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Found 19 results

  1. Saw a local ad selling a 2008 CRF230L for $675. He says bike was running great before he put it in storage a few years ago, now it just won't start. Ad says the battery holds a charge, electric start didn't turn bike over, and push start did turn the bike over but didn't start it. I'm a newb, so i'm thinking this could be a good starter bike. This could be a simple fix. Worse case scenario...aren't the parts worth at least what he's asking? Any incite would be appreciated, thanks! - EGun
  2. Hello everyone, I recently dual sported my 2003 230f. I have the tusk universal kit and it’s been working great. A while before I got the kit I installed a polisport headlight, but very rarely used it. After trying to ride the bike at night I am realizing how poor the light output is for this headlight. I have not done anything to the stator on the bike (which I believe stock is 65w) so I am wondering if the 35w light combined with the dualsport kit is pulling too much power? I’m thinking the light is just a poor quality unit. The dualsport kit is all led, so it shouldn’t draw much. I also have a brand new battery with only a few runs. Does anyone know of an led bulb for this headlight assembly? I’ve searched but couldn’t find a replacement bulb. Below is the link to the light. Thank you. https://www.motosport.com/product/?adpos=1o1&cc=us&creative=281128749095&device=m&gclid=CjwKCAiAyfvhBRBsEiwAe2t_i4qc2K4Ut07Hpjin4aZ0agzsZA1VHvf0E-WKd1AllOVMqO3Ge_eITBoCXigQAvD_BwE&key=Polisport-MMX-Headlight&matchtype=&mrkgadid=3301756201&mrkgcl=500&network=g&product_id=PLS001I-X001-Y001&psreferrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&pssource=true&rkg_id=0&segment=badger
  3. Finally figured out that fork Seal Savers don't solve a problem I have. On the other hand, they don't protect against a problem I do have (stanchion impact protection) and cause a new problem (stanchion grinding right in the seal zone). Pic here illustrates the issue: http://bit.ly/2VLHdum Once again, BTR made a few comments that made me start thinking... why am I using these things? Done with them. Back to conventional boots.
  4. A very clean one, ridden by an old guy.
  5. You guys that ride with Mike in Baja know his 270 stroker. He took off alone told me if I don't come back in 4 hours you know where to look. Of course he did not have credit on his cl phone to call me. He ditched bike had to remove chain as locked up tight. Lucky walked only 20 min to rancho kind Mexican man let him use phone. Off I go with helper driving bronco in the thick mud follow his track easy about 5 miles out. Put bike in back WOW what went bad. Main Shaft broke in half he has not split case yet . So the big question anybody ever do that? I think his bike 05 or 06 it was thrashed when he got it . Lots of street beating it to death. It has case damage on Clutch side but he thinks can fix it. Will report when case split. My stroker has over 10 times the use his has but I started with a 230 as new 03.
  6. Anyone running them? I am now. Any feed back?
  7. My little 230 is really sorted out and I have really found my groove in our last few rides. We have been riding some ‘secret’ very technical and flowing single track lately with a group of very fast A and B level riders, all on full sized race bikes including KTM300s, Husky 259F, YZ250Xs, YZ450Fs, and me on my little girls bike. With the new additions of the XR400 forks, the super gummy IBEX tires, perfect power delivery, and my newfound level of confidence, I have been promoted to group leader of our riding group. Everything seems to be working extremely well and I have a very well coordinated suspension and engine package. My riding buddies are very suspicious of my little girls bike, and are having a hard time accepting that this bike works so well. I was recently quizzed on power output, and when I speculated that my engine combo is around 20HP, I was then accused of being a flat out liar. I think 20HP is a good estimate for these engines with moderate upgrades including 6mm stroke, 67mm piston, ported head, ST2.5 cam, PWK carb, procom ignition, pro circuit exhaust. Anyone care to speculate?
  8. Going to be looking at ordering a camshaft for my 230, had my heart set on an ST1.5. Does anybody know if Terry Miller is back and responsive?
  9. What would be the optimum header pipe size for these 2-8mm stroked motors we love so much? I run a exhaust fabrication business on the side out of my shop at home. Been doing this for about 8 years now and have a few connections as far as getting things mandrel bent in 304 stainless. I may be able to put us together a custom stroker header for these motors. The stock pipe is 1” ID and I understand 1.25” or even 1.5” may be better but you dont want to kill the lowend either. Some of you guys who have tested this what is your input?
  10. It works so well but could be better in the whoops. I am 6'2'' and 250 pounds without gear, after watching Dakar I realize it is best to keep it "Non Adjustable"
  11. ARIZONA RIDE CAMP 2020 Proposed dates 3 to 7 February 2020 west of Phoenix for the best winter singletrack in North America. Trails range from easy to extreme, with lots of intermediate. There are also extensive ATV and 4X4 roads in the area. February temperatures are typically 50s to 70s during the day, occasional rain or even brief snow is possible. Bring your XR, CRF, or whatever you want to ride. Informal and self-organizing. Participants will be responsible for all their own logistics and safety: travel, water, food, waste disposal, etc. Base camp will be out in the dez, approximately 15 miles from nearest services. Nothing there but scenery and singletrack. No shade, no water, no trash cans, no toilets. Pack it in, pack it out including solid waste. Leave no trace. RVs are popular but tents work fine too. Nearest motels and other services are in Wickenburg, AZ about 20 minutes away https://goo.gl/maps/iTBrSJ2mFAp PHX airport is one hour away. Dirt bike rentals are available from multiple vendors---including at least one with near-stock CRFs. RV rentals are widely available. Save the link above to Google Maps, mark your calendar, and prepare to roll to winter singletrack heaven in 2020! Questions?
