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Found 125 results

  1. gr4vitas

    Fork Oil

    Quick question, I've got a 2016 300RR (open cartridge) and I'm putting some fresh fork oil in. (first timer) Do I need to remove the cartridge assembly to get the oil out of the cartridge as well? Or can I just pop the cap dump out the old yank the spring, fill to desired MM then toss the spring back in throw cap on and call it good? Additionally I'd like to remove some of the preload that apparently these bikes are coming with in the forks, I understand there's just one nylon washer under the cap, can this just be removed to drop the preload (forks are harsh in the top 1/3 thus the oil change to 5w and wanting to drop the preload)? Or does it need to have that washer in there so I'll need to get a thinner one / grind that one down? Also unrelated, what do you guys do to keep your seats clean? Mines gotten really dingy and black stained from my pants. I see pics of guys betas all the time with their seats looking like their brand new (florescent red ) but no matter what I try it seems I can't get the dark staining out.
  2. Matzus

    Kxf shock swap to KX

    Hello everyone I'm very happy with my 99' Kx250 with a few improvements (Vforce, SSS forks, kxf brakes, etc) but now it's time to revalve the suspension. The shock of my bike is leaking and probably never in at least 14 years (last revalve) have a shock maintenance, so I ask to the Kx guru's if it's possible to swap an Kxf shock, considering a lot of years of improvements in suspension tech. It's worth pay for the kxf shock plus revalve for the kx? Or just repair (because I dont know the internal condition) and revalve the stock shock? Thanks for reading. Regards
  3. Hello all, I have a basically bone stock XR400 that i've owned since 1999 that i'm doing some maintenance on over the winter. Basic stuff really, rebuilding calipers and brake system, changing fork oil, re-greasing stuff. I bought a pumper carb on a black friday special that I'll be putting on as well. As of now, its just got the basic gordon mods done (snorkel removed, rejetted stock carb and the exaust baffle drilled) yes, i still am running the stock baffle and muffler because i need it to be quiet where i ride. So anyways, i ride in the North East (Pittsburgh PA to be exact) and my trials are mostly tight, rocky and rooted. not a whole lot of high speed stuff at all, just technical stuff with some good hills thrown in there. Now I've always toyed with the idea of changing up the front fork springs to something a little more aggressive, but not sure how that would effect my riding style with my trails. I installed the Summers Racing fork brace (that mounts right above the front wheel) way back in 2000, but i've never actually felt the bike with stiffer springs. I've heard many people rave about it, but always wondered if it would work in my application. I weigh about 175ish so if i were to get different springs, which ones would you guys recommend? I figure i'd change them out while i have the bike apart over the winter if it would improve an already awesome trail bike. Thanks!
  4. Zachary Castagna

    lowering Short rider on '03 RM125

    As the title suggests, I'm looking into the possibility of getting on an RM125 with the caveat being my height. At 5'2-5'3, the stock seat height is way too high on an '03 (37" or so). Are there any vertically challenged folks riding this bike? I saw koubalink has a lowering link that drops the rear 1.25" which can be used in conjunction with a shaved seat (1.5-2") which may be enough. Is there anything else that can be done on the cheap? I found one on CL for $1,500 that looks to be in pretty good shape.
  5. Supermotofool

    DRZ400S VS DRZ400SM

    Now that I am rebuilding my 2001 DRZ400S due to a crash.. I want to be sure that when it happens again the bike will not be completely totaled. I cannot find any axle sliders for it because it does not have hollow axles. The only thing I have been able to find are engine guards that mount to the frame so I will for sure be getting those. So I just have questions on how to get axle sliders mounted on my bike, and I also will probably be getting a handbrake sometime in the near future. Would I be better off just swapping to an SM swingarm? I wish there was a document listing all the spec differences between the SM and S models. Any help would be great. Best regards.
  6. firstplacephoto

    1980 pe 175 upgrades?

