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Found 190 results

  1. After reinstalling my carb into the bike, I forgot to plug these 2 cables back. I wrote the bike for 2-3 hours with them unplugged. Did I cause any damage? What do those cables even do?
  2. so i set my float at 7.5 mm and ran it for a while then noticed slight gas dripping out of overflow from carb when parked in garage. took it apart again did not leak until it sat for about a week, its been really hot and humid in the 80 almost 90 here in pa. Could it be from the heat or or do I need to set it a tad higher?
  3. I have been using the rekluse z start pro for many years on my 06 YZ250 and moved it to my 16 YZ250X 4 years ago. I'm thinking of getting the radius cx and would love to here from anyone that has done this same switch and was it worth it? Thanks
  4. Hey, I’m new to the forum, but I just purchased my 2020 yz250x back in March of this year and let me start by saying it’s an absolute trail beast, but this last weekend I went riding and was “fouling” plugs like crazy... so I thought... the next day my buddy and I went out I had to do the walk of shame back to the truck since my bike died and would not start again. When I got home I dug into it a little deeper, and found I had no spark whatsoever and if I did, it was incredibly weak. I grabbed my owners manual and followed the trouble shooting steps with my multimeter and everything checked out perfectly to spec. The manual says if everything checks out, then replace the CDI unit and test everything again. Well, I ordered one and it won’t be here for another week or so, but I’m sitting here and was wanting to reach out to other folks who may know something that I don’t, doll I’m open to any ideas. I know a lot of you are probably going to say it’s the stator, and it’s quite possible, but the resistance was perfectly in spec according to the manual, so I’m not too convinced that that’s the culprit. I also went a step further to check for continuity between all of the connections and the main harness connector and every wire including the grounds ringed out. I’ve swapped out multiple new and used spark plugs (br8eg) and it’s the same result, either weak spark or none at all. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks
  5. My wife's uncle has 1982 IT465J that he is willing to sell me. I've only looked at it and you going to try and kick the motor over this coming weekend. It has been garage kept and not started in about 7 years. Just from looks it looks almost like new and the chain looks like it was changed out yesterday even though it is also at least 7 years old. What would be a good offer price? Thanks
  6. I want to buy a clutch cover for my 2018 YAMAHA YZ 250X. What do buddies suggest to me? Which is the most resistant and beauty? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Boyesen-Clutch-Right-Side-Crankcase-Crank-Case-Cover-Yamaha-YZ250-YZ-250-X-99-18/192766151573?fits=Model%3AYZ250&epid=171142106&hash=item2ce1c20b95:g:gIQAAOSwlx9cHRIg http://www.boyesen.com/works-billet-factory-racing-clutch-covers-4.html https://hinsonracing.com/product/billetproof-clutch-cover-yamaha-yz250x-2016/ https://www.motosport.com/gytr-billet-clutch-cover?variant[GYT0017]=GYT0017-X001-Y007 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tusk-Billet-Aluminum-Clutch-Cover-Black-YAMAHA-YZ250-YZ250X-2001-2019-yz-250-/173746044311 Other suggestions? Thanks.
  7. currently running lucus 2 stroke- flash point 182, as I do lots of woods riding, looking for an even lower flash point oil....possibly box store or auto parts store availability, looking for something I can get locally?
  8. Hey, I'm looking at buying the GYTR Off-road Flywheel to hopefully help me as I ride tight single track trails. I'm still pretty new to all of this so I just want to make sure I'm ordering the right parts for my 2020 YZ 250x. To my understanding I'll need the tusk flywheel puller and the tusk engine lock up tool to remove and install the new flywheel correct? While I'm on this topic, does anyone recommend using a flywheel weight instead of the Yahama off-road Flywheel? I attached pictures of the parts in my cart from Rocky mountain
  9. Reading lots of recommended mods for the 2020 YZ250X and see lots of guys recommend the G2 throttle cam. In some posts, guys are referring to it as the throttle tamer. I google around and noticed those are both seperate products. What does what, and which should I get? The cam seems more expensive. Learning each day so I apologize if this comes off as a dumb question. Oh... And what the hell is a Jimmy Twister and do I need it? g2's site recommended it. I do lots of tight trail riding so I wasn't sure if I should replace the throttle or just go for a FWW. I appreciate any input!
