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Found 1,580 results

  1. ColoradoJax

    Colorado Booby traps in Rampart

    Received this via email... but I can neither confirm nor deny it's validity. Anyone have any additional info on this or seen any signs of malicious activity? Ride aware!
  2. Hey guys, Me and a buddy are headed to Taylor Park the first week of September to do some trail riding all that week. We're staying at the cabins there at the reservoir. Wanted to see if anyone else would be there that either wants to tag along with us or would let us tag along with you. My buddy has been going up there with a big group from Oklahoma for a long time but hasn't been in years and I have never been to this area of the Gunnison National Forest. Also, if none of you guys will be in the area, send along any recommendations for trails that we should hit or any we should stay away from. Thanks ahead of time! Jonathan
  3. morphrider

    Colorado Rampart snow amount?

    I know we have so far had a dismal amount of snow overall in the city. Up my way by the Berthoud track we have around 6". Does anyone know what the trails are looking like down Rampart way? I just have my Raptor all dialed in and I want to play. Planning ahead here since it will be next Sunday when we head down. I will be asking later in the week as well and I will have my son call up to his mother, who lives up there and ask, so I will even post what I find out on that perspective.
  4. Hi guys, First of all I am new here and very new to the dirt bike scene hence this last minute question. I own a 2011 YZ450F and I am going riding with some friends this weekend in Taylor park Colorado. My bike will be fine seeing as thought it has fuel injection. My other 2 friends, one has a 2006 KX250F and the other fried has a 2001 YZ250 2 stroke. We are all pretty new to this but do enjoy having some fun once in a while. So about a year ago I took the one friends yz250 with my other friends kx250F to Taylor park which altitude is about 7500 - 10000ft and the bikes ran like crap!. The 2 stroke ran better than the 4 stroke but both bogged and had almost no power at all. We are getting ready to again and I was honestly hoping someone could tell me what jets we would need for these two bikes at this altitude? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. dadat40


    My son and I are going to our first national race, Thunder valley round. Is it ok to bring a cooler with snacks and drinks?
  6. YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/G0MVWxMGb6M Seat Time Adventures is a journey riding dirt bikes with the crazy people who put the Seat Time webshow together. If this gets your passion for riding dirt bikes to 11, you need to sign up for the Seat Time Adventures Newsletter and plan on joining us for STA3.0 in 2017. We had a badasss time and we hope you enjoy the epic video we out together!!!
  7. hello all, long time lurker first post. i bought a xt350 without a title for $300 from a buddy. when i checked out it started easily and ran fairly well. it has about 3500 miles on it and seems in pretty good shape once i got it warmed up i noticed the idle was turned way up and didn't run at high RPMs until i had taken it a a couple blocks. so heres my problem: i'll get it started and let it warm up. it will idle just fine and rev up perfectly. but after i go about a quarter mile once i let off the gas and put it in neutral it will die. even if i dump the clutch and try and let it start with the rolling power it will die on me. it takes about 10 minutes to get it started again and it will do the same thing. i just disassembled the carb and it looks fairly clean but i don't know the most about these carbs. any ideas? thanks, cal
  8. Use at your own risk. If you want the Excel to check my work or input your own values email me at Phoenix27101@gmail.com. There is a very real possibly that some calculations were done in error; no one has checked my work as of now. All numbers were based on calculated values not actual values. Nonetheless, numbers should be in the ballpark. Made this spreadsheet/ chart to correct coolant for altitude to assure the same boiling temperature as stock. I wanted to retain the same coolant/ specific heat, and boiling overflow to stay within heat specifications of the engine, not mask overheating with different chemicals. This is not to say that a lower coolant temperature wouldn't be a better solution, but distilled water + inhibitors boil too quickly at my altitude. I was also curious as to how the altitude affected radiator efficiency.
  9. PMI IS CLOSED TO ALL USERS!!! My daughter and I went to PMI yesterday to ride. The "city park ranger" stopped us and told us to leave before we even unloaded. The word from him was until next Thursday, verbal warnings, starting Friday, they will start ticketing. I was told by this "ranger", $1000 fine and up to 1 year in jail if you are caught out there. This supposedly applies to ANYONE. If you are going to the dragstrip or road course run by Faast Motorsports, no issue as long as you are on the paved road. Time to have a talk with the city council. I will not state my actual opinion of the city leaders and of this "ranger" who was a J%$#^SS"! He acted like he couldn't wait for Friday so he could start issuing tickets. Is the city leadership thinking "cash cow" for the city of pueblo?
  10. Please post videos of some hard technical trails . It can be Desert or jungle or Mountains , Rocks, Mud, Dust .....Whatever you can figure from all over is fine. It doesn't have to be yours. Pass on one you have seen. I'll start with a newer vid from phaulgai on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/woodsrider117?feature=mhw4#p/f/37/AjZrJPfKLOI :banana:
  11. I have a friend with a son who just got a cr85rb big wheel. The kid wants to race and they dont know where there is a local race series for a beginner. Here in fla local tracks have saturday nite races. do they do this in CO or is there only the RMXA? just trying to help a friend. thanks for all the info.
  12. The AMA's website makes it easy http://capwiz.com/amacycle/issues/alert/?alertid=14647216&queueid=[capwiz:queue_id] Click on it, send it to all your friends!
  13. Steezy Badman

    Colorado Riding Sunday

    My dad, my friend, and I are all going riding on sunday! We will either hit 717 out of trout creek or go to rainbow falls and run 650. if you want to meet up tell me and we can ride. im a b-a rider and my dad and friend are c riders. just let me know. Ryan
  14. BrokenSpoke2

    Colorado Watkins Sunday?

