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  1. am really confused between the 250 rr racing edition and the 300 rr racing, I heard The 250 is very revolutionised and the 300 more lazy, any one try both of the bikes?!!! my ride is climbing sand dunes and crossing (freeriding) in desert
  2. Is there any company that makes or sells factory racing graphics for a 2001 cr125 to the liking of either of the pics below? Or any other OEM style or race team graphic kits for that matter?
  3. Hi All, Happy Easter 2021, Thinking this is an easy task for those of you with electrical experience....and I'm wanting to avoid a blown stator or issues. Task is to install a loud, small horn on the bike by tapping in to my existing plug & play wiring harness from Baja Designs that runs their light using my stock stator. Their wiring harnesses are pretty inexpensive and available should I mess it up and need a replacement... Bike: 2011 YZ450F, EFI with kick starter. Power source: stock stator, output is 60W Wiring: Baja Designs Squadron Pro light kit and wiring harness, their light uses 40W/2.9A DC POWER Not sure where to go from here? I've found plenty of 12v DC horns on amazon...do I just simply buy a 12v DC horn and switch? Then i'm not sure where I would "tap in" to the wiring kit for my BD light? Or is there a better way? PS: this is NOT a permanent install. I'm completley OK with hooking the horn to a small battery pack with a switch. I only need to run it for about an hour...with intermittent use. Thanks! /\/\ \/\/
  4. I've been watching several of these old ABC Wide World of Sports races on youtube, which i highly recommend. The 1985 version comes on and in the first heat Ricky Graham is on a 1985 XR600R. He gets the holeshot and leads several laps. Not sure what factory Honda did to his bike but it looks bad fast. There are big bore 2 strokes in this heat and the final and he pulls them on the straights but they get him in the dirt sections. Race starts about 3:30
  5. Seemed like you never knew what you were going to get on the 3 hour block of wide world of sports in the early 80’s. Could’ve been ping pong or downhill skiing or gymnastics. When the Superbikers came on, I was jumping up and down as a kid. I just watched a few on YouTube. As a grown man watching now, those races were crazy!! 1982 is especially good. They had MotoGP guys out there, supercross/motocross champs, flattrack world champs and they were all sending it big time. Someone could’ve been hurt bad at the speeds they were going and the motocross guys had regular gear on going 100 mph on pavement on big bore 2 strokes. Very entertaining racing, especially seeing all the big names of the time.
  6. Hello guys, I’ve got a 2020 2 Stroke TM 300 FI and usually the bike runs well, but intermittently, when I’m riding with low throttle openings the bike stalls, almost like I’ve pressed the kill switch. It doesn’t happen always in the same situation, is like a random failure. The bike doesn’t give any error codes and TM Reseller from my country doesn’t find any problem. Situations that this happened Before I did a small hill climb, I turn on the bike, started to climb controlling the throttle and it stalled for no reason. On a flat terrain going mid-throttle position, it stalled by no apparent reason. Any info on what should I look up ? Thanks for your time and help!
  7. Yo. Wondering what tires can be recommended for racing in superstition I’m taking my time finding the right ones. Must be DOT approved. Race is over 100 miles. For my Ktm 450 exc 03 with lectron carb. Thank you for your time.
  8. DISCRIPTION - Hi everyone right now I have an 04 CRF250X. I got it to grow into and has been working pretty fine for the logging road trails I have been riding. Recently I did a group ride on some much more enuro trails and saw a majority of two strokes. After doing some research the feeling I get is that for enduro 4 strokes or heavier, slower, more expensive, and are just a ticking time bomb before you have to drop 1500 to rebuild them they really have no redeeming qualities compared to the two strokes ( witch makes me very sad because that is what a have grown uo around). So I was thinking about trying to find somthing like a KDX220R for the tight woods and steep slippery climbs of those enuro trails. Or do some more modifications and after market parts to the 4 stroke that I payed 2200 for. QUESTION- So basically what I'm asking is should I just stick with the 4 stroke and throw some more mony at it or look for a KDX220R. Is the CRF250X a fine bike for enduro and I just need to ride or is really the bike that I should change up? If stick with the CRF what mods would be best? THANKS!
