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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I need your help, FAST. … Thanks in advance. Please check out this ad. … The seller tells me the third owner but the bike is only 2 yeas old and the miles are very low. https://austin.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2016-suzuki-drz400sm/6604761265.html … I cannot think of any reason that a bike would have 3 owners in that short time. … The current owner swears it's all good. … One other strange thing is that it is claimed to have the 3x3 mod and to have been jetted but it has the stock exhaust, which would restrict and nullify these mods. … He is supposed to call me back with the VIN#, later today. … USED DRZs are as rare as hen's teeth, in this neck of the woods and I want one. … The seller also has a foreign accent, which makes me think he is some sort of "trader". … I am also worried about some sort of VIN#-bait-n-switch scam … Note that this ad was posted more than one week ago, so, no other buyers, in that time. Any thoughts or advice ? … Should I bail ? … I need to make a decision, today. … How do I verify that everything is kosher? … Are there any known scams where they switch the bike or the paperwork ? … Where else should I post this request for information? Thank you all for your responses. https://austin.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2016-suzuki-drz400sm/6604761265.html
  2. 123456789

    MRD Z-Pro Install Question

    Just installed the MRD Z-pro on my 2014 DRZ 400 SM today. The install went smoothly enough. However, when I took my bike out for some quick braps, the engine cut out after about 5 miles (luckily I was half a block from home). I didnt notice any strange noises or anything during my ride, but once I got back to my diveway I noticed there was white smoke coming out of the tail pipe for about 5 or 10 minutes. I dont have a 3x3 and I havent rejetted my carb but the MRD website says you don’t need to for the Z-Pro. Anyone have any idea why my bike would cut out or what would cause the smoke coming out of the tail pipe? And, on a scale of 1 -10 how much damage did I do to my bike? Thanks in advacne for any help anyone can provide.
  3. Sasha Rudolfski

    DRZ FCR Jetting Help

    I've been trying to get this FCR dialed in and it hasn't been easy. Some days I think I finally got it, then I notice another issue and get lost again. Sea Level - SF Bay Area - 50-75 degrees weather First Attempt Fuel Screw around 1.75 turns out EMN - 3 45 pilot 100 pilot air 160 main 200 main air RS-2 w/o spark arrestor K N air filter 3x3 Stock engine The pilot circuit was rich as the choke made the bike run worse and couldn't be used. Bike always started without choke. Hanging RPMs in idle, idle not consistent. MPG dropped significantly, hesitation when shifting, part throttle (1/8 to 1/2) sputtering. Fuel screw all the way in did not stall the bike...instead the further out I turned the fuel screw the lower the idle was and eventually turning out would stall the bike... Pulled the carb because I was pretty sure I had an extra oring stuck inside the fuel screw circuit. Found the oring and carefully removed it then tried second jetting attempt below Pulled the spark plug and it was fuel fowled changed the spark plug Attempt 2 Settings same as above except needle changed to JD Blue-3 w/ 42 pilot and Spark arrestor silencer back in. Hard for me to determine which circuits were lean/rich but it felt worse than EMN. The choke was usable now but not still seemed too rich when used. RPMS would go up when choke was out then soon the bike was too rich and RPMS dropped and bike would stall (only during warm up). Not using the choke bike starts and idles decently. It definitely had a buzzy 2 stroke feeling in most throttle positions seemed lean in the 1/2 to WOT throttle positions. I changed the clip position 1 clip richer. Got on the bike and felt that I nailed the jetting seemed great! As it warmed up and I rode it for a while the conditions grew worse. Had a lot of stumbling and hesitation and turning fuel screw in all the way once again would not stall the bike...Pilot too rich even at 42?? I pulled the spark plug and this time it was not fuel fowled but it was black soot Attempt 3 JD Red Needle clip 4 Just didn't feel right at all... Attempt 4 Went back to EMN needle in clip 3 w 42 pilot and Spark arrestor silencer out.... This is where I am now...Hesitation when shifting. Cant reach above 6500 rpm in first gear without the bike struggling. Lots of stumbling in partial throttle positions. Plan is to try some different needles...NCYR? EMP? NCVQ/S Please give me some advice...Also maybe buying some pilots and mains...155, 158, 162 mains, 38, 40 pilot, adjustable pilot air screw? Factory pro tuning is 20 miles from my house and they are FCR experts...Its just that service costs over 400 dollars and I don't really wanna spend that much...Id rather buy some hot cams... Factory pro does sell this special emulsion tube but it says not for aftermarket fcr mx carbs supposed to help with lower partial positions. My emulsion jet is 49.5 mm...has anyone any knowledge about this emulsion tube... Removing pilot air??? Carb is new from TT store FCR MX 39... Please help me decide where to go from here and how do I get this thing dialed in??? I am riding the bike currently and it is OK but far from 'tuned' correctly...
  4. Hi, I'm pretty new to the forum but I made an account cause I saw some old threads from 5-10 years ago about this topic. Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules and this is all in the right place. Does anyone know any current vendors where you can buy those 1/4 turn DZUS fasteners for your airbox (with the D ring, 21mm?) I can only find up to 17 or 19mm online and all the thumpertalk threads pretty much end with the people getting refferred to a guy named Sundog. I'm not sure how to contact them or if they even have any left after all these years but if anyone knows how to procure these I would be pretty grateful. I tried calling a dealership to see if they could order them from a distributor and every hardware/motorcycle/and automotive store in my city. either they had never heard of the part or they didn't have it/couldn't get it. Is my only option just to poke at those washers and hope I don't break the teeth off removing them?
  5. Jimmy Darton

