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Found 538 results

  1. hey guys, Recently acquired a 2004 KTM 250 EXC. I'm looking for more power, better response. I've searched, but can't find an answer. What year heads and CDIs from 250SXs will fit my 2004 250 EXC? thanks for the knowledge.
  2. The pds shock on my 2014 300 xc-w broke down and im looking for a replacement. Will a shock coming from a 2014 250 exc-f fit my bike? they have different part numbers so im not sure 12.18.7L.63 -- 300 xc-w shock part number 12.18.7L.67 -- 250 exc-f shock part number thanks ­čĹŹ
  3. Im having a strange problem and need some help. I have a 2016 ktm xc-f 350 that keeps blowing the 10 amp starter relay fuse. About a month ago i was riding, I stopped and turned the bike off, went to restart it and got absolutely nothing. I bump started it and rode it back to the truck (bike ran just fine). Blown starter relay fuse. The bike starts up just fine with a new fuse. I figured out it only blows just about when I hit my rev limiter. I tried a new voltage regulator and it still did it, although my old voltage regualtor isnt charging the battery very well, so its probably going out. Now the weird part. I was going to take it in to the shop, so i took out my shorai battery so they wouldnt get picky about the warranty, and put the old lithium ion battery back in (battery had sit about 3 months so it wasnt 100%.). After i put it in, the bike had no issues. Stopped blowing fuses. I even swapped the batteries around twice to double check and it was the battery. After that i sent the shorai battery in and waited a week to hear what they had to say. In the meantime i went riding. All was well for over an hour, then i went to restart the bike at one point: nothing. Blowing the starter relay fuse again. I can put one in and it will blow right about when i hit the rev limiter just like before. I just heard from shorai yesterday and their battery tested out good, no issues, like a new battery. I have no lights or anything and have checked for shorts but cant find anything. The only thing ive done to the bike is 52 tooth sprocket and a throttle tamer. What the hell is going on. I will take it in if i need to but figured i would try this out first. Thanks!
  4. I would like to preface this by saying that this might be somewhat of a rookie question, but never the less I am in search of answers. For some time now I have noticed that the front brake on my 2003 450 EXC has been fairly squeaky when coming to stops, even though I have hardly put any miles on the bike since I installed new pads several months ago. Upon closer inspection to the front caliper I noticed that the outside stationary brake pad does not appear to clear the thin channel located at the top of the brake pad for the rotor to pass through (picture provided). I would also like to add that I have an extra front caliper for my model KTM that also appears to have the same "issue", and this caliper is also the one I will be posting photos of, instead of the one currently mounted on the bike. So, is it possible that this is the source of the banshee screech my front brake seems to emit whilst coming to a stop? If so, does anyone know of any fixes for this issue, or is it something that I just shouldn't be worrying about? As a final side note, the only direct, let's call it, "performance" issue I have noticed is that my front brake is unable to keep the front wheel locked whenever I attempt to do burnouts. I could basically be squeezing the lever so hard that I feel like it's going to snap off in my hand, and the front wheel will either slowly roll, or sightly hop. Thanks to all in advance for any help or wisdom given, it is very much appreciated.
  5. Which bike would you buy and why? KTM XCF 250 Yamaha YZ250fx thanks!
  6. Has anyone installed and used a Checkpoint impeller? I see dirt rider had an article about them and I've been curious about them. I've been having overheating problems recently and after spending well over $200 on brand new radiators I've discovered the radiators weren't the problem. So I bought new piston rings since they were out of spec (supposed to be like .15 and they were .5) and then thought about buying one of these aluminum impellers to help the problem instead of keeping the flimsy plastic one. I've read mixed reviews about them. Has anyone had any luck with them or is it basically just paying for the same overheating problems to happen?
