throttle tamer, radiator braces and have tuned the ECU with the DTB map (and just put the GYTR Soft Map in). I raced in a few hare scrambles last year including a crazy mudder after 7" of rain. During my first race of the year this year a few weekends ago, about 1/3 of the way through the race, I noticed a REALLY bad bog in one of the field sections when on the gas hard...at first I thought I roached the clutch somehow (which I thought was odd given it was pretty new and I hadn't beat on it). Pulled it over to make sure I wasn't somehow in a higher gear than I thought, clicked down to 1st, revved it and it died. Tried to restart, it lit quick once and sputtered bad...died again...then just didn't want to turn over...backfired a few times. I let it sit a few minutes and got it started, but it wasn't running right...idle was all over the place. Finally pushed it back to my truck and thought my day was done. 10 or 15 mins later I tried to start it again...it started up like absolutely nothing was wrong, I ripped up and down the start straight quick, no apparent problem..so went back out. 1/2 a lap in, it wanted to die again off throttle (so with the rekluse, it was essentially idling)...did die once, refired...seemed *ok* but not right...then bogged bad again and quit...at which point so did I. In the garage since, it's been again intermittent. Sometimes starts fine, others not so much...the idle is always sort of all over the place. Not surging or anything, just not consistent like it should be. Checked for vacuum leak and didn't find anything obvious...air filter looks ok. Gas is new. No codes on the tuner. Took the tank off and checked the spark plug cap...put dielectric grease on it...did the same for some of the other connections but none of them seemed suspect. Last night I rode it around the yard...same stuff...weird idle, sometimes doesn't want to start. Definitely doesn't want to rev up when it's acting up. After researching a fair amount, it looks like the throttle position sensor and the pressure sensor are both suspect parts on this year bike. Both have been replaced on the parts list...diagnosing electrical issues is not something I'm good at...I'm tempted to just order these parts and see if that does it, as they're known problem parts and I should probably replace them either way. But I don't want to start throwing good money at bad here. In any case, just wanted your input and some recommendations on next steps...I would rather quit my next hare scramble from shear exhaustion and not bike problems! Thanks.
  16. What do you guys do, if anything, for frame guards on the FX? First alloy frame in many years. With the mud, and occasional sand (worse) I wear out a set of plastic guards on my Beta in a year. Thanks.
  17. so 2020 are basically sold out around here....can is assume 2021 will arrive around mid july? anyone know for sure? THANKS
  18. New to my new toy looking for some feedback. 1. Yamaha Canada recommended their cheap mineral based Yamalube oil over Synthetic. They said synthetic can cause clutch slippage on this bike and rather change more often. Feedback please ?? 2. manual says 0.85L with filter and 1.10L if disassembled. I did a change with new filter and after adding the full litre of oil my oil check window shows the oil almost at mid way between the low and high mark. I have always filled to just below the high mark on other bikes. Feedback please ??
  19. Electric start randomly won’t work. Put bike away working and went to ride a few weeks later and nothing, but does kick start(sucks by the way). The below steps are what I’ve attempted so far and I’m looking for further help from here now, thanks in advance! - New Battery - Tested push button switch(opens & closes) - Relay contact functioning properly - Tested starter works with direct power Suggestions from this point?
  20. I'd like to get the thoughts of some knowledgeable FX owners on something. I have experience with two bikes now, mine and a buddy's, 50 - 60 hrs each. Both reflashed with the updates and run very well. Both also have Antigravity 8 cell batteries. All discussed here is relative to both. Since new, the starter motor would occasionally "stall", act like you had the bike in gear with the brake on when hitting the button. This seems to happen much less now but still does occasionally on both bikes. It almost seems like the auto decomp system is sticking and the starter bumps into the compression which of course is way too high to push through. Normally, just another push of the button or two and this is gone and the bike starts. Problem is it happened to me on the line of a dead engine start race Sunday. I do not think its a fault in the starter motor as it has happened since new on both bikes. If I see it on two bikes I'm sure some of you guys know what I'm talking about. Perhaps the starter motor is borderline in size and cannot handle the load if the engine happens to be on the compression stroke when the button is hit, as there is still compression to overcome, and on a newer engine more friction as well. I would really like to understand exactly what is happening here and fix it while the bike is down this winter. Thanks.
  21. Hi, I was wanting to gear my 2019 250FX to take off from a dead stop in second and just use first as a crawl gear. It will already do it on flat ground, but it is a struggle if the bike is leaning uphill. I don’t know if one tooth would be enough, or if I need to jump up two to a 53. Has anyone tried this and how much will it effect top end speed?
  22. Hey guys so I’ve installed the Cycra Powerflow intake on my ‘17 250FX and now it doesn’t want to idle well. Before I could fire it up cold and no problem it would run. Now it’s taking slightly longer to fire and if it does I can’t touch the throttle or it’ll die. My guess is that it’s running lean now because it’s letting in more air and less fuel. I’ve noticed if I turn up the idle screw it helps but hasn’t eliminated the problem. Does that control the fuel at idle? If so I might need to crank it up. But then that leads to idle sounding a lot faster too. Are these EFI bikes suppose to idle a lot faster? As far as maps go I’ve got the FMF woods map just installed. Before it looks like it has the MXA map. Can’t tell if it’s making a different. Would adjusting this help? I just got the tuner so I don’t know much about it. As always thanks for the help guys
  23. I must be doing something wrong. New rider. Half of the time I start the bike, clutch in, pop the 1st gear and try to apply throttle(keeping clutch in) the bike would stall. Any clue what may be causing this behaviour?
  24. For basic maintenance will the online version of the YZ250f service manual: https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/yamaha-yz-wr-service-manual-downloads work instead of buying the $75 dollar YZ250fx version? I'm just doing the grease everything on the bike and the owner's manual doesn't cover as much detail as the online version I ran across last night. Thanks in advance.
  25. My 2015 YZ250FX bike has suddenly started turning on spontaneously. I can hear the fuel pump prime and then a little while later, I hear the click of the system turning off. It keeps randomly doing this and eventually drains the battery. I took the 2 relays under the seat off and cleaned and packed them with dielectric. I did the same to the connection to the starter button but it is still happening. Any idea where else I should be looking?
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