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Found 354 results

  1. Okay so to start off i know for a fact that it is a carby issue. Basically i have a 1995 Kawasaki Kx100 2 stroke, and its never ever had a single issue for the time that i've owned it which is over a year. Recently with the weather becoming colder approaching winter in Australia, the bikes been really really un-happy. First i noticed that is wouldnt start like it used to so i was like no issues, probably just the colder weather, then while riding it i realized it would bog out at full throttle, like a blubwubwubwub kinda bog. After a bit of tinkering i cleaned out the carb and stuff and tried to tune it, i came accross a different issue, now basically when im riding and i get to like 4th gear, all the sudden the bike will rev out really high and ill loose all power. Then i upshift into 5th and it will be good for a second then rev out and i loose power again. Ive checked everywhere for air leaks and all that and i cant find any. is my air adjustment screw letting in too much air? and in the case of the bog at full throttle should i maybe go down a size on the main jet. Lastly theres another issue lol. when i start it it will idle for a second and then rev its guts out. Please help me, next step is to get a brand new carb i think.
  2. Jesse T. Groth-kennard

    2stroke kx250 brakes

    so im rebuilding my bike again as you can see in the before and now pics, im a creature of habit and when i ride i mostly use the front brake because of years on a street bike, im thinking i want to tie the front and rear brake both to the front brake handle and still have the separate rear pedal just like on my 2014 artic cat 4x4 atv, and if it is possible to do by stacking the banjo fittings or would i need a brake bias to make it work rite, if so any ideas on this ridiculous idea?
  3. Omer Aviani

    2stroke KTM sx150 or sx125 ???

    Hey so I’ve decided I want to move up from my crf150rb to a new 2 stroke and one problem I’ve had is deciding whether if I should get the ktm 150 or 125 and which is better for me I’ve listed my size and experience below and I’d love if you’d help me with my decision I’m 15 yrs old weight around 140 and 5’8 not much 2 stroke experience it will take time to get used to I’ve been riding for around 2.5 years now and I want a bike that’ll have good low end top end so I can learn and get used to the bike and I want to pick the best one for me either then sx125 or sx150 leave your opinions below thanks!
  4. I recently bought a yz85 in great condition it just needed some carburetor work (the float needle did not seat properly). Now that that's fixed, I have a question. The bike is an '06 and the owner said "yeah it's still on the stock piston probably only has about a hundred hours on it" I cringed when he said this. But, nevertheless, I took a test ride and decided to buy the bike. When I kick it over, the compression is average for an 85 and it starts 2nd or 3rd kick cold and first kick warm. When riding it, there are no strange noises and I can hear no piston slap or anything out of the ordinary (listen to it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx0VislGsg4&t=4s). I know a top end rebuild is a must on these 2 strokes so how has this bike lasted 12 years and still sounds like it's new? It doesn't bog, the only thing I have noticed is that it will hesitate while taking off sometimes when it's hot. I know I'm going to get the average "PUT A NEW TOP END IN IT NOW" 2 stroke guru, but is it really necessary? I have not taken the cylinder off yet but I put my finger over the spark plug hole and kicked it over and it has enough pressure to lift my finger but it's also really oily in there (oil ring left on my finger). So, what do you guys think? Does she got a few more hours or does it need a new piston ASAP?
  5. anthonyquags12

    Clutch problems

    Hey guys, jut did a bottom end on my 04 yz 250, and the clutch won't engage. What I mean by this is it will start in neutral, and once I drop it into first (with the ever pulled) it stalls out. When I depress my clutch lever the actuator is fully engaged, so I don't see that being the issue, I've read that sometimes after you take out or put in clutch plates they stick because oil hasn't flowed through the plates all the way yet. I'm at a loss, any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance
  6. Hi everyone. I pick up a running road legal Cr500r supermoto. First day I had it I got the kick process bang on all ran fine, decided to rebuild the engine after I sore the state of the cylinder and rings. It's been rebuilt with 99% Honda parts and now it's all together I have no spark. Been trying most of this year to find out what's happening. I done all the tests by Haynes and it come back fine. After a clean up of grounds (frame wasn't repainted) and connectors different sparks I decided to replace the ignition parts cheapest thing first. Now I've had a new ecu, stator rewind (shop test shows it needed doing), new coil pack, new spark boot, new plugs and got the pick up tested while it was rewound and it's still coming back ok but I don't seem to be getting any spark. I closed the air gap between the pick up and stator to .01" so it's definitely picking up. My hour meter is reading the starts but I still have zero spark. If anyone can give me anymore advice as I'm about to pull my hair out. All ohms tests are in the middle of where they need to be and it was sparking before the rebuild, weak but still good enough to run the bike. I've been on the Cr500r riders forum but not had many responses so I hope some one on here can give me some ideas of what to try next.
  7. Just wanted to share a video I saw recently of some guys riding their two strokes. Videos like this help me get through the winter haha!
  8. Hey all, let me get right to the point, basically for the past couple years I've had this bike, it hasn't been running right. It tends to start well, and has a decent amount of power for a 200+ lb kid on it, but once I attempt to hit the top of the power band, it tends to cough and sputter like it's choking. When I recently checked to carb to jet it, I realized ALL but one of the Jets are missing. I've checked the reed valves, they seem to be in great shape... However, today (it is a warm day) it ran great for a while, after topping off the oil and running with the choke half on, this bike also leaks oil, but I'm almost convinced that this is a jetting issue (being that they're missing) at this point, but I've also never put a top end in this bike. Thanks for any help, I'd just like to get an opinion on what you guys think. I know I'm all over the place btw, sorry for that
  9. XRFeller