    I can't make Berthoud for the HS this Sunday so I was thinking about Watkins instead. Anyone interested? The weather looks pretty good.
  15. Parking lot was full today, Rangers checking for stickers not good for some. South sides all dry and dusty. From CR 27 up to bull gulch and grave site is good. wet in places. Bull gulch 6061 has snow in the shade and wet in spots to the single track. From there on 6061 to the top at the cattle guard where 6040 begins is good. wet in the shaded areas at top. From the cattle guard to 6057 Is wet and muddy on the north facing slopes. A one hundred yard section still has 4-5 inches of snow. Warmer weather has made it very slick. From 6057, 6040 is dry until you get to the 6040A intersection. From there back to the top the trails are very muddy / slushy and large deep puddles of water. The trail looks more like a creek from the melting snow. From the top 6040 is dry back to Cr27. Didnt ride the west trails 6035 or 6056/6057.
  16. hey all - I am taking a friend out for her first trail ride to Rampart Range Thursday afternoon (around 3:30). I am assuming since it's her first time on a trail rather than a track, we'll keep it very easy going. Anybody else interested?
  17. Me, the misses, and pooch went for a ride in the truck today. Never been up Sugar Loaf to Switzerland Trail, so that was the destination to check it out. When we left, took the right to hwy 72. Along the way, I notice a trail on the left (332) and I look down the trail as I'm driving by. I see a hippie ass husband and wife dragging what looked like a 5 gallon bucket with a huge post in it, on to the trail and they dumped it laying down right in the middle of the trail to block it off. Yep....what the F? They had 3 unleashed dogs with them and there were no cars parked anywhere. They kept on walking on a foot trail away from trail 332. I assume they live up there and this was one of those eco-terrorist BS acts. The things you see when out for a nice drive on a Saturday.
  18. I'm from California and I'm going to Silverton on my vacation. I went to Telluride and Ouray last year (but didn't ride), so I know what to expect. I rented a Dual sport CRF250X for 8/12, in Silverton, and I want to do all the Loops around there, especially Black Bear pass (after seeing that Colorado 500 picture). Durango Man gave me this quick tip last year, but I couldn't get it done. It sounds good to me. I'd tweak it to include Black Bear, and start and finish in Silverton. "Ouray up Engineer and over to Lake City. Then Cinnamon to Silverton then up over Ophir Pass to Telluride and Imogene back to Ouray." I've been riding off road over 40 years, so I can handle almost any trail. I ride the "hard" loops of any dual sport ride without trouble. I'm out to have fun riding the best trails Colorado has to offer, but I'm not looking for an Erzburg Rodeo experience. Any advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. If anyone wants to ride with me or give me a tour, there's a free lunch in it (and some beers), and I'd try to reciprocate if you want to do NorCal. I want to start early and get a full day's ride in. Also, any tips about what to do and where to go if it rains. I've got the right gear, but I don't want to get hit by lightning (total bummer). Thanks, Toby
  19. If you are looking for a place to ride, come on over to Montrose or Grand Junction. The trail systems are excellent. Either Peach Valley in Montrose or Grand Valley OHV area. Heck, you could even come and ride in our hare scramble. Just get out and ride Regards, Thomas
  20. Ugly story - don't read before you eat. http://trailpartyvotersguide.blogspot.com/2011/01/gop-lobbyists-go-green-for-30-pieces-of.html
  21. Steezy Badman

    Colorado Rainbow Falls

    Hey guys and gals. I rode at "rainbow falls" today. I was surprised to find it had WAY less snow than 717. Like 717 I was not running studs:bonk: I took 650 all the way to the 3rd intersection with rampart and turned back. It was a great time, saw a lot of wild life and made many new tracks.
  22. FLYBRI70

    Colorado RMEC - Bennett enduro

    Would have asked on the RMEC website but couldn't log on. For the Bennett enduro it's listed as April 10th or 17th. Has one of these dates been finalized yet. I'm needing to know cause my 16 yo is here on spring break that week and if it's on the 10th might have tell his mom he won't be back until the 11th and take him to his first enduro. I'm wanting to get the plane ticket purchased within the next few days. Also does anyone know what the terrain (diffuculty) would be for him. Not sure if this is a first time enduro or has been run in the past...I know it's not been ran the last few years. Thanks in advance for any info:thumbsup:
  23. Who can give me a report of the conditions...I'm looking at going on Wed. late morning and want to bring my 5 year old daughter for her 2nd time riding ever. So I'm needing dry conditions at the pee wee track and around that general area. Thanks