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Found 93 results

  1. I got myself a yz85 2005 recently and i didnt ride it for a week becuase of my gear, well the problems are that it died on idle but i fixed that by adjusting the idle on the carb, and the second problem is that when holding the clutch in and putting it in first it would just stall and it was all warmed up too, but it doesnt stall if you rev it up alot and then switch into first gear.
  2. Need to find a rear wheel set for my daughters YZ80. 2001 year. Hub is destroyed, and spokes are not in best of shape. Was hoping to replace the whole thing, but cant find any built up any where. New models and older ones, but nothing in the late 90s through mid teens. Would have thought there would be plenty. Find lots of front wheels.. no rears. Anyone have an idea where to look, or do I just buy all the parts and build one up. (Lacing wheels is not my favorite thing to do...) Thank you
  3. Hey all, sorry if this has been addressed already... i have an 05 YZ85 which needs a complete cosmetic overhaul... will the newer design 2016-20 plastics bolt straight on or do I need to get a new airbox? Thanks in advance
  4. Here I purchased a yz80 bottom end. I put the bike together it fires right up and feels powerful. Try riding the bike it goes into first gear and neutral but will not catch any more gears. Shift shaft assembly is align correctly what’s next? Help please
  5. Hi guys I have a 1999 YZ80 I just bought been working on it for 2 days straight. The bike misfires / bogs just doesn’t run right can’t put any power into it. No powerband can’t ease into power just breaks up. The bike starts first kick, idles mint revs mint only bogs if you WOT it from idle. Has a visibly new head on it, new spark plug fresh gas and mix. Reeds are good, I cleaned the carb (it was clean) and replaced the 2 jets. I noticed though while messing with the carb the “return spring” was twisting inside the carb. Spent a few hours messing around and investigating and couldn’t figure out what’s causing the spin. Besides when you spin the cap on itself. The second you pull the throttle at all the body inside the carb begins to spin, evem if you unspin the spring it will still align itself from the air screw slot. I've looked at diagrams and don't notice any glaring issues. Now I know this shouldn’t be spun / spinning as it is supposed to line up with the Idle Air screw. I’ve only managed to get the entire body all the way down (throttle closed) one time through tinkering but the spin/next time you pull the throttle will mess it up. Something must be wrong / broken. The spring on its own seems normal. The throttle cable is not spinning like a clock. Another issue I have that could be giving me big issues is my clutch or clutch cable not sure. The symptoms are that when I have the clutch handle pulled in and go to kick start it in gear the bike moves forward, also stalls out sometimes when you put it in first with the clutch level pulled in. It shouldn’t obviously, bike shifts fine and don’t notice anything while driving. But while pushing the bike in neural the rear wheel sticks and locks until I roll the bike backwards. I haven’t disassembled the rear brakes as I have new pads coming but the rear brakes work mint. I can add photos or explain in more detail anything here. I’ll appreciate the help and if anyone goes above and beyond I’ll gladly PayPal/Venmo you some money. take care
  6. Hi My name is Garret and I am 12 years old and 5,2 and am 160 pounds so I'm definitely on the heavier side. I have found a 2006 yz85 for $1200. I have been riding qauds since I was 5 and I had a pw80 for the last month that I just sold. I felt very comfortable with riding something that has 2 wheels and I was a little cramped on the pw. So I'm just wondering how much experience should a yz85 rider have and what age/height/weight should said rider be. I just don't want to make a mistake spending a bunch of money on something I won't be comfortable with. Thank you, Garret
  7. I'm trying to tune my carbs properly and I need some help. Right now it starts up if I gas it a little while kicking. Kicking with just the choke on doesn't get it started. The main issue I'm having is that when I'm about 1/3 to 1/2 throttle, the bike is revving hard, like I'm going full throttle. I'm not getting bogging or loss of power, but now it feels like half the throttle is basically useless. Does this indicate my needle is too small or the clip is too low or is it something else entirely?
  8. I have some Yamaha YZ85 bars but I want to use the triple tree of a Yamaha YZ450. My question is, Do all Yamaha YZ’s from 85 onwards have the same diameter on their forks?
  9. I have a 2020 yz85 (as some of you know) and I have had it for almost 4 months now. I have been to the track 5 times and rode for probably 5 hours each time. And I ride around at my house for at least 3 hours almost every day. Should I repack it? And if so, how often and what material to use? I have an r-304 silencer.