    YAY more peewee Probs.

    Hello guys. I recently picked up a 2000 something PW80. I put on a new top end(jug,rings,piston,plug, etc.) and a new carb as the old one was thrashed and had stripped bolts galore. My problem is i get a gnarly bog at about half throttle in all gears except first (mostly because first winds out before i reach half throttle) and it smokes like a mother ***. Also lots of oil build up in exhaust, nearly dripping. a few things about the bike. holes in airbox, exhaust washer and silencer removed, new top end, carb, removed the autolube system. i have to admit the carb was 12$ haha but it was nearly an exact replica of the stock one as i could see from the pics. im guessing its running hella rich from the plugs and piston already having black build up. my friend has an 1985 pw 80 and i used his carb on mine and it did nearly perfect except for the top end bog a little so i knw its carb related but im not sure what steps i should take from here. Thanks in advance for taking the time folks.
  10. Hi guys, i have recently just bought a 2004 yamaha yz125, it has an athena 144cc big bore kit. The bike runs great! It has a loud knocking sound coming from top end but vibrates the clutch plate too. It speeds up when revved but goes quieter, also the sound dampens when the clutch is pulled in. The sound wasn't there when i bought the bike, then the knocking came after the second time of taking the bike out just up a lane. I have taken it out once to a proper track with this knocking sound and no problems or changes occured. By reading up it could be piston slap, but also many other problems. I don't know how long for sure the kit has been on the bike but the fella who i bought it from said "i think a year", but don't know of any care to the bike within that year because he was selling it for a friend. If any of you could help that would be great! And do i need to be majorly worried about this? Thanks
  11. QuinnEXC

    Running rich?

    Hello, I ride a 2002 ktm200exc and am having a couple of specific tuning problems. Before I get into that, I run 40:1 in the gas, my elevation is 5800', my main jet is a 170 and I believe my pilot is a 45. I'm running the blue needle from a JD Jetting kit, and I believe the clip is in the highest position but i'm not sure. My float is to spec. The first problem iv'e encountered is that the bike will not reach peak rpms until 4th gear. The second is that the spark plug is too dark and too much oil comes out of the exhaust. I'm not sure what to adjust since I already dropped the main from a 180 to a 170. Thanks, Quinn.
  12. Hello! Jan from Frez Productions here I have just finished a video about 2-stroke lubrication holes. Im a member on many different dirt bike forums and I often see questions about 2 stroke lubrication holes. Many people know little about this and some shake their heads then they hear drilling holes in a new piston. That’s why I decided to make this video. My goal was to cover every question about lubrication holes, exhaust bridges and drilling the holes yourself. This is actually the only video about this topic on Youtube. I hope you learn why you need to drill these important holes. I would be glad if you could share this video to someone you know needs a little more information about lubrication holes. Hope you like the vid! Thanks All best Jan / Frez Productions P.S. my English is not the best but I hope you understand what I say, lol!
  13. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    What bike is best? YZ vs CR

    Hello, The question that I see alot of people asking all over the internet. some think one way others say the other, but what I get from it, It depends on what riding your doing and where. So I would like your opinion, would it be better for me to get a YZ125 or a CR125 im 5'7'' and somewhere around 120 to 130 pounds. Im going to be doing mostly woods and trail riding. I am also looking at other bikes but this is just between the CR and YZ 125. Thanks
  14. Thtyzguy

    Getting rid of spray paint

    When I bought my bike from my previous owner he had to horrible spray paint job on it, i'm just starting to get around to it and i really dont wanna take the engine out to repaint it (there is also remains of paint the the engine cover that I want to get off). Its a steel frame yz125 and i was wondering if anyone can help me get rid of the because if I take the engine out it will never go back in. Thanks
  15. AaronJ123

    KTM 200 making weird noises

    Hello everyone, So about a week ago I was riding when my bike seized. I brought it home and took of the cylinder. Nothing seemed damage, I checked crank bearings, piston bearings, everything I could without splitting cases, and so I just cleaned everything and put it back together. When I start it, it seems to have more "resistance" however I didn't replace the piston so I shouldn't have m,ore compression. When it starts it makes a terrible sound like engine knock but I checked the crank bearings. The sounds is loud and clunky. If I let the bike go into low RPMs it just dies and almost seizes. Any ideas would be great otherwise Ill bring it into a shop. Thank you!
  16. kclark22