  7. Hello, I just bought the Restackor PRO and the doubts are many. Someone can help me? I have doubts in filling some inputs and understanding in the outputs. For example: what is the best output chart for enduro practice? There are several outputs, stack flow area, damping force, damping coefficient, etc. What is the significance of each? How much lower damping force better or worse? How much lower flow area better or worse? These are the kinds of doubts I have. In the background, I need to understand the outputs of each graph! Someone can help me? If someone had the "edit output" in .txt file with all the configurations of the KTM EXC 250 or 450 KTM fork (stock or not), would anyone have it that they could give me? Since I've done all the measurements, it was easy to understand the outputs as well, comparing them. Best regards.
  8. I thought i would share my short term experience i have with the 17 ktm 250xc. Bought the bike 3 weeks ago and have been getting in tune with it for this upcoming enduro season. Me im a 45yo 200lbs very fast B ,mid pack A level woods rider. On open fast terrain I'm more a mid B . My main current bikes had been a 13 150sx set up for woods and a 2016 250xcf . Im a 2st guy but wanted to try a 4st . For the most part i really liked the 250xcf but certain aspects didn't feel quite right. I was torn between the 150 and 250f on which bike i was faster on. The 150 was light flickable but the 250f had more usable power and was better planted. I wanted a bike that was agile, light,could turn good with power and stability. If i could only combine the 150sx with the 250xcf i would have the perfect bike. I decided to take a gamble on the 250xc . Here is my review of the 2017 KTM 250XC. WOW......... Its going to be hard to sum it up but i will try. I have never been so impressed with any other bike i have owned before. My firt ride i did was almost magical. It left me in shock and amazement on how good the bike was. It felt like i had the bike for years, it was so natural and dialed in. The motor. Smooth, smooth with more smooth. Did i say the motor was smooth. Now i did jet it with the JD kit and set the float height. The power is perfect. Very linear almost 4st like. Good responsive bottom end and mid with a free reving top. You can go up a gear and lug it along or keep the rpms up and scream it. I went out with the wife yesterday. She is a beginner rider and doesn't go very fast. The bike was just fine putting along right off idle in 2nd and 3rd gear. Super easy motor to go slow on. When i wanted to do a quick sprint there was zero load up and the response was crisp. Power wise it has tons more than the 150 and good deal more than the 250xcf below half throttle. The 250xcf is real strong up top so i would say there pretty close to even in the upper rpm. Suspension. The new AER forks in my opinion are the best ktm has put on a bike. I was dumbfounded on how well it worked out of the box. As of now i will not be getting re-valve. With the pressure at 135 psi and compression set 3 clicks softer there about perfect. These forks are so smooth and progressive. They handle the small roots and trail junk along with the big woops and high speed hits. The bike tracks excellent with little or no deflation. The shock I went up 1 spring rate. Its good ,but not as good as the forks. My only complaint is its just a little harsh over multiple small roots. Ive played with the clickers some and have it where im happy with it. When i have the shock serviced it will get e re-valve but its not needed that bad. Handling This bike is a dream. It feels lighter than it is. Its 14lbs heavier than my 150sx but riding it you would never know. It honestly feels more like a 125 than a 250. The bike corners amazingly good. You just think and it goes there. The bike is every bit as flickable compared to the 150 but is still stable. It has a good planted feel, not as good as the 4st but still good. I can make tight corners faster on this bike compared to my others. This bike is the total package. Light weight, quick handling, stable, solid usable power, smooth suspension literally a dream bike. I have never been blow away by a bike before untill now. My 150sx is now for sale. I took it for a short ride and realized its never going to be used again. The 250xc just kills it. Im keeping the 250xcf. The xcf is a good bike and will be ridden, it will be my secondary, backup bike. I will add i did own a 200xcw up untill last year. I now know why ktm dropped the 200. There has been some post recently on 250 vs 300. I have never owned a 300 but have ridden several. I have no regrets buying the 250 over the 300.
