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Found 499 results

  1. I recently bought a broken kx100 that suposedly only needed a kick start gear. So i bought a parts engine and replaced the lower unit with a working one and did a top end rebuild. It put it partially back together following all torque requirements and tried starting it. i tried kicking it but the kick start will engage but wont return back up after i kick it. So i decided to bump start it (with the original gas it came with, idk if its bad or not). After giving up on kick starting i bump started it, this after a while made it start up and run crappy a few times. But every time it would start after 1 minute it would die and come to a complete stop. The piston would not move in gear when i would pushed the bike. So i took off the flywheel housing and spun it from there, once i did that the piston freed up would move when in gear. and also would start and move for only a minute and then return to doing the same thing. It seems like the engine internals are binding up on something or something is not in there properly. Anyone had a simular problem as me? this is driving me nuts because i have alot of money in the bike and it starts bud doesnt run correctly
  2. So I am setting up my second xr100r dual sport. First was a 98 that was stolen about 6 months after plating. Now working on an 02 xr100r. Which does have one advantage over the 98 in that it has a factory key setup on it. Downside being these bikes are so small you just gotta toss it in the truck and you're gone without ever starting it. Wondering what any of you guys have used for an alarm/gps locator? I have seen a few products from eBay crap to $500 kits and am not sure what would work well. Bike will have a battery for the lighting system so it could run a locator for a long time if need be. What works? What doesn't?
  3. I just purchased a 1992 CR250 and was told that the radiator covers have been discontinued. If I found some radiator covers from a 2001 CR250 would they work?
  4. Temetti

    CR 125 pinned.

    08 Cr 125 flying on a small Private track in Finland. Nice 2 stroke sound and a crash at the end.
  5. Hey everyone, New member and totally new rider in general here. I bought my first bike a month ago, a 1986 XR250R. The previous owner says that he had just rebuilt the top end, and to my knowledge he was telling the truth. The carb is very clean and set to spec, it starts in a kick or two, cold or hot. My problem began today. I had been riding out in the woods on easy slow terrain for the first few weeks on my bike, but today took it out on a road to get home quicker. I rode for a few miles at 50-55 mph, which is the fastest I'd taken the bike so far. When I entered a town I pulled in my clutch to shift down, accidentally still had the throttle engaged a bit so it revved loud and then shut off completely. I rolled the bike to a stop nearby and could not get it to start again. Tried to let it cool off, kicked through with decompression pulled and fuel off just in case. Couldn't get it to start. Had to get hauled home, which sucked. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going on? I'm at a loss and pretty bummed. Just want to ride the bike. Thanks!
  6. Anybody know what frames are available for purchase online that I can put all my parts from my crf70 on? Any brand frame I just need one with a vin Ofcourse. Engine forks wheels etc...
  7. Hey! I went on an awesome ride this past weekend. The conditions were great and everything was green from the rain. Check it out!
  8. I have moved from Yamaha to honda and i am new in this forum . I want to map my 2013 CRF450R bike to make it more responsive in Low to High RPM range. I appreciate if you share your Fuel and ignition mapping here and put a picture of it . Year Model: Pipe/muffler: Type of Use (MX, Woods, Desert, etc.)
  9. So I picked up a used 2017 CRF450 last weekend and rode it yesterday for the first time. It has factory connection suspension done on it and works phenomenally. However, I noticed going through roller whoops that when I pull up hard, as the wheel is coming off of the whoop, there is a light knocking feeling. Like not enough to actually hear it, but you feel it in your hands. Just a light knock like there's a gap somewhere in the front end in something. Any ideas what it could be? I liken it to the feeling of when you're riding a really cheap mountain bike and you pull up theres a clunk as the wheel stays on the ground for a second while the suspension completely extends and tops out (this would be a very exaggerated example as the feeling in my crf forks is much much lighter, but it feels slightly similar and happens under the same type of circumstances).
  10. We went out riding and made a super short fun video! Check it out!!
  11. Hey guys i recently picked up a 1983 cr80r I stripped the whole bike down to the frame to find a couple of issues but when i went online to find parts i needed i looked at plastics and couldn't find anything anywhere i want them to be Nos OEM or a very close replica wondering if anyone knows where i could source some from.
  12. libsead

