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Found 33 results

  1. I need a separating rod for my clutch and can't seem to find the part anywhere. Idk what to do. Help!!
  2. Brandon Swan


    From the album: Brandon Swan

  3. BadcaseofTB

    Where does this part go?

    I missed tracking where this little top hat came out of in my 2011 kx450f. Was thinking clutch or right side engine cover. Any help would be appreciated I can’t seem to find it in the manual.
  4. Gandoolf

    Unusual clutch problem

    I've had this '84 xr350 for over a year now and I still haven't ridden it. I've had a myriad of issues with it and after I've fixed the clutch I think it'll be in riding condition. This bike has had a rough life and the people who have worked on it haven't exactly been kind to it, or maybe they just had no idea what they were doing. The issues with the clutch have been there the whole time I've owned it. At first the clutch was extremely difficult to pull in, it wouldn't budge after the free play in the lever. I cleaned out the cable and still had the same issue. I drained the oil and took the case cover off and took a look at the basket, the plates were all stuck together and seem to be covered in a thick brown sludge, I carefully separated them using a flat aluminium bar. I took off the spring retainer and the springs and found that the inner part of the basket was fused to the outer part, I worked at them until they spun separately, they're still quite tough to spin though. I saw that the main nut holding the clutch assembly together has some dings in it and there's even a corner of it broken off. I don't have a 27mm socket so I can't take it off and fully disassemble the clutch right now. I put the springs back on and tightened them down with the retainer and noticed that if it's all snugged up the springs are almost completely compressed and once I replaced the side cover there was freeplay through the whole clutch until the end where it's really hard to pull and only has a tiny bit of movement and the clutch wouldn't engage. I took it all apart again and loosened the spring retainer so the springs weren't so compressed and put it back together, the clutch felt far better, like a normal clutch, it still didn't engage though. I'm at a bit of a loss. Do I have the wrong springs in there? maybe there are supposed to be spacers so the bolts don't clamp the springs down as far? Has anyone else had similar issues?
  5. Supermotofool

    Clutch Engaging

    I recently did my clutch.. Now in order for me to shift from gear into neutral, I have to be moving slowly and rev it a little with the clutch in order for it to pop into neutral. I have tried adjusting my cable for over 2 weeks now and if I have it adjusted enough so it will go into neutral standing still, it slips when I give it full throttle in gear. When I have it adjusted so that it does not slip, I have the issue getting into neutral. When I first did the clutch, I used 3 old springs and 3 new springs evenly. I went back through my clutch yesterday and replaced with all new springs, made sure that my basket had no bad grooves in it, and I made sure all of the plates were in order with the service manual. I also ensured myself that the pivot lever where the cable hooks up at the motor is in the correct position. I have absolutely no clue what it could be.. does anyone else have some hints on something else I could look into? Thanks guys!
  6. tal samiya

    2013 crf250x clutch cover

    Does the crf250x share engines with any other hondela bike? I am looking for a clutch cover but the only ones I can find are recluse or Hudson. I would like to find one off a junk bike but not sure which other bike engines I can look at. A list would help a lot. Thanks
  7. yz_ripper

    99 RM250 Stuck in Neutral

    Hi everyone! I'm the original owner, it's been a good 20 years just about and this bike has been flawless, but alas, i'm at a loss Doing a routine oil change, i start the bike up, ride it around 1st gear a bit, make sure the engine is warm, park it in neutral, shut her down. I change the oil, start her up and she wont click into 1st or 2nd. No matter what, rocking, pulling up hard, bike on/off, its definitely stuck in neutral, the shift lever moves fine, but no "clicking". So, I popped the clutch cover, things look fine, but definitely noticed some deep notching on the basket (replacing obviously). I get the basket off, the gearing seems fine, things move as i think they should, but now while pulling up on the shifter, i hear "clicks" like it's going into gear. The problem is i dont know enough about what i should be looking at and trying? So even though it clicks, and i move it up say into what i think is 4th gear... if i spin the rear tire, it still spins freely like it's in neutral, is that supposed to be the case or should it be impossible to spin the rear tire? Secondly, when starring at the case, i have 2 gears to the left, the main shaft in the middle, below that, the shifting mechanisms, and to the right i believe the pump gear. Again, it appears things are moving ok, but i dont know what i should be testing or looking for that's not normal. Hope i was detailed enough, i can send some photos if helpful. I called the dealership i bought it from, they asked me if things looked align? Thanks, Artie
  8. Speed gonz

    Clutch adjustment issues?

    Hey I’ve been having the issue where when I have the clutch pulled and in gear when I kick start the bike it acts like it’s in gear even tho I have the clutch pulled so I usually resort to starting it in neutral. Also when coming in to a stop 1st gear it won’t want to come to a stop it will want to roll like its idling in gear. I adjusted it with success and took it for a test drive and came back with the same issue. Did some more adjusting got it right but I don’t want to have to do this every time. just wondering what I could do to make this right?. Thanks.
  9. ThatE30GUY

    YZ85 Clutch Spring Torque

    Hey guys, I bought this YZ85 and came to realise the clutch wasnt working, so I drained the oil (Jet black) and pulled the plates out and cleaned them. I assumed finding a torque wrench would be easier than it has been. Does anyone know how to torque the clutch springs to spec without a wrench? Any insight helps.
  10. roleyrev