  9. I’m having issues with my 1999 YZ250. I bought the bike in June and it ran great. As I continue to ride throughout the summer I noticed a loss of power particularly after I raced a two hour hair scramble. With the advice of family and other riders I was told to do a top end and clean the power valve. I have done top ends before but when I was doing this one I heard a snap when I tightened the power valve bolt too much. I was told that I shouldn’t worry about it my friend and to start the bike up to see how it sounds. I started it up and it sounded fine at idle (as far as I could tell). I had little to no time between that Friday and the race that weekend so I regretfully neglected to deglaze/hone the cylinder before replacing it back into the engine. I also waited to do a heat cycle until I was at the track. I putted around in first and then second and eventually third gear but I noticed there was hardly any power as well as more smoke than usual. Then as I rode more I started to feel a knocking in the motor as the piston moved and it got worse the more I revved the engine so I decided not to race and to park the bike for the day before I broke anything. If anyone has some thoughts as to what’s wrong with it please let me know. I’ve attached a video below of what it sounds like at idle I did not want to rev it up as I am not sure if I will break anything else. I also know it’s not a carb issue as I have already rebuilt the carburetor. Here is a link to a video of it running not sure if it will help:
  10. I have de smogged and kitted the bike out with a nice noisy mega bomb and 4.1 with JD jetting (considering vortex or get also) and have set up the high seat and suspension for me. If you had some money to burn on tuning the engine up further for a 2 day enduro race, buying a steering stabilizer or other performance parts what would you guys recommend or what have you tried that you loved?
  11. hello everyone. recently purchased a 2012 KTM 150 SX. guy told me all it needed was a refresh on the top end(obviously piston and rings specifically) so i get the bike home start breaking it down, get it down to bare frame then go into the head and the cylinder jug has a piece of it missing (i think the piece that is missing was some kid of tab that guided the piston, but with that piece gone it blew the back of the piston skirt out. oh did i mention the engine was filled with water? i drained it before taking the motor apart. anywas, smh... i have a lot of money into this bike, a new cylinder barrel/jug is almost $1,000 from ktm. if that was all it needed id say fine and just put the money out (have to pay for quality) but thats not all the bike needs so i cant go that route. on the other hand, i dont want to give up on the project because i know how beautiful it would turn out. not to mention its a FREAKIN' KTM!!! what im getting at is does anyone have or maybe knows someone who might have a cylinder jug for a 2012 150sx? ive checked ebay, letgo, craigslist and all of the typical for sale sites... please if anyone knows ANYTHING/ ANYONE please reach out. im almost tempted to say id even take a head from a 125sx? facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.okeefe.965
  12. Hey guys, so me and my buddy went out riding the other day and we had a little race, his 2014 KX250F vs my 06 KX450. I thought I would have easily smoked him. To my surprise we were dead even :/. Now I am starting to believe something is definitely wrong with my bike. The piston is brand new, the valves were recently adjusted. However my carb has been in need of a good clean. Are these newer 250F's really that fast? Or is it possible something is wrong with my bike (Clutches, carb, valves)? He does have an FMF pipe on his bike and he is definitely lighter than me by a couple pounds at least. What so you guys think?
  13. Ive been looking for a decent ride for a while now, Im a large guy and i want something that can carry me and another person and still have power to go fast. im looking for something that is at least 400cc but i would prefer something 500 or larger. i like semi autos or manuals and not a big faan of automatic. anyhtng thats in god condition is fine. Im trying to find something that is in about the 1000-1300 dollar range. i know its a bit of a strech haha but im from new york and i live around glens falls. if anybody finds anything let me know. Thanks!
  14. I have been riding dirt bikes for the past 15 years and all my riding life I have always pulled in the clutch in order to brake, when entering a corner. I know that not using the clutch and letting the bike “clatter” when braking into a corner is smoother and more effective. I was wondering if this technique is hard on the bike and if it will cause significant mechanical problems down the road? I am not a Racer, just a motocross enthusiast whom likes to improve technique and lap times; However, I do not want to have to spend a couple hundreds of dollar for a second off my lap time. I am fine if it tends to wear the clutch out a little quicker because that is an easy fix, but I do not want to be shaving down the gears in the transmission at the same time. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. I have been riding for a long time. I started riding when I was 8 and I always wanted to race in hopes that I will get that factory ride some day. The reason why i never raced is because this sport is expensive and couldn’t really afford it. I still want to make it in this sport I seen progression in my riding I just need to get out there. I am 14 and wondering if I could still make it . This year I’m finding a way no matter what. To me I see myself as a decent rider I ride often, stay in shape, and I do strict laps all the time. I got on a big bike at 10 so a lot of time to get things down. My natural ability is good I can whip scrub and take turns wide open on my 125. Right now I am sponsored by two companies for a start. I want to know from you guys is it to late for me to achieve my passion for racing and get the factory ride that I dream of? Can I have some advice on how or some of your stories.
  16. All, I recently moved to Asheville NC and started putting together a list of all the races from the two local series, North Carolina Hare Scramble Association and Mideast Hare Scramble Association, as well as the national races that I wanted to go to. Turns out there is far more racing around here than just those series. I had to shorten the list to only races within 2 hours of Asheville + a NEPG. We are in the mecca of woods racing!!!! Also, if anyone lives in and around the Asheville area and would be willing to invite me to ride with them on private or public trails I would love it! I am a 33 y/o A class woods racers (C class MX racer). I am happy to ride with anyone including C riders if they like to push hard. I like single track and hard enduro and I like to ride hard. See below list.
