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Found 162 results

  1. **I know there is already 5,000 posts on this and I am sorry, I just couldn't find what I was looking for** I am looking to but a restyled plastics kit for my 05 yz250, and getting a graphics kit from DeCal works put on it. I know there are 5+ types of restyle kit brands, and decal works said to get the polisport, and then select the '06 yz when I am getting graphics for it. my main question is, is my only option to get a restyle kit that makes it look like a '15? or is the '15 look the same as say a '18 look. and can someone just help me confirm that the current plastics I have on are stock/non restyle thanks in advanced, I know this subject gets beat into the ground.
  2. Blu_cru361

    Rear wheel change

    Ok I have a 2017 yz250f and I need a rear wheel I found a set.. But they are for an 08 yz250f and I wondering if anyone knows if I can runs those? Do I just have to swap out the bearings or will they not work at all. Thanks
  3. Hi i am around 5’11” and 80kgs (around 180lbs) i am of average riding skill and was wondering if i should get a yz125, yz250 or a yz250f for trail riding which i will mainly be doing. i have road a 250 2t and 4t before and were wondering what people thought would be good for my size and riding terrain. cheers
  4. Bigbenny54

    2001 YZ250 Project 2019

    Hi everyone, So I recently purchased a 2001 YZ250 with no Engine. I am looking to make it in to a single track enduro bike. I am right now looking for some what of a complete engine and have come across one recently pulled motor out of a 2011 yz250. To my knowledge the only thing different about the motors from pretty much 99-Present is the swing arm pivot. I guess they changed sizes in 02. I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to interchange that 2011 engine into an 2001 frame? Thanks!
  5. Clayton Skarke

    97 Yz 250 Transmission Upgrades?

    So Im pretty sure I bent my first gear shift fork this past fall and I plan on splitting my cases to address that issue (for the second time). But while Im in there I was wondering if there was any combination of gears for a taller 5th gear from a different bike that I could throw in and give me higher top speed/lower engine rpm while running down the dirt roads in my area.. I know the easiest way to accomplish that is to just simply change my sprocket ratio but Ive always thought that my first gear was too tall to begin with and i have to ride my clutch far too much while climbing trails and such.. I guess id like to have the best of both world but dont know what to do to accomplish that.. Maybe theres a set of first gears that i can put in my tranny to drop it way down while also installing a taller ratio on final drive so i can accomplish both? IDK, hopefully someone out there has delt with this before! Thanks in advance!
  6. Minnesotaboy250f

    looking for a yz250 aluminum frame

    Searching for a 05 and up yz250 two stroke aluminum frame for an upgrade. Let me know if someone has one
  7. Goon Rides

    YZ Builds by Goon

    Hey guys! If you don't know me, I am some 15 year old kid living in LA, making YouTube videos about dirt bikes. I currently have 630 subscribers on my YouTube: www.youtube.com/goonrides Also, I have been riding since Oct. 2017, so I am pretty new at this game. I have purchased 6 bikes over time, and will continue to purchase more bikes to sell and make money on. I also do builds so if you want to see a cool bike transform into an even cooler bike, then subscribe to my channel, and read along! Oh by the way, I only work with YZ's. So I just picked this bike up two days ago, and will sell it as is. But the next bike, will get almost fully rebuilt. So stay tuned! Enjoy!
  8. YamahaYz1

    Need Help Setting Up YZ250!