    Clutchless Shifting

    Hi all, I've just worked out that the ECU that I have used on my bike allows for a clutchless shift input (yes my DRZ). One assumes this means a switch or stain gauge connected to the gear shifter to allow the ECU to cut spark and/or fuel at the precise moment that a gear change is taking place. Does anybody have any experience with this type of shifting on a motorbike and is it worth the pursuit of installation?
  11. Chris Edwards

    05 crf 80 shifting help

    so I bought my daughter and 05' CRF 80, It started and ran fine a few times and now she has a hard time shifting into second. I wrode it a few times and trying to get into second gear you definitely don't hear the typical click over and any feel it flip I to 2nd and going up from first to second and it takes a few times of fidgeting with it to get it into gear, all the other gears seem to be fine. took it all apart everything seems to look fine but I really don't know what I'm looking at, with the clutch cover off I was able to run through all the gears but put back together with fluid in it still no go any suggestions??
  12. Brandon Swan


    From the album: Brandon Swan

  13. 04 honda crf70 when I start it , it makes a loud clicking noise ( maby kickstart gear) then it grinds in every gear and wont move , I've pulled the side cover off , took the clutch apart . Everything looks just fine . Other than that the motor runs good just wont move and makes noise
  14. Gary_01YZ250

    2002 RM125 Clutch Issue

    I have a RM125 and it has had consistent clutch issues since I purchased it. It seemed like the cable was worn. You couldn't adjust it properly where the lever had a slight looseness and a slight two finger pull engaged the clutch. You had to pull the lever all the way to the bar. I replaced the clutch cable without much improvement. I just installed a new cable(in case the previous new cable was bad) and new plates. Still the same problem. I am about the tear into the engine and take the basket off looking for some type of damage. Maybe start replacing components if I can't find some sort of witness mark. Any suggestions before I spend more money would be very helpful.
  15. Recently picked up an ‘03 450 sxf and took it up to the trails without any issues. However recently I rejetted the carb and since then the bike stalls out when I pull the clutch in fully. I’ve adjusted the clutch cable and that didn’t seem to fix it and also reinstalled the original jet. The bike also feels like the engine is braking when no throttle is applied even in higher gears. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi, I stupidly assumed the clutch line takes mineral oil, and I flushed the system with it instead of DOT brake fluid. Went for a a couple of rides and now the clutch has no pressure and the master cylinder rubber inner cap is all deformed. It appears that the mineral oil ate up the seals. Anyone knows where to get just those seals? without needing to buy the entire rebuild kit? Any advice on rebuilding is also highly appreciated. Thanks
  17. So every time I ride my 2003 RM 125 I put my bike into first gear slowing down and I put the clutch in all the way it still stalls. What could it be
  18. I put a new clutch hub and inner basket on my 01yz250 and I don't think the clutch hub is going far enough in to allow for the locking clip to for over the shaft. It seems like the basket is not far enough in. Notice picture 4) that shows the inner hub almost flush to the spines on the shaft. There should be some exposed spines so I can slide the clip, picture 3) over it, to then bend the clip next to the nut. Is there a reason why there's not enough clearance?
  19. My 04 YZ450f clutch works fine when bike is running in all gears, but when bike is off when I pull the clutch In while bike is in gear nothing happens, I’m new to T4s but I don’t think this is normal
  20. Fanga Dagen

    Clutch Diagnosis

    If I sit on flat ground in 1st gear with the clutch all the way in the bike still wants to roll forward like its still slightly in gear. Any ideas on the problem, or how to fix it?
  21. Justinhaefemeyer

    1993 cr250r clutch actuator

    I was going to replace my clutch cable on my cr250r and the clutch arm on the actuator has some free play but not enough to be able to put on the new cable. Is there something I'm missing when I took the old cable off?
  22. Hey everyone, After noticing my clutch was starting slip several weeks ago I decided to buy a replacement kit from Tusk (Competition Plates & Springs) and hope that a fresh install would fix my problem. I have installed this very same kit in my bike about two years ago without any issue (that I can remember), so I figured this would be a pretty quick fix as long as the clutch basket wasn't damaged. I opened the clutch cover up and after not noticing any unusual wear or damage inside, I installed the new clutch plates and springs without issue. After I put the bike back together I noticed my clutch lever pull felt extremely light, and that no matter how much I pumped the lever it would not build any pressure. So, I reverse bled my clutch and regained a normal-ish clutch pull. However, after starting the bike up and shifting in to gear it immediately started trying to roll away (I had the brake covered), and I found it extremely difficult to shift gears at this point. While this is going on I also started to notice a lovely burning smell coming from my clutch so I shut the bike off, and re-did everything I mentioned above from reinstalling plates to bleeding the clutch. The result when I started it up again was the same and at this point I am out of ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this issue? Thanks in advance. Smallen
  23. Iceburg41

    Ktm projunior 50 lc

    I replaced the clutch in my sons ktm projunior 50 lc should it be able to kick over and roll with out trans fluid in it
  24. Blake Zimmerman

    Clutch Bearing Help

    I have recently been having some issues with a clutch on my 250 and I believe it is due to a bearing seated before the thing that comes out and threads with the clutch pulley deal. Sorry don't have the manual. But Im wondering the the pressure plate should be replaced as well.
  25. Hello, I have a 2001 YZ250 and I'm having issues with my bike rolling forward while my clutch is engaged. Should I be troubleshooting the clutch handle, cable or the basket? Thank you in advance, I really need the help