  12. The manual says to check valves every 600 miles. I try to be diligent about maintenance but in this case there was a slight... lapse... and there were 3700 miles on the clock. Oops. Anyway I checked and adjusted. Highly recommend the Bikers Choice tool. Details and pix here: http://bit.ly/2Rp70Kc How often do people check their valves and what do you find in terms of gaps?
  13. Just got a YSS MZ366-380TRL-08 shock for the 230F from Brook Suspension in the UK. Cost about C$475 by the time it was in my hand. Installed but haven't ridden it yet (conditions are miserable) but here are my findings so far: - Shock looks well made. - Supposed to be 60 rebound adjustment positions but seems to be only 36. Rebound damping seems extremely light but I've only been bouncing on it in the shop. I've got an email into Brooks to ask about this. I'd heard from another vendor that there was a whole shipment of defective units. I'm hoping I don't have one of those. - Rebound damping adjustment seems to affect compression as well as rebound (again, only determined from bouncing on the seat in my shop). - Shock is length adjustable (10mm) for ride height BUT it needs to be maxxed out to achieve stock ride height. Slightly disappointing in that I was hoping to use this adjustment to raise ride height in the event that I upgrade front forks to longer travel units. Stock eye-to-eye length is 385mm; the YSS will adjust from 375mm to 385mm. Will be a great option if you want to lower your bike but no help if you want to raise it. - Shock does not come set to stock length. I recommend measuring your unladen height before putting in the shock. I had the shock in and out several times to get the ride height back to stock. - Shock is over 2 lbs. lighter than stock (!yippee!).
  14. I read the scale wrong and it finally let me edit the title of the post. It’s actually 65 lbs 273cc 69.5 x 72
  15. Hi folks Is there anyone who has already tested the 340/402 and the St 1.5 cam and who could tell me where is the big difference between both? I know the ST cam series is an upgrade of the 340 / 402 of Terry Miller's cams. But since the exhaust lobe of my ST 1.5 is worn prematurely I'm really disappointed I liked this cam a lot but I wonder if I should not have changed to 340/402? I have never heard anyone on this site who had lobe problems with the 340/402 or if so I would like to know.
  16. Where are the originals today? 1. http://toneconsultant.tripod.com/ 2. https://crf230fmods.wordpress.com/
  17. My 230f is primarily used for Supermoto on cart tracks, and occasionally tt track/dirt. I am in the process of an upgrade while the motor is apart for a transmission issue. A buddy who is a mechanic is helping me with the project. Here is a rundown of the plan: - Athena 67mm Cylinder/Piston kit (currently stock) - Web cam 282 (per Web's recommendation for mid/top end) - Head will be ported at shop my buddy recommends - still deciding on carb, but considering Engines Only 30mm carb/intake setup (currently stock Jetted 120 main, no snorkle) - Still deciding on exhaust, but leaning towards Pro Circuit Full System (currently stock/no baffle) - CDI Box? (currently stock) Anything I am missing? Appreciate any thoughts on the project. Thanks Mixxer and btr for PM help. Thanks! Carlo
  18. I am wanting to change my gearing on my 2015 Honda CRF-230F. It is stock with the 13-50 sprockets. I did the jetting using a 120 main, 45 slow, 03-05 needle on 4th clip, CRFs Only fuel screw airbox top removal and a DG R Series round slip on exhaust. That helped a lot and really made a difference. Now I need to figure out the best gearing. I ride mostly on single track trails and a few logging roads in the mountains of North Carolina. There are plenty of hill climbs, stream crossings, off camber trails, mud holes, logs and rocks. I use 2nd gear the most with the stock gearing. I can sometimes use 3rd gear on some of the trails and rarely use 4th, 5th, or 6th gears unless I am on open logging roads or dirt roads. I have thought about going to a larger rear sprocket like 13-51, 13-52 or 13-53 gearing so I can use 3rd gear more. I also would like to be able to lift the front wheel easier going over obstacles and doing wheelies. Is there any clearance problems with the chain guide using larger rear sprockets? I know a 12T front is cheaper and easier to change, but I think it might be too low and also I know it does cause more wear on the chain. I usually just take off in 2nd gear now with the stock 13-50 gearing. 1st gear very low and is only good for trials type riding, real technical trails, very steep hills and riding up rocky mountain streams. I also thought about trying a 14T or 15T front with the 50T rear, I read online that some people recommend to do that and really liked the performance. Then I could use 1st and 2nd gear and not have to shift as much. I am really confused on the best set up for my CRF-230F, any help, opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated. I did the jetting using a 120 main, 45 slow, 03-05 needle on 4th clip, CRFs Only fuel screw airbox top removal and a DG R Series round slip on exhaust. That helped a lot and really made a difference. I put a set of Michelin S12 XC tires on it. Now I just need to figure out gearing. Then I will start on improving the suspension next. I really like this Honda CRF-230F, it reminds me a lot of my 1973 Honda XR-75 I had when I was a kid, it is just a bigger version.
  19. I know there was a thread awhile back having to do with ideas on quieting the bike down but I couldn't find it. One of them was a piece of 90 degree radiator hose which I am going to try but I'm wondering what if any are the downsides? Any performance issues? I think I remember mixer made a comment that wasn't favorable? Could be wrong about that. Maybe he was just kidding?