  9. Ok so we have a thread in Northwest that is for helmet cam vids, well lots of mine are shot with my mobile, so sort of rules that out, also we have Short Attention Span Theatre, but those are 45 seconds max. Here in the Pics and Vid section there is a thread on Technical Trails, but the Secret Training Ground has lots of technical bits, these climbs are semi-technical. The more we ride them, the easier they get. There are also lots of short, technical spots generally steep with roots but those are all short sections. I will post up vids from the Secret Training Ground. If you have some Secret location vids, post em up, but it has to be a secret location. No telling where you're at. Backstory here... we keep making little climbs that are more difficult than the last one. First Hill, No Way, Rock Face, then OhEmEffGee, each time we're thinking man, not sure we'll get up it, then after wearing it down a bit we start to make it up on a regular basis. Cheers. Latest- hot off the press from the last 3-4 weeks. Rock Face Revisited bit is from last weekend. Super muddy slick (not as slick as wet clay though)... https://youtu.be/ZldYXmPAy9E
  10. Hey everyone! I went out to the desert last weekend and decided to record it. We rode mostly tight sand washes. Check it out! PS Turn up the resolution and the cameras were faced too far down but I tried to make it work
  11. I've done a little bit of searching and I can't seem to find a reliable source for the stock sprocket set up for my bike, 2008 KTM 250 XC-F. I bought it second hand with 13/50 which was great to learn with, lots of torque to the rear wheel and it lugs well with the 280cc Big Bore kit. My issue now is that I am beginning to advance in my riding skill and constantly find myself needing more speed. I top out at about 38-40 mph and in hare scrambles (straight open sections) and even on big MX tracks (XL double features) I need more speed at times. I am open to suggestions about what works for others but would also like to know what came stock on this bike. Thanks y'all! Mark
  12. Hello everyone, This is my first post here on TT, and it's somewhat of a technical question. I have a 2011 KTM 350 SX-F that I am working on. I am trying to figure what the factory procedure is to remove the valve guides (for intake and exhaust valves). I've heard that on other manufacturers these should just slide out (with a slight tap) but not on this specific engine. I've gotten mixed responses from "press them out" to "throw the thing in an oven and then tap them out"... Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Gio
  13. on a 2013 450sxf whats the factory rea spring rate trying to go stiffer and there are no numbers on my spring thanks in advance
  14. Hello, I am looking for a used 125cc dirt bike. I am puzzeled because I do not know what I want, what would you guys recommend and why would you recommend it. Also where could I get performance mods, specifically suspension and which of the bikes have the most tuning capabilities. I've narrowed my choices down to Kawasaki kx,Honda cbr/xr, Yamaha yz, and Suzuki rm around the 2000-2005 range. I'd rather hear from people who owned one of the bikes but advice from any of the experts is welcome P.S I'm sorry for any mistakes like the wrong "sub forum" or grammar as I'm on mobile
  15. I have had my 2008 sxf 250 for about 6 months now and have only had about a month to ride it before I had a serious accident and then it snowed. I 've realized that this bike had no low end torque and hoped there is a easy way to fix this, I 've heard a bunch of ways to fix it and wanted to know if any of you know what the best method is, changing the cams , putting an R&D carburetor bowl with the adjustable accelerator pump on it, FMF exhaust system, jetting it differently? I also have a very bad bog when the bike warms up to operating temperature, I 'm thinking its getting too much fuel, the accelerator pump was played with from the guy before me. Let me know what you guys think. Thankyou
  16. My 2016 KTM SX 125's seat is too narrow, so the plastic pretrudes out just where my knee is. This means it's not only painful to grip the bike, but i don't get any extra grip out of it, and end up supporting myself mith my arms, which is not exactly ideal when riding. This would not be a problem if my leg was shorter as i would then be able to grip the plastic, but as my knee is right on the edge i get no grip. My local dealer doesn't sell any aftermarket seats so i haven't been able to see if any of them are wider. They say they don't want to pack some extra foam inside as they say it wont last, but anything is better than this. I'm planning to drop by my dealer tomorrow to check out the other bikes, and whether they have the same problem or not. I took some measurements of my seat and bike so you can hopefully compare them to your bike. The seat is approximately 16,5 cm at its widest, and the bike is 18,5 at its widest. If any of you by chance have a wider seat than this please tell me, looking at bike images on google to see if the seat is narrower than the bike is not easy. And if you have any ideas as to what i can do please tell me. Thanks in advance