    What Carb is this ?

    Hi all, I recently bought a Keihin 39mm Carb from an Ebay seller with the intention of installing it on my 2004 Dr400s but I've been unable to identify what model the carb actually is. This means I cannot find the correct rebuild kit. I've emailed Keihin (with the part number on the side of the carb) but they are yet to respond so I was hoping there maybe someone on here who can tell what it is from the images. The seller told me he believed the carb would fit the DRZ 400 and described it as a 'Keihin 39mm FCR ' but he is unsure what model the carb is and what bike it was initially off. If anyone does know what it is please let me know and if anyone knows if it will actually fit my DRZ it would be appreciated. I plan on returning the item if I have no joy or it simply wont fit without any major mods. Cheers Jimmy
  6. Hi I have read lots of similar topics on here and elsewhere, but couldn't find an answer that seemed to fit. I have a 2003 DRZ400-S with an old - style FCR39 slant fitted (now with Eddie mod for about a 1 second AP spray) as well as an FMF pipe, and the previous owner has attempted a 3x3 on the airbox but it is more like a rough 2x3. Air filter is standard Hiflofiltro oiled foam type. I live in the UK so altitude is more or less sea level, the air is fairly humid and the yearly average temperature is about 15C which is around 55F I believe, or average lows of 0C in winter and 30C in summer. Now, the bike doesn't exactly run poorly (now that I've just reassembled the carb after the pilot jet fell out into the bowl and the bike sounded like a misfiring Harley), power delivery feels fairly decent throughout the rev range but I know the carb runs quite rich. The best economy I've ever got can't be more than about 30 MPG. I have just done the Eddie mod and got the AP spray down from about 4-5 sec to about 1 sec so I hope this will help fueling. When I changed the spark plug the other week to a standard CR8E (There had been a CR9E in there) it was very black and filthy/sooty. Also the backside of the rear registration plate, which has only been on there about a month, is already covered in black splatters and sooty sideblast from the end can. Also, I have one of those R&D flex fuel screws attached, doesn't do anything even if you turn it all the way in. Main jet is 155 Starter jet 70 Pilot Jet 42 Sorry I don't know which needle - I took it out but stupidly didn't note down which, I know it was about 5 letters. If I cut out the airbox to the correct full 3x3 size, will this lean things out a little and have it running better? Or is it worth changing some of the jets down due to the fuel screw doing nothing? Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am a complete noob to carburetors and have hardly any idea what I'm doing! Thank you for any light you can shed on this.
  7. I bought a used 2004 DRZ-400S on Craigslist a couple days ago, it has a Procircut T4 exhaust, an off/reserve/on fuel switch, and now I am having issues; Motorcycle ran and started up fine when I got it, except it would lose power if you pulled on the gas too quickly. I figured this would probably be a carburetor issue going off the advice of fourms, but now I am running into a nightmare. I will walk you through on how I opened up this can of worms. I pulled the carburetor out, having had no experience in cleaning carburetors except watching a couple of YouTube videos. Unfortunately one of the YouTube videos instructed me to fully disassemble the entire carburetor, and without knowing I unscrewed the fuel mixture screw and do not know the setting it was supposed to be at. I screwed it back in roughly 8-12 turns. Once the carb was reassembled, I put it back on the engine and reconnected the fuel line. I turned on the fuel and let it sit for a while, and when I came back to the bike gasoline was all over the place and dripping out of the airbox (which I now believe is because I was stupid and plugged the vent hole on the carb, but I'm not sure). I unplugged the vent hole and the leak seemed to stop, and so I turned off the fuel and went to sleep. This morning I tried to start her up, and it is not even attempting to start, just the cranking of the starter, no combustion or pops. I tried it with the battery charged, kickstand up, the clutch in, choke at half, choke at full, double checked that the fuel was in the "on" position...Nothing.(I do smell gas fumes coming from the exhaust). I spent all day taking the carb back out, checking the float, cleaning the jets, making sure everything that I took apart is correct, and this time I only put the fuel adjustment screw in 3.5 turns (per a post on this fourm). This time it makes a familiar turning over sound for the first cycle (very brief sound as if it running), however after that it goes back to the same old plain crank, nothing. I saw another youtube video where the bike had the same dead sound as mine (the link will be at the bottom of this post) and replacing the spark plug fixed their issue apparently. I spent another hour going out to autozone to get a new spark plug and the tool extensions needed (this DRZ seems to be a %*@&# to take apart!). I pulled the plug out and its fine, plenty good spark(Spark plug reading looks roughly good-slightly lean reading from a spark plug chart). Just to be safe I put the new plug in (NGK CR8E), and crank the bike again- it makes the initial idle sound again but only for the first cycle like last time, after that its completely dead and wont make any sounds besides the starter turning unless its been sitting for a while. I have no idea what to do at this point. Could that initial combustion mean that its constantly flooded or that I need to keep adjusting the fuel screw(if this is likely the problem please include steps to adjust fuel mixture, but if the spark plug is working it should just be running poorly instead of not at all, right)? I have heard that this could also signify loss of compression, but surely not after all it ran fine just two days ago. I really want this bike to be running soon because it was fun while I was on it, I just needed to refine it a bit. Thank you for any help that you have to offer. Heres the video of what my bike sounds like when I'm talking about it being "dead":
  8. antonyp