    Hey TT, I know there's endless topics on YZ250/ two stroke tuning in general but I have not been able to find one that helps me get my 09 YZ250 set up for my riding style and where I ride so I'm here asking for help. I got this bike around 1.5 years ago and have not known how to set it up properly. I know no one can give me a perfect set up but I'd like a good starting setup to work from and tweak to perfection. Throughout this time I've had this bike, its always been covering the bottom of the entire silencer and dripping all over the swing arm and rims with oil. Also, the joint between silencer and expansion pipe has oil around it too but I've heard I have to close the gap a little to squeeze the silencer a little tighter and stop the leakage there. I don't have too much experience messing with carbs but I've messed around with previous two strokes and tuned them a little better. I change the oil on my bike after 15-20 hours on it and clean and oil the air filter after almost every ride. The sparkplugs never last me more than a few months but recently have been lasting me no more than a few weeks. With the excess oil from the pipe and spark plug fouling you can see why I need to set my bike up to stop this. The bike: Completely stock with V-Force 3 Reeds and a FMF Shorty silencer. Usually running around 32:1 premix with 91 pump fuel because I prefer to keep it well lubricated instead of running rich. Riding: I ride enduro in Ontario, Canada. So mostly single track and some fire roads but nothing close to MX and not a lot of time wide open. Therefore, probably mostly 1/4-1/2 or 1/4-3/4 throttle range. Where I ride: Usually 0-500' above sea level. With temperatures ranging from around 15-35 degrees Celsius (55-95 Fahrenheit). If anyone can give me a setup to go from, that would be very much appreciated. Even multiple set ups for different temperature ranges or any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks and sorry for the long read, I just didn't want to leave anything out. Ask any questions if you have any, too.
  9. What is this Red Top Jet Needle without any other markings on it? When I bought my 2012 YZ250 a few months back it wasn’t long before I took the carb apart and noticed it had a JN with no markings on it. The only thing I could ID on it was that the top/Head was painted red. I tried replacing the JN with others (EW, EJ, CW) for ID reasons but nothing seem to work as good as the Red Top JN. It just seems to be the magic JN! Need to know for future reference and recommend it to anyone!!!
  10. Wiseco pro lite piston, in a sleeve cylinder. How much clearance do I set it up at? 0.05mm 0.06? 0.07? Etc. YZ250 Thank you
  11. Just did a complete engine rebuild and while testing it for maybe 5 min it stopped. I had already started and stopped it several times but this time it was dead. The bike has spark and a lot of compression and it backfires when trying to start it. I cleaned the carb but it still wont start. I pulled of the ignition cover and noticed that the stator bolts where slightly loose. Can this be linked to the problem? I tried to change the timing but it did nothing. BTW I just bought this bike and the previous owner was the one to pull the engine apart.
  12. I've been working on my suspension for my yz250 2015 for sometime now and i thought i got it really close to what i was looking for. I've must have revalved my forks about 10 times trying different floats and stacks, springs. Then i got a great deal on a yz450f with modified suspension and my idea of god suspension totally changed. This is by far the best suspension I've tried, and I've had öhlins and other top of the line stuff before. So now my dilemma... I´d like to modified my yz250 suspension to feel and behave as close to my 450 as possible. I measured everything in my 450 stacks last service and to my surprise the mid valve was untouched... Maybe someone can assist in this matter, not really sure how to transfer this info, perhaps someone can put it in restackor? I can post the stock yz250 stack if you guys need it. Additional info. level B rider mx only 90 kg w gear yz 250 springs 4.6 nm /56 nm yz 450f springs 4.85 nm/ 58 nm, 60 nm Here´s the stacks for the 450. Stock modified Base Base 32 .11 x 24 32 .12 x 22 30 .11 x 3 30 .11 x 3 28 .11 28 .11 26 .11 26 .11 24 .11 24 .11 22 .11 22 .11 20 .11 20 .11 18 .11 18 .15 16 .15 16 .15 14 .3 15 .15 bleed bleed 14 .3 12 .3 11 .25 x 3 14 .11 14 .11 18 .11 18 .11 20 .11 22 .11 x 3 22 .11 x 3 shock Shock comp COMP 44 .25 x 7 44 .27 x 8 42 .2 42 .2 40 .2 40 .2 38 .2 36 .2 36 .2 34 .2 34 .2 32 .2 32 .2 30 .2 30 .2 28 .2 28 .2 26 .2 24 .2 23 .3 23 .3 REB REB 40 .2 x 4 40 .21 x 4 28 .11 30 .11 40 .25 40 .2 38 .3 38 .3 36 .3 36 .3 34 .3 34 .3 32 .3 32 .3 30 .3 30 .3 29 .3 29 .3 28 .3 27 .3 27 .3 26 .3 26. 3 25 .3 x 4 25 .3 x 4
  13. Hey fellas, I am looking to build my son a kart for dirt oval racing in the 250 class. Its mostly 4 strokes right now but have just allowed 2 strokes to come back. I have heard the 2001 cr250 bottom end with 89 top end but am not to familiar with the 250 as back in the day we raced 125's and 500's. Also heard good things about the YZ's but not familiar there either..
  14. I have a 2012 YZ250 with FMF Fatty and Shorty combo right now but I’m not National Forest friendly here in NC. I mainly want to hear from those that have direct experience or knowledge with the FMF Fatty and PC 296 spark arrestor and how it plugs and plays. But also any arguments against it and recommendations are also welcomed! #yz250
  15. SAMCRF35

