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Found 500 results

  1. Hi, I have a 2002 Honda XR250R and I love the bike but the gas tank but, let's be honest, it is quite bland. The seat also dips quite low in comparison to the top of the gas tanks so cornering is more difficult compared to other bikes. I was wondering if there is any street bikes (such as the newer xr250 or the cr230) who's gas tank and seat is interchangeable with my older XR. I have looked at aloop kits and such but they are just too expensive. Not the older XR has a single beam to the handle bars while the newer Hondas have a "double wishbown" frame style. Thanks so much
  2. Hey All! Reposting my first post from touring/adventure touring - thought this forum would see more activity. Here it is: 7/18/17 Hello Thumper Talk Community! This is my first post here, just created my account a few minutes ago. I apologize if I violate any type of forum rules or formatting, but I'm sure I'll learn as I go. To begin with: I've been riding dirtbikes since I was 8. I am currently a 19 year old University student in upstate NY, and I am riding a 2006 Honda XR650L that I bought myself when I turned 16. I've attached pictures of it (taken today, as I wrote this post) to illustrate the condition it is in, what it looks like, etc. While I have been riding for an extremely long time, and consider myself a safe and competent rider, I have a very limited mechanical knowledge of motorcycles. My dad introduced me to bikes and taught me to ride, but my riding experience over the years has been on my own, and my mechanical knowledge is self-taught and basic maintenance of my bike at best - nothing fancy whatsoever. He and I don't really speak anymore, and therefore I don't have any type of guidance or reference points when it comes to bike mechanics (or mechanics of any kind, for that matter). Nevertheless, I am very interested in modifying and improving my bike and possibly beginning a project to convert it into a café racer or scrambler-esque bike. I rarely go off-road anymore and use my XR as a daily driver, but I find the traction of off-road tires to be favorable and have never had street tires. Therefore I'm debating whether or not to keep my off-road tires (or get different ones), making the bike more of a scrambler - or to use street tires making it more of a café racer. If I'm using terminology wrong and have no idea what the f**k I'm talking about, then please always feel free to correct me. I am using Daniel Peter's custom XR650L café racer, and Ready Moto's brat/cafe racer as inspiration. I think both are beautiful bikes/rebuilds, and want something very similar as my final product. However, I think Daniel Peter's bike is tricked out in a very expensive (and unnecessary to me) way (i.e. antelope seat, c'mon dude). I also want to preserve my passenger seat and pegs, if possible. I have absolutely no idea where to start, and have no current access to welding or fabrication machines of any kind. I'm asking for a full walkthrough and as much help as you all are willing to give me. Because I'm in school, I have a very limited budget. Basically, I'm willing to do my short term modifications and enhancements, and probably put the conversion project on hold until the spring. This is particularly dependent upon the advice I get. I don't need the bike as much in the fall, because I live on my college campus, but it's nice to have around in working condition (I know the project would require pulling it all apart and not riding for a while). So if any part I need for this is expensive but necessary, I will save up for it and make it happen. If there are cheaper, reasonable alternatives to achieve the same goal, then I will do that. I'd appreciate all advice along those lines. I just replaced my battery two weeks ago, and am going to attempt to replace the brake pads (a simple job, I know, but with luck/mechanical ability like mine, it can be quite daunting!) The chain is new, the frame has been reinforced at certain points, but everything else is stock! What I Want Out of This Bike (Short Term) 1. I'd like to put the battery underneath the seat - what are the benefits/disadvantages of this? To my knowledge it'll just slim the profile of the bike when I take off side paneling and prevent the battery from getting wet or as damaged in a drop. 2. I want to clean it up, particularly the rusted parts, and possibly repaint/replace them to make sure the bike looks better. (Need guidance for this, as I'm unsure how to remove rust/how to go about repainting parts - why I posted pics, so hopefully this community can identify where my "problem areas" are on this bike). 3. Learn how to properly winterize and maintain bike. Currently I check oil regularly, fill it with premium gas, lube the chain once or a week or more, and wash it (probably not enough) and spray WD-40 on various pieces. If I'm an incompetent fool, tell me. 4. Replace footpegs, throttle, handgrips. 5. If feasible with my current bike, put in a circular (brighter) headlight instead of the stock square one. Am willing to get rid of red plastic housing, or find an alternative. What I Want Out of This Bike (Long Term) 1. A full café-racer type conversion, styled similar to what I linked above. My dream "bought brand new" bike currently is a Triumph Bonneville converted to a scrambler (provided a pic) to let y'all know what I'm interested in, aesthetically. 2. Switch out stock carb (40mm) with a 41mm Keihin FCR-MX flat slide. I've been doing lots of reading, and it looks like this will drastically improve bike performance and throttle response in many ways, not limited to AFR and starting. I know nothing about AFR...or carbs. 3. Repaint the sucker! I've read online various opinions, the main camps seem to be either (a) don't do it yourself, have a professional do it or (b) you can do it yourself very carefully. Sorry for the giant wall of text, I appreciate those who have read this far. Please ask any questions, give comments, critiques, advice, anything! I look forward to hearing what the TT Community has to say. Cheers! John UPDATE 07/22/17 I replaced both front and rear brake pads because I had irresponsibly been using very worn-down ones, and the friction subsequently wore down my rotors. Not bad enough to replace rotors (thank goodness, I'm too cheap for that right now), but still negligent on my part. Started taking the most rusted bolts out and WD40+steel wool scrubbing them, then putting grease on. I don't have any never-seize, but I'll get some at some point. For now, grease should suffice. Going to wash the bike soon, scrub everything down and then get to polishing up....everything!
  3. Hi guys, new here, I have a 1981 Honda xl500 and it's fantastic. While I was riding yesterday, as I shifted into 3rd or 4th from 2nd, my bike didn’t want to stay in gear and would revert to neutral. When I squeezed the clutch to shift back down, my bike died. This all happened once and I assumed I ran out of gas, but started my bike again and kept riding, where it all happened again a block later. I think, “Bike is probably out of gas, no problem, I’ll go grab some gas and keep going.” This is where it gets weird. I start filling my tank and almost instantly notice gas leaking out of the engine. I stop pouring and look – it is coming out of the carb. It looks like it could be a designated overflow drain but since I had only put about 1-2L of fuel in the tank, I do not know why it would be overflowing. I turned my gas shutoff to the off position and it stopped. When I turned it back on again, the gas was draining out of the overflow drain as well as another overflow drain on the other side of the carb! I didn’t want to keep filling gas in the tank just to watch it keep leaking, so I stopped filling the tank and gave up for the night. What should I do? Thanks in advance for any advice given!
  4. Chris Edwards

