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Found 10,000 results

  1. So the other day I pulled the old 2004 YZ250F out after moving to Colorado from Hawaii so... the 1st problem started with ALTITUDE over a 6000 ft difference. I knew i needed jets so i went to the local shop here and they hooked me up. the 2nd problem after i got it all together, and rode around seemed flat at the top end and i started to get cherry pipes. so my dad said valves, you should check to see if its getting enough air. so i pulled it apart myself and start getting my gaps for re-shimming it. the 3rd problem comes along all the valves need adjustment. left exhaust was 0.15mm right exhaust was 0.15mm left intake was 0.00mm (could not get a 0.04mm is smallest feeler gauge i have) center intake was 0.00mm right intake was 0.09 specifications for the maintenance manual exhaust is 0.17mm to 0.22mm intake spec is 0.10mm to 0.15mm so i pull the center intake shim to see what size i need to put in and its 120mm, the smallest shim so im guessing i need new valves??? THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!! ????????do i need to get all new valve assembly ( valve, seals, seats, springs, and retainers?) or just some parts ???????what kind of head work does this need before i install new valves??? (valve seat cutting) what shop is good? ????????steel vs titanium? ??????? will any valve work for a yz250f or do i need to get a measurement? since I am going to rebuild the valve train, im going to toss a new ring and piston in also. ?????? brands should i use for ring and piston ? should i send my cylinder off also? thanks for the help in advance
  2. Im trying to replace the clutch side crank seal on my blaster. it seems i cant get the whole old seal off. the seal didnt come of in one, i had to scrap it off. And now i cant fit a seal in there. here are some pics.
  3. I am completely stumped. I am working on an 07 Raptor 350. It has a intermittent spark. However, the spark only shows up occasionally when releasing the start button. It never sparks when cranking. Only occasionally when releasing the start button after attempting to start. I have replaced the stator, swapped CDI's, swapped batteries, swapped ignition coils, checked ground continuity for the CDI and the battery, cleaned the ground for the ignition coil, cleaned all connectors, checked continuity between all wires in the ignition circuit and checked power to the CDI. I have become completely stumped. I have no idea where to go from now. I have found several threads started on google for this same issue but no one ever has a solution. Please help!!!
  4. MXracer195

    Yamaha Got a Yamaha Warrior

    I traded my zero turn that needed some work for a Warrior that needs rebuilt. I traded with my friend and luckily he has all the parts for the rebuild except the crank and gaskets. I'm thinking about building it up and trading it for a nice 250F or 450F but I have a feeling I'm going to fall in love with the Warrior and end up with it and a bike. I'm probably going to mod it a pretty good bit and may black it out. Right now it is white with a red tank cover and all the plastics are in great shape so I'll keep them as a spare if I get black plastics. Anyone know where I can find a blue hood with maybe a scoop? I plan to black it out with blue accents and I think that'll look pretty nice. Are they any good for racing or are there any classes they can even race in? I want to see how I'd do in a race.
  5. kimble93

    Yamaha banshee issues

    okay guys!!! im having some issues and its really starting to piss me off. it almost seems like my right side cylinder isnt firing. i have good compression and when i first starts up it puffs out your normal two stroke smoke and then it goes away and sometimes it will run like its suppose to but 80% of the time it does. maybe a fuel issue??? im going to check spark and om everything out tonight. everything i have checked so far is good any ideas??
  6. Has anyone does this yet? I have a 01 wolverine that I've had for 01 year and I just thought about adding a brake light to it. I have a raptor 700 front master cylinder on there since the original crapped out so that's the easy part and then I planned on using a banjo bolt style for the rear since the left hand brake works the rear brake but I wasn't sure about the plug/ tail light section. I'm thinking of using a raptor 350 tail light harness to try to fit with the wolverine square lens. For the wiring I was gonna take a power off that is keyed so it's not always on but wire them in parallel to make it come on when either or switches kick in. What do you guys think or is there a better way?
  7. I've been off here for a while but getting back into the woods lately. Thought I'd add some Blaster content. I've posted picts of my 2003 KTM 250 SX powered Blaster rocketship: My latest project is another 99 Blaster but with a Vitos big bore kit and 3mm stroker: My son actually put this together for me. It had been sitting for a couple years while I was busy at a new job and working with Search and Rescue. This machine is still in its early days. My son and I have build a few Blasters including a 32hp DT200 powered liquid cooled. This bored and stroked motor makes about the same power as the DT200. We have got more power than this with ported and rechambered aircooled motors so I know there is more potential in this motor. A very successful mod was filling the intake reedbox with epoxy rather than opening it up. The tighter box resulted in cleaner jetting and a wider powerband on the smaller aircooled motors. I strongly believe in making mods one at a time to be able to see what works and what doesn't.
  8. Mmanos3

    Yamaha 04 YFZ 450 Starting issues

    Ok i have this starting issues with my 04 yfz 450 like many others have. i have a high compression piston and its jetted with a hmf pipe. I have replaced the battery twice with higher cranking batterys, replaced the starter, had the valves shimmed, had the carb rebuilt, and The spark plug is new and gives good spark. I also run the quad with my headlights on whenever i bump start it. The issue im having is whenever i completely charge it up and take it out it will fire right up on the first click of the starter but if i shut it off it will not start up again without bump starting it. It sounds like there isn't enough juice pushing the motor over and sounds like the battery is dying but if i put it on the quick charger it says i have a high percentage left on my battery. I was thinking stator, cdi box, or a relay please help its killing my wallet and motivation lol
  9. ok well im new hear and wanted some advice, i have a 05 660 that is cammed(stage 2) jetted to (50,55,25) i have extended swing arm and i run vp c12. well just recently it started running like shit and wont idle unless i have the idel screw all the way in, wich makes it run like crap all the time, then when i get in to second the thing bogs down and has no get up and go, this problem last all other gears and i dont know what to do? P.S it also has a custom built spectrum intake in it, and after putting the jets in i never adjusted the carb cause im not sure how to do it for my location and cause the pain it is to take this thing apart lol. thanks for the help guys or gals.
  10. kawirider4life