    2019 YZ250X Jetting

    I got my 19 YZ250X a few days ago, have been struggling with it to run right. First off it would not idle, now the idle screw is all the way in but hey it idles now, i don't think the screw should have to be all the way in for it to idle this calls for a leaner pilot correct? Next i'm not sure if it's me but right before she really starts singing there seems to be a bog? I'm aware the bikes need jetting right way, One guy on here has helped me a crap ton but i hate to keep bugging him. As for the jets and everything in the carb its all stock if that helps.
  16. Anyone running a Vortex ignition on a YZ250F 2014-2018, or 450 for that matter? What advantages does it have over tuning FI/IG with the GYTR power tuner, and are there maps readily available for stock or mod and race fuel? I've messed around with the GYTR tuner on one of my bikes- 2017 YZ250F with bolt ons and VP racing fuel, but there is a lack of maps to run and I've heard there is more power to be had with the Vortex Ignition. I'm aware there are other less costly avenues to add horsepower.
  17. i have an 03 yz250 that i just put a new top end on. it was dropped in the mud while running and the kid kicked it over 100x to try and start it and wore the rings flat. it starts and runs fine for about 20-30 seconds and then the idle starts to get higher and wont come back down, if you give it throttle it will die out. i just went through the whole carb, cleaned the reeds, unplugged the tps and im out of ideas at this point. if you give it some throttle it will rev and then hang but after about 10 seconds come down and surge and the process will repeat every time you give it some throttle. i have 100 octane mixed 32:1 for fuel. any ideas would be appreciated
  18. Hi all, I have a question that i haven't found some clear cut info about. Id just like to hear it from the community.... my mate and i are honda CRF boys , and sadly when we were recently on an out ride in the South African landscape, his engine came to a halt & seizure! what a day it was getting the bloody thing back to the car! Anyway we are young adults at uni who dont really have a lot of mony spare! we managed to find a way to rapidly replace the bike and to save money. We found a running 2004 yama yz250 2t and the guy traded us a seized 2005 crf250 for this- he specialized in chop shopping Honda and obviously saw value in this trade. it obviously came with its quirks.... this yz250 has: -1998 yz 250 motor -CDI from an 80cc yz When we first took the bike to the track it would not start. I noticed the following: -small holes in the expansion chamber (a few, none bigger than the tip on an Aux jack)- what is the impact of these small holes on the bike? ( i will use fire-gum to fix) -muffler does not tightly fit to the end of expansion chamber. FYI, fuel mix was 50:1- recommended by the oil we used- i have been told that old Yamaha are better with more oil? 25:1? So leading up to my question: when we eventually got the bike started (Bump start) it really ran lumpy, and bogged when the accelerator was pulled and eventually died. when i get the chance to look at the bike, what is the impact of holes in an expansion chamber?- could this be a reason for starting and power issue and bogging under acceleration?? Could this be because of a CDI from an 80cc? Could this be Fuel Mix? Spark Plug? apart from those questions, i am going to change the spark plug anyway- i can assume that maybe this could be due to a faulty plug?- maybe?? anyway, this is what i know. perhaps you guys would be able to add to my theories or tell me something more that i could investigate? thanks, Luke
  19. I'm researching slider and chain guide combos and am leaning towards TM Designworks, but they seem to have multiple versions and to confuse things none of the retailers I've checked nor TMD's own website compares the various models, e.g., GP, Factory Edition, etc. Any suggestions? TM Designworks guide combo kits TM Designworks guides on RMATVMC
  20. Not really sure if this is the right spot to post this so my apologies if it is. Anyway I just put a new throttle cable on my yz250 as the old one was fraying, put it on with no trouble reconnected the fuel line turned the gas on and fired it up, as soon as I started the bike it started leaking gas out the overflow on the bottom of the float bowl, I took the float bowl off to see if the floats were stuck, they weren't, I tried adjusting the throttle as much as it would go and it continued to leak. Any ideas what the problem might be?
  21. knowlimits