    need help taming a 2017 Honda CRF250R

    I'm new to riding and new to The Forum. I have recently purchased a 2017 Honda CRF250R and want to convert it for Enduro riding or single-track trail riding. the bike currently has way too much throttle response and it's to Snappy for me to control in tight technical terain or anything sloppy or rough I have heard that adding a flywheel weight or a G2 Tamer will help but I Wonder has anybody made these mods on a newer Honda and if so do they work? or is there something else I should go with? and if I get a flywheel weight what size would you recommend? thanks for any recommendations guys
  5. digitalzombie

    Clutch drag adjustment?

    I have a 2008 CRF250X, it is my first dirt bike. I feel like there is something wrong with either the clutch cable, its adjustments or the clutch pack/pressure plate. Here are the symptoms from different scenarios: 1) Bike is cold, it is in first gear, moving the bike forward or backward is extremely hard while the clutch lever is pulled in. Rear tire is trying to move the piston it feels like. Once I get it going it gets a bit easier to roll. 2) Bike is cold, it is in neutral, when I start the bike and let it run for a minute or two, get on the bike pull the clutch, hold the front brake and put the bike in first gear the bike instantly stalls while jerking forward. 3) Bike is cold, it is in first gear, I try to start the bike with the clutch pulled in, it jerks forward a bit but starts. Once the bike starts and oil is flowing around it does not jerk any more and bike can be almost freely pushed around while it is in first gear and clutch is in. So to me it feels like when the bike is cold and engine not running, no matter how much I pull the clutch, it does not fully disengage the drive train. Once the bike starts it looks like the clutch starts to work fine. Is this normal? Is it a worn or badly adjusted clutch cable? Is the clutch bad and needs service? Not enough oil in the tranny? Wrong oil in the tranny? (Shell Rotella non synthetic)
  6. Hello, For this summer, I was looking for a project. As a desert/trial, and occasionally single track rider from Southern California, any time of the year works for a build like this. I grew up riding two-stroke and after a couple years on four strokes, I want to return to the enduro king. However, KTM and Husky sell their bikes for quite a high price tag. So, I have decided I want to take an older two stroke motocross bike i.e. cr250, yz250, etc., and make it the ultimate desert bike for significantly less than a new KTM. I am not loyal to one brand, but I have always loved Honda and spent a grand a month ago on all new gear with Honda's name plastered all over it. I know all the mods I want to do the bikes to make them enduro/desert ready: heavy flywheel, 18 inch rear wheel, new exhaust, steering stabilizer, etc. What I need help in is I don't know what bikes I can install a wide ratio transmission in. I know yz250 can take a 400 or 426 transmission, but can any other brand? I would like to see a cr250 with the gears of a 450x rippin through the desert. I like the steel frame for off road use, and I just need some advice on the best bike for this conversion. Thanks
  7. Goon Rides