    Picked up a 1980 pe175,and going to pull top end to check things out. Was rebuilt,and has sat for a few years,untouched.Frame powder coated,nice plastis,new tires Has new works shocks,so back end should be good. Any upgrades for the forks? Also some more hp,torque especially might be some help. Any ideas? I have not started it or touched yet,picked it up today. I believe similar year rm parts ma interchange,guys???? Havent owned a 2 stroke since i sold my 93 cr500,expect this will be a little slower!!! At age of 64,slower might not be a bad choice. How are brakes on these? I have a honda dls brake front wheel in garage,would it be worth putting that on,or leave it alone? I have been riding an xr400 and not sure how i will like this little guy,will be a big change,thinking of riding a couple NETRA vintage events for fun.Hoping the little guy will surprise me!
  7. Hi guys! I have a DRZ 400 (I guess is an S model or a E version but not Valenti) I have to preparare the forks and rear shock for off road but I need to know the original setting (valves, etc ) to have a starting point. I use thsi bike mostly off road so I hope someone out there can suggest me a revalving/setting progression to set up better the front fork and rear shock Regardng the sprins weight, someone knows the stock weights front and rear? (I'm 75kg so I think the stock springs could be fine...but I have also a Showa Spring 5.2 to try) Many thanks!
  8. Goon Rides

    How can I make my bike faster?

    I've heard if you put VForce Reeds, properly jet your carb and clean the carb, change the exhaust pipe, clean the airbox and put a new air filter, and properly fix the shocks to match your weight, you can gain a ton of power?
  9. I just bought a used 2013 ktm 200 xcw for my wife and am dialing it in for her. It was lowered front and rear by pro action. There is a sticker on the fork that said air space 125mm, Oil 01m5, comp 24, rebound 14. I am trying to figure out how to set the sag on a lowered bike. Usually I run 105-110 on KTM / Husky but if it's lowered do I adjust the sag in relation to height lowered. Stock is a claimed 300 mm of travel and now it's 250 mm so do I make the sag 91 which is 83% less? Any advice is much appreciated, I have been scouring the internet for sag setup on lowered bike and no luck... yet. Thanks people.
  10. So this isn't EXACTLY make and model specific, but I suppose if you know what bikes I'm talking about it would help. I have two classic dirt bikes: a 1976 Suzuki RM250, and a 1979 Kawasaki KLX250. Needless to say, the shocks have never been touched and are completely shot. (I'm talking leaking oil and everything) I've never ridden anything else and didn't know better until a buddy rode one and told me he didn't know how I was riding it at all- that there was next to zero control of the rear end. I rode his 2015 Honda and so now I know. Minus the backstory: I have two classic dirt bikes that are in desperate need of attention. A 1976 Suzuki RM250, and a 1979 Kawasaki KLX250. Do I rebuild the factory shocks or buy new ones? thanks!
  11. I have a new Beta 350RR and trying to setup the suspension. The manual states to start from all the way in and work your way out from there. I ride this bike in mostly rocky single and like it more plush on the low speed. AI set the sag at 4" and I worked my way past mid point turning out. Any tips would be appreciated.
  12. Attempting to change the fork seals due to a leak in one fork on my 1984 Honda XR500R with Showa mg3-771 forks. My dust seals don't look anything like the youtube videos, photos, forums that I have researched. Also researched this specific fork and found nothing. Also I can only find information about models relatively close to my bike(XR350, XR400, XR600), but not exact. My dust seals seem to be permanently attached to the inside of the fork tube, probably some adhesive and has a foam ring underneath it that is deteriorating, hence the leak. Anyone have any ideas how to change the fork seals without removing the dust seal? Also noticed that the foam ring should be under the white plastic washer, not on top of, when compared to my other fork tube that is not leaking. Left Fork: Leaking, foam ring on top of white plastic washer Lef Right Fork: Not leaking, foam ring under white plastic washer
  13. So, I recently re-aquired my old 2013 XR650L from the guy I sold it to, and I have been doing a few minor mods and giving her a nice over haul so she runs really good. Pulling off the lowering link they guy had on it and putting the stock link back in, and re-greasing everything while I am at it. So I am 1 bolt away from having the shock off and I thought to myself: maybe I should go ahead and spring for a new... well, spring, and gold valves for the shock and respring and install gold valves in the front. I have heard the XRL rear shock is pretty decent and just needs a new spring. Any thoughts on this? If that will get me 90% of the way to half decent suspension I would be happy. Or is it totally worth installing gold valves? The forks are pretty bad so I am assuming gold valves are a must to get them somewhat under control. Thoughts?
  14. Ktm520sxrider