    YZ250X first top end questions

    Hey gurus and especially YZ DOC Doing my first 2 stroke top end, bike has 110 hours, 40-1 yamalube 2R. 90% singletrack and trail riding in Colorado. How does this cylinder and piston look? I'm replacing the piston and little end piston pin and bearing. Normal wear? Looks like the PV was wearing on the piston a little but the jug looks good. Replace piston and ride? Or should I worry and/or do more? Thanks for any helpful advice!
  22. hey guys on my 98 yz250 when i gear down and its slowing down the engine isn't smooth its like its catching and releasing slighting so its like vroom vroom vroom not a clean smooth in gear slow down. im guessing thats not normal lol but i have no idea where to start or what to look at. rims arn't bent newer chain and sprocket on i have lenghened the gearing some so i can go faster haha. carb is all jetted decent and clean, reeds were good last time i looked about a year ago the compression was 180. anything will help ?
  23. What is your skill Level (be honest)? Intermediate. 2. What's your height & weight? 6,1 190 3. What year, make, & model of motorcycle are you coming from? And, what do you want the new bike to do better? 2006 crf450r, i love the 450 but the moto suspension is harsh in the woods. just looking for a better woods bike Hare scrambles, enduro's, single track bike. 4. What's your ballpark budget? around 8,000 to 9,000 maximum. 5. What types of terrain will you be riding? Single track, enduro type stuff and mostly harescrambles and single track. 6. Will you be racing or just play riding? both racing Harescrambles and riding single track with buddy's I think ive got my two bike's the husky te250 and the yz250. still open to other bikes. The only question i have for the husky guys is reliability and engine life of the te250. I cant find anything on this i just want a bike that will last years. The Yamaha is in the question because the reliability and the price of the bike over the husky. I'm happy to answer any more question's anyone may have to help with the bike choice. Thanks for the help.
  24. Well guys I messed up. When I first got the bike to rebuild I was told it was a 91yz250. Turns out it is actually a 89yz250 which I found out part way through my build. No biggie right? Well I forgot when I got my crank redone I used a 91 yz250 connecting rod.........These rods are 5mm shorter than the stock 89 yz250. So now my engine is fully rebuilt with zero chance of ever running since the pistion falls a full 5mm short of the top of the cylinder at TDC. My questions is where do the 90-94 yz250s lose their 5mm to use this shorter rod? I know the piston doesn't make it up with a 5mm higher deck...I currently have wiseco on a wild search to find any and all pistons that could potentially work on my now half torn apart Frankenstein engine. Does the 90-94 make up for the shorter stroke in the cylinder or in the cases? I know the clutch cover changes to the two piece style in either 90-91 but was doubtful that would have anything to do with the shorter stroke. See the build progress below since it isn't all doom and gloom and has been a fun project.
  25. SAMCRF35

    New YZ Help

    MY bike now is a 2006 CRf450r, i want to go to a 2 stroke i have the chance to buy a 2018 yz250 for 5,625.00. Im a woods rider and wanted the yz250x but they dont have any, so what is the main different between the yz250 and the yz250x. Can i get most the parts on the 250 as the 250x has? I can also get a yz250fx for 20 dollars more than the yz250. I mainly race harescrambles, Ride single track and harder trails. just checking before i jump in over my head. Thanks