    1993 CR250 for $250.

    Hey guys, I found a 1993 Honda CR250 that is already disassembled for $350. He lowered it to $300, but I offered $250.00. It's coming with everything but the Plastics ($100.00) and Silencer ($150.00). He is also saying that the top end needs to be replaced and the bottom end should be. The entire kit costs $400.00 and let's say I add $300.00 (probably more) worth of extra parts, the grand total is about $1,200.00. I'm not sure what the value of the bike is, considering it's old. On KBB, the CR250R goes for $1,700, this would probably go for $1,600. Is it worth it or no? I don't really think so anymore.
  8. Caleb Breaux

    Pissed at Honda

    So I've got 2015 crf250x. I did many of the ccc mods and now it runs like a champ. Starts on first kick/push and I love the suspension and feel. What I hate about the bike is how hard it is to work on. Specifically the carb. For anyone who doesn't own a 250x/450x the carb sits right behind a large portion of subframe and is nearly impossible to access. I have a after market fuel screw and I still can barely get to it with my hands. If you actually wan't to clean the carb you have to lift the whole sub frame to get it out. Now my throttle cable is seized up (probably from sand) and I am going to have to replace. I'm not mad that the cable seized, it happens, things go wrong grit gets in places its not supposed to be and parts wear out. However where my throttle cables attach to my carb is completely inaccessible. So I am going to have to lift the sub frame again! This is not that big a deal but the last time I tried to get the airbox boot back on the carb it took 5 hours and a shit ton of grease. Carb work is something that is common on all dirtbikes. Even just for maintenance. It should not be that difficult to access it. It seems like honda doesn't want owners to work on their bikes anymore. Don't even get me started on trying to find a current service manual (because the bikes don't come with them anymore). I looked at several buddies bikes because I was curious as to how they are layed out, and for the ktm, yamaha, and suzuki the throttle cable fix wouldn't take more than 30 minutes. But its going to be an all day process for me. I'm so pissed right now I'm thinking about selling my bike and switching makers because I feel like this is going to become a recurring problem. What do you guys think? Any honda guys out there gonna convince me otherwise?
  9. Sorry if this is not the right forum to post this, but I've recently started taking apart the top end on my 2008 ktm exc-r 450. I was able to loosen 3 out of the 4 bolts that hold the cylinder head on and when I got to the last one (front right shown in the picture) the inside rounded out. As you can see from the picture its pretty close to the side of the engine so nothing can fit around the outside of it. I tried using a star-head to get a little more grab on the inside of the bolt head but no luck. I'm trying to figure out what my options are before I make anything worse. I've been told I could cut the bolt head off, but if I do wont the threads inside still be holding the cylinder head down?? Maybe a stupid question, since from looking on the oem parts finder it looks like the threads dont start until their into that bottom part of the engine. I've also head of tack welding a bolt on top to remove it, but not sure how hard thatd be to do with such little space. Are there any other tools or tricks to getting this thing out before resorting to those last ditch efforts?
  10. Hey guys. I recently picked up a 2015 CRF250L brand new. I love the bike so far but would like a little more from it (as many of us CRFLers do). So far it is bone stock other than some hand guards and a Two Brothers M7 slip on. I am a heavier rider at roughly 265. I am just your opinions on how to make this little 250 a significantly better bike than it already is. For me top speed is not an issue but I cannot get the bike over 75 mph right now. For the light highway use I do I would greatly prefer if we could increase top end power a little bit. I guess my main thing is share what engine mods (mufflers, headers, programmers, big bore, etc) you like, what cosmetic and mount wear you like to use (phone mounts, hand guards, clutch/brake levers, etc). Also would not mind seeing some dyno charts with your current mods if possible. Also one last thing, I bought the two brothers M7 slip-on not knowing that two brothers didn't make a header. What work would it take to get an M7 slip-on onto an FMF Power bomb or mega bomb by any chance? Go crazy with the builds and recommended mods and stuff! Excited to have this bike and to make it my own, with a little input from y'all of course!
  11. So I am 5'8" and 170lbs (give it take a couple). A small of right now I have a XR250R but want something more powerful. I want a bike that I can ride on the road no problem but is a good trail bike. I plan on riding my double track and fire roads since I live in Colorado. I want to get a crf x but I don't know what size to get. Can anybody give me some pointers when choosing which one or any experience from either? Thank you.
  12. Kawasaki_kxRider

