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Found 226 results

  1. Hello All This is my first post. I am very much into my bikes but not on a racing level or anything. Lots of practice days... random outings in the woods... Weekend warrior type stuff . feel free to skip to the very last sentance for my actual question as to some of you guys the in between bits might just be waffle. Also, i have searched for an answer to this with some limited result. So... the big end bearing went while i was doing a poxy rolling burnout, or it was already well gone but this is what finished it off. I have already replaced the crank with one that has a new Conrod and all the trimmings (big end bearing). Going back in time now, when i was stripping the engine i did the clutch side first including the primary gear and whatnot, then when going around to the flyweel side i pulled on the flywheel and was stunned when the entire crank shifted. There is no up or down / wobble movement in the crank but it very easily shifts side to side by about half an inch, now i dont know if this was the case BEFORE removing the primary gear and all that stuff but i am baffled. As it stands, i have the new crank in and the crankcases closed back up and bolted shut with nothing else installed, just crank and crankcases... it still shifts side to side, another note is that it literally just falls into the bearing, as in there was no need to pull it into the bearing, heat up the case, freeze the bearing.. nothing... new crank came, i pretty much chucked it at the right case and it slid rite in to its seat. nice and snug... but slips in easy. To me this is very unusual, cranks normally need to be set into the bearing in one way or another so my question is: Is it normal for the crank in these bikes to have sideways play WHEN the primary gear is off of the motor? Thanks guys.
  2. Patrik Percinic

    Looking for a X-moto xb33-b manual

    Hi Im looking for a X-moto xb33-b 2013 250cc manual i couldn’t find it by myself and was wondering if someone had it. thanks in advance Patrik
  3. Hey there, I recently bought a 1979 Suzuki PE250 in pretty good condition for its age I'd say.However the fork seals are leaking and after struggling for a few days to get the fork caps open(they were seized) I have now come to a new problem. The Dust seal Holder seems to be stuck, in the shop manual it mentions some sort of special tool for removing the fork seal but I'm not sure what exactly it would do.The thing seems like it should just unscrew. I've tried whacking it with a screw driver and a hammer and I had some minor progress but its painfully slow so I was wondering if any of you vintage motorcycle wizards would be able to enlighten me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. One day I noticed my clutch was no longer working and noticed fluid had been leaking out of the area around my clutch slave cylinder. I have replaced the gasket twice and each time it just leaks back out within about 5 mins of riding. Any idea to fix it?
  5. Rettich333

    Yz 250 swaying idle

    Good evening guys, I have a problem with the idlespeed of my 08 yz 250. When the bike is cold the idle is constandly up above normal speed, if it gets to operrating temperatue the idlespeed hast somesting like a step when the engine rewing down.Afte about 8-10 seconds the idle drops below normal speed. things i've checked/ changed: -Airfilter -checked for sucking in air from outside carb. -cleaned carb -brought carb to stock adjustments ( needleclip, airscrew 1 turn out) -reeds checked -crank seals done today -piston is about 10h's old A big confusement for me : pilot jet is #50 ( stock is #52) and the bike is still running too rich when reving it from the low ildespeed. does anyone have an idea ?
  6. throttle127

    Kx250f vs yz250f?!

    I was wondering which bike is better. I have heard many things about both bikes, good and bad. I will be using it for track and trails.
  7. Ripntear1922

    1997 Suzuki rm250 running rough

    So i just bought a 1997 suzuki rm250. The guy i bought it from said that the previous owner just did a complete engine rebuild. It will start and run, but runs rough with not alot of top end power. It also will not idle. I believe its running rich so i cranked the idle screw in all the way in and the air screw 2 turns out, i got it to idle for about 1 minute this way and then tryed adjusting the idle screw out a couple turns and it died again. I still have to dig into the carb and check float level and make sure everything is up to snuff. My biggest worry is the top end power not being there, just kinda sputters in 1st and 2nd, i was able to get it to hit the powerband for a quick second in 3rd gear a couple times but nothing regularly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
  8. My 07 crf250 recently was rebuilt to and bottom end. Valves were checked for wear and clearance and there fine. The bike has only ran once, it will backfire and acts like it wants to run. I put a new plug in and no luck. I took the plug out connected it to the boot and kicked it over to check if it's getting spark. It's getting spark but the boot is arcing at the base where it seals to the bike. I plan on getting a new boot, I'm just wondering if there is anything I should be focusing on as well.
  9. I have a 2007 xcf 250 that I recently took apart, I went as far a splitting the cases because my gearbox was locking up (no damage to the gears but turns out there were pieces of metal caught in the gears). I put the whole thing back together and now I have a huge problem, when shifting, it wont stop at 1st gear, it will continue to shift down to sixth gear, restarting the shift sequence from the top. No idea what it is, I really need help.
  10. ThumperTalk