  10. I bought a new 2019 YZ250X and finally am going to get to ride it. Im going to assume since the jetting is stock im going to foul some plugs, but want to ride it as a starting point to dial in the jetting. Since the BR8EG are about $15-20cdn and the BR8ES are about $4.50cdn locally can I get away with using the cheaper plug so I can buy a few to bring with me? I searched and only found older threads that were kind of a back and forth..
  11. Hey guys, I have a 2019 yz250x which I love but i think it’s time I raise the bars a bit, lower the pegs and eventually get a seat. After a long ride yesterday I was pretty worn out from being hunched over and also always felt like I was too far over the bars. i love the fastway pegs but they all say they don’t work in the lower position on Yamahas. Spent quite a bit of time looking for proper pegs, does anyone else with a 250x have lower pegs? If so which brand please! thanks in advance!
  12. Hello All, I am looking at possibly buying a used 2017 YZ250X or a new 2019 or 2020 model. Does anybody know if Yamaha made any changes to the bike from 2017-2020? Thanks for any feedback or input.
  13. Last item to buy for my new yz250x is some radiator guards. Im really unsure of what to get. It seems BPD is the best but at $400 cdn I don't know if I can justify that right now. I watched a review from a guy that installed the Unabiker guards and he said they didn't fit great and had to drill etc etc. Im looking for something that's going to give me good protection, fits and is a little easier on the pocket book.
  14. I replaced my stick clutch plates with tusk competition plates and now my 2019 yz250x feels like a 125 I have to rev it a lot to get any power out of it. I did not put in heavy duty springs but I didn't think it was necessary any help would be appreciated. I race open A and actually use my clutch throughout the corner.
  15. Anyone know the nut size for the bolt that runs thru the swingarm and motor, should really grease those bearings while I am stuck at home.
  16. Hey guys, so I just rebuilt the top end of my yz250x. It started up just fine, but once I started revving it, it made this whining noise, so I shut it right off. I over tightened the powervalve bolt that has a 6 on it when I put it together, so I loosened it and then made it only torqued it slightly, noice was instantly gone and I went and rode the bike for a half hour without any issues or noise again, so my question is, could that bolt being over torqued really cause a louder whining noise?
  17. Hey I had a quick question guys , on the newer YZ’s the fork covers have a integrated Yamaha logo on them which actually comes out the cover about 1/4 inch . I wanted to know if you guys would think this would cause an issue when installing graphics over it ? Wanna see if possibly someone has had this same issue before I buy new covers without needing to.