  10. Hey guys (first post on here) i’ve got a few problems with a 2003 yz85 i just got. You guys seem like the most knowledgeable people on the internet and have already helped me a bunch with this bike and past bikes. So, the bike only starts when pouring fuel down cylinder, then will stay running if you give it gas. Dies in low rpm. Bike has no idle whatsoever. I’ve cleaned carb many times, and put in full rebuild kit. I am 150ft above sea level and am on stock jetting if it makes difference. The reed valves look good and i flipped them over. Another issue is the clutch doesn’t work at all, took it a part and sanded down the basket and still nothing, something definitely has to be replaced i just don’t know what component. and finally, the last guy did a top end rebuild and it’s not even fully broken in, bike has like no compression but gets going. Not sure but this can have something to do with hard starting. sorry about the long post and any help is greatly appreciated! -Alex
  11. Hey y’all so I was lying in bed and was thinking about how long my bike will last. It’s a 2003 yz85 and the guy I bought it from said it had 10 hours in full rebuild (not sure if that’s legit), I put about 2-3 hours on it myself and always keep up maintenance. I run my mix ratio 50:1 with yamalube and never raced. So, for discussion reasons how long do you think it’ll last on the top end or in general? Thanks
  12. hello everyone this is an extremely long post as I wanted to explain the problem in detail and how it happened so if you do decided to read it thanks Recently I’ve been having some problems with my brothers Yz85. Coolant was leaking into the oil which I knew was the water pump shaft being worn down so coolant would leak past it. So I opened up the clutch cover, removed the clutch basket and water pump cover, replaced the shaft and gaskets and put the clutch back together. The coolant leak was fixed, however this is when the clutch problems began. I knew that I had not installed the clutch correctly so I looked at a few diagrams and opened it back up. I realised that I forgot to put the small bearing back into the shaft where the push rod goes so I did that, installed everything back onto the bike and everything was as it should be. The clutch worked as it should and the coolant leak was gone so I was happy to say it was finally done. About a week after my brother took it for a ride up the trails when he started to smell burn coming from the exhaust. It wasnt anything to do with the two stroke oil ratio or the top end as the bike still ran well. Nevertheless we parked it up for the day and brought it home. I power washed it once I got home and went to start it back up to see if it was still smelling like burn and blowing clouds of smoke out the exhaust like it did earlier on during the day. It started first kick and when I put it in gear and let out the clutch, nothing happened. It was as if the clutch wouldn’t disengage. I verified it was going into gear as I heard the click of the selector shaft when putting it into gear but it could still roll forward with the clutch not pulled. I then decided to rip the clutch and consult some more manuals, however i couldn’t find anything wrong. What stumped me was the fact that it ran like a dream for a few hours and then that happened. My question is that could the burning smell and smoke be a bad bearing in the gearbox? Also I should mention that when I have the clutch assembly removed and put it into gear and push down the kickstart lever with my hand, it clicks back out of gear. Also I should mention that I am only 15 years old lmao so this is probably a very obvious problem to most people here.Also sorry once again for the long post thanks for reading and any input at all is appreciated
  13. I have a 2005 yz85 that was dripping coolant through the little hole next to the water pump. I also drained the oil and it looks like coolant was also mixing the oil. I bought both seals and put them in and the coolant level is still going down. It no longer drips from the little hole. Does anyone know what it could be?
  14. so i just bought this bike and I'm newer to working on bikes, i started it up and it wouldn't idle till warm, I ran it through all gears and could tell it just really didn't have power, it also stalled out going up the smallest hill, so I thought it was a headgasket but come to find out it doesn't have one, the cylinder head has some scratches so ill get those repaired and get a new piston, the cylinder walls had some cross hatching in them, and if i remember correctly that's good? another problem was coolant in the oil, i have no idea where to start there, theres also a red fluid dripping from the overfill hose in the middle of the crankcase but the only red fluid i have is the gas oil. any suggestions will help thank you.
  15. my 13 year old son ride a 2018 YZ 85 big bore. due to pandemic reasons we have moved away from the tracks but we want to return. I would like to know the frequency to change piston
  16. I've done some research and so far what I found is the causes could be either the oil is over filled or it needs a top end rebuild... I have good compression and have the proper amount of oil so I'm at a loss. Currently after the bike has been running or if I put the bike on its side, oil drips out of the breather tube and makes a decent sized pool. Any ideas would be helpful and/or if this was answered on another forum please point me in the right direction! Thanks!! I can take videos of it if it would be of assistance.
  17. Just finished cleaning up the notches in the basket on an 05 yz85 I bought and checking that the clutch looks good. According to the manual it seems the first and last fiber disc should have different spaced groves in them as well as the ears centered over the grooves. I'm sure this isn't a stock clutch so I'm not sure how the look varies. But all the discs look to have the same groove spacing and 3 of them have the ears centered over the groove lines while the rest are off center. So I'm not really sure what I'm looking at. I put it back together and the clutch feels a lot less notchy then what it was but I'm not sure if it feels correct. On my yz250x I can feather the clutch quite a bit but on the 85 it seems the window is much narrower. Now I'm not sure if this is typical for an 85 or there's something I need to replace or adjust. This was meant to be a bike to learn mx for my wife since she has a TTR she normally rides. But this thing is wicked. Wheel comes up as soon as it hits the powerband in any gear and trying to feather it seems to not work nearly as well as on my 250.
  18. On my sons yz85 the jetting is perfect. Installing a full fmf gold with turbine 2.0 what jet changes should I make?
  19. Hi is it ok to use 75/140 motorbike gear oil in my yz85 I got a two pack deal of stroke oil and gear oil and this is what came just checking it's ok to use thanks for eney advice I'm new to this stuff
  20. I was just wondering if anyone knew the exact part or part number that I need to fix my kickstart lever on my yz80 from sliding off, I’m pretty sure it’s a bolt or a clip or something, if anyone knows let me know.
  21. Hey guys! Can someone measure their forks from center of axle to top of the tube? 2002-2005 I don't need a perfect measurement, I'm thinking about using yz85 forks for a three wheeler front end if they are short enough. Thanks!
  22. Hello, i'm sure it's posted somewhere here but can't find it. Looking for advice on why i have a bog right off idle? Runs fine once it gets past there. Doesn't seem to make a difference once engine is warmed up. It has GYTR pipe and silencer. Does that combo require any jetting changes? Mixing gas at 40:1 with ethanol free fuel. Bought bike used, haven't looked at what jets are in it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  23. Bought a rear wheel bearing kit for my 2012 yz 85. The kit only has 2 bearings but I was wondering if it’s similar to the bigger bikes with 3 bearings or if it is supposed to have 2 bearings.
  24. i have a yz85 and i dont have a clutch basket tool to take it out with neither do i have a impact, is it possible to file the basket without taking it out?
  25. In the middle of a frame off restoration on a 2010 YZ85. The bike ran great before the restore. It’s purely cosmetics. Since the motor is out, what do you suggest I check or replace proactively on it? Are there any tests I can do to ensure it’s in good shape? I took the crankcase cover off and the rotor was a little rusty. Can I clean that area without causing any issues? Other than that the motor looks good.
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