    DRZ400S Timing Question

    Hey Guys, I recently bought a 2003 DRZ400S and thought it would be a good idea to check the valves clearance etc . I timed the engine on TDC with the magneto mark aligned as per the manual but I find the cam timing slightly odd. The arrows pointing upward are on the 1st and 15th pin as they should but with the magneto timing mark aligned they are not perfectly straight. Same goes for the arrows that should be parallel to the cylinder head casing. Is this normal or should they be absolutely perfect ?
  9. Wombat221

    will this exhaust fit my bike?

    hey guys! im on the edge of getting a new slip on fmf powercore 4 exhaust today and im just wondering if it is worth it, what is the power difference like and would S/SM slip ons fit onto a Australian 2004 DRZ400E header pipe? Thanks (also should i get the fmf power up jet kit or just the JD jet kit thanks)
  10. 518Hoon

    DR650 Chain tensioner

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the community and I'm excited to be here. I have a question about my 1995 DR650. Recently the timing chain tensioner on my father's DRZ400 failed and caused some issues within the engine. People recommended he switch to a manual tensioner and that's what he did. My question is, should I consider doing the same thing on my DR650? I know it's not the same type of tensioner but I would rather be safe than sorry. Thanks!
  11. Levi Molinari

    edge 2 tail light kit issues

    I bought the edge 2 tail light kit with the 602 flashers for my drz400s. i had oem connectors for the lights. my right turn signal worked as it should, my brake light worked as it should but the left turn signal showed no life whatsoever. I tried switching wires and plugging it in to the other plug but still nothing. Could this be because I didn't instal the fixed rate flasher or a faulty light?
  12. Supermotofool