    Honda 2 stroke talk

    Would anyone know the best gearing for desert, long ranges, I have 13/49 and I feel I can go faster, anyone know what I should use for more top speed?
  13. Got my 88 Cr250 was idling odd so I cleaned the carb and tried adjusting the idle but can't get it perfect and now ithe will wind up like it's about to snap into powerband but it acts like it almost hits a rev limiter and gets some power but definitly does not sound right, any help much appreciated.
  14. Victor Medina

    1984 XL200R Stator Swap

    Hi i'm wondering if anyone knows whether I can replace a 1984 XL200R stator with one from a 1985 XL250. Both look very similar but have different part numbers. thanks,
  15. Hi all, Just bought an older bike the other day and was posting my "old bike" project in a chat section, and some fellas made a point saying "that shock worked great, better than SHOCKS", emphasis on the plural, basically saying it isnt really that old of a machine. This bike being an 88 CR125 is essentially a modern bike as we know them today with cartridge forks, link rear a powervalve and liquid cooling and removable sub frame. Is it just old? I know some people consider the 87 a classic (not really the 88), or at least something special. It certainly isnt vintage. But it is almost 30 years old.
  16. Hey guys! Im gonna start out with posting all the information i think is needed for you guys to help me with this problem! Stock engine 2007 crf250r. Valve clearances are good and have JUST been shimmed with a double and triple check. Jetting is 175 main, stock needle position, 45 pilot and 50 leak jet. 1000ft above sea level. Im still having a terrible time starting and it used to be a 1 kick bike. I haven't changed my kick routine at all. 3 slow kicks, 3 throttle twist and then kick. Will sometimes start if i give it some gas when kicking. And then it starts 1-4 kicks after its warm. Im lost and dont know what else to look for. Thanks!
  17. I've been looking around for a reasonably priced cylinder head for my 1982 XL500R. I found one from a 1982 XL500. Can someone tell me if that will fit? They look identical but I've looked all over and can't find anything definite about whether or not it will fit. Many thanks.
  18. Hi everyone , I have checked a CRF450R yesterday with near 150hours on the bike and 70hours on the piston, what disappointed me was the clutch :/ it was really stiff and hard to pull , compare to my yamaha and other bikes that i have tried . is it a normal problem for 2013 and 2014 CRF450 !? how can it be fixed ?
  19. My choke lever won't stay in one position and is either very hard to move if you tighten it or way to loose if you loosen it. I'm missing a wave washer on the lever. Does that make a big difference? Thanks!
  20. Andrew Brooks

    Buying a Honda XR250

    I'm interested in a Honda XR250 that I've found on craigslist. The guy that is selling it has it listed that the time tensioner is not set and its not fully put together. I'm new with the bikes and wanted to know if that is a big deal or if it is easily fixable, if so then how do i fix that? I want to make sure I will be able to get the bike up and running for my use.
  21. Hey all, I utilize a Baja Light Kit but am looking to add a rear brake light in addition to just the turn signals which come along with the Baja kits. Theoretically, can I utilize a Tusk rear fender brake light in conjunction with the Baja system. It seems to me that I would have to employ two different switching systems on my handlebars to allow this as well as wire the rear fender brake light in a different way. Am I just a little crazy in the attempt of something like this?
  22. Hey Everyone! I went on a fun ride in the hills east of San Diego. It was super fun trails and the conditions were great but we almost ran into two different riders coming the opposite direction. Check it out!
  23. maxjdroog

    Extra Parts for Sale

    When I picked up my 87 XR6r the PO had a ton of extra parts that I now have. I already sold the extra tank and seat but I still have: Front wheel with rotor and axle-$75 Front fork assembly- $100 Front fender-$25 Rear Fender-$25 Stock Speedometer-$30 (turns on, but wont properly display speed/functions. Only 7's across the screen ) Headlight housing with glass-$30 I think there are some other bits and pieces too in the box. I can post up pics later or if you are interested shoot me a text and I can send pics asap! I can also gather shipping quotes for you. I am in Washington State. Thanks guys 573-619-4666
  24. aminem

    2011 CRF250R

    Hi every one, i have a chance of buying a very nice 2011 crf250r , is this year model of bike worth buying !?. r should i opt for another model/year 250 four stroke ?