    Forks for a big guy

    Guy's, I have an 1997 Honda XR400R and I need to do the front forks. I'm a big guy 6'4" 375lbs. So far I haven't been able to find a setup for a big guy. Any suggestions besides losing a lot of weight. :-)
  13. spezza-125

    Low Compression 4-stroke

    So I got an xl185 (4 stroke Honda) which I bought in the summer. Bike had a very poor electrical job and the wrong cdi. It used to start up first to third kick. Now it doesn't. I was playing around on it today for a good hour trying to get it started and once I did, It osunded like there was a rattling/clanking in the engine head. My mechanic said that the bike had low compression and needed the new CDI (As I took it to him when is wasn't running). I read an article by a guy called the motorcycle mechanic saying that it could be one of 3 things and I could test it with oil in the chamber, and seeing if the compression changes. Is the sound caused by low compression? Would it be okay to leave it if I am selling the bike? Also It is harder to kick when gas and choke is on rather than when it is not. UPDATE: Bike sounded fine a few months ago and kicked about the same (Had some resistance)
  14. Jackson Davis

    What is this "cap"?

    Alrighty, so there's this cap on the left crankcase cover, ya know? And I'm not talking about the oil filler cap, or any of that, but it's just this 14mm cap that I can't find a purpose for anywhere. I can find it online, but I want to know why it's there. I literally read through the entire bike manual and there was absolutely no mention of it. Now, I want to know what the crap this part is, but also, if anyone knows how to get this sucker off that'd be just dandy. I've been trying with my 6mm allen key while trying not to strip it and it just won't come off.
  15. BabyGroot69

    Which silencer should i buy?

    Hello, I could not seem to find a similar thread so if one exists I apologize. I have an 02 cr250r with an 01 motor. I need to buy a new silencer with a spark arrestor because the current one does not have one. I am not sure if the owner before me used an 01 or 02 silencer because I have read the frame had significant changes from 01 to 02. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and figured it was about time to join in on the action here at TT. Anyways, recently I decided to tear down my 1985 XR350 and give old berths some loving and refinement! I've been riding this bike a little over 2 years and have been piecing it together slower over time into a fun vintage rider. I race this bike once a year at desert100 in Odessa, WA and have definitely found some areas of like to improve! One of obvious issues with such an old bike is the suspension. I ordered up new fork springs from racetech according to their spring rate calculator as well as their gold valve emulator set. Hoping this will give huge improvement in the whoops out at dez100 this April. Also arriving in the mail soon is one of Lectrons new 4stroke carbs!!!! So stoked to try out a lectron finally and see if it smooths out the jerky power that the stock carb plagued me with! I'll keep updating as the work progresses Here she is on my last ride Tank and seat removed to take pictures and measurements for the guys at lectron Forks and handlebars gone!!!! Not sure but I don't think your fork oil should look like this. I think old Bertha was long overdue for some loving Here's the stock carb. Can't wait to put the lectron in its place and see if it's smoother. The stock carb was unbelievably jerky and rough transitioning from idle circuit to midrange. I'm hoping the lectron smooths out the power and improves my fuel economy.
  17. Im planning to buy a Honda cr80 1981 this tuesday, but im a bit worried because its an old bike, if needed i can replace the parts but i live in holland so its pretty hard to get parts for a honda of 1981. so my question was can i use newer parts on this honda, so if something is not good i can replace it with newer parts that are easier to get. Im also buying this honda for 500 euro (keep in mind i live in holland), do you guys think its an overpay or not? my budget is 500 euro's. Thanks!
  18. TheAirborneCheese