    2003 cr125 powervalve issues

    I just bought a 2003 cr125 and when i rode it for the first time it wasnt running right at all. It wouldnt hit the powerband in first or 2nd gear at all. The rpms would come up and then it would just sputter and fall flat. It sounded terrible and i didnt have a clue what was wrong with it. I read a little about it and decided to take a look inside. I took the cover off the right side where the powervalve is and it seems as if the arm isnt even connected. Can somebody please help me get this issue fixed. I need step by step instructions on how to remove and fix the powervalve. Ive owned 2 strokes before but ive never rebuilt one. Ive always had my dad there to help me and now that ive grown up, im on my own. Any help would be appreciated. I can also post pics if anyone needs to see what im talking about. Someone Please help me
  17. brianreed62

    Looking to Advance

    Hello all, new to the forum here and I'm excited to get my first post up. I am currently faced with the issue of progressing as a rider. I am 5'9" 155lbs and have been riding for about 4 years now. I currently own a 08 Honda crf230l and would say that I do mainly trail riding and enduro. I do commute to work occasionally but I wouldn't say that I absolutely need the street legal half, although it is convenient at hell. However I am at the point where I feel that I would progress much more as a rider with a different bike, for I feel that what I have isn't quite geared towards what I am doing. The bike almost feels heavy a lot of the time when riding and pretty unstable, especially around bends and gnarly terrain. Hills are always a challenge but the bike can chug its way up. I wouldn't say I'm a super aggressive rider, I'd say moderately aggressive, but then again that may be because of what I'm riding. Maintenance is no issue, I've been around the block and have been able to manage anything the Honda threw at me so I'm not really worried about that. My price range is anything under $3000 I was initially thinking about getting a trials bike to hone my skills in but now I'm thinking that I may just want to save my money and move toward a 2 stroke enduro bike, maybe something along the lines of 200 exc . I just don't want to have too much power and be out of control on the tight trails. I would consider a 4 stroke but from the research I've done, a 2 stroke with a heavier flywheel weight set-up is the best route, but I've never ridden one and don't know a ton about 2 strokes. Any thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Whether you're a seasoned wrench who justs wants to compare notes or a top-end rebuild No0b, here's a great article on the subject, including pics. Give it a read, share any comments in the comment section, and share with an any 2 stroke ridin' buds that might benefit from it. https://thumpertalk.com/articles/how-to-rebuild-the-top-end-in-your-two-stroke-r878/
  19. Jezamire

    2002 rm125

    Hey guys. My yz 99 deal turned out to be a 96 deal. So decided to look elsewhere and came across a very neat rm125 2002 model. Has fresh top and bottom rebuild. New clutch cable and throttle cable. I love the look of it minus the pipe whats your thoughts? And any ideas on updating the look?
  20. I want to restore a 1996 cr80 that doesn’t have any graphics and absolutely love the 1994 cr125r tank shroud graphics, I can’t seem to find anything that fits the cr80 with those graphics. I found one last week but lost the page and couldn’t track it down again, do the cr125r graphics fit the cr80 tank shrouds? or does anyone know where someone could make them for cheap or know about any in Australia
  21. Wescrf

    Is my cr500 running hot?

    I installed a pro Circuit heat strip on the cylinder of my cr500 and was wondering what should my operating temp be or what should the strip be reading, if any of y’all have installed these on your 2 strokes the help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. idratherberiding

    2 Stroke Winter Jetting

    Just bought a 2007 YZ250, my first 2 stroke. Want to stud the tires and ride it through the winter. Elevation is about 300m above sea level. Temperature ranges 0 to -20 degrees Celcius. What should I jet it at for these temperatures? Do I change needle position also? Not sure what current jetting is, oil ratio is 32:1 and tons of spooge out the exhaust pipe. Thanks!
  23. yz_josh

    2000 kx 60 float issue

    Hi tt, i noticed an overflow of gas coming out of the carb so i checked it out. I assumed it was the float height do i tried to find the spec in the manual, but it is not there. Can anyone tell me that the spec is? or what they run theres at. Also please let me know if it could be caused by something else. thanks
  24. Noahmd_10

    weird studder

    I just bought a 2004 ktm 125sx and it is a very clean bike. I have ridden it only a few times and i noticed a weird studder or kind of bog when in mid to high rpms and the bike cuts out for a second and then cuts back in a split second. I cant figure out what it is doing this. I keep air filter clean, new spark plug, good gas. I use an NGK BR9es, the manual says to use NGk Br9evx. i have read it could be powervalve, jetting, maybe silencer packing, im not sure. please ask any questions, i really want to figure this out. thanks