    ATK 250 1989

    1 review

    MOTORCYCLE TYPE Enduro ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Displacement (cc): 244 Cylinders: 1 Engine Stroke: 2 Speeds: 6 Speed TRANSMISSION SPECIFICATIONS Number of speeds: 6 Speed Dry Weight (lbs.): 220
  11. ben streener

    cr250r fowling problems

    hi I have a 2001 cr250r I am currently running it at 40:1 and it is fowling plugs any suggestions?
  12. NickSixxUK

    2007 KXF250 Won't Start After Shimming

    Hi There! If you're viewing this then you're either stuck in the same position as me, or you're handing down your well appreciated knowledge! First of all, I'm new to ThumperTalk, what a cool forum this is! But let's get to it; Kawasaki KXF250 2007... History: I bought this bike in January, it was a bit tatty, but I saw it as a brilliant bike to finally get into Motocross full time, rather than just messing around on friends bikes. So my Suzuki Intruder was sold & I went off to purchase it. Whilst out of action with a dislocating shoulder operation, I decided to pull the bike to bits and fix all the issues it's had. Now I'm a Maintenance Engineer, so as you can guess lack of maintenance can really bug me. So the whole bike has had a full strip down. I came to check the valve clearances & they were all out of tolerance, which explained why you'd struggle to start it & it wouldn't idle brilliantly. So the engine came out, I adjusted the valves via shims, which brought them all back into tolerance; along with an oil leak I cured. I was feeling pretty stoked by this point! So the engine went back in, the carb had a full strip down & clean, which was filthy, but now it looks like the inside of a watch. Diaphragm checked for any rips & tears, or pin pricks. All got loaded back into the bike for the first start. I turned the engine over by hand first to make sure I wasn't about to smash the valves into the piston. All good. Primed with fresh fuel, I tried to kick it over. Nothing. Second kick it backfired. From that point onwards it's not tried to even start. Ive checked all the usual suspects, good spark no leakage, it has fuel, carb seems all okay & doing its job. Timing is dead on, confirmed TDC by sticking screwdriver down cylinder & rocking the crank. All earths are spot on too. Now im seriously puzzled, it has everything it needs to fire, but it's not even trying. Any advice, help & ideas would be brilliant so don't hesitate to fire anything across! Cheers guys, Nick.

    Rmz 250 break in oil change

    Got my bike back from the shop a few months ago. I have ridden 3 seperate times for a few hours at a time. I have maybe 6 hours on it sense the new motor complete rebuild. Should I go ahead and change the oil and filter and screens? And how much noise should these motors make? I ride trails and if I'm at a certain rpm I feel like I can hear valve rattle or piston slap. I know I have some chain slap I just put a new chain on before it went in the shop and havent adjusted after the first 2 rides. It sounds completely different from the noise in hearing. Thanks guys.
  14. I can't find any electrical for my 94 rm 250 is it possible to just swap out the entire electrical system and put one in that's off a 97 will everything fit and work properly?
  15. Hey guys Iv been looking online but can't seem too find a specific post about this hole, i only just changed the oil and oil filter on it not even 10 mins ago on the engine, I went for a ride around the block and too my suprise seen oil weeped/leaked out of this hole, it's a 2011 250sxf it looks like a drain point if the engine is overfilled? I did also have the bike on its right side for a while too get the oil filter out, does anyone know what this might be as I'm not too sure, I didn't have oil come out from here before (it's next too the where the injector meets the engine) cheers
  16. Almightyvicegrips