  17. The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Supercross Official Rules and Regulations state that the intent of a rule will be determined by competent officials. Following the second 2020 Monster Energy Supercross race in Anaheim, I couldn't help but wonder. How competent are they really? Section A2 under general offenses and penalties says that actions that are deemed detrimental to the sport of motorcycle racing and which may result in a range of disciplinary actions 'Race Direction' may disqualify any participant or motorcycle from the balance of a race meet for violation of certain rules, insubordination or other actions deemed in the sole discretion of 'Race Direction' to be detrimental to the race meet and the sport. One of the those rules, specifically rule 22 on page 57 clearly states that any deliberate overly aggressive riding vengeful riding and/or careless riding leading to an adverse result. This does not include incidental or unintentional contact. Let's go back a bit and look at the history books shall we. David Vuillemin and Stephen Roncada in 2002 having a nasty battle on track including some aggressive and dirty block passes, leading up to Stephen accelerating up to David's bike, and slamming into his back tire only to have David immediately retaliate by open handed smacking Roncada on his helmet with zero repercussions. On the very first lap of the season opener in 2004 the world witnessed a beautiful block pass by Kevin Windham on David Vuillemin, sending Vuillemin flying into the tuff blocks later resulting in Kevin being deducted 10 points from his standings which may have cost him the Championship, as we later go on to see that Chad Reed won that year. Just because they have smaller cc's doesn't mean they have smaller balls, and we witnessed that as 125cc riders Ryan Mills and Steve Mertons (also in 04' season) literally turned a corner of the Supercross track into an MMA octagon ring as they punched and even body slammed each other before race officials had to separate the two spartans. Not to be outdone, the 250 class also drew blood as Brad Langton went after privateer Jimmy Wilson post race showing him that he took his after school Taekwondo classes very seriously as a kid. The list can go on and on, but where is the line drawn in the sand? Why were these guys not punished? Why was Kevin Windham deducted 10 points for a 'deliberate and vengeful' block pass that mentioned before, could have ultimately cost him the championship that year? Okay fine, times were different back then and times have certainly changed. But have they? Let us take a look at how the AMA dealt with the Dylan Ferrandis on Christian Craig incident this year at Anaheim two. Was this incidental? or was this intentional and vengeful riding leading to an adverse result as stated in the rules and regulations? Or was this just good old fashioned "I want to win" racing? There are many factors to consider when one is racing through a track at a pace so fast that my own grandmother has trouble understanding what is happening on the TV screen, and although we must first protect the riders you can't squeeze the orange without getting some pulp in your cup. In other words, you can't take the racing out of racing. I would very much understand if Christian Craig was seriously injured after making contact with Ferrandis he picks his bike right up and starts riding again. If the AMA has to issue a 12-month probation period on Dylan Ferrandis for making a pass to win the race, mark my words this sport will soon turn into a no contact badminton match in our near future. Heck, that might be even more interesting to watch, instead of a bunch of riders tip toeing around a track, careful not touch ones sponsors stickers on the side of their bikes.
  18. So I was listening to "Real Talk 447 with Jeff Emig and Ricky Carmichael" podcast with legendary guest rider Johnny O'Mara. They the discussing the good old days. I never knew that during Ricky Carmichaels training he never used to want to know his lap times during practice despite the fact that he was racing in the highest level of motocross. How James Stewart was by FAR the fastest rider to have ever blessed the sport despite the fact that his James SR. would push little James to a point of break. Lap after lap after lap, and even if James Stewart would win, his farther would yell at him after the races for not beating the opposition by more time. The poorly interviewed show did reach an interesting point however long and drawn out these stories were. When Rick was discussing his golden days and said he would be paid to travel all over the world to race (what a lucky guy right?) he said Japan was by far his favorite place to shred. The Japanese were fun, quirky, and the tracks were always well built, manicured to perfection, and most importantly "flowy" and fast. So why could I possibly be left with a strange look on my face as I was walked the streets of Tuscany, Italy at one in the morning listening to this podcast. Well here is the answer. With so many Japanese motorcycle manufactures, why is there more pro Japanese supercross/motocross riders out there? Sure there have been maybe one or two in the past but and im sure a few guys are currently out there racing but I mean seriously.. How is it that with Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha, dominating the supercross/motocross industry; there are not many professional Japanese riders racing in the states?