  17. So I've been riding a crf230f road legal conversion done, but I need something a little more powerful, and able to ride longer distances on asphalt to get to a trail. I want something light weight and reliable, but also road worthy and inexpensive. Narrowed down to: Suzuki Drz400 BMW G650X challenge Dr650 (although too heavy) Xr650l (heard it lacks bottom end) Ktm, Husqvarna, ccm, husaberg etc are out of bounds (due to price or maintenance issues.) Note: buying second hand
  18. ok so i was riding my ktm 65 an it was my 9 birhday present but i wasn spouse to find it my mom and dad wernt home so i went on it and started driving it was goin relly slow but it sounded relly loud and then it just wen puuuuuuu and lik a weird soun and my mom and dad don know yet but it won start so ive been looking evrywere online ann one said its becus you downshift but i didnt shif at all my bike dont have gears idont think so so i don mknow what to do
  19. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to put a crf250x exhaust on a crf250r. The reason is I need a quite exhaust for riding on a small property. And Are their any other products that will do the same (something as quite as a crf100f stock exhaust). Thanks
  20. Hey! My name is Kyler. So recently my bike overheated like 3 times, then finally one day it quit on me. After draining the oil, it turns out there's shredded metal everywhere. So I tore it all down. Now I'm not sure whats the problem. So far all that I found is the little rectangular reed valve was missing 1 out of 2 screws, and around that area down there is where I found the most of the shredded metal. also, I'm not sure if its a problem but the actual shaft on the crank has the slightest bit of play. Mainly I just don't know what to replace so please help! I don't want to put it all back together and not replace the main prob. Thanks in advance!
  21. Whats up guys So I've done a stupid amount of searching today just to have no luck at all. I don't know if I am just blind or if I'm actually not crazy, but I have been trying to find a graphics kit to fit my specific bike for at least a week. I am just stumped. So I bought my bike with the seller telling me it was a EXC. When in all actuality it is a 06 XC (I believe). It doesn't have the same tank design as the EXC and it also states "XC" right in front of the number plate (I know I'm an idiot but I also didn't have much knowledge of the models). I have no problem what so ever finding graphics kits for the same year bike, just none that are made to my bikes body design. Does anyone know of different years or models that have the same body style? I can have a kit custom made, but that just seems like such a waste when I feel as if there has got to be pre-made kits already available. I keep seeing kits like this: http://www.ktmworld.com/product/54808190300.html Which is a beautiful design to the graphics, but the picture that is shown is a EXC model. The XC model looks as though it has more space to cover. I've attached pictures of both the 2006 models. The XC and EXC and you can tell the XC has a lot more plastic to cover and different angles. Has anyone ever run into this problem? Does the graphics kit come ready to fit the XC and need to be cut or "modded" to fit the EXC? Any help would be appreciated!!!
  22. Hello everyone, i read some post on this but I have another question... i made an oil replace service on my 10' 400 exc. from the engine I Got black oil guessing less then 0.6L. (I used to add 30-60ml every 4-5 rides). from the transmission I got more then 0.9L and it was clearer than the engine. on the service before my mechanic suggested that oil is transferred to the trans side. Offered to solve this without taking apart the engaine,and replace some oil seal or something like that from the "other" side... on other post i saw the treatment for this is to change the oil pump and gear staff. so, my q is which way would you go? 1. Go back to the mechanic and hope for good..sometime his solution is fishy? 2. Do the oil pump replacement parts ( on the net i don't see the difference in the parts number). 3. Open the cylinder to see the piston/rings condition... maybe it's just eats oil.... thanks a head.
  23. Nstrong

    Racing Fuels

    Does anyone use racing fuel in their 50's? We are currently using regular gas oil mix in ours but I was curious to everyone's opinion on racing fuel. If you do use racing fuel what kind do you use. I've seen there are a couple different brands so I'm curious as to the difference in them. Thanks for your input.
  24. I just bought a 2017 450 sx-f with the mapping / TC on the handlebars. The manual says press the TC / Map switch simultaneously to activate the launch control. Is there an indicator that it's actually engaged?
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