    Yamaha 97 blaster clutch hub

    Hey guys...my brother just bought a used 97 blaster but its not running...the motor is out of the frame and apart...all it needs is a piston to run but also there is a washer or something that is holding in a gear behind the clutch basket. I dont really know what its called but it has 3 holes and it covers this gear...Well anyway that part needs to be replaced but in order to do that i need to take the clutch basket out. How do you take that bolt off without the thing spinning? i know they have a clutch holder or something but is there any way to get it off without that? thanks:ride:
  11. headbanger

    Yamaha 2005 Blaster 200cc 2stroke

    I have a 2005 stock blaster i just bought off a friend. i put the wrong oil in the tank in the back and it wouldnt run right. so i had the shop fix it and put a block off kit on it, and accidently put motor oil in instead of premix oil:bonk:. And rode it for awhile, then it started messing up again. I dont know what is wrong with it. It will idle fine, with the right oil in, but when i give it any gas it stutters, then when you pin it it bogs down. Please help lol, i have to sell it to be able to buy a kx250
  12. i am looking to buy a raptor but was wondering if there were some bade years from 02-06 thanks
  13. chrisd0729

    Yamaha Rear suspension - ride height

    It seems like my rear suspension sits lower than most Warriors I see. I'm 5' 11" and my knees are almost in my chest when riding this... is there any way to adjust the suspension so it rides higher?
  14. chrisd0729

    Yamaha Running fuel/carb cleaner mix

    I read a few posts where people ran a carb cleaner/fuel mix to cure some carb issues and wanted to try this before pulling the carb. can I use a regular automotive carb cleaner treatment? If so, how much do I put in?
  15. chrisd0729

    Yamaha Running fuel/carb cleaner mix

    I read a few posts where people ran a carb cleaner/fuel mix to cure some carb issues and wanted to try this before pulling the carb. can I use a regular automotive carb cleaner treatment? If so, how much do I put in?
  16. blasterider

    Yamaha 09 yfz 450

    hey everyone just wondering has any rode the 09 450 is good i have only seen it thanks
  17. broccoli2

    Yamaha Raptor 250 in the mud

    Went out to Azusa Canyon this weekend with Yamaha99 Here is a pic of me pulling him out in my Rhino after he got stuck. Great fun but a pain to clean up
  18. 2009 raptor 90, my son wants a little more proformance. do I gain that much buying a fmf muffler, or just modify existing andput on a billet tip?
  19. When started exhaust gets red hot instantly, and quad backfires with flame, I have just traded for this and am not familiar with the unit. Pic's of carb adjustments would help, also fuel mixture screw location, thanks!
  20. SoSickRacing

    Yamaha Warrior Help..Sprockets..

    I need some suggestions about the Sprockets i should put on my 1998 warrior 350. I have stock 13 teeth on the front and have a 38 tooth sprocket on the back. To have more top end power should I stay with that or what. any suggestions

    Yamaha Smoking and Rattling

    My bike started to smoke and rattle after a good hard ride. any thoughts what it my be. It still runs good.
  22. Ramosz450

    Yamaha 04 yfz 450 runing poor

    the atv is only about a 60 days old and it will not stay running it turns off like it loads up at idol when it is warmed up the plug the first 2 times it was black and now it is white and it breaks up in mid power the dealer looked at the 4weeler and changed the coil the coil made it run better for about 5 houres and it is now just as bad again now wate is next i cant ride it because it feels like some one is turnig it on and off power wise the dealer also cut the wires to the clutch handel and looped two on the harnes my frend bought a 05 and will stay running good
  23. firedowg

    Yamaha Head pipe ???

    I know that the head pipe on the 450's glow and get hot so this isnt another one of those questions. My question is anyone here ever used heat wrap on one to help keep the heat off you. I did it with the headers on my car and works awsome but im just worried about motor problems with the 450.
  24. I called Curtis Sparks Racing today to check on a 13.5:1 piston kit for my YFZ and this is what the told me. The YFZ has shown to be a little deficient in oiling of the top end. We have that problem resolved. It is absolutely crucial to have the Sparks oiling modification for the YFZ if you plan on getting good RELIABLE horsepower out of your motor. Have any of you out there that have installed High Compression Piston in there YFZ done this and if not have you had any trouble? om
  25. GlamisRider

    Yamaha Deciding between quads help me!

    Hi im having some trouble deciding between two quads, the 2005 yfz450 Special Edition or 2005 the troy lee edition predator 500 i like the predator because of its suspension and i know if i get the yfz aftermarket suspension is out of the question because of the price, both quads are in the 7 k area i have been riding quads since i was 4 years old and im 15 now im a pretty expirienced rider, i do alot of dune riding and local dirt riding not really into tracks that much but i find them fun also if ne one out there has any info about the stock horsepower rating for the yfz or the tld pred plz feel free the add that. i dont know if the tld pred has more horse power than the standard one plz help me!! the guy at Chapparal Motorsports told me it had 50 horse power but it also carries alot more weight (please dont stick to the yfz because this is posted in the yfz forum give me ur honost opinon) thank you Eric