    Stall At Hard Stop

    This is a battle I have fought ever since I got my bike. I have had the carburetor rebuilt, also re-jetted with a JD Jet kit. I have the 160 main jet, 25 pilot jet, and blue needle on the 3rd clip. 3X3 mod, yoshi exhaust, and this is on the BSR36 carb. When the bike gets warm, when I come to a very hard stop the bike slowly drops in revs and dies out. I am trying to get better at stoppies, and every time I put the back wheel down the engine is already dead. I cant progress any further unless I get this issue fixed. I have gone through all the vacuum lines, made sure there is no fueling issues up until the carburetor. I have pulled the bowl off many times thinking that the float is stuck and I have never found it stuck. If anyone has any ideas of what it could be, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks everyone!
  13. Time Left: 22 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    A complete set of SM wheels from a DRZ400SM. These are ready to be bolted on, complete with front and rear brake rotors, and rear 41 tooth sprocket. The rear tire is an almost new Michelin Pilot Power 2CT with only about 500miles. The front tire is a Bridgestone Battlax BT015F with plenty of miles left in it. Price is $1100 plus shipping.


  14. Sasha Rudolfski

    FCR Fuel Screw DRZ400

    I have my FCR MX 39 installed (TT Store), it's been running 'decently' with the generic jetting. - 200 Main Air Jet - 160 Main Jet - 45 Pilot Jet - 100 Pilot Air Jet - EMN Needle (3rd clip from top) Here's the thing; I believe the bike is running rich in all circuits. MPG is about half of what is was before w/ CV carb. Using the choke has the opposite effect it used to have(rich pilot/Fuel Screw) making it run worse when cold starting and the idle drops if it's pulled out after the bike is started (I never have to use the choke to start now). Has some hesitation and sputtering at around 1/2 throttle. Airbox cover off shows main is too rich because bike feels lighter and faster with the cover off seemingly in any throttle position). Black soot on the exhaust. Smells like fuel at times. So IMO evidence clearly shows symptoms of a rich condition in all circuits. I am waiting on jets and needles but in the mean time, I am wondering about the fuel screw. Question If I turn it in towards closed position the idle goes up but if I turn it out the idle starts to drop, misses and stalls. Isn't this the opposite of what it's supposed to do? Does this also indicate another rich symptom in the pilot? I am using the R&D extended fuel screw. When I installed it, I took out the stock fuel screw and the oring didn't come out with the screw spring and washer. I tried to see if I could find it in the carb but never did so I figured it came out and fell somewhere but I searched and never found it on the floor either. The R&D fuel screw came with a new oring so I just went ahead and installed it. I'm thinking now there could be an extra oring in that circuit. If there was an extra o ring in there what symptoms might I experience? I will probably have to pull the carb and go fishing in there just to be sure. But I'd like to know if anyone has any input on my situation and any answers to my questions. thanks!
  15. bball10beard

    DRZ400 Jet Kit Worth It??

    I am considering a jet kit for my 2003 DRZ400. Has anyone had any problems with their jet kit on their DRZ and is it worth the money?? If it is worth it, which jet kit is the best for the money and really how much of a power difference does it produce? Lastly, is a 3x3 mod required with a jet kit or is an aftermarket exhaust required with a jet kit (or can I just keep my stock exhaust on)? Thanks look forward to hearing back from you guys. I am a little worried about cutting up the bike and changing what came from the Suzuki factory but I have an open mind.
  16. Edward Fuller

    Drz Leaking Coolant/Won't Rev.

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong thread or something like that. Anyways, a few days ago(Friday the 13th) I decided to take my 2001 Drz400E out for a spin in the woods outside my neighborhood. Long story short, I drowned the thing. Three hours and a lot of cussing later and I got the thing out of the mud and back home. Moral of the story? Stick to the trails. When I got the thing back home I discovered two problems: 1.) The bike was leaking coolant, No clue where from. 2.) The bike wouldn't rev over 4.5k rpm. If I give it more gas, it stalls. I did some research on the rev thing and apparently cleaning the carb/jet fixes this(If anyone can confirm this it'd be helpful). I removed the carb, cleaned it, and everything looks fine. I haven't tested it, however, because of the coolant leak. I figured running the bike with next to no coolant probably isn't a good idea. I also don't feel like putting everything back on the bike just to end up tearing it apart to fix the other stuff. I heard from a friend that water could have caused a gasket to leak, but I'm not exactly eager to tear apart my engine to find out. If you guys could give me any advice, it'd be a big help(Especially since I've got a road trip planned for memorial day).