    damper bushing

    The oem bushings were tight and hard to take off. I took them off to replace them with new pivot works bushings so I carefully expanded the bushing and got it on easy without stretching it at all and now the bushing is not even as tight. Do these need to be tight on there? I put it on the only way it could go and it seems like the gap in the bushing got bigger.
  15. I'm a long time reader and member (member since May 9, 2009) and this is my first question. I want to change the valving of my 2016 Yamaha YZ250F shock absorber. My main goal is to speed up the rebound. My rebound clicker is almost all the way out, and it feels like the high speed rebound damping is not what I like. As a reference (to get an idea about the stiffness) I use the document on the website http://www.racetech.com/download/DS-504440-01.pdf and compare the stock valving of my shock absorber with the valving charts on the Race Tech website. I realize the valving charts are for the gold valve, but I’m sure it gives me some Idea about the stiffness of my stock stack. The low speed rebound of my shock is: (5) .20x40 .11x25 This is near the Race Tech rL102605 (5).20x40 .10x26 Link to the low speed rebound valving chart https://www.dropbox.com/s/1u6txpl2hei2mzp/low-speed-rebound-valving.jpg?dl=0 The high speed rebound of my shock: .30x40 .30x38 .30x36 .30x34 .30x32 (2).25x30 (2).25x28 .30x26 This is exactly the same as Race Tech rH168. Link to the high speed rebound valving chart https://www.dropbox.com/s/fzvsau59m63vhue/high-speed-rebound-valving.jpg?dl=0 My questions: Is my comparison of the low speed and high speed rebound valving correct? Can you tell me what shim stacks from the Race Tech valving chart match my stock compression valving? The low speed compression of my shock: (12).20x44 .15x37 What Race Tech low speed compression shim stack matches my stock shim stack the most? Link to the low speed compression valving chart https://www.dropbox.com/s/lfvrenhcpxwh7eh/low-speed-compression-valving.jpg?dl=0 The high speed compression of my shock: .20x42 .20x40 .20x38 .20x36 .20x34 .20x32 .20x30 .20x28 .20x27 .20x26 .30x25 What Race Tech high speed compression shim stack matches my stock shim stack the most? Link to the high speed compression valving chart https://www.dropbox.com/s/dkxc1p0zu3q55gj/high-speed-compression-valving.jpg?dl=0 Thank you very much for your help!
  16. Hey guys. I just bought a new 2017 YZ250f. I am 14 and I weigh 56kgs. I was told when I bought it that the spring on their is rated for 60kg to 80kg and when I put all my gear on I am about 58-60 kgs. The spring seems to be ok and I obviously need to set my sag, compression and rebound on my first ride but it is pretty tall for me. I was thinking that when I set my sag I could try lowering the bike more than the sag and then buying a softer spring so my sag would be correct would this work? Also I have seen that some people after lowering the back-end also loosen the triple clamps and slide the forks up a little bit. Should I do that? If you guys have any other ideas of how to make the bike sit lower please, please, please, let me know.
  17. I´ve read some pretty good stuff about bladders over regular piston. Likewise, I have also read many people complain that the bladder doesn´t achieve a proper seal and ultimately causes the nitrogen to contaminate the oil. Any body have experience with these? I´m looking into the Factory Connection Kit or the SDI kit, however, im also open to any recommendations you may have for a KTM 300 xc-w 2015. Thanks my g´s
  18. Looking for some info on suspension settings to use on my 2016 KX450 SFF Air Tac setup. I just started racing hare scrambles in Florida and its mainly sugar sand. The stock settings are way too stiff. Front tire just wants to wash out in turns so i know I have to lighten the psi a bit. Stock settings recommended are: 174 psi for INNER chamber. 14.5 psi for OUTER chamber and 203 psi for BALANCE chamber. I know thru many hours of riding I can dial it in myself but I figured there has to be someone on here who rides sand and has saved settings they use, Any help is appreciated!
  19. I got 2002 XR200R and I got ‘88 forks for it and they will not fit into the triple trees for they are too big. Do I need the triple trees off a ‘88 xr or is there something else going on with this. P.S. I’ve checked part numbers and everything is correct.
  20. EnduroBandit