    2002 CR80RB $350??????

    I was browsing the local Craigslist ads as per the usual and came across this ad for a 2002 CR80RB for only $350! https://charlottesville.craigslist.org/mcy/d/02-cr80-big-wheel/6346421677.html From what I can tell in the picture it looks somewhat clean besides the fact that it doesn't run. I emailed the seller to see if he knew what was wrong with it and he said "kick start won't go down when you try to kick it". That's obviously a top end problem and hopefully has nothing to do with the bottom end. I'm thinking about buying it, putting a cheapo Namura kit in it, cleaning it up a little, and then selling it but i don't know if its feasible or not...
  19. Austin3103_S

    Crf250l or Wr250r

    I'm thinking of saving up for either the crf250l or wr250r. I would ride mostly to school and on trails around my place. I'm 14 6'3 and weigh around 140. And considering the wr getting discontinued, I don't have much choice on getting a brand new bike. But I would still like to have you guy's opinions on which I should get. Thanks
  20. The kickstart on my cr 250 2002 has worn on the knuckle and its causing me problems just wondering if anyone knows if a kickstart lever from another year cr or a crf that would fit straight on and clear the pipe? Finding it hard to find a kick or the 2002
  21. I am considering buying a crf 250l dual sport. I like the size and seems like the perfect lil bike to whip around town in. Its my alternative to a scooter. Not to mention the price tag is very attractive. I'd like to make it into a scrambler. My buddy told me this would be difficult because this particular bike has a perimeter frame, and a metal gas tank wouldn't properly fit. Also the radiator is up front under the plastics and would stick out funny. Any ideas and could someone school me on what a perimeter frame is and why a cool looking metal gas tank won't fit? Any ideas on how to make this possible? I know the xr 650 could work but I like how small and cheap the 250 is. Thanks
  22. The do it all bike doesnt exist, I know that, but Im looking for something pretty damn near close to it. My dilema: I live in Mexico and It is one of the most biodiverse places you can possibly think of; I can ride at 12,000 feet between pines, the next day shred a desert, and the last day be in a tropical forest. Any thoughts on a bike that you may think can handle all of these relatively well? Gracias amigos!
  23. So I'm wondering if there is any way I can put a headlight and a tail light on my 2006 Honda crf 150f. It is a kick start bike, and does not have an electric start or a battery. If there is a light kit out there that anybody knows about that would work please let me know. Also let me know if this is even possible. Thank you.
  24. Just recently picked up a brand new 2017 KX450F from Paulson's (they were trying to get rid of all of their 2017's so they could make room for the 2019's) and my pops and I are looking for new places to ride other than Belfair/Tahuya. NOTHING wrong with Belfair but we are just looking for something different! So my pops and I used to do the Desert 100 all the time when it was in Mattawa (near Vantage, WA). Then they changed locations to Odessa, WA and it wasn't the same. We were told that they were doing some sort of testing in Mattawa and that's why the location changed but I've been seeing YouTube vids of people riding there as recent as last year. My questions are: Do you need a park pass or anything to go ride over there? One video looks like they parked at the old parking lot/staging area for the Desert 100. Is that were most people still park? If anyone can give me some info, that'd be awesome and much appreciated! Also, figured I'd ask in the same post about riding over in Cle Elum/Roslyn area. I grew up camping over there and riding near the coal piles. I guess the locals complained about the coal dust settling in the town and riding was shut down. Me or my dad haven't been riding over there in probably 20 years. Anyone have any details on riding over there as well? Need any park passes? Where to park and go. My dad knows that area like the back of his hand so I'd love to take him bake there! I haven't rode over there since I was on a KX60. I'm new to this site so I appreciate any info and am excited about being apart of this forum! Braaaaaaaap! Just because - I'll post a pic of the new bike! Just put on a FMF F4.1 Slip-on this week.
  25. Caleb Barger

    Xr400/250 supermotos

    Every one post their pics of your supermoto! I'm just trying to get some ideas on what to do next! I just orderd the 36mm pumper carb from XR's only, and tonight I am going to order some under bar mirrors! Here's what she looks like right now