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Found 1,203 results

  1. i got about $1000 extra on an insurance claim, can't make up my mind if i want to put it towards power or better handling. which one of these mods will make the most noticeable difference? this is for a 2001 S model that is used 99% for street use.
  2. I would like to add a steering stabilizer to my 1999 KTM 300. From what I have read the "scotts under mount stabilizer" is the best out there. Attached are two images: my current setup and my ideal setup. What exactly do I need to buy for this set up? Also I definitely want to change my brush guard mounting brackets to the "triple clamp mount style"
  3. so i bring in 2 triple clamps with steering stems in them and ask the guy at the service department what it would cost to press them out. He tells me he'll just tip the mechanic $20. Great, but when i get home i found out he had cut my bearings off. I called and they said that the service manual says to, but they'll cut me a deal and give me the bearing for $30 instead of $50. what so you guys think? is it possible to remove without cutting the bearing off? should i talk to the manager? I dont want to get this guy in trouble, but i think it could have been removed without cutting the bearing, and spending $50.
  4. Anyone who knows much about me knows how much I ride and love to ride. I ride some crazy single track up here in the mountains of BC, rip up the canyons on a modified GSXR, cruise and commute on a Victory Hammer and just bought a Custom Victory Cross Country, been riding for 40 years, had over 30+ bikes and lord help me if my riding days are over. Unfortunately my passion has turned on me and I've damaged the nerves in my hands and have muscle atrophy (muscle wasting) in both hands now which has temporarily halted any and all riding. My condition is hopefully reversible if doctors can find and repair the damaged nerves but this will happen over time and time will tell. So on this topic does anyone here know of a way to protect our hands from abuse while riding, especially extreme enduro? I've thought of padded gel grips or gloves or even gel inserts. I know that there will be negative parts to adding size to the grips but I need to do something. I already have a well built bike, Husaberg TE300 with soft mount risers and a great suspension etc so that isn't the fix. I need to isolate the bars from the palm of my hands so that when I start riding once more I don't re-injure my hands all over again. My specialist doctor told me that this condition is unlike most he sees and has only seen it in but a few cases of extreme downhill mountain bikers. Typical issues of this sort are carpel tunnel and other assorted wrist injuries but I'm the lucky guy with something different. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. What are people doing about running the flex bars and bark busters with dampers on YZ's. My KTM 350 has a sub mount so it's a non issue, however both my YZ's run top mounts.
  6. Yamahamaniac99


    what are the best hand guards? for years I have used cycra probends. Any ideas?
  7. What Pro Bend package works best with a 08 TE510. I want to mount to the triple clamp vs. the handlebars. There are two type side and front mount. Which one is right?
  8. I'm a top 5 ish 45 year old vet rider, I ride/race moto ususally a couple time a week with my 13 yr old during season and broke my 5th metacarpel (spell?) in my hand something wicked with a boxers type fracture, ligament/tendon damage w/bummer rehab. The crash was a pretty violent front wash out on a down hill off camber turn trying to make a pass and the outside of my hand just smashed into the ground still holding onto the throttle grip. Guess I'm looking for a little more protection from those or similar kind of hits but have been thrown over the bars before and could see my hand(s) getting caught on/in the hand gaurds and maybe having more problems? Any experience with them? Thanks!
  9. Ram Rod Yz 250

    Grip installs

    My buddy swears by red loctite to keep his grips from slipping, has anybody else had good luck with this??
  10. ThumperTalk

    Motion Pro Titan Throttle Tube

    1 review

    Designed for the rigorous demands of motocross Tougher and more resilient than aluminum tubes Will not deform and seize upon a hard impact like aluminum tubes can No more DNFs due to bent or broken throttle tubes Proprietary low-friction material provides smooth operation and eliminates galling No irritating and uncomfortable vibration like aluminum tubes Higher performance than aluminum tubes at a much lower cost Cannot be used with bar end mounted hand guards
  11. 1 review

    Features threaded on-the-fly mechanism for precise one-hand clutch cable adjustment Molded rubber cover wards off debris Teflon bushing allows the lever to twist on the handlebar instead of break off after a fall Select clutch perches come equipped with an integrated hot start lever to utilize the hot start feature on some 4-stroke models Assembles easily and uses stock clutch lever
  12. AdamgRM80

    Suzuki RM80 (1993)


    it sounds nice, and i like the fact that its a Six-Speed. huge upgrade from my mini scooter/mini bike thing. that thing sounded like it was gonna die at 20 MPH. but anyway, i really like my RM80.
  13. ThumperTalk

    Dubach - Dr D Hot Start Kit

    1 review

    Makes finding the hot start button a quick process unlike the stock Yamaha setup Helps to keep from twisting the throttle when starting Allows the use of different clutch perches on Hondas where the stock setup is part of the clutch perch
  14. Michael499

    Yamaha YZ250F (2015)


    Our mod bike. The C4MX motor pulls long and hard. It has plenty of torque. It turns very well. The suspension is great. It remains stable at speed. That quality is excellent.
  15. xcountryfreak

    Yamaha YZ250 (2006)


    06 YZ250 with Carbon fiber gas tank, CF chain guide, CF silencer and pipe guard. Stock powerplant and carb, stock valving in suspension. 2010 YZ450F swingarm, linkage, rear wheel, axle and brake carrier. 2010 Honda CRF450 front brake. Miscellaneous titanium nuts and bolts and Ti rear axle. Applied Racing 22 offset triple clamps. Last weighed in at 211.5 lbs with no gas.
  16. dukeryder

    Yamaha YZ250F (2006)


    Wish I bought a 250F years ago! Love this thing! I'm not a MX racer but a like light bikes for trail riding and the 250F works perfectly. The 250FX is probably where it's at, as this bike's gearing isn't quite wide enough for the fast/open stuff. Riding on some of the 2 track and roads near Moab UT I found myself pinned in 5th a lot. The suspension is great stock, the fork is a little on the stiff side for my liking but I'm swapping to lighter springs and will opt for a revalvle if it's still too harsh but for a MX bike it works really well as is on the trails.
  17. dsmguy

    Suzuki DR-Z400S (2001)


    super reliable, cheap 400$ a year plated and insured, fun and cool looking bike best under 400cc bike for the money!
  18. bc44

    Kawasaki KX85 (2017)


    It is really a 2018, really good bike for my son, it ripped right out of the showroom . Just whish it was easier to make it a big wheel version, like the earlier models, now that we have started converting it to a 112CC super mini.
  19. 1 review

    Machined and knurled 6061 billet aluminum Removable end cap allows handguard installation without the hacksaw Lightweight, removable cams are compatible with altered ratio throttle cams Better accuracy and more applications than the competition
  20. duner929

    Kawasaki KX250 (2005)


    Nearly a perfect bike for mx
  21. Have a 02 yz250f with stock clutch kit. It's way to stiff for my liking and adjustments aren't helping much. The lever is also broken at the end, which I like because it is perfect length for two fingers, but I'm definitely replacing it. I'm thinking about installing a hydraulic kit. Of course I've heard Magura's are the best around, worth the money?... Any other suggestions