    Having some problems

    Hi every body I have a Gio X31 250 4 Stroke, it is been so difficult for me lately. I have been working on this bike for a while and have replaced the piston in it. Right now the bike will not start and its boggling me. A few noteable things are that I have checked that there is spark but when I turn the engine over it does not combust and I see thickly misted gas come out the tail pipe. Also, I have checked the timing and all the marking are correct and valve opening times (checked tapits and TDC through spark plug hole). On the compression stroke there was noticeable air coming out the intake which was blowing gas out the carb, so I took it apart and the valve looked like it was sealing completely fine. I don' get it, the carb float level was also adjusted to stop gas coming out the overflow but, I'm not aware that that would affect anything. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.
  17. Hi people, My bike (2009 Husqvarna wr250) has been running like a dog lately. It won't hit band when its cold and it's just generally not running like it should. I took my reeds out and there is a slight light gap between some of them, roughly .07mm gap. It's not a huge gap but I'm not sure if there's meant to be a tolerance of some sort as it does not state such a thing in the workshop manual. From what I know reeds should be dead flat with no light gap at all. However, I will be replacing them just in case. Some people who I have spoken to have advised making sure thet the carburettor jetting is set to standard. I have the Husqvarna workshop manual and have found the "standard jetting". Problem is it's just a whole heap of numbers and codes so I have literally no idea what it means. The only thing I understand on it is that the pilot jet should be set on the second slot which it already is. I was hoping someone on here could make sense of it. I have attached images of the husqvarna manual jetting information. Thanks for the help in advance -Ryan
  18. Rmrider144

    Rm125 upgrades

    Hi I was just wondering what upgrades I can do to my 2004 rm 125 (144 bored) that would be cheap but make the bike look amazing
  19. Hello guys,so i have Suzuki RMZ 250 2008 year,the problem start 2 weeks ago,when i start the its getting hot fast,can't idle,and backfires,so i clean the carb,adjust few air jet,and problem was gone,i went to ride and the bike suddenly stop running,nothing works,kicking,pulling,nothing cant start this bike,so i found the problem was that it can't make spark on spark plug,and the problem its in electrical system,so my question is: can i get another electrical system from bike that is same year and to put it on mine?
  20. MotoXRacer_19

    AMA Numbers

    Does anyone know how to, or if you can, change your AMA number? The race number, not the full thing.
  21. Hey guys I just bought a bike last night. So the seller said the bike will turn on but then die. We didn't try it because it was really late at night and it was raining (seat was wet). But he said if you bump start it, it will turn on and ride. So what do you think the problem is? I just want to make sure it runs... I probably won't be able to bump start it till Saturday (rain)... It's a four stroke, and I know absolutely nothing about them. Thanks.
  22. I have a 2005 Honda Crf250R and I’m trying to black it out but the website I’m using doesn’t have full blackouts for the 2005 but it does have full blackouts for the 2007. Would the 2007 plastics fit the 2005?
  23. Steve Leddington

    1991Rmx stator

    Hi I am restoring a 1991 Rmx 250 and am looking for information regarding the stator I have the original stator but it looks like the pickup coil is not sitting in side the the crankcase,I need to order a replacement so would like to make sure it's the correct one before spending lots of money,Suzuki list just one stator for years through to 1998,but I am struggling to see how the mag cover will fit (I don't have a cover at the moment) thanks in advance for any help
  24. So for my 16th birthday instead of getting me a car for my birthday because of how long it takes to get a full license, I was told that instead I could get a rather new dirt bike. I have been riding since I was 9 years old and started off in the back of my yard. I now own a 125cc two stroke that I am fairly in love with.. However I really really need a bigger bike, I am a very big kid standing at 6'3'' and 270 pounds (No i'm not fat i'm a football player when i'm not riding so i'm just big. Also I feel very bad for the bike) Anyway, I can't decide whether I should get a 250 4 stroke or a 450. I am told that the 250 is a very large increase in power and i don't doubt it is, but I feel that I may be too big for one and the 450 would have that extra bit of power a big guy like me would need. During the summer I am either playing football or at the track and riding. I've been going to the track now for 3 maybe 4 years and would say I have a decent amount of experience. Please tell me what you think... Also I'm personally a fan of honda... But who has the best variants of those bikes?
  25. Hey hows it going everyone, I'm new to the forum so please don't jump on me if I do something wrong but ... I have a 2004 CR125, the exhaust valves were stuck in one position, took it all apart and fixed that problem, but I took my servo unit apart and the gears are stripped from try to move the powervalve when it was stuck, question is can I use a servo unit off of a CR250 on my 125? 04 servo unit is hard to find due to 04 being the only year with an EPV. they look identical, some sites the parts numbers are the same for both and other sites the last number is different. it looks like you would be able to use a few parts for the rc valve setup from the 250 on the 125, I could be completely wrong though. did some research and couldn't find any answers, so here iam! any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm not a master mechanic but I do klnow my way around 2 strokes, been on them for about 14 years now.