  18. Hey just thought I’d share some info and pictures on my 250x I picked up back in September. I have a bunch of trails And single track right behind my house which gives me no excuse to why I’m Currently only at 6 hours but that’ll change once the weather breaks. Currently have a bunch of Mods and clean “ bling “ it. Loving the bike , but due to rich jetting I haven’t gotten the full experience because I’m fouling plugs whenever I’m not ringing it out or I’m in the technical stuff too long but you guys have helped me a lot on what to do to properly jet in another forum, but here are some pictures and list of “ mods “. - Gnarly Pipe - GYTR Turbine Core 2 Silencer - Full Works Connection Clutch/Perch Assembly ( Stock cast lever bent then snapped after first 2 falls) - Boynsen Ignition and Clutch Covers - Acerbis Handguards, Brake Guard, Chain Slide, Frame Guard, Skid Plate -Polisport Swingarm Protectors - Works Connection Bling.. Rotating Clamps, Oil Cap, Resevoirs - Gripper Seat - GYTR Hour Meter - Free Flo Hose
  19. Hello everyone this is my first post here and I just wanted to see if anybody can help me diagnose a noise my bike is making now. It’s a 2021 yz250x and I recently finished the break in then I changed the gear oil with maxima 80-90, put an fmf gnarly pipe and turbine core 2 silencer and put some 30:1 premix in it. It’s making a clacking sound when I rev it in neutral and it comes off rpm so right when it gets back to maybe 500 rpm above idle it does it a few times then stops but when it’s in 1st it’s fine. It actually made the noise in 1st but I slipped the clutch a bit to roll forward and it stopped. Sounds like a transmission thing to me but I’m not sure if it’s normal or not. Thanks in advance and I apologize for being bad at explaining
  20. Been battling this very intermittent issue where my 2016 yz250x will suddenly idle up/surge like an air leak. Crashed back in may because of it. Thought I had it whooped, but then it was back yesterday. I have sprayed around stuff etc to see if any discernible change in idle etc. Have also changed out some stuff like throttle cable though I never thought it was that. Went through carb etc. At about +-1050', was upper 60s that morning with fairly high humidity. I have a 48 pilot in it. After I warmed it up at camp for little bit it would still hang longer than I think it should after a blip just sitting in neutral. I tried turning air screw all the way in and it didn't die (idle set pretty low too). I previously had a 45 pilot in it, same type of thing. So I rode down roads for a bit to get to trail, then mile in it hung. Was able to grab clutch and stop. Buddy got up to me, and i told em to watch, re-started it and it climbed to the moon (throttle confirmed closed). I went back to camp and took the stator cover off. I had heard its possible if that crank seal is bad it could be causing it but then heard it was unlikely on this bike. In the housing there was some greasy film on underside of clutch actuator arm area. Could be leak at that seal perhaps, but I assume there should be none. At this point I am going back to just w/e I can do to find a leak as I feel it HAS to be that with everything else I have tried. Spray around stuff, pressure test, w/e. Just wondering if its possible it'd be a crank seal? Another guy also said he had a clogged carb vent that caused a similar thing, is that possible? Thanks
  21. Dumped the bike on a steep rocky section. Due to the stock pipe being tucked in so snug to the engine, it pushed the pipe into the water pump neck and cut the hose. Be sure and look em over after a good spill. I was over heating near the end of the ride but no damage incurred. The system was 20oz low but fortunately I was running a reservoir with about 6oz to draw from. That perhaps bought me about 15 minutes. If your trails include rock gardens you may want to get a one piece skid plate/pipe guard, or run the gnarly as it has more clearance.
  22. Hi I have just rebuilt my Son's yz 250 and had it out and she runs nice apart from a gear problem. If we go through the gears they are great untill you go for 5th gear and it hits a false neutral. Blip the revs try again and it goes in. Does not jump out of gear and goes back down gear fine. What do you think could be doing it before tearing back into it. Can not be the dogs surley because it is going into gear and staying in gear once it jumps in. Funny thing it does not do it every single time.
  23. Who uses a 100 rear vs 110 for off-road? I have always run 110/18 and at least in Dunlop they are very wide. I tried another bike (different brand) with a 100 rear and it handled so nice. Do u guys think a YZ250X can get away with a 100 rear? I am talking technical off-road.
  24. I'm trying to make a set of wheels from a 2007 WR450F fit on my 2016 YZ250X. I know the rear is a direct swap but I'm wondering about the front wheel. The axle sizes are the same between the two models but I believe different spacers are needed. Does anyone know which spacers I need to make the WR front wheel fit on my YZ? Also, is it best to get an odometer eliminator (spacer) or just leave it alone?
  25. Getting lots of excess oil out the pipe. Running Motul and dropped the main by 2 sizes. Haven't dropped the pilot jet yet. Usually in tighter single track 2nd gear type terrain. Running 50/1 and I've heard guys running higher. Book says 30/1 which seems ridiculous. I've always used Yamalube in my 2 stroke bikes (street & dirt) till this bike. What do you guys think?
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