  19. Hey y’all! So I currently have a 1999 Yamaha RT100 that I have restored and modded, and I run some performance parts on it. It’s a decent fun little 2 smoker trail bike to ride around and have fun, and it’s a lot faster since I geared up. Stock rear sprocket was 48 tooth, and it’s 36 now. But anyways, I have had it for about a year now, and I am currently looking for a bigger bike (preferably a 2 stroke). There are some YZ125s for sale in my area, also some CR125s. The majority of the CR’s are from 80 - 82, and they seem to be in good shape. The YZ’s don’t look bad either, the majority of those are from 00 - 15, but I lean towards the vintage bikes. Most of my knowledge is on two strokes, and I know how to do basic maintenance such as rebuilds, transmission oil changes, etc. also I’m more of a Yamaha person, but I do like other brands such as Honda, and Kawasaki. Not to mention I’m not “necessarily” a newbie to motorcycles, it’s just that I can’t really seem to make my mind up. Not to mention I am 14 years old. So I am asking any of y’all that have personal experience on these bikes. Thanks for any advice!
  20. Hiya, I need a bit of help with finding a caliper adapter. I've spent a good few weeks trying to find an adapter for my Husqvarna FE 2015 to fit a cheap used 4 pot from like a honda tokico or whatever else I can find on ebay. Simply because I can't afford the best Motomaster or Beringer setup. Now, my problem is that the only axial to radial adapter I can find are either horribly expensive or don't fit my bike. That's when I stumbled upon this thread The problem though, is that the OP mentions finding someone on ebay, who made the adapter for him as a special one off. I've been trying my best to find this seller with no luck. My requirements are a bit annoying as I got my hands on a used 310mm Beringer disc and two sets of Alpina wheels (4 wheels) for 220quid. Every adapter/bracket on ebay is for 320mm discs. (which, if they were axial to radial brackets, I could easily grind down a few mm to fit my 310mm disc) Could anyone help me find where I could get a custom adapter made for under 100 quid or a standard item on ebay that would help me a lot. I even considered learning cad and designing my own, however then my problem is that I don't have a CNC machine and don't know of any shops near me (I live in Scotland). As a side note I also found this brake kit However 100 quid for a full braking setup? Sure its from china but this just looks too good to be true. I would try my luck with this however ideally I need a solution before the 21st of September.
  21. Starting a thread to see if anyone out there has insights into wheel size selection for the standard Motocross Bike 250/450 DTX Class. It's becoming more and more popular lately go run DTX whether on actual DTX setups or even knobby class. I'm running into tons of people that are starting out because it's kinda hip and it gives an IN to racing to what many people feel that missed out on the motocross years. Also, the costs are much less then MX so MXrs are crossing over and new riders are going right in because used cheaper bikes can have good racing on tracks less then the mile. Personally, I love sliding sideways at speed and the TT is my favorite race in all of dirt riding. That being said, there's some legit setup questions especially about wheels since it's the first conversion before doing full setups with suspension. I rode a top racer's setup with 2.75" front and 3.0" rear on a 1/4 mile DT and it felt like turning a FatBoy, it stuck to the track, but wow did it turn stiff. Things that are stated from the DTX wheel builders: 19 inch are standard, local tracks often let Sumo wheels with FT tires, but AFT requires 19". AFT limits wheel size to 19 x 3.5 in maximum. No specified minimum width. All around track size suggestion is: 19" x 2.15" to 2.50" for front || 19" x 2.75" for rear Standard Flat Track Tires are 130/80-19 Front and 140/80-19 Rear On shorter tracks, thinner wheels give the tire more roundness allowing for better maneuvering while on longer tracks the wider wheel make for a more flatter tire giving more contact area for acceleration, but hinders cornering. Where things are silly on paper. The various DTX tire makers give what they say are the recommended/minimum wheel widths. It seems people don't exactly follow them. for example Shinko says min wheel width for the 130/80/19 is 3.0 and the 140/80/19 is 3.5 . I see people run them on wheels not that wide at all. for other brands: Add in here, gearing, i run my standard 13/50 MX gearing, i 4th gear on the 1/4 mile. I don't have the greatest pull on the straightaway but it is great in corners. On the TT couse, stock gearing feels perfect. I have not put my aggressive coupler on the bike yet, i'm waiting to get things setup and tweaked right before throwing a different power setting. I'm running a stock 2019 RM-Z450 for what it's worth. What are people running and or opinions on wheel widths for different track sizes? What sprocket sizes are people running on different tracks? BTW to ask, any chance of mods putting in a Flat Track/TT category since tons are running over to the sport and thy're all thumpers?
  22. Sup fellas, Made my first bike clip, rippin thru the woods at last light. Give a like and subscribe if u wanna see more short adventure highlights like this. Suggestions are welcome. -Zamboni
  23. Hey guys, Me and my team have built an Ice Racing Bike for the 2019 Numb Bum Ice Race. Due to the strange warm weather we've been having, and the lack of any info on the internet; does anyone know if the Ice Race is still on, or is there any other ice races in Alberta that we could attend so that we don't waste several thousand dollars in modifications.
  24. hi all, just wondering i've narrowed it down to these 2 ktm 450 xc f and a honda 450 rx both 2019 all i really need is low to mid power just want to know which one has more low to mid, thanks Archie
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