    shockabsorber Suspension Too Soft!

    Hello, I have a question about my Dirt Bike's suspension. The bike is an IT200, but the rear shock is from a YZ250. The bike was fully restored by a professional 2 years ago. The suspension front and back is super soft, which is great for going over smaller bumps at high speed. However, the rear shock rebound springs up like a trampoline when I go over big bumps or wups, and it's also pretty easy to bottom out the suspension taking jumps. I tried the adjustments on the rear shock and didn't really notice a difference. Which makes me wonder if there could be no shock absorber fluid in there? Is this just how the suspension is on these old IT's? My '89 KDX200 has tired suspension and it handles wups much better. The rebound on it is what I expect from a dirt bike. Any help would be great!
  21. The problem I'm having now is one of my Showa fork tubes is longer than the other by 1 centimeter. Is there any way around not tearing them completely apart or can I just take up the difference when I mount them?
  22. I recently bought 1988 xr200r forks to go on my 2002 xr200r (got them revalved for my weight and riding style), and I only bought the fork tubes. As I was trying to put them on l, I realized that they do not fit in the triple clamps of the ‘02 xr. What do I do? Please help!
  23. Basicly what the title says, I weigh 100lbs and ride a 2002 yz 250 I just bought this bike and its the newest and nicest bike I have ever owned im pretty proud of it lol (upgraded from a 1989 rm 250) Anyways I have never had suspension set up for myself on any bike I have ever owned besides clickers. my forks are leaking and I need to rebuild them so while im in there what all can I do too make this bike ride butter smooth for my weight? any advice on what and how I can set up this bike too ride best for me would be great. I cant seem too find anything with my weight on a bike this big any help would be greatly appreciated also I ride mostly trails roots rocks etc.
  24. Hey all, I have a question regarding two KTM's. I have two 08 450's. I have a XCF 450 and a XCRW 450. I love the suspension on the XCF and want to dial the XCRW in to match it. I ride endurocross and trails with this bike. Do you know how much difference there is between the design of the forks and shocks on the two bikes? I can't tell any difference between the shocks but I notice the top of the forks have a slight difference (see pictures). Springs have obviously been changed between the two bikes but I'm wondering if I can just swap forks and shocks. Thanks, mpuvdd
  25. I am getting back into motocross after a 7 year hiatus. took my bike to the track and the braking bumps almost fractured my wrists it was so choppy. I am 195 lb w gear and the rear spring is a little too soft, I set the sag and now the free sag is a little tight. However in corners its like the front doesn't even work, like I'm riding a bicycle with no forks. Im not a slower rider and I am heavy for the bike so I don't know why it won't absorb more when in turns. Only went out a couple times with this bike. Stock fork springs are 4.8 kg. Called enzo and the tech recommended stiffer fork springs? said I could be riding toward the middle of the stroke creating a tighter more harsh ride since it is more compressed. I honestly don't know if I need stiffer or softer front since I have been out the game for almost a decade. Anyone